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Chapter 700: Disturbance

 Chapter 700: Disturbance

Translator: Irene_ Editor: Lucas, TYZ

About 10 kilometers away, two blurry figures surfaced in the sky. They were surrounded by a layer of peculiar airflow, akin to a transparent eggshell. Through the layer, two familiar silhouettes, Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water, could be seen.

Autumn Water's injuries had yet to heal, so she appeared rather dispirited and had on a dull expression. As usual, she remained motionless like a statue. The clay doll, which was initially on her shoulder, was now sitting on Hong Rongyan's. In spite of its unrefined face, the puppet moved vividly and even cried out occasionally.

"How amazing!"

"The Radiance Blood Division is so strong."

Hong Rongyan looked on indifferently, as if he couldn't hear anything. The eggshell-shaped airflow around him was a Concealment Orb. It could screen off and isolate their breaths, allowing them to camouflage into any environment.

The clay doll crooked her head. "Should we take this chance to rob them?"

"Are your injuries healed?" Hong Rongyan asked.

"No," the clay doll answered, somewhat crestfallen.

She knew that it was a sign for them to sit still. She wasn't even allowed to come initially and was told to rest, but under Autumn Water's desperate harassment, Hong Rongyan had conceded, much to her surprise.

She wasn't one to defy her boss. Even if he had looks more beautiful than a woman's, his heart was harder than steel.

Her focus was quickly snatched by Radiance Blood's performance. Having battled with the Sky Leaf Division, she understood that these "man-made Masters" were not forces to be trifled with. In fact, she had expected to witness a one-sided battle.

While the injuries inflicted were on the Radiance Blood Division, those with a discerning eye could tell that victory was on its side.

Autumn Water stayed alert.

Skyheart City's Master's Glory was a success, as evident from the set up of the Sky Leaf Division. Gu Xiaobao was undergoing another breakthrough and was in the process of becoming a Grandmaster. The Assembly of Patriarchs was finally reaping results. Hong Rongyan's [Self-illuminating Devil Core] and her [Pure Fusion Elemental Body] made them rise in the power rankings.

Needless to say, there was Le Buleng's victory over Dai Gang and the rebirth of Chi Tong, an ancient magic.

Within a short time, the state of the world had overturned. This inevitably led to Autumn Water's belittling of the traditional influences. It was unfathomable that the Radiance Blood Division, with less than a hundred fighters, could maintain control against twenty Sky Leaf elementalists.

Elites indeed!

She was clear that Radiance Blood Division's abilities paled significantly in comparison to the Sky Leaf elementalists', but they were better at coordination, had a resolute will to battle, and possessed exquisite military strategies. Overall, the Sky Leaf Division relied on individual strength, so members quickly fell into situations where they had to fight alone.

Sky Leaf was a relatively new division, so in all aspects, it was more crude and clumsy. While its members had grown stronger through Master's Glory, they had insufficient experience and maturity. These were weaknesses without an immediate solution.

She observed the battle with keen interest and felt good seeing the Sky Leaf Division suffer.

Suddenly, a vague rumble sounded from afar, something akin to muffled thunder.

What was that?

The clay doll looked on apprehensively.

Just then, a shocking sight befell her.

Boom boom boom. Amid the condensed rumblings, mud pillars shot speedily up into the distant sky like raised waves.

"Chi Tong!" Hong Rongyan breathed out with his eyes wide open.

Sitting on his shoulder, Autumn Water could feel her boss' body tense up. She quickly looked over and caught sight of a blurry figure at the front of those pillars.

How fast!

Autumn Water was dumbstruck. Even with her current ability, she was unable to make out the mysterious figure, which meant that it wasn't moving at an horrifyingly extraordinary speed.

How could the battlers below turn a blind eye to such a big movement? Indeed, they were getting ready to resist the incoming impact.

Autumn Water could only imagine the carnage that was coming after such an entrance.

Something was wrong, she felt.

Boss... his shoulder was as hot as a burning iron.

She gazed at him and saw that while staring at the battlefield, his mild, jade-like skin had turned into a scarlet red color.

What... what was going on? Autumn Water felt panic rising within her chest. Boss always had on a cold, sullen expression, so why was he wavering? Hadn't he battled with Chi Tong? Could it be...

A silhouette swiftly emerged at the edge of the battlefield.

Autumn Water's heart shook.

What... was that creature?

That... that was the Chi Tong?


Bang bang bang.

Each strike reduced the pain within Ai Hui's body, though his flesh was still being torn apart, so the pain brought by the metamorphosis was still intense and kept on accumulating.

He felt that his body was no different from a volcano. While the rain outside reduced its temperature, the heat inside was endlessly boiling and rising.

He was losing power and his vision was blurring along with his consciousness.

At least... at least he had managed to stick it out longer this time.

That was his last thought before passing out.

The fast-moving figure stopped abruptly in midair. Floating in the sky, he became motionless as his eyes started to slacken.

The pitter-pattering behind him continued as the dirt and rocks smashed down like hail, causing dust to fly everywhere.

As the raised dust rose close to Ai Hui, there seemed to be an impregnable wall obstructing it. The airflow rolled down, causing more dust to surge even higher into the sky. The dust resembled a grey, fang-bearing monster that had taken over half the sky.

Similarly, its grey cape was dancing in the air like a grey stage curtain, waiting to be drawn.

Was the malevolent and ugly monster quietly waiting to make an entrance or to awaken?


The battlefield was eerily silent at this point. Silent as death.

Be it the Sky Leaf or the Radiance Blood Division, all elementalists had stopped. They stared emptily at the monster before them. It was as if everyone had forgotten how to speak, even the courageous radiant tigers beneath the blood elementalists.

Xu Jing's mouth was dry. "What was that?" his voice cracked.

The massive figure was like a floating mountain, its golden luster made exceptionally glaring under the scorching sun. Its almond-shaped eyes seemed to have lost focus. Upon closer inspection, one would notice an abyss deep within those eyes. Its black, waterfall-like hair fell down to its waist, and each strand was pencil-straight and sharp as an iron wire. Its claws were like hooked daggers, fatally dangerous.

Dire beast?

Out of the corner of his eyes, Xu Jing caught a glimpse of Xiao Buyu trembling.

Is Xiao Buyu trembling?

He gave it a second look and was sure that his eyes weren't malfunctioning. As if enduring an intense kind of pain, Xiao Buyu's body was indeed shivering ever so slightly. Xu Jing scanned across the field and was shocked to find all the Radiance Blood Division's blood elementalists and beasts shivering.


He recalled a rumor that claimed how blood elementalists would instinctively cower in front of an existence mightier than theirs.

Mightier... a mightier blood beast? Could that be a secret product of the Beast Venom Palace?

Xu Jing found this theory ridivious. As the Radiance Blood Division head, Xiao Buyu was undoubtedly the mightiest existence within the whole of God Nation. If that was a mightier blood beast... a mythological beast perhaps?

The monster was still as a statue.

While he was unable to wrap his head around this thing, Xu Jing could sense the dangerous aura it released and dared not overlook it. The rich blood spiritual force was as attention-grabbing as a sun would be in the night sky. He did not understand why Xiao Buyu and gang had such a strange reaction, but he saw it as a good opportunity to attack. It was doom for his people if the blood elementalists started working with the monster.

With a gentle stirring of heavenly elemental energy within their bodies, his members started snapping out of their daze. The Sky Leaf members were mentally linked; while they weren't able to send complicated messages, sharing simple signals wasn't a difficult feat.

Prepare for attack!


Xu Jing's thick growl broke the silence like a clap of thunder.

Twenty Sky Leaf elementalists conjured faint but brightly-colored ripples and their bodies vanished from the ground.

The next moment, they reappeared around the monster, their hands lighting up with colorful rays. They executed a killer move in unison, the bewitching light rays so dazzling that it was impossible to look at them straight on. The sonic boom, like that from a bellowing wave, caused the sky to quake.

Having twenty Masters land a blow simultaneously was a rare sight.

Xu Jing was maximally satisfied with this sudden attack.

The Radiance Blood elementalists were still standing on the ground like wooden blocks. So was the monster...


Something seemed odd.

Xu Jing's pupils shrunk. Something was wrong. The colorful rays of all shapes were about to strike the monster, but it remained motionless and had zero reaction.

When faced with danger, absolutely anyone or anything would instinctively flinch or dodge.

Nevertheless, he was confident that nothing could resist twenty Masters' united attack unless the person or thing in question was a Grandmaster.


An ear-piercing sound overtook the sky like sharp blades scraping against an iron sheet.

The frontmost light arrow stopped suddenly, as if it had hit an invisible wall. Next, the other uniquely-shaped arrows experienced the same phenomenon and were blocked off. It was an extremely strange scene; the monster was surrounded by floating light rays of all shapes and sizes, some as straight as a pencil, some shaped like a willow leaf blade. There were even spiraling light balls and snake-like light tapes that coiled around.

They were all stunningly splendid and indescribably enchanting.

Xu Jing's face changed.



Shrouded by the glorious lights, the monster's unfocused eyes started to contract. Amid the dark abyss within its eyes, a scarlet red dot lit up.

It spread open in both eyes like blood.

Xu Jing noticed that the monster's waist-length hair was swaying like a tree hit by the night breeze.

He had never in his life felt such danger, and a dark cloud enveloped him deep down.

His heart dropped.