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6 Learning Martial Arts

 "Alright Kit, this is the house of Shizuka, make yourself at home, I will go talk with father for you to settle in", Ai smiled warmly as she gestured around the lavish garden of Shizuka household.

Even though Kit already knew the detailed layout of the Shizuka household by heart, he decided to entertain the young miss as he nodded obediently.

"Baby Sis! Where have you gone off to? Brother had been lonely and worried sick!" Saito exclaimed as he ran over to hug his sister happily.

Even though Saito was known to others as cold and merciless, he was a big teddy bear when it came to his younger sister. Who did not know that Saito Shizuka is extremely devoted to his younger sister? The man would even hunt down anyone that dared to breathe wrongly in Ai's direction.

"Big brother Saito, this is Kit Koyozoki, he will be Ai's personal guard and also will be teaching me martial arts", Ai replied as she introduced Kit to her big brother.

Saito, as if only realising the presence of another person, looked up to see the blonde-haired man. Blonde? Hmm... He must be a mixed-blood, that's considerably rare, he thought as he inspected Kit with a frown.

One thing that caught his attention from his sister's sentence was teaching martial arts. Huh? He didn't know Ai wanted to learn martial arts and if she wished, Saito would be more than happy to teach her. Why didn't she ask him?! Saito thought unhappily.

"But baby sis, why would you need a stranger to teach you martial arts? Brother would be more than happy to teach you!", Saito argued as he pouted his lips uncharacteristically.

Ai sweated at her brother's suggestion. Even though Saito is highly talented in the field of martial arts, he truly doesn't know how to teach. He would probably use the training as an excuse to pamper her with gifts and snacks that in the end, Ai won't end up learning anything at all!

"Ahh.. big brother Saito, actually Kit is very talented in western martial arts and Ai would very much like to learn such exotic styles. Of course, that's only if big brother would grant this humble sister's wish", Ai replied as she made a pitiful puppy dog expression towards her brother.

Saito, on the other hand, was unable to withstand the big guns brought in by his sister and agreed disgruntedly.

"Fine, whatever! You better teach her well!" Saito warned Kit as he walked off moodily with a huff.

Ai did a little victory dance in her head as she turned towards the amused-looking Kit.

"So you want to learn martial arts, Miss Shizuka?", Kit asked. He wasn't expecting such requests from a lady of her calibre and to be honest, it impressed him.

Ai nodded her head determinedly. Being frail in her previous life, she was unable to protect herself physically and sometimes bedridden for days. But Ai was tired of it. Neither does she want to wait around nor want anyone else to get hurt on her behalf. This time, Ai decided, no matter what, she would not allow anyone to harm her family and if they wished, they would personally have to pass through her for that.

Time Skip

After asking Kit to wait for her in the garden, Ai made her ways towards the general study to find her father. Her mind wandered back to what had happened at the teahouse. For some unknown reasons, when Kit was around, she didn't feel an ounce of fear towards Jin. Kit almost felt like a warm security blanket that surrounded her securely.

Maybe that day she reacted uncontrollably was because she had just woken up from her "reincarnation" and Jin's sudden change of attitude shocked her. After all, whether he meant it or not, Jin Omaru had killed her family and resulted in the untimely demise of her. It's only natural that fear would be the first thing she felt towards him.

But no matter what, she wanted to stay away from Jin Omaru and she seriously hoped that the young lord won't bother her so much.

In a few seconds, Ai had deeply regretted her wish as the devil himself appeared in front of her. She cursed mentally at her own bad luck. "What did I do so bad that heaven hates me so much?!", she thought in disdain as she looked down at the blushing Jin Omaru on top of her.

Just a moment ago, Jin had been sitting on top of a tree that grew above the fences of Shizuka household. He had rushed off after the incident at the teahouse and had been waiting patiently for the private audience with Miss Shizuka. He had lots of questions unanswered and it seemed they could no longer wait. "Else that sly fox Kit would get his ways and take his lady away! No No! That can never happen!", he thought angrily as he immediately reached out to punch the tree trunk.

In a moment of anger, Jin had forgotten that he had been sitting a top of the same damn tree and hence resulted in his unceremonious dive towards the hard ground. He yelled out a girlish scream (that he prayed no one heard) as he closed his eyes, mentally tried to prepare for the kiss with the ground.

"Oomph!" was what he heard as he landed face first onto something very soft and fragrant. "Soft and fragrant?! I didn't know grounds are this soft and smelled so nice!?", he thought curiously as his hands moved around to get the bearing of the "ground".

"What the hell are you doing, Young Master Omaru?", the "ground" said as a sudden force pushed him off. Jin immediately opened his eyes in shock.

Standing right in front of him was young Miss Shizuka herself and her pale golden eyes were glaring at him furiously as she tried to straighten her clothes. Jin's eyes wide-opened so wide they might pop out of the sockets.

OMG! He landed himself on top of her and the soft ground he was feeling around was... was.... her bosoms!

"M-miss Shizuka! I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean! Let me... I will take responsibility for this! I will marry you, Miss Shizuka!", Jin yelled out passionately as the understanding started to dawn on him. Well... this was unfortunate but it definitely worked out in his favor.

Ai's mouth was wide opened in shock.

The twisted bastard had landed on her out of nowhere, trespassing on someone's territory and what nonsense is he spewing now?! Marry her?! Is he out of his mind?!

Ai felt her blood rushed to her brain at the outrageous proposal and clenched her fist tightly. "Young Master Omaru, I don't know what's your intention being here but this is the property of Shizuka household. You are trespassing on our property and I can very well sue you for this.", she declared proudly.

Jin Omaru watched in awe at the young Miss. Not only is she beautiful, but she is also very smart. A perfect combination to lead his household along his side!

Jin cleared his throat, he needed to clear this air before it escalated. It seemed that Miss Shizuka had hated him even before and this incident was not helping the situation.

"Miss Shizuka, I had come to speak with you regarding our previous encounters and it seemed that you had mistakenly detested my presence. If it's based on rumours, I assured you they are simply rumours and my intention to you is purely my utmost affection!"

Ai's eyes widened in response. In her previous life, Jin Omaru was a cold heartless man who hardly expressed his emotions. But this... this Jin Omaru seemed like a completely different person. Even right now, he was looking at her with such earnest eyes as he put his heart on the sleeves.

Ai shook her head mentally. No, she can't fall for his charms again. No matter what game he is playing, Ai wouldn't be apart of it.

Before Ai could reply, Jin suddenly put his hands up.

"Oh, I just remembered that I have a meeting! Now take care, Miss Shizuka! I will be seeing you around!" With that, Jin Omaru hopped off towards the fences and left abruptly.

In Jin's mind, "Oh, that was close! I almost hear her rejection! can do! Ai will be my wife and that's the only thing I will be willing to hear!".