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25 Aftermath

 "Young master Shion is proposing to you, Miss Shizuka! Hahaha!"

Hearing those words, Ai lightly frowned in confusion. ...Proposing? What is Shion proposing? Is it another business proposal? Or is it...

Though those words were not very clear, Ai didn't want to be presumptuous so she asked curiously: "Oh young master Hozaka has another business opportunity?"

But immediately the two men laughed, one loud and rowdy while the other was deep and... seductive. Ai Shizuka mentally slapped herself. ...What the hell? Why did she think Shion's laugh was seductive? Obviously, that stupid aphrodisiac is still affecting her...

Ai tried to fix her expression to a more neutral one but still remained faintly dazed as she stared silently at Shion's profile. It's not that she never noticed before but she was in fact very much aware of it. Just like his wayward cousin from Kukio, Shion Hozaka is indeed attractive. Strong chiselled jaws and a deep-set amethyst eyes that seemed to hold millions of secrets, his striking features were far from being considered ordinary. It was such a pity that this young master doesn't seem to enjoy being in the crowd or his name would have far exceeded his peers.

A mental image of a scene this morning flashed before her eyes. Against the pearly white mattress, Shion Hozaka's dark violet locks splayed out messily as his half-lidded amethyst eyes gazed up at her. His robes were carelessly left open as if someone had pulled on it desperately, only to expose the very satisfying view of the fair broad shoulders and a robust chest.

Ai Shizuka swallowed dryly. At the moment, she looked like a hungry little beast aiming for something eagerly. With an extremely low and pained voice like someone was ruthlessly bullying him, he had told her:"... please stop moving around so much, Miss Shizuka..."

Ai immediately felt like she would sprout blood. ...What senselessness is she thinking of now?! The only thing on her mind was Shion's husky bedroom voice. It was a good thing that Shion doesn't speak much or there would be chaos among the female population. His attractive looks were already a calamity and his voice was also a calamity. It didn't help that they were in fact right in the bedroom and the image of usually composed young master looking all undignified kept on flashing in her mind...

...Not good! Bad! Bad Ai Shizuka!....

One minute she was just admiring his profile, next minute, her thoughts turned into this immoral direction. Who was the one acting all indignant towards the aphrodisiac culprit earlier? Evidently, she was also no better, fantasizing about the poor man right in front of him.

Ai Shizuka just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her up.

...Aphrodisiac ah, aphrodisiac... why are you making such frequent appearances?! This unscrupulous woman obviously doesn't have much moral integrity and the longer she stayed, the more she was gonna lose control it...

In front of her eyes, she saw Shion's lips moved and Suji walked away. But she wasn't able to make sense of anything other than the loud roaring in her mind. With a hasty voice, she immediately blurted, "I'm sorry, I need to leave now. Goodbye young master Hozaka!"

But a large hand suddenly encased her hand as a pair of deep-set amethyst eyes gazed at her.

With a voice husky enough to seduce the most abstinent nun, Shion Hozaka spoke quietly, "...don't go...stay with me for a while..."

Ai turned red immediately but cried internally: ...Young master Hozaka, please don't speak to me like that... I think there are still side effects of aphrodisiac left in me...

But looking at the young master whose face looked calm yet at the same time his eyes looked so anxious that he looked like he was about to cry, Ai felt her heartache. Sure she would like to stay idly and chit chat but really now is not the time. She didn't know what kind of drugs the culprit used but it sure was potent. Plus why does he look so anxious about having to chat with her anyway? It's not like they were buddy-buddy to the point of having idle chatters. Shion is usually very quiet and has little to say, their conversations usually go like this:

Ai: Nice weather.

Shion: ... *nods*

Ai: ...

Shion: ...

Suji: Mrs Hozaka!

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and the door broke apart before a figure broke in...What the? Who is so rude to break the door to come in, it wasn't locked, they could enter normally!...

But seeing who was on the other side, Ai immediately understood. Of course, it's him. Who else but him... how did he find her anyway? It almost seemed like this guy keeps on popping up around her wherever she goes.

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"I knew it's you, Hozaka! Just like your father, you homewrecker, let go of my wife!" Hayama boomed before he reached out and pulled her to his chest abruptly.

...Eh?... Ai Shizuka was stunned. Seriously he is still going on about this? And what does he mean "just like your father"?

Ai squirmed to get away but obviously, the god of persistence wouldn't let her off easily, he tightened his hold even further as he flung his outer robe over her body protectively.

...Eh?... Ai was stunned once again. Honestly, she didn't know if she was growing more stupid by the seconds or the people that surrounded her were growing more eccentric. She couldn't really make sense of anything. This Hayama likes to act dubious and Shion likes to speak in bits and pieces as if some sorts of secret codes. Honestly, her little brain couldn't catch up with this pair of cousins.

"Wife?" The baritone tone voice asked, his voice was so low and deep that Ai couldn't help but let out a shudder.

But Hayama promptly ignored him and turned to Ai, "Wifey, you can't associate yourself with these people from dubious background. Even if you were to get concubines in the future, definitely this one is a no go!"

Upon hearing that, Ai Shizuka had an expression of the utmost intelligence... huh what now, concubines?... She didn't know whether to laugh or just start bawling her eyes out.

But before Ai could give a response, another banging sound was heard. This time, a very deep voice of an older male roared: "Shion Hozaka! You disgrace! Are you trying to drive me to my grave?!"

A figure dressed in dark violet robes rushed past and with a boom struck Shion on the chest. "I had only been away for a few days and you brought a strange woman into my house and even that trash of a prince!"

Shion immediately slumped to the ground from the impact and a trickle of blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth.

"Shion!", Ai called out in concern as she tried to rush over but a small delicate figure dressed in dusty pink immediately flashed before her and held Shion in her arms tenderly.

"Brother!", the figure sobbed softly as she gently dabbed away the blood.

The moment Ai laid her eyes on the figure, her blood ran cold as a sense of recognition ran through her mind.

... She knew this person...