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28 Intervention

 "Ouch!", Ai Shizuka let out an involuntary shout as a real sharp pain on her hand forcibly broke her out of her memories.

What the hell? Ai turned towards the person who had pinched her hand with a look of disbelief on her face. The beautifully crafted profile of Hayama stared back at her with an indignant look on his face.

Ai didn't know whether to thank him or just start laughing. This guy, Hayama, is seriously a weird fella. He pinched her with his super long manicured nails and it somehow... well...saved her from her misery.

Hayama scowled and glared at Ai. "I had been calling your name for hours! You didn't respond to me!"

Ai Shizuka smiled lightly. "Ahh.. I'm sorry, your highness, I was lost in thoughts...", she appeased the ruffled crown prince as he looked like a pampered child who didn't get the attention he deserved. But in her mind, she was truly grateful for his interruption.

"Didn't I say get out?! You are all trespassing into my house! Get out now!", the purple-robed older man from earlier that struck Shion yelled out angrily.

Ai Shizuka ignored the man briefly as she was vaguely aware of who he might be and she somehow didn't want the unnecessary conflicts to arise. He was probably Seigen Hozaka, the head of Hozaka Trading and Shion's father.

But to Hayama, it was completely a different thing. The crown prince didn't even bat an eyelid as he immediately started to bicker with the older man.

Ai ignored both of them and turned her head to look at the direction she had been subconsciously avoiding.

Staring at the young master who was still slumped on the floor in Rini's arms, it was rather a pitiful sight. The poor man was still unconscious and his breathing was heavily laboured. The normally calm and peaceful face was pale white with the traces of blood at the corner of his lips and Ai suddenly felt very guilty. It seemed that Rini's sudden appearance and her newfound association to Hozaka had somehow made Ai feel distant towards Shion and it also made her want to avoid him altogether. After all, Rini called him brother and as far as Ai knew, Rini's past family name was Morioka.

But still... even if she was still unclear about a lot of things, it was still undeniable that Shion Hozaka in this life was her benefactor. To leave him coldly while he was in a disadvantaged situation was not something she personally could do. The least she could do was to call up a physician before she leaves.

Ai slowly walked over towards the pair and quietly told Rini as she turned her face away slightly: "I will go find a physician..."

Rini Morioka was still bawling her eyes out on the floor and barely looked up as she replied: "Yes, thank you, Miss."

Ai was somewhat relieved. She still wasn't too sure what was Rini's relationship with the Hozaka family but it seemed that she truly cared for Shion. That's good news, at least for now, he would be in safe hands...

Ai was just about to walk away when a hand suddenly gripped her own. Pulled by the hand, she fell to the floor in a shock before a large body immediately leaned into her arms.

"You are awake?", Ai Shizuka promptly asked in disbelief. But the face that was leaning against her chest was calm and still with not even a flutter of eyelashes.

Upon seeing how Shion left her arms and had gone over to Ai, Rini stared at the scene biting her lips as her tears rained down even harder.

Ai Shizuka felt like her blood pressure would skyrocket. Because of what happened in the past life and also due to her guilt for her demise, Ai didn't want to cause even a smug of grievances to Rini Morioka. At the very least, if she stays away, nothing would happen to her.

Ai Shizuka tried to rectify the situation at hand as she tried to gently push away the unconscious man in her arms.

"Young Master Hozaka, please let go. I need to go get a physician..."

But strangely, the grip on her hand grew even tighter at her avoidance and the large body leaned even closer, with not even a sign of moving an inch away.

Ai Shizuka sighed. She didn't know whether Shion was awake or not, but someone definitely needed to do something about this situation and Rini Morioka was also no help. She kept on sobbing pitifully as she remained on the floor. Plus Shion was heavy eh. Unlike his crown prince cousin, Shion was more muscular and larger. If she didn't put another hand at the back to support them, they would both have sprawled out on the floor.

With a helpless expression, Ai silently sent her prayers to heaven: Please help me out of this...

As if Heaven finally responded to her prayers, someone thankfully came to her rescue. Only to find that it wasn't in the way she wished.

"Let go of my wife, you hussy!", Hayama shouted as he charged towards them like a raging bull while stumbling over the poor Rini who was still crying on the floor.

Ai Shizuka sweated so hard from anxiety. She really didn't want to cause any distress to Rini but the poor girl was sobbing even harder now after being knocked down by the tall and lanky Hayama.

But Hayama did not seem to pay any mind to it. He was rather focused on dragging Shion away and yelling obscenities.

Suddenly, the purple-robed older man from before roared: "Stop it! All of you! Out! Get out!"

"Shion Hozaka! Especially you! You dare act so frivolous in front of me! You are no son of mine! Get out!", He continued to yell as he started to pull  Rini up to escort her away.

Rini looked like she wanted to protest to stay as she whispered shakily, "but... father, brother is..."

But the older man resolutely shook his head, booking no further arguments.

Half an hour later, three people walked the streets of Shinto, one seemed vexed, one seemed irritated, and the other was... Shion Hozaka being Shion Hozaka.

For the nth times since they started walking back, Hayama asked: "Why are you following us?"

Shion stayed silent for a while before finally answered: "...I have no place to go, I was kicked out..."

"Haa... as if that's my business! Shoo, you are unwanted here!", Hayama argued back haughtily.

After a while getting to know Hayama, Ai realised a few things. One: Hayama likes to argue, two: Hayama likes to argue and three: Hayama likes to argue... he must argue and debate over every little thing and is truly haughty. But in this scenario, she somehow wanted to agree with him to take the easy way out.

"Ahh... how about staying at Young Master Yunes?", Ai stepped in. She didn't want to be such an ungrateful person but still, she was also scared of getting more involved with Hozaka.

But the amethyst eyes looked back at her with troubled emotion as he leaned closer, "...Tamaki won't help me, Miss Shizuka. Please... help me out this time..."