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15 Confession

 When Ai woke up again, the sun had already set in the horizon and a faint glow of moonlight illuminated her room. Having enough rest, she decided to go out for a walk.

Gently pushing open the wooden door, Ai took a step outside her room. Bathing in the moonlight silently was a figure leaning against a pillar. Long blonde hair flowed softly against the wind as a pair of grey eyes stared at her intensely.

Ai felt her heart clenched. Even under the faint moonlight, the bruises on his face were jarringly obvious, they contrasted strongly against the gentle countenance he usually possesses. Perhaps she was truly cursed after all, and everyone that associates with her inevitably gets hurt.

Feeling guilty, Ai reached out her hands instinctively to hold his face. Without a moment of delay, he lapped it up happily while leaning into her touch with his grey eyes sparkling excitedly. He truly looked like an overgrown cat and Ai let out a burst of soft laughter, remembering the nickname she gave. This boy is really like a kitty.

As if startled, Kit tilted his head slightly in confusion. But he quickly forgot what he was confused about the moment he heard her laughter. It was mesmerising.

But as quick as it came, the warmth that surrounded him quickly retracted as Ai stared at him with a sadness in her expression.

"What's wrong?" he asked, panic rising in his chest at her sudden change of behaviour.

"I... well, you should find another master", she answered, averting her eyes away from his crestfallen face. Kit had been loyal to her and she didn't really want to make him sad.

After a brief period of silence, Kit finally asked,"..... why?" His voice sounded like he was gritting his teeth, all tensed and barely held in by a thin thread.

Why is she abandoning him? Is it because he had done something wrong? Is it because he sent those annoying young masters away using her family jade without her permission? Is it because he beat that rat Tamaki? But no... no matter the reason, she can't abandon him! There is no way he would ever allow that!

Ai sighed. She has to do it. It is not safe to be around her and she didn't want to drag him into the mess unnecessarily. This was the only way. "Kit... it's not safe to be here, find a good master somewhere or if you want, I can recommend a few for you," she replied solemnly.

"Safe?..." Kit let out a bitter laugh. "I don't need to be safe! Ai, are you so blind?" His voice rising up a notch with every word he said.

Before she could reply, Kit immediately pressed forwards and slammed his hands against the wall. They were so close that she could feel his breath fanning her. Wait....why does this situation seem so wrong?! She only asked him to find another job and the boy had to close in on her like she was his romantic interest... or was that... was that what he means by her being blind?!

Ai immediately widened her eyes as realisation dawned on her. She didn't dare to look up at him so she stared helplessly at his rapidly beating chest and pondered on her next action. Ah... she didn't plan to fall in love with someone in this life, she only wanted to protect her family and why is this happening?!

As if getting tired of Ai's avoidance, Kit impatiently bent down and stared at her, his grey eyes looking extremely vulnerable as he leaned in. Just before his lips could touch hers, Ai recovered her wits and immediately pushed him away with all the strength she had, creating a much-needed space between them.

Ai panted heavily as she looked at Kit in shock. She still could not wrap her mind around the matter and she was seriously confused. Was he... was he trying to kiss her? She wanted to reprimand him for such disrespectful act but the words died in her mouth when she noticed Kit's entire body trembling faintly. The grey eyes glared at her with accusation as if they were screaming bloody betrayal and her breath got stuck in her throat. ... She was the one who almost got kissed, why is she being treated like a bad guy again?...

"Kit...There might have been some misunderstanding..." Ai started and she cursed herself mentally. It seemed that she had been using this line too frequently and somehow she kept getting ended up in awkward situations.

"Misunderstanding?..." Kit bit out. His heart clenched painfully and he felt like he was suffocating, unable to bear the grief he was feeling at that moment. She is rejecting me...

"There was no misunderstanding, I like you, Ai."

Without waiting for her reply, Kit immediately leaned in and lay a desperate kiss on her lips. His movements were clumsy as if he did not know what to do and obviously needed the guidance.

Ai immediately struggled to push him away but Kit was prepared. He firmly grasped the back of her head as the other held her arms tightly, rendering her actions useless.

Ai felt a wave of anger rose within her for being manhandled and at that moment, she wanted nothing more than to hurt him. Yet she couldn't harden her heart to do so when she noticed something wet touched her face.

He is crying?! Why is he crying?! She was the one being forced in a kiss?! But he is acting like she was the savage one who forced an innocent man down and ravished him senselessly! Good grace! Why is everyone around her so melodramatic and unreasonable?!

Oblivious to Ai's internal struggles, Kit continued to kiss her desperately as sadness overwhelmed his senses. It's true that he did not have any experience in the field of romance as she was the only one he ever felt anything for. Sure, there were women who threw themselves at him purely for his looks and also those who wanted to take advantage of his low status in the society. But he had never reciprocated them and firmly stayed away. But now this is different! He only wanted Ai to like him and not throw him away!

Sensing that Ai was not responding, Kit felt restless as the panic in his mind rose sky-high. Slightly pulling himself away, he begged brokenly, "Please."

Ai blinked. His crying face under the moonlight was very enchanting and it almost made the other party want to give him whatever he wanted. But that cannot happen! She could not appease him and agree to him for it would be a big lie. She does not want to have any romance in this life and her heart had been sealed long ago. Even if she agreed to him now, she was just prolonging his pain and giving him false hope.

Shaking her head slightly, Ai brushed off his hands on her. "I can't give you what you want", she said in a cold tone. "You are just growing up... it's understandable you might have a crush... but don't worry, it will pass", she elaborated, trying to convince the young boy.

But every word that Ai said felt like a knife curving on his heart and Kit shook his head obstinately. "Stop saying that! I know what I want! Is it because of my status? If so, don't worry, Ai, I can provide you with a good life! Please, please don't throw me away!", Kit yelled, his emotions reaching the highest peak with no way to back down.

As much as her heart ached at his confession, there was nothing she could do. She had other things to prioritise and this little infatuation would only get in her way. Sighing once more, Ai replied, "You can stay if you want, but I don't feel the same, I'm sorry."

Without saying anything more, Ai turned and walked away into the night. Just as she reached the gate, Kiya rushed towards her and passed a letter to her. It had Shizuka insignia with emergency written on top. Blood immediately drained from her face... don't tell me...