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Chapter 695: A True Blood Elementalist

 Chapter 695: A True Blood Elementalist

Translator: YH Editor: Lucas, TYZ

Wisps of black fog emerged from all over Ai Hui's body and made their way down his fingertips into She Yu's beating heart.

The lively heart beat faster and faster as it devoured the black fog like a hungry animal. After consuming a large amount of it, the heart started to beat slower but stronger. The heartbeat now sounded more like a bass drum being slammed hard.

The dense, black fog surrounding Ai Hui thinned out quite a bit. His body was once again visible.

Ai Hui's body suddenly shook.

She Yu's beating heart stopped in apparent shock, but continued beating after one breath. It became much faster and stronger, like a wild beast hunting down its prey.

Beneath the lingering black fog, Ai Hui remained utterly still. His bare skin was completely devoid of color and looked pale and sickly. Like a bolt out of the blue, a single blue vein popped out. The vein wriggled like a tiny earthworm that was desperately trying to break out from under his skin. More and more blood vessels began to protrude, turning his body into a mass of gulches. It was a fairly terrifying sight to behold.

Crack, crack, crack.

The bones in his body seemed to be groaning under a crushing grip.

Blood vessels were fast becoming visible all over his body. His cheeks, forehead, and even the corners of his eyes were crawling with "earthworms". Ai Hui was not exactly handsome, but his face looked terribly gruesome at this moment.

His body was trembling uncontrollably, as if a thousand monsters were wreaking havoc inside it.

One of his cheeks split open with a pop. Blood seeped out of the wound to form a fine blood trace along his cheek.

This first popping sound seemed to act like some sort of signal.

Pop, pop, pop. Blood traces started to appear all over his body, as if an invisible scalpel was making surgical incisions on it.

The fine blood traces were densely scattered like a red spider web.

Ai Hui's densely covered face had an expression of pain plastered over it. His mouth opened wide, but not a single sound came out of it.

His eyes started to fog over and his pupils were the color of muddy water. The muddiness in his eyes swiftly faded away, revealing two pupils that looked like almond-shaped citrine crystals. His eyes were unbearably cold, reminiscent of the cold stares of snakes and felines.

His jet black hair grew at an alarming rate, reaching his waist in a matter of seconds. His ten fingernails visibly grew into pitch black claws.

His newly developed claws dug deep into She Yu's heart. Her heart was seemingly indestructible, maintaining its function despite its loss of shape.

A metallic liquid oozed out of the blood traces that covered Ai Hui's body. They flowed down his body, forming armor scales. They piled on layer by layer around Ai Hui's body and glistened brightly in the sun.

Ai Hui's premonition was very accurate.

"This is no great secret. Blood spiritual force is poisonous, and the body repels all kinds of poisons. But once these sluices are open, the body becomes a defenseless castle. It will then welcome blood spiritual force with open arms, and you'll become a true blood elementalist if you manage to survive this without exploding! Look forward to it!"

The churning black fog became even thinner, but the malicious words never stopped coming.

"Please overlook the resulting ugly appearance. Why did I amalgamate Ten Thousand Beasts' Blood to forge the ultimate physical body? I wanted to combine the strong points and the essences of all of them. The sharpest fangs, far-seeing eyes, impenetrable skin, and limbs that could crush mountains. Oh, and the soul of a sword embryo."

"Such a thing of beauty!"

"Oh, do not concern yourself with those half-baked blood elementalists. You will become a true blood elementalist, one with an insatiable thirst for fresh blood and an unappeasable hatred for elemental energy. You will put them all to shame."

"When your beloved companions pour their hearts out in front of you, all you will be able to think about is how alluring they smell. Oh, and all you will want to do is to devour them; your body will tremble with excitement as you imagine how delightful their flesh will be. Devour them, devour every last bit of flesh and blood in them. You'll be together with them, forever and ever."

"Are you ready? Ai Hui."

"It's time for you to become a true blood elementalist. This is my final gift to you. Hahaha..."

Chi Tong's voice became weaker as the black fog continued to thin. Despite that, his madness and brutality continued to linger in the wind.

Ai Hui watched Chi Tong tenaciously until the voice disappeared along with the last wisp of smoke.

Become a blood elementalist?

Ai Hui was at a loss for what to do. How did he end up like this?

He could hardly find the words to describe his present emotional state. Was he regretful? Nope, he did not feel regret. Not killing Chi Tong would have been the bigger mistake. If Chi Tong was willing to do anything just to destroy Ai Hui's consciousness, he was definitely capable of doing all kinds of malicious deeds.

Ai Hui's survival instincts have always been strong, and he would always fight for a chance to live. When his friends' lives were concerned, however, Ai Hui was more than willing to give up his life.

He had been straddling the line between life and death ever since he entered the Wilderness.

He had a thirst for life, but was undisturbed by death.

Fate was a ridiculous thing. In spite of everything, he was actually going to end up as a blood elementalist. All that hatred, all that fighting, everything was going to be for naught.

He found it hard to accept this.

Perhaps death was an escape.

This thought was immediately washed away by the severe pain that followed. The feeling flooded his entire body, wracking him in pain.

The darkness in She Yu's eyes subsided and they regained clarity after the last bit of black fog vanished.

Upon regaining consciousness, She Yu struggled to open her eyes against the blinding light. It took quite a while before her eyes adjusted to the brightness.

In front of her was a monster that she had never seen before.

Its entire body was covered in scales. The sun's rays reflecting of these scales were what blinded her. It had waist-length hair that draped over its body like a waterfall and moved nimbly in the wind. For some reason, the monster's hair reminded her of a writhing bunch of snakes.

The monster's body was large and sturdy, with arms the size of regular people's thighs. Needless to say, its thighs were out of this world. With hands the size of palm leaf fans, She Yu thought it looked a lot like an ape dire beast. Nails as sharp as daggers lined its fingertips, ready to slice open human flesh in an instant.

One of those "daggers" was pressing against her heart.

Was this Chi Tong's true body?

She Yu's mind shuddered. Had her final struggle failed as well?

She was slightly disappointed.

At the last moment, she had placed all her hope on this heart of dubious origin. While she was out, she felt as if the heart had consumed something.

She thought she had won, but it appeared otherwise.

No, not yet.

She noticed that Chi Tong's eyes lacked focus. She Yu smiled bitterly when she realized that her heart had done its job. She would have been dead otherwise.

Regardless, she was still alive.

She tried to remove the finger that was stabbing her heart, but then she realized that it would not budge no matter how hard she tried. Chi Tong's arm felt like it was cast in bronze.

All she could do was shift her body through clenched teeth and attempt to crawl away. Her beating heart gave her strength. She knew that the heart had undergone some changes, but now was not the time to look into it. The black fingernail scratched her heart as she moved, and the sharp pain made her gasp.

Ai Hui... Is he dead?

Blood swords had silently appeared at the critical moment to block off a large portion of the impact. Her entire body would have been reduced to dust if not for that.

She finally broke away from Chi Tong's body and stood up. Her grievous injuries made her move weirdly. The extensive injuries she suffered were a ghastly sight, but for some reason, she did not feel any pain.

She fixed her gaze on the monster that stood motionless like a statue. She could feel an enormous amount of blood spiritual force within its body.

Ai Hui, he's dead.

The monster before her felt nothing like Ai Hui.

A complex emotion arose within her.

They were enemies, rivals, people belonging to two opposing camps. Ai Hui was a weakling the first time they met in Central Pine City. Ai Hui's exceptional improvement rate led She Yu to notice his shocking potential and innate skill. That was why she implanted [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art] in him. That was only the beginning of Ai Hui's legend. She Yu was thrown into a state of chaos when their positions later reversed.

She Yu admired and respected Ai Hui a little.

Ai Hui is dead, his legend has ended.

She would have merely sighed and felt a tinge of pity if she had only been a spectator of his tale. There was nothing shameful about dying at the hands of a powerful demonic god.

But she was saved by him at the critical juncture...

The blood within the monster's body was churning angrily, so much so that She Yu could feel its blood spiritual force surging from a distance away. She did not have the ability to kill it in her current state. Furthermore, it was about time for her to leave. The monster would wake up once its blood spiritual force had settled down.

She sensed that Chi Tong had completed his resurrection.

Ai Hui did not leave anything behind.

She Yu noticed something from the corner of her eye. Bending down like a puppet with stiff joints, she reached into the ashes and grabbed something.

A blood sword.

Its blade had lost all luster and it was no longer as sharp as before. Deep-set cracks could be seen all over its body.

She scrutinized the blood sword carefully.

A keepsake.

She raised her head and stared at the monster, her eyes brimming with a strong desire for vengeance. Without hesitation, She Yu left the scene.

I may not be able to kill Chi Tong now, but one day I'll present him as a sacrifice to your blood sword.