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5 Ki

 Kit and Ai got seated at the Mayflower Teahouse while Kiya stood at the side shyly.

"Kiya, come take a seat", Ai called out gently as she beckoned her shy handmaiden over. Kiya blushed furiously at being called out upon and timidly walked over. The tips of her ears were red and she fidgeted with her fingers as she took a seat at the table obediently.

Ai laughed gently at her adorable maid. Right now Kiya looked like a red tomato and her eyes were looking everywhere but Kit. It was very obvious that the young girl was very flustered by Kit's presence. Though one could hardly blame her since Kit is considered quite beautiful in terms of his appearance. Tranquil features with grey eyes and silky blonde hair that fell past his waist, one would assume Kit of noble birth and prestige.

"Kiya, this is Kit Koyozoki, he works at the Omaru household", Ai introduced. Her young handmaiden seemed to have a crush on Kit and Kit seemed dependable that she couldn't help but play matchmaker for them.

"O-oh... erm... nice to meet you Kit!", Kiya stuttered as she grew red from embarrassment.

While Ai was focusing and doting all her attention on her handmaiden, she somehow missed the look of hurt and anger on Kit's face.

"Why is Miss Shizuka introducing me to her maid?! Does it mean she has no interest in me at all?! Is that a subtle rejection?" Kit's thoughts ran wild angrily as he clenched his hands tightly around his teacup.

As each of them was busy with their own thoughts, they didn't notice the new addition to their little meetup until it was right at their table.

"Hmm... I didn't know my servant is well-acquainted with Miss Shizuka, what a surprise!", Jin Omaru stated haughtily as he pointedly glared at Kit.

Kit, upon hearing his master's voice, walked immediately in front of Ai and protectively sheltered her, receiving questioning looks from both Ai and Jin. Nevertheless, Kit remained silent as he stared at his young master, secretly hoping for him to get the hell out.

Jin glared back at his personal guard, not liking the way he stood in front of Ai Shizuka, obstructing his view from the beautiful maiden that he had been obsessing about.

Ai was about to reply to ease the tense atmosphere when another voice joined in.

"Brother, what is taking you so long?", Akiyo asked as he lifted the curtain of the tea room to come in. His cyan blue eyes landed on the situation at hand and they grew visibly confused. What's going on?! Why is Kit standing in front of Ai as if he is her guardian?!

Ai mentally cursed at her bad luck. She only wanted to go out to enjoy her day with Kiya and yet she just had to run into all of Omaru household. The next is probably the older Lord Omaru himself.

As if answering her thoughts, the older Lord Omaru also came into the room as his eyes grew round in surprise. "Oh Miss Shizuka and Kit, you are here as well! What a delightful surprise!", Lord Omaru greeted jovially as he took a seat at the table. Uninvited.

As of now, Ai just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her up as her greatest misfortunes were happening right in front of her. Despite that, Ai also noticed the dirty looks the Omaru brothers were sending Kit's way and she grew worried for his well-being. Will he be punished or bullied when they go back? After all, Kit is still a servant to Omaru household and he will have to take in any treatment from his masters no matter how unfair it is.

With that thought in mind, Ai had decided. She will take Kit under her own wings and won't ever let the poor boy face any mistreatment again!

"Lord Omaru, may I be so bold to ask a favour from you?", Ai started slowly, gauging Lord Omaru's reactions.

"Oh Miss Shizuka, of course, please state your request freely! After all, your father is my good friend, how could I deny his precious daughter of anything?", Lord Omaru replied good-heartedly, completely adoring the polite young daughter from Shizuka household.

Ai yelped happily inside her mind. Bingo! With this, Lord Omaru won't deny my request no matter how atrocious it is.

"Well... I'm in need of a personal guard and I thought perhaps I could obtain Kit's services since he seems to be quite adap-"

Even before Ai could finish her sentence, there was two vehement "No!" from the Omaru brothers. They shook their heads fiercely as they intensified their glares towards Kit. There was no way in hell they would want another man, other than themselves to be around Ai.

Ai's eyes were trained on Lord Omaru. This is a life and death matter and she won't back down no matter how difficult it is. After all, Lord Omaru had made a promise to her and it wouldn't be proper of him to back out of it.

Lord Omaru took a moment to consider before his face broke out into a smile.

"Oh this! Sure why not? Kit is talented and he would definitely be able to protect Miss Shizuka, I think this is definitely a reasonable request, what say you, Kit?"

"My Lord is truly benevolent and this humble servant agreed to Miss Shizuka's request wholeheartedly. I hope to serve you well in the future.", Kit replied, barely containing his joy as he gazed at the young Miss appreciatively.

Meanwhile, the two Omaru brothers were glaring intensely at their clueless father. For god's sake father, why did you agree to such! You might as well send your sons to a monastery to become monks if this continued on!

Lord Omaru on the other hands, felt a sudden chill as he hugged his body immediately. "Where is this coldness coming from", he muttered distractedly as he happily walked off to get his favourite confectionery, completely unaware of the damages he left behind.