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chapter 3 the world of darkness

 there are people everywhere, in front of ATM machine, trying to get all the money out of their account, in the supermarket trying to buy all the stuff for the apocalypse. even in a petrol station, shen cheng city' police department has deployed every single one of their officers trying to maintain the order on the street. they barely get it under the control. but if the sun is not going to appear again, police chief does not have much confidence that police force will hold any longer.

But thing Always takes turn for the worse. On the third day After the first Disappearance of the sun. it was 24th, the sun once again disappeared. Shops and banks Start to close down, No one is still calm now, people who can't get to the shop on time start to break into stores, grab everything They can, crime rate rapidly Increase, riots Start to break out everywhere. The World order Starts to collapse.

On 25th early Morning, chu heard gunshot then the sound of tank engine Running across The street, it's the army, they start to get involved in maintaining The order of the city. Riots had escalated to a level That Even the Police special Force can not handle.

tanks and soldiers have been deployed In the centre city. Warning Shots have been fired, but it Didn't Stop people, soldiers have Been giving permission to shoot, a number of people are injured. Dead body Count starts To increase. But no one is interested in these numbers anymore. All the TV channels are now only trying to tell people To calm down. Stay Home and do not go outside. It Will be over soon.

When Chu Decided To rent flats, he took A lot of things Into a consideration, he thought about the involvement Of the army And Areas They Might Be Deployed. Especially in the area where Those riches and government Officials live. But he can't just rent a flat in there. because the army might have searched and evicted him from the flats he rented, used it as a shelter for other important people. Not to mention the food he stored, it will be all gone.

He chose to rent flats close to those areas, although he doesn't get the same level of protection, but at least seeing the fully armed soldiers patrol around the area makes him feel safer.

After a short phone call with yu xiao hai on 23rd, he then made few phone calls to his family relatives and friends. The signal is very unstable at the moment, so he kept it short remind them to be careful and store as much food as they can, he even told them his location and if anything happens to them they can come to his place.

But it seems very difficult now since the army took over the city, soldiers and police were guarding at each major junctions and roads. everyone had been told to stay in the house, all the daily necessities were being transported by the army until the whole thing is over.

25th the sun disappeared for 2 hours

26th the sun disappeared for 4 hours

27th it almost last for entire 10 hours,

28th the sun disappeared once again, but this time, it didn't come back. Just right before the sun disappeared on 28th during the time signal was stable, USA president was giving his last speech at white house "Satan has come back to earth, our faith is now being tested by the god, only people who believe will walk out of darkness, and return to ........ "


The World has plunged into darkness.

Duration: unknown.

chu sat by the windows quietly,he already knew everything was going to happen. But when it really happens,he started to panic, the world has changed, the rule has changed everything has changed. Will there be a future? A new world? it is just a start, the beasts in the other space are coming, what would they look like. Can we really survive? Everything is unknown.

The only thing that made chu feel relieved was that he finally can sense a little bit of yuan qi that little bit of yuan qi could not do anything. So he needs to keep practice. It is also the only thing he could do now, satellite communication has been broken down, the soldiers on the street are using a megaphone to inform the residents about any updates.

Everyday chu goes downstairs to get his supplies from the army. Although he doesn't really need it, but he doesn't want anyone to feel anything odd about him. One day, when he is on the way back to his flat, he heard from the Neighbour lives upstairs said that few places in the city are still having riots. Even though people was being ordered to stay at home, but some of them could not handle the pressure, they started to have a dispute with the army, a lot of people were shot dead, even the fears starting to spread among the soldiers.

Chu decides to keep up with his routine, stay home for the most of the time, he does not have any ability to protect himself from any danger, all he has right now is one li huo fu(summon the god flame), he has not even tested its power yet

Time slowly passed by in the darkness, the weather outside is getting colder and colder until it starts to snow, the neighbour lives above said that probably the ice age is coming.

Chu sealed all the windows and it still could not stop the cold, electricity supplies starts to stop, he has only three hours of electricity during a day. Gas supply starts to reduce as well. Only the tap water is running as normal for now.

Chu bundled himself up and sat on the bed, it is the 5th day in darkness, the yuan qi he stored is just about enough to make one low level "yuan fu"1.

Regarding making fu, chu has designed two different routes for himself. First one is combat route, as his spirit(sixth sense) in the fourth dimensions has grown stronger,he felt that tian gui has brought another space closer and closer every day. The closer it gets more dangerous it will be. He needs to make one "six jia(armour)"2. Yuan fu that can armour him and also increase his physical strength. One "huo bing"(Celestial soldiers with fire attribute

) yuan fu that can enchant guns with fire element and last one for enchanting a sword called "shen bing"(Weapon of deity) yuan fu.

With his ability right now, he predicts that just right before another space collide with earth, the yuan qi he stored will be enough to make those three low-level yuan fu.

Another route he could choose is, he could also make one huo bing yuan fu that can enchant guns with the fire element. One wu na yuan fu that could create the storage space out of thin air, he could use those space to store all the stuff he has been stored in the past three months.

Wu na yuan fu is one level higher than other yuan fu, if chu finished the huo bing yuan fu , then the time he left only just enough to make one wu na yuan fu, he has to give up fu for armour and sword。The only weapon he would have is the gun enchanted with the fire element.

Chu has been struggling to make up his mind, one hand he is afraid of dying, on the other hand, he is slowly starting to realise that this area will not be safe for a long time. Soon he will probably need to escape from here, and supplies are the most important.

chu knew that he is not a talented guy if it was not the book he would probably be struggling to survive right now, he would be just like other people not capable of surviving in the apocalypse. So to him, he could lose everything right now, but he can not lose this book. As long as he has this book, he believes that he will survive, also this book was passed to him from his parents after they died. The book meant a lot to him.

What if i lost the book during a escape, chu has been thinking, this is a risk that he could not afford to take, he has to make wu na yuan fu first, use it to store the book, then cast the wu na yuan fu onto his body, in this way he would never lose the book.

1 yuan fu is a term for Daoist supernatural talismans

2 Six jia:In Daoist Magic, the Liu(six) Jia (armour ) are 6 Spirit Generals (、、、、),who are powerful celestial guardians and part of Tammon-Ten's (Vai?rava?a), The God of the North, Celestial Thunder Court.