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Chapter 692: Star Divine Hallucination

 Chapter 692: Star Divine Hallucination

Translator: YH Editor: Lucas, TYZ

How powerful...

Ai Hui was bewildered.

He had the best seat in the house, which allowed him to see much more than anyone else. He was both a spectator and an actor. Protected by the sword embryo, he was able to spectate the battle from an excellent perspective. Since Chi Tong was using his body, Ai Hui was also able to experience the various changes that occurred during combat. This allowed him to have a feel of the nuances in his moves as well.

The two rounds of intense combat were over in the blink of an eye, but the experience left Ai Hui in awe.

The She Yu he saw in front of him was so powerful that Ai Hui felt estranged. It was hard to imagine that her delicate-looking frame actually possessed the strength of a rampaging dire beast. Every movement of hers was capable of wanton destruction and she managed to evade Chi Tongs' two killing moves through the use of pure, unadulterated power. In addition to all that, the black fog that shrouded her body gave off a dangerous presence. For some unknown reason, Ai Hui could smell a familiar scent within it.

This made him slightly puzzled.

Chi Tong's actions shocked Ai Hui to a much greater extent than She Yu's immense power.

Chi Tong was manipulating elemental energy.

Although it did not sound particularly impressive, the way Chi Tong did it was unlike anything Ai Hui had ever known.

His method left no traces.

Chi Tong was able to manipulate the elemental energy within the area at will. Production, destruction, and transformation of elemental energy were all within his control, and he could do it in an instant. To him, the five significantly different elements were all the same, as if there were no boundaries between them. Everything that Ai Hui knew about the way they interacted did not appear to exist in Chi Tong's eyes.

The two faux bodies that he had used earlier were completely formed from elemental energy. He managed to copy the Sky Leaf Division's self-detonation technique with ease.

It's just... Brilliant!

Ai Hui's foundational beliefs were thoroughly subverted. Amid all the surprises, he felt very inspired. How fortunate that he was able to witness and experience an ancient demonic god's techniques first hand!

His curiosity overpowered his wariness.

Chi Tong was not discouraged by the loss of his two faux bodies. He was, in fact, getting excited. His eyes burned brighter than ever as he stared at She Yu's chest, ready to dig her heart out.

"What an interesting thing! What an amazing thing! Who is the genius behind this work of art? It is even capable of devouring the God's Blood and normalizing it's demonic consciousness! Sadly, you're defiling it. What a waste of a good heart."

Listening to Chi Tong's monologue, Ai Hui had a moment of realization. No wonder he thought that the black fog felt familiar, it was [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness].

She Yu was momentarily distracted. "Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness..."

Chi Tong shook his head. "The person who forged this heart is a genius, no, a legendary figure. How pleasant would it be if I could befriend this person!"

She Yu saw a less sinister side of Chi Tong when she saw the raw admiration on his face. Perhaps a demonic god wasn't as malevolent as she thought.

This thought of hers vanished in an instant.

Chi Tong sneered coldly, "It's a real pity that you're too weak to draw out even one percent of its power.".

Before he even finished speaking, all the elemental energy within a fifty kilometer radius became extremely active. The energy began to condense, forming countless elemental energy orbs that surrounded She Yu in a snap. They were each around the size of a watermelon, and were pure and limpid like glass marbles.

They whirled ceaselessly, becoming brighter with each revolution.

Chi Tong's maniacal laughter reverberated through the air.

"Hand it over. Divine artifacts are meant to be used by gods!"

The elemental energy orbs fell on her like a torrential rain. The light trails left behind by the orbs as they flew looked like arrows of light.

She Yu had nowhere to dodge.

After seeing what he was capable of doing, Ai Hui respected Chi Tong a lot more. He could tell that Chi Tong was not at all familiar with elemental energy, and the moves he had used were obviously derived from the Sky Leaf Division's self-detonation technique. But this one move that he had copied was so much deadlier in his hands.

Chi Tong did not do anything fanciful. Rather, his methods were simpler and more crude.

His sheer power was what made his simple methods extraordinarily terrifying. He was capable of manipulating an insane amount of elemental energy, instantly combining them in complex ways.

Ai Hui had a poor understanding of [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness], but he knew that the recently awakened Chi Tong was still fairly weak. He simply could not imagine Chi Tong at full strength.


She Yu's hairs stood on end as she realized how close she was to death this time. She imagined that the god of death was standing right beside her, his breath smelling of death and decay.

If even a cornered beast would fight with all its remaining might, how could she surrender now?

Her body flickered and nine clones immediately appeared within a five foot radius around her.

She had created nine clones around her in an instant. She intended to spread out the damage by luring the elemental energy orbs towards nine different targets and in doing so, find an opportunity to survive.

She had grossly miscalculated.

Chi Tong did not lock onto her and was using a much simpler method instead. There were more than enough elemental energy orbs to destroy everything within a range of several hundred kilometers.

The first elemental energy orb had become terribly glaring. It exploded spontaneously.

The air around it burned bright with radiant light.

Orb after orb followed suit, exploding in a brilliant display of light rays.

Boom. A chain reaction sent the orbs exploding one by one, each one detonating closely behind another...

Chi Tong retreated a few kilometers away from the epicenter. His face was slightly pale from the effort used to generate the orbs. He had spent all his energy on this killing blow. He could not afford to be indecisive, not when he was this weak. There was no way he could win a battle of attrition in his current state.

The bright white light before him made his face look even whiter more ghastly. A solemn grin crept up on his lips as he mumbled to himself, "What a spectacular sight!".

He knew just how powerful his attack was and hence steered clear of the explosions. He was definitely not able to withstand such an impact in his current state.

He retreated the moment he triggered it.

The brilliant white light grew brighter and brighter, with more and more explosions occurring before the old ones could even die down.

The explosions raged on for ten breaths, sustaining the brilliant white light that lit up the entire area. It was as if the sun had fallen from the heavens.

The brilliant rays died down after the last elemental energy orb exploded.


The explosion produced massive elemental energy waves that swept across the ground like a violent hurricane.

Chi Tong remained in the same upright position. The elemental energy waves made his clothes flutter and his hair was blown all over the place. Chi Tong was satisfied. He did not think that anyone could have survived such a concentrated blast. Even he himself would hardly dare to take such an attack head on, especially in his current state.

He was, however, worried about that glorious heart.

He hoped that the heart had survived the blast without too much damage.

After the last wave shot past him, Chi Tong saw that there was nothing left where She Yu had been. The point of greatest impact was several kilometres above the ground, but the ground below was badly damaged as well.

Looking down from above, one would clearly see that there was nothing left on the ground within several hundred kilometers. The surface was unnaturally smooth, as if someone had flattened it with a gigantic rolling pin.

The ground was a good six feet lower than before.

The part of the ground that was nearest to the blasts' epicentre was charred black. A huge pile of ashes sat nicely on the ground.

Chi Tong happily flew towards the spot where She Yu was. In his current state, he was unable to use his demonic consciousness to scan the area for her corpse. All he could do was manually search through the ashes himself.

He was quite lucky and soon found her corpse amid the ashes.

A good part of She Yu's body was buried in ashes.

Chi Tong walked over and swept the ashes aside. He could not help but click his tongue in mild disgust.

She Yu had died in a horrible manner. Her right arm was completely blown off, and only half of her upper body remained. The lacerations on her body were so severe that some of her internal organs could be seen. Her legs were bent at odd angles, adding on to the terrifying image.

Her wide open eyes were filled with grievances. There were no signs of breathing nor life in her body.

With a huge weight off his shoulders, Chi Tong's eyes lit up. Luckily, it was the right side of her body that was damaged.

He was worried that his opponent's body would have been completely wrecked.

Chi Tong swallowed his saliva and stretched out his fingers. He traced a small arc on her chest.

She Yu's chest was sliced open cleanly, revealing her heart without much gore.

Chi Tong's face was full of ecstacy. This heart was now his!

Upon transplanting this heart into his body, his power would multiply in an instant. Over time, he would become even stronger than his previous self. This heart was truly a masterpiece, one that seemed to have been made for him!

This was a Heart of God, an actual Heart of God.

He reached out towards the heart within She Yu's chest.

His fingertips touched the heart. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something lying a short distance away from She Yu's body. Turning to look, he saw that it was only two to three feet away. He had been so focused on the Heart of God that he did not notice it.

That's... A sword hilt!

Chi Tong instinctively thought of Ai Hui.

He soon noticed the lackluster blood swords that were scattered about the area.

Following that, he realized that the damage done to She Yu's body was much less than what he had expected. Ai Hui's blood swords had protected her!

Not good, then this woman...

At this moment, black fog emerged from She Yu's unforgiving eyes, turning them as dark as ink. A beam of light the size of a needle shot out from the center of the plum blossom between her brows and struck Chi Tong right in the middle of his forehead.

[Star Divine Hallucination]!

Chi Tong was stunned.

The silent heart at the tip of his fingers started beating again.