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In the Three Kingdoms with a System

Author: dragonflamemperor

Lastchapter: 66 Chapter. 65 Peaceful Days and an Master.

Updated: 2020-06-10 18:18

66 Chapter. 65 Peaceful Days and an Master.
65 Chapter.64 Black Horse Army Strikes Out!
64 Chapter.63 Consolidation and The Conferred Land!
63 Chapter.62 A Great Battle to Overcome Wuwei or Fail with his Head!
62 Chapter.61 Battle for Wuwei and Descent of The Young Tiger.
61 Chapter.60 Breakthrough in the North!
60 Chapter.59 Preparations and Ambush!
59 Chapter.58 Birthday and the Necklace
58 Chapter. 57 Tempering
57 Chapter. 56 Return and Victory
56 Chapter.55 Liberation
55 Chapter. 54 Two Future Rivals Mee
54 Chapter.53 The First Clash Between the Two!!
53 Chapter.52 Last Defense
52 Chapter. 51 The Lefts Rally!
51 Chapter.50 Tianlong’s Fierce Charge
50 Chapter.49 Black Horse Armies First Battle!!
49 Chapter.48 Bottleneck and Barbarians!!
48 Chapter.47 First Meeting!
47 Chapter.46 Preparations
46 Chapter.45 Black Horse Army
45 Chapter.44 Unwavering Army!!
44 Chapter.43 Ambush on Blood Sword Mountain!
43 Chapter.42 Massacre on Blood Sword Mountain
42 Chapter.41 Argumen
41 Chapter.40 Dunhuang’s recovery and Subjugation
40 Chapter.39 Victory of Dunhuang!!!
39 Chapter.38 Stalemate of the Wes
35 Chapter.34 Birth of a Legend
16 Chapter.15 New Front and Mighty General Zhang Liao!!!!
12 Chapter.11 First Duel!!!