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Chapter 694: Taking Action

 Chapter 694: Taking Action

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The blood elementalists' encampment on the border of Jadeite Forest and God Nation were on high alert and the atmosphere there was extremely tense.

The number of patrolling units was several times higher than usual. There was a solemn look on every one of those fully equipped soldiers. As long as anything weird happened, they would immediately attack Jadeite Forest. The hissing sound of beetles made the atmosphere more tense and solemn.

That was because His Majesty was in the commander's tent.

Actually, everyone knew that they did not need to protect him. The idea of protecting a Grandmaster was simply nonsensical. On the contrary, the security level of the camp had reached a new high due to the presence of His Majesty. All the sentries could actually rest now. After all, who could avoid a Grandmaster's sharp sense of hearing?

Even the most bold individual in the encampment did not dare to chit-chat with other people.

There had been many controversies and disputes since the outbreak of the blood catastrophe until the establishment of God Nation. That was because too much blood and hatred were involved. However, after God Nation was established and His Majesty assigned sages and talents to important positions, God Nation began to flourish. His Majesty hated corrupt individuals very much. His style of governing was well-ordered and honest. Even the lowest class of citizens led a rather good life.

On the contrary, the Elders Guild was like a big, hollow, decayed tree that was uprooted by a huge gust of wind and broken apart. The ones that suffered the most were no doubt its people. They were like duckweed as they had nothing and no one to rely on. Even after they moved to Beyond Avalon, they had to face wars that occurred frequently among cities.

The happiness of God Nation's ordinary citizens came through comparison.

After all, their opponent's ruling government was foolish and decadent.

The prosperity and stability of God Nation watered down the brutal image of the Holy Emperor. Which emperor doesn't step on heaps of bodies to attain kingship?

Time diluted blood and pain. As time passed, the ordinary citizens began to look forward to a better future. The triumphant progress of the six god divisions also showed everyone how incompetent and weak the Elders Guild was. His Majesty gradually became a figure of reverence for everyone.

The ordinary soldiers did not need to think too much. They could only do this as a way to express their respect for His Majesty.

Inside the commander tent, the Holy Emperor was sitting on the seat of honor. That was where Red Devil usually sat. Red Devil was sitting beneath the Holy Emperor while listening to him speak. The battle of Grandmasters did not happen, so there was nothing for him to worry about.

The Holy Emperor seemed to be in a good mood.

"It's good that Dai Gang did not die. If he really died, it would be a huge pity. Le Buleng still cares about his old friendship with Dai Gang and he also doesn't want me to exploit Dai Gang's death. I also can't believe Le Buleng actually attained the level of Grandmaster. He is one stubborn fellow, the most stubborn fellow in the world. I have really underestimated him, but it's a pity that he can't live long."

Red Devil sat quietly on his chair, resembling a lifeless rock.

He was very calm even though the Holy Emperor was right in front of him.

The Holy Emperor admired Red Devil's strength and capability very much. The only problem he had with Red Devil was his nonchalant attitude. He just wasn't interested in achieving any goals. Only the princess at the Fairy Devil Palace could cause changes in his emotions.

"Previously, I transferred you here because I was worried about the Jadeite Forest. Now there's no need for me to worry anymore. Dai Gang's disciples are worthless and incapable. Even though Dai Gang did not die, he is severely injured. Jadeite Forest is afraid of us attacking them and therefore they won't dare to provoke us. Le Buleng's alies won't stay here to protect them. He doesn't have much time left, hence why would he waste time taking care of Dai Gang's home?" the Holy Emperor continued.

"Can I go back now?" Red Devil asked bluntly.

"No, not yet." The Holy Emperor laughed bitterly.

Red Devil looked straight at the Holy Emperor. Under his ice-cold mask, his eyes were as clear as water.

With a deep voice, the Holy Emperor continued, "I want you to go to the Windy Pearl Defensive Line and stabilize the situation there."

"No, I'm not going," Red Devil replied bluntly.

The Holy Emperor wasn't angry. He added, "Until now, there has been no news of Nangong Wulian and Ye Baiyi. I'm afraid their situations are bleak. That place doesn't have a leader now, and I need someone to stabilize the situation there. The current situation is too complicated and she is still too young to handle it. Chi Tong has revived and he will definitely target She Yu because she has the God's Blood in her body."

"No, I'm not going."

If it was another person who behaved like this, the Holy Emperor would have slapped him or her to smithereens. However, when it came to Red Devil, the Holy Emperor wasn't angry at all. He said with a patient tone, "If Nangong Wulian dies, Beast Venom Temple will be paralyzed."

Red Devil raised his head abruptly. "What about Fairy's medicine?"

When Fairy was found, her body was gravely injured. Nangong Wulian used blood refinement to restore her body. However, too many of her body parts needed to be restored. In order to maintain her life, Nangong Wulian had tried various secret arts on her body. This caused her to suffer from many illnesses that required her to take special medicines at certain times.

With a serious tone, the Holy Emperor continued, "I'm currently choosing a new palace master for the Beast Venom Temple. If anything happens to Nangong Wulian, there's still a replacement. There's no need for you to worry about the medicines, Nangong Wulian has already prepared a stock of medicine for Fairy. I want you to go there just in case something serious happens. It's best that nothing happens to Nangong Wulian. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome to assign a new palace master to the Beast Venom Temple at this critical juncture.

"Alright, I will go."

Red Devil's reply was very clear-cut.

The Holy Emperor wasn't surprised by Red Devil's reply. He knew that Red Devil would go through water and tread on fire for the little princess of the Fairy Devil Palace without even knitting his eyebrows.

"The current situation there is very complicated. All you need to do is stabilize the situation. I also don't know what Chi Tong will no that he is revived. However, he will definitely look for She Yu to get her God's Blood. The Assembly of Patriarchs will definitely approach Chi Tong as well, as they have been waiting for this day for a very long time. A formidable individual was born in the Sky Leaf Division, and I reckon that he will get involved in the chaos as well. You have to be careful; all you need to do is stabilize the situation and prevent the remaining god divisions from getting slaughtered."

Suddenly, both of them raised their heads abruptly. They could sense a terrifying wave of elemental energy undulations.

When both of them stepped out of the commander's tent, they saw streaks of brightly colored brilliance in the horizon, resembling a gorgeous rainbow.

That happened to be the direction of the Windy Pearl Defensive Line.

"Grandmaster?" Red Devil asked.

The Holy Emperor squinted his eyes and replied, "Yes, Grandmaster." His face did not look so good.

Even though the soaring, bloody glow, the sonorous sword chime, and the white glow from Skyheart City were extraordinary, they were still lacking in might in the Holy Emperor's eyes. He considered those individuals that caused these phenomenons to be merely pseudo-Grandmasters.

However, these elemental energy undulations were obviously released by someone that was on the level of Grandmaster.

"Hmm, these energy undulations contain all five types of elemental energy... Could it be the Assembly of Patriarchs? No, it can't be. It's that bunch of people at Skyheart City! No, it can't be. How is it possible that they produced someone so powerful? Is it possible that a genius was born?" the Holy Emperor mumbled to himself. His facial expression kept on changing.

Red Devil remained silent. He looked at the propagating streaks of brilliance in the horizon, somewhat in a daze.

Windy Pearl Defensive Line... The elementalists...

Ai Hui, Duanmu Huanghun, Shi Xueman... One by one, these names flashed across his mind.

A look of agony appeared in his limpid eyes. Soon after, his eyes regained clarity once more.

The Holy Emperor, who had been muttering to himself, suddenly widened his eyes, looking as though he had thought of something. "Something's not right! It's Chi Tong!"

His words captured Red Devil's attention. Red Devil wasn't a blood elementalist by birth, so he was unfamiliar with this word. However, he could tell that His Majesty feared Chi Tong more than anyone else. This was the first time he saw such a fearful look on His Majesty's face. His Majesty never had such a look on his face when he was talking about Dai Gang and Le Buleng.

"Who is Chi Tong?" Red Devil asked.

The Holy Emperor returned to his senses and looked around at this surroundings. Then he replied, "Go in first and we will talk."

Both of them entered the commander's tent and sat down again. Following which, the Holy Emperor told Red Devil everything about Chi Tong's history.

Red Devil widened his eyes as he was dumbstruck.

All along, he thought events like the revival of an ancient demonic god would only happen in legends. He did not expect it to happen in this world at this era. Furthermore, he might have to face him in the future. One could imagine how shocked he was.

When the Holy Emperor saw the shocked look on Red Devil's face, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. It was incredibly hard for him to see such a facial expression from his favorite general.

Even though Ye Baiyi was a near-perfect commander-in-chief, the Holy Emperor still preferred Red Devil.

Red Devil never knew how to conceal his emotions or express his deference to the Holy Emperor. He was a quiet individual that lacked ambition. However, he was someone that valued loyalty and honored the promises he made. He wouldn't agree to anything hastily. Once he agreed to something, he would brave through all kinds of dangers to achieve it. He also wouldn't give up easily.

"Many people have targeted Chi Tong. Once this news is spread, no one will be able to resist this temptation. [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness] is a supreme absolute art that allows one to revive indefinitely. Chi Tong has just revived, and right now he is at his weakest form. It is also the best chance to seize him. The Assembly of Patriarchs and Skyheart City will be targeting him."

Red Devil could not help but sit up straight. He finally understood how troublesome the situation that he had to deal with was.

The Holy Emperor chuckled and continued, "Don't worry, as long as you bide your time, no one will find trouble for you. That's because they have a common enemy now."


"Le Buleng," the Holy Emperor sneered. "Le Buleng is going to die soon and he is the most anxious person that wants to get hold of Chi Tong. Now that [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness] is right in front of him, why would he give it up? No matter powerful the rest are, they are only pseudo-Grandmasters. Le Buleng is a legitimate Grandmaster."

"Doesn't Your Majesty desire the [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness]?" Red Devil suddenly asked.

"Me?" The Holy Emperor burst out laughing and replied, "I want a different thing from them. They want [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness], but I don't want it. Hmm, what's the point of defying the law of nature and having the ability to revive indefinitely? All I want is Chi Tong's secret to blood refinement."

"Chi Tong's secret to blood refinement?"

"Chi Tong was born out of pure will, but he was able to create a physical body. The method he used to achieve this is incredulous. Our blood refinement technique pales in comparison to Chi Tong's. Reportedly, Chi Tong used the blood of ten thousand beasts to form his physical body. The blood was so poisonous that his body couldn't take it and collapsed bit by bit every night. Because of this, Chi Tong howled in anguish for three years before devising a unique blood refinement technique to create his physical body. Eventually, he did create a peerless physical body. Everyone knows of the existence of the God's Blood, but they don't know that it begins with Ten Thousand Beasts' Blood. Without the body of God, how can there be God's Blood? Subsequently, Chi Tong severed his karmic relationship with his physical body for the sake of his reincarnation. His physical body became an immortal armor, but it was lost in the end. What a pity."

"Can his blood refinement technique cure Fairy?" Red Devil suddenly asked again.

"Of course, it can give your Fairy a new body," the Holy Emperor laughed and answered Red Devil's question.

Red Devil stood up from his seat and said, "I will set off tomorrow."