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chapter 5 Retreat

 Chapter 5: Retreat

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What happened next was even more frightening. Three soldiers armed with assault rifles were shooting at the monster. Through the binoculars, Chu could barely see that there seemed to be dim red lights flickering around the monster every time the bullets hit. Only a few bullets hit its leg, but the bullets did not hurt the monster. The bullets only provoked the monster to become more aggressive.

After a loud, shrill roar, the monster ran towards the soldiers who were still shooting. It was fast, faster than Chu could ever imagine. It's speed could almost be described as teleportation.

Just after it ran towards the soldiers, Chu noticed that where the monster was previously standing, there was a body. The body looked human, but dismembered into three pieces, with all of the red and white internal organs spread on top of the destroyed car. Chu felt a bout of sudden sickness, and almost threw up.

The monster caught two soldiers who did not have time to run away, one on each claw. The speared soldiers were struggling, but their struggles did not help. The monster slowly closed the claws shut, cutting them in half.

The two soldiers did not die immediately. One of them used his hands to crawl on the ground, trying to get away with his half-body. Blood was everywhere, but the monster was not satisfied. It put one of its feet on the back of the crawling soldier. The razor sharp foot easily pierced through, and stuck the soldier to the ground. Then Chu heard another roar from the monster. The roar this time was different, full of pleasure, instead of aggression. The monster moved its claws back and forth, like a celebration of victory.

Is this hell or Earth? Am I crazy now? Am I hallucinating, now? Is this what the book says about how 'we will be doomed'? Chu could not stop shaking, and could not stop his panicked thoughts. Then he suddenly stopped, and held his breath. His face turned pale, and sweat ran down his head. He was too scared to make a sound. All he could hear was his heartbeat.

It was the bloody monster. Instead of chasing the last soldier who ran away, it was staring at his building.

What the fuck! Why is it looking here? Is it looking at me? Go chase that guy who shot you! I didn't do anything to you... Chu's head filled with these thoughts, as he silently begged the monster to leave. Then he heard a noise coming from downstairs. He took a quick peek through the window. A woman wearing a white down jacket was trying to climb up the building. The neighbours living at the lower level already had their windows and balcony blocked with metal reinforcement bars. These metal bars became the ladder for this woman to climb upward.

Although Chu was living on the 6th floor, and the woman had just reached the second floor, he did not doubt this woman could climb to the top. Under extreme situations, a human will often reveal some crazy power to do some crazy things.

Chu was alarmed. He knew the monster wanted to come to get this woman. He also knew that vicious animals did not easily give up on their prey. With its powerful claws, and corrosive ability, the monster could easily climb up 12 floors. If it climbed up to the sixth floor, or got into the building from another floor, no matter which scenario, it would not be difficult for the monster to break into his flat.

While Chu was thinking of solutions in panic, the monster began to slowly approach the building. Four razor-sharp legs easily pierced into the building's wall, and it steadily climbed up. Chu guessed that all of the people in this building were scared to death right now - including the neighbour who lives upstairs, who he met quite often.

The whole world suddenly became silent. The woman was desperately trying to climb up, higher and higher. She did not have time to call for help, the monster was just one floor below her. Chu believed that if the monster jumped, it could easily catch this woman in its claws. She was dead for sure.

The monster opened its claws. It probably ran out of patience, and wanted to end this boring hunting game as soon as possible. When it was just about to grab the woman, the book which quietly sat on the bed this whole time suddenly glowed with a dazzling, colourful light. Chu's spirit in 4th dimension instantly experienced unprecedented power coming from seemingly everywhere. The Tian Di Yuan Qi in 3-dimensional space seemed to be disturbed.

The monster must have felt the power from the book too. It made a loud scream, and in its scream Chu could sense sadness, and fear. Surprisingly, the monster quickly climbed down the building and fled into the darkness, disappearing from everyone's sight. It only took it few seconds, fleeing faster than when it had attacked the soldiers.

Chu quickly grabbed the book and held it tightly. The book had returned to normal, but it left Chu feeling surprised, and with so many questions.

The woman who was climbing was saved by the people who lived on the third floor. When the danger was gone, she was stuck on the 3rd floor. She was exhausted, and could not climb up nor get down. When she was finally got saved, and got into the building, she started to cry so loudly that everyone in the building could hear her.

Chu put back the metal plate, and sealed the windows. He noticed that his back was wet. Death was very close to him. If the book did not glow in the dark, not only would the woman have died, everyone in this building, including him, would have died as well. He made up his mind. From now on, no matter where he goes, book will stay with him. Even when he goes to the toilet, he would still carry the book.

The neighbour who lived upstairs told him that someone shit themselves on that day, but it definitely was not him. According to the upstairs neighbor, the woman who the 3rd floor saved came from a rich family. On that day, her boyfriend got permission from the army to go outside of the protection zone. So she came out with her boyfriend to have some fun. But when they were on the way back, the monster appeared, and her boyfriend died on the scene immediately. She was left traumatised.

After that incident, the whole housing estate became quieter. The army came and took the destroyed car away, along with the corrosive liquid the monster left behind. Some people were asked to give a description of the monster. Later on, another tank and an armoured vehicle were deployed and stationed on street where the incident happened.

The next few days did not proceed as Chu had feared, or in the manner the book predicted. Monsters did not flood into the world, but what happened was just like a nightmare. The red monster did not come back. However, the neighbour upstairs said the military has discovered monsters in other areas. The military used heavy machine guns on those monsters but it took the sacrifice of a dozen of soldiers before they could kill one.

Chu was very nervous right now. A sense of powerlessness had overwhelmed him. If it were not for his book, he would have already gone crazy.

Practice! Practice! I have to make storage Yuan Fu, then make Six Armour Yuan Fu. Chu constantly practiced day and night, although there was no such thing as daylight after the sun disappeared.

He spent 8 days to restore all of his Yuan Qi. Finally, he had succeeded. When Chu saw the Fu glowing with golden light, he almost wanted to shout out loud. He spent 30 days to prepare for this moment, and he could not bear another failure.

It was a wonderful and somewhat bizarre experience; Chu recited incantations with his mouth and made the "Sword Hand Gestures" with his hands and fingers. The Yuan Qi started to circulate inside the Yuan Fu, and the storage Yuan Fu shot out an orange light. Whatever the light touched, as long as it was not attached to the ground or wall, was lifted in the air. If Chu recited the incantations for storage, the item would shrink, fly towards the Fu, and become a strange symbol on the storage Fu. After storing everything he had in the Yuan Fu, he then changed his incantations. The storage Yuan Fu became a beam of the light that projected towards Chu's arm, transforming into a pattern on his arm.

Through his spirit in the fourth dimension, he clearly sensed that Yuan Qi is very active around the pattern on his arm. He could also sense all of the stuff in the storage Yuan Fu. Chu was excited for several days, and played around with it to test its abilities.

Until A few days later, there was another gunshot.

This chapter was edited by Chubby


The Sword Gesture ()

Sword Gesture is used for casting spells, draw talismans on the air and water, consecrating/empowering talismans