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chapter 1 the disappearance of the sun

 Chapter 1: The Disappearance of the Sun

Proofread by Kuronyan

Date: December 22, 2012

"Hello and Welcome to CCTV. And you are now watching the Breaking News! "

"Today, I am reporting from Queens, New York City where riots are happening here since a few hours ago. As a response, the New York Police Department has deployed massive amounts of personnel just to get these riots under control. As of this hour, a person has been confirmed dead and more than 30 others are currently injured. The situation is continuing to escalate ..."

"Joining us right now, live, is our European correspondent Mr. Sun Fei. As of this moment, we are taking a look at the situation, Hello, Ms. Sun Fei."


"Ms. Sun Fei, thank you for joining us. Can you update us on the situation in Paris? "

"Yes, thank you. Since this afternoon, there has been an enormous number of people gathering at the Élysée Palace. People are holding the signs and banners that demand the government to disclose the truth. As we can see, the area around the Presidential Palace has accumulated a large number of police forces, trying to control the crowd. President Nicolas Sarkozy, has cancelled the visit to the Middle East and through the national news channel, is asking the general public to remain calm ...... "

"Ah, thank you, Mr. Sun Fei. Now, we will connect to our correspondent in Tokyo, Japan. Hello. Mr.Su Ren? Hello? Hello...? Well, it seems like we're having a technical issue and we are temporarily unable to connect to Su Ren. While we are waiting to get our connection back, let's take a small break. Later on, we will be joined by two special guests, talking about their professional opinions on this mysterious phenomenon. "

- - - - - Commercial Time - - - - -

"Welcome back and this is CCTV News Special Observation Program! Please welcome our special guests today, Professor Huo Si Nian, an astronomer from Tsinghua University and Professor Zhang Tingen, an astrophysicist from the China Science and Technology University!"

"Thank you"

"Thank you for joining us today, professors. We all know that today, on December 22nd at 7:15 in the morning, the sun suddenly disappeared from the sky in about 10 minutes. The whole world has observed this special astronomical phenomenon which led a lot of speculations since there was not a single report about a solar eclipse event before the 22nd."

"Currently, one of the most discussed speculations is the prediction of the Mayan civilisation. The Mayan people predicted that on 22nd, which is today, the sun would disappear and the earth would be plunged into darkness. We know that there are many people that are very concerned about the accuracy of this prediction.

There are sudden reports that around 7:15, the sun "suddenly" disappeared for about 10 minutes. And it was not like a solar eclipse, which sunlight gradually fades out but instantly. While the entire world was in the darkness, many countries have also reported to have lost communication with their satellites. The whole chaotic situation lasted for about 10 minutes, but it returned back to normal after immediately after the event.

Due to the similarities, many people believe the Mayan prophecy could become a reality. Of course, we know that this could also be special astronomical phenomena; it just has never happened before. So, please, professors give us an explanation from a scientific point of view that will help us understand this, thank you!"


After the professors' explanation, we can believe that this is just a special astronomical phenomenon that we have never experienced before. This means that the rumours, such as the Mayan prophecy, were nothing but baseless horror stories. From this event, it teaches us that we should look at such things from a scientific point of view. Do not blindly trust the rumours; they will only cause unnecessary panic......"

Chu Yunsheng turned off the TV, he felt that there is no need to watch the news anymore. On the internet, people have been condemning the so-called experts and the rumour has already been spread that they are trying to deceive the public. That's why since 2008 there not many people believing these so-called experts, as they only specialise in talking nonsense. Hence, Chu Yunsheng did not want to listen to their gibberish either.

Although the government is trying to censor all the negative opinions on the Internet, all the effort are for nothing and some people just poking fun while watching what the government is doing. Some might be having fun but most people are still in the great panic. Take a look at the huge crowd in the supermarket this afternoon then you will know. People were rushing to purchase foods and if the public cannot get a real answer, this will soon turn into a disaster.

Chu Yunsheng strongly believes in his own opinion. For a long time, he always felt that something was wrong and it all came from a book that he inherited from his parents. Although the book is completely garbled, worse than the oracle, he always felt that something is odd about this book. All he knows is that it could potentially solve the questions that many people are asking right now.

The book was said to be a family heirloom but it was actually used to steady a wobbly bed. Due to its old age and severely damaged looks. this book, except for its thickness, does not have any other value. Chu Yunsheng's father kept saying that this book was passed down from generation to generation, and that he must keep the book until he dies.

But in fact, when Chu Yunsheng was admitted to a University, his father was in great need of the money. He secretly took the family ancient book to a pawn shop and antique market. The result of the identification was that the book is worthless. They said the book is not old enough to have the collection value; it is, at maximum, only around 3 - 5 years old.

After he passed it to Chu Yunsheng, the book continued to be used to steady the bed. It was until Chu Yunsheng decided to buy a house and same as his father, he tried to sell the book in the antique market but no one was interested in buying this book. This frustration leads to Chu Yunsheng giving up the idea of selling this book.

The book still remains in the bed corner for years. Chu Yunsheng almost forgot about its existence, but it all changed until one night.

That night, he broke up with the girl he was with for years. He was drunk, but he firmly believed what he saw was not an illusion. The book, which he almost forgot that exists, emitted a strange bright light for around 20 seconds. After telling some of his friends about what he saw, all they did was make fun of him.

In order to prove to him that what he saw was not an illusion, also it was part of the monetary driven motivation; he took the books to the pawn shop once again. The result was still disappointing. Still, nobody thinks it is a treasure, he even made it undergo a radiocarbon dating test. The test result still showed the book is no more than a year; therefore, it is clearly not an ancient book.

Chu Yunsheng was upset by the result, but soon he found that something was very strange. He knew about this book when he was a child, he does not know for how long his father had this book, but it is at least more than 20 years. He had seen it with his own eyes. If the test result showed that this book is no more than ten years old, it indicates that this book was not as simple as it looks.

Chu Yunsheng spent a long time studying the material of the book, trying to find out the real age of the book, but he got nothing from it. That's when he took another approach; trying to understand the context of the book. He went through all books regarding traditional Chinese, oracles, ancient texts, and even literature that have a slight connection to the texts inside the book. Eventually, after a long time of research, he understood about three hundred relatively simple texts, and that was the year 2010.

Mere 300 words do not help Chu Yunsheng understand the entire book; even he could not understand anything after first ten pages of the book. But with just this few ten pages, Chu Yunsheng figured out the author of this book repeatedly tells the reader that "Tiangui(sky track) is coming back. Thousands of laws will become one. The universe will reveal its true face and the world will be doomed."

Chu Yunsheng was feeling down during the time of break up, it just happened to be at the time a new USA blockbuster movie about Apocalypse was released. He felt that he had nothing but time to kill, and because of boredom and the curiosity about Mayan's prediction; he used the rule and algorithm he learned from the ancient book to calculate date base on the modern calendar. Chu Yunsheng was shocked after repeatedly getting the same results. The results showed that the date for "The thousands of laws will become one" is on the 28th. It means that on 28th, the world will have a disastrous change.

Chu Yunsheng forgot how many times he calculated this; he did not trust the result at the first time. Simply because he was not sure if he completely understood the words he learned from the ancient book. But after more words, he learned and every time it pointed at 28th. Chu Yunsheng started to get very nervous. He didn't know why but the book appears to contain a special kind of magic power, constantly driving him to believe that it will come true.

Chu Yunsheng had struggled for some time but he finally decided to believe the calculation result. He tried to tell people online about this information but no one believed him as many rumours are going around on the internet, added the government that censored all the information, soon his posts disappeared.

Until three months ago, when he just about to go to sleep, the ancient book emitted colourful lights again. Previously Chu Yunsheng was drunk, but his time he was sober. After the shock, he didn't doubt what he saw again. He has been preparing for this day for three months. The decision he made in the past three months caused his friends think he had gone crazy and almost dragged him to the hospital.

He sold the house, which he bought with a mortgage, in exchange for the cash to buy everything he needs, without any hesitation. Anything that was valuable, that he thinks that he does not need in the future, he sold it in exchange for the cash. He used those cash to rent two apartments on the same floor, in the same building, at the centre of Shen Cheng City. The apartments he chose are not in the bottom of building because that is vulnerable to anyone who wants to come in, and they are not on the top as well, because the book has warned that the return of Tiangui will bring the earth collide with other dimensions, it will bring down the vicious beasts and no one on earth can kill it...

Chu Yunsheng used the most robust steel to seal the doors and windows. He also stored large quantities of foods, clean water, and other supplies such as salt, sugar, paper, batteries, and even toothpaste, detergent and lighters. He bought everything he can think of; he calculated that if he had 2 pounds of rice a day, the rice he stored up could help him survive for several decades.

He even bought a pistol and 100 rounds of ammunitions on the black market. He spent all he could to buy everything; his entire saving went down from few hundred thousand to just less than 2000. It was not that he did not want to spend it all. It's just that there is no more space for him to store anything. Even the toilet was stuffed with things.

Chu Yunsheng's landlords were all out of the city, hardly ever come back to Shen Cheng City. On 21th, Chu Yunsheng knocked down the wall between two flats he rented, blocked the door and all the windows on the other flat. After he prepared everything, he quietly waited for the apocalypse.

It was not that Chu Yunsheng didn't want to help his friends; it's just that almost everyone thought he was crazy, even his relatives thought he was crazy, no one would believe him.

However, from this morning he has been receiving an increasing number of phone calls. The disappearance of sun cause way more panic than he thought was possible, although many people still think it is ridiculous to believe it is the end of the world, the panic just keeps spreading. That's why people who knew that Chu Yunsheng was preparing for this, all called to ask for advice. But Chu does not really know many details. He barely even understands the first few pages of the book. All he can do right now is to tell people to store more food and anything they need during the apocalypse.

The news in the evening was repeatedly telling people that there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon; it is not the end of the world. But who will believe right now? Rumours have been spread faster than the news, Riots are getting worse. Almost all the new websites have put up apocalypse section on their front page.

The sun disappeared; will the Mayan prophecy really happen?

It is the end of the world, are you ready?

2012 is here, have you bought the tickets?

Proofreader: Kuronyan