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2 Reborn

 Ai opened her eyes, squinting her eyes slightly to adjust to the brightness of her surrounding.

"Am I dead?", she wondered, "Where am I?"

A familiar wall with light blue lanterns decorated her room.

Wait, isn't this her room in Shizuka household?!

How did she end up here?!

Suddenly her room door opened and her handmaiden Kiya poked her head in. The moment Kiya's eyes landed on Ai, she smiled widely and exclaimed in relief.

"Miss Shizuka! You are awake! Lord Shizuka and young master had been worried sick since you fainted!"

Ai's eyes grew wide at her exclamation. Kiya looked younger than she last remembered. With bouncy pigtails, Kiya looked to be in her teens, like how Kiya was before Ai get married into Omaru household.

Wait, Kiya mentioned Papa and brother, does it mean they are alive? I must find them!

A very worried Ai immediately dashed out of her room to the general study, even though she was in the state of undress.

"Papa! Brother!" Ai burst open the study door and rushed forwards, immediately hugging the two figures in the study as tears streamed down her delicate face.

Ai's father and brother stood shocked as their eyes landed on Ai. The young miss of the household was in her pyjamas and was bawling her eyes out as she hugged the two Shizuka men so tightly. It was almost as if she was terrified of losing them into the thin air.

Concerned, Hakura leaned down to face his very distressed daughter.

"What happened, little Ai? Did someone bully you?", Hakura asked softly, wiping away the tears of his young daughter.

"Ai, tell me who bullied you, brother will go settle with them!", Saito agreed, his eyes flashing with anger at whoever that bullied his baby sister.

Ai shook her head rapidly, her face turned into happiness as she took in the sight of her father and brother alive and well. She didn't know how this was possible but she knew one thing, she will treasure this and prevent any calamity to befall on her family. At all costs.

Hakura and Saito turned to look at each other, if anyone said they were shocked, that would be an understatement.

For a quiet child like Ai, the sight they saw was indeed a rare occasion. Ai, being a headstrong girl, had never once cried out ever since she was a child. What could have made their little Ai be this emotional?

Nevertheless, Ai looked happy now and this was all that matter to them. Suddenly there was an announcement from their servant: Lord and Young Masters of Omaru household had arrived.

Hearing that, Ai froze as dreads started to fill her veins. She remembered now. Today was the day she met him for the very first time. Today was the beginning of all things that went wrong.

Despite that, she had been reborn. Only this time, Ai doesn't want anything to do with him. Even if she has to die again, she decided that she will stay as far away from him as possible.

Be free, Jin Omaru. Let this be my redemption and let us never cross paths again.

Jin Omaru

Jin sat still in his seat as his father and Lord Shizuka discussed the possible business merger between the two prominent households.

For some reasons unknown, the young master of Shizuka household had been glaring daggers in his direction throughout. A frown formed his stoic face as he wondered what he had done to gain this irks.

Nevertheless, he wondered where the young miss of Shizuka household is. It had been a known fact that young Miss Shizuka has a deep crush on him. So why is the lady not here now? Shouldn't she take the opportunity to come to meet him?

To be honest, it was not that he truly cared for Miss Shizuka. Even though Miss Shizuka is a well-known beauty, his interests were purely invested in the business merger. As much as he detested the idea of being bound to someone, such matrimony could help in strengthening the relationship of the business merger. At least he know his father will be pleased at the proposal.

Deciding to break the ice, Jin voiced out his thoughts.

"Pardon me for the intrusion, but may I know if young Miss Shizuka will be joining us? Me and my brother are looking forward to meeting the highly-acclaimed young miss."

Upon hearing the question, Lord Shizuka visibly stiffened and directed his gaze to Saito, the young master of Shizuka household.

Right now, Saito seemed to be in full glaring mood now as his golden eyes flashed intensely with unspoken fury. He was about to open his mouth when the door opened announcing the arrival of Miss Shizuka.

Jin's breath caught in his throat as his eyes landed on the beauty at the door. Long flowing silver hair that reached past her waist and pale golden eyes on her delicate face, Ai Shizuka is beautiful beyond words. Even Akiyo, his indifferent brother seemed to be at a loss for words.

"My apology for the delay, Lord Omaru and Young masters. I had matters to attend to." Ai Shizuka spoke softly as she took a seat next to Saito.

Throughout the meeting, Jin stared shamelessly at the marvellous beauty. Despite his full attention, Miss Shizuka paid no mind to him and avoided any sorts of eye contact with him. She even gave some brief glances to his younger brother, who seemed to react by blushing furiously.

Was the news wrong? Is she in love with his brother instead? For some reasons, that didn't settle very well in his heart. Why would Ai Shizuka choose my brother over me?

Soon, the meeting had come to an end and he stood up abruptly. Bowing respectfully towards Lord Shizuka, he immediately stated his request.

"Lord Shizuka, may I have the permission to escort Miss Shizuka for a walk?", he asked proudly, glancing at Miss Shizuka for her reaction.

What he saw shocked him to his bones. Never in his 22 years, did he expect such reactions directed his way. The young miss stood frozen as her pale golden eyes wide-opened in shock and... Fear?

He frowned slightly. Usually, when females gain his attention, they would react favourably in happiness or flustered shyness. But this...

What the hell?

Why is she so afraid of me?! I'm not that hideous, am I? This young girl was so frightened, even her hands were shaking so violently.

Concerned by her peculiar reaction, he reached out his hands instinctively, wanting to comfort the distressed girl.

"No! Don't touch me!" she yelled out suddenly. Her frightened eyes darted around like a cornered animal looking for an escape as she stepped back in fear.

Jin's heart ached at the sight and he wanted nothing more than to comfort her and protect her. But protecting her against himself? This is working out in the worst way he couldn't have imagined.

"I.. I..." Ai stuttered out as she tried to compose herself. Right now the room was so silent, even a pin drop could be heard.

Suddenly a body pushed past him and an outer robe lay on her shaking body. Akiyo held the shaking body of Ai in his arms as he comforted the distressed Miss.

A burning rage was brewing in Jin's heart and at that moment, he wanted nothing more than to rip those disgusting arms of his brother off her. But right now, he could do nothing but watched in dismay as she was escorted out gently from the room. Out of his sight.

Ai Shizuka... I will have you. No matter what it takes.