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24 Sea Dragon

 A few minutes past and the duo reached the Hozaka residence. Just like its master, Hozaka residence was quiet and peaceful, with the bamboo trees and little ponds scattered around.

Ai didn't see anyone on their way in and soon she sat happily in a quiet room. After letting her settle down, Shion went out for a while, saying that he would fetch the dishes.

Ai decided to take a look around. The room was simple yet elegant, with a small bed and a dining table, various handmade items hanged around the wall in a neat and orderly fashion. Near the large window, there was also some green potted plants and a wooden cabinet filled with stacks of business records. Overall, it showed the peaceful lifestyle Shion Hozaka has.

Suddenly a knock was heard: "...Miss Shizuka, I'm coming in..."

Ai was surprised. This young master is so polite, he even knocked on his own door before coming in. Isn't it the other way around? But deciding not to comment on it, she happily helped to arrange the dishes on the table.

"Young Master Hozaka, didn't you have any personal servants?" Ai asked, remembering how Shion had gone out personally to fetch the dishes.

"I don't... in this house, only my family, a part-time cook and Suji. Father is away and Suji is still at the fair..." Shion replied slowly.

Ai was a bit confused. Perhaps it was his humble nature that he didn't like to have servants, she thought.

Looking away, she noticed a jar of wine on the table, it said: Thousand Years Fermented Ginseng Wine. Excitedly, she grabbed the jar, saying: "Wahhhh! This is a good wine, expensive and they only produce 5 jars per year!"

Shion smiled slightly and nodded: "Yeah... it was a gift..."

Ai suddenly felt nervous, was it really okay to drink it? It was a gift intended for Shion and one jar alone could cost like a house in the city area.

Sensing her hesitation, Shion reached out and poured her a cup. Ai was excited: Ahh...morals be damned, this was once in a lifetime opportunity, she didn't know whether she would get a chance to try this ever again...

Impatiently, Ai chugged a mouthful as Shion swirled his cup slowly to enjoy the fragrance. Just as the liquor entered her taste buds, suddenly Shion shouted: "Wait! No!"

The last thing she saw was Shion's anxious face before she blacked out.


*Mature content* (Aha no. Maybe a little lol)

An eventful night passed and birds started chirping, Ai Shizuka woke up with a headache and started screaming: "Gahhhhhhhh!"

A vibrant pair of amethyst eyes opened, calmly staring at her from below before a raspy voice spoke softly: "You are awake..."

Ai immediately wanted to bang her head. Wha-what is this situation?! She was only wearing her undergarments and was lying on top of Shion. There was even a patch of her drool on his robes!

She started hyperventilating and wanted to squirm away. But a pair of large hands immediately gripped her hips: "... please stop moving around so much, Miss Shizuka..."

Ai Shizuka instantly flushed bright red. Right now she was straddling Shion and there was something directly below her, making it appearance known.

...T-true, she may not have much experience in the matters of the bedroom but at least she knew what that thing was!

With that thing raising its head like a mythical sea dragon rising up from the sea and ascending into the sky, Ai felt like her face would just melt off from embarrassment.

(Author: Haha~ Sea Dragon)

"...I'm sorry... it's just morning..." Shion's baritone voice trailed off, finally letting her go.

Suddenly, a knock interrupted. "Miss Shizuka? Young Master Shion? Are you awake? Can I come in?" Suji asked from the door.

Half an hour later, Ai sat still feeling shaken as she finished listening to Suji's recount of last night. According to him, last night someone had poisoned their drinks with aphrodisiac and though Shion had tried to stop her, noticing the smell, it was too late.

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The aphrodisiac used was extremely potent and in a matter of minutes, Ai had completely succumbed to the influence of it. With that being said, due to the influence of aphrodisiac, Ai Shizuka single-mindedly targeted the nearest person available at the time and that, of course, was none other than the noble and ever-pristine young master Hozaka.

But luckily for her, Shion Hozaka was a true gentleman right down to the bones. Instead of succumbing to her "charms", the young master...

"Bang!! Our heroic young master knocked himself out! But Miss Shizuka was so adamant, even though our young master was unconscious, you wouldn't let go of his body and instead clung to him the whole night!"

Ai felt her face burned with shame as she vaguely remembered how she attempted to pull Shion close and said: "Wahhhh shooooo hanshamm! Let me kiss you, muack muack!"

Straightaway, Ai wanted the ground to open up and swallow her up. This kind of shameless character... and out of everyone, why must this happen in front of the noble and clean Shion Hozaka?!

Yet at the same time, she was also thankful it was Shion. Looking at the nasty bruise on his forehead, Ai was feeling immensely guilty. This Young Master Hozaka, a true hero that everyone deserves, he would rather get himself hurt than taking advantage of another person. For such an upright and kind person having to face such a situation, Ai suddenly felt indignant.

"So who was the culprit?" she asked, glaring furiously at the innocent wine jar sitting idly on the table.

"Ahh...about that...there was someone outside the room when I reached... but the person was extremely fast and young master Shion was rather... occupied, so we lost the person." Suji replied as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, referring Ai's poor attempt at being a monkey hugging the tree.

"...Suji, stop teasing Miss Shizuka..." Shion interrupted.

"It was my fault... I was careless and this happened at my residence, I had undoubtedly troubled you, Miss Shizuka..." Shion apologised after staying silent the whole time.

Ai immediately feel burdened. Why is he apologising?! It wasn't his fault! The culprit obviously had immoral intentions, hence the "love drug" was used. Either herself or Shion was the target and since her visit was rather impromptu, the chances of herself being the target was rather slim...

Shaking her head slightly, Ai denied. "It was no trouble! But since this was probably targeted here, it might happen again... you should tighten the security here, Young master Hozaka..."

Shion nodded silently, saying no further. Suddenly an awkward atmosphere hung in the air. It looked like nobody was speaking and busy with their own thoughts.

"Ahh...I should take my leave, my family will be worried. Take care and thanks for the dinner Young master Hozaka!" Ai prepared to leave as she bid farewell.

"...wait..." the baritone voice called out.

"...about last night..." Shion looked away as he drew closer, his face tinged with red. "...It might be a little sudden, but perhaps... it might be a good idea for us to start with the preparations..."

Ai was confused. ...Preparations? What preparations?... She stared back at him with a blank look, not able to make sense of the bits and pieces of information.

A loud laugh broke out in the background. Suji laughed clutching his stomach as he looked at them trying to suppress his laughter: "Young master Shion is proposing to you, Miss Shizuka! Hahaha!"