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Chapter 691: Strange Power

 Chapter 691: Strange Power

Translator: YH Editor: Lucas, TYZ

Thud, thud, thud.

The air around She Yu's body pulsed with each of her heartbeats. A plum blossom surfaced on the space between her eyebrows. The flower was brightly-colored, tender, and beautiful. It seemed as though it was alive and gave the illusion that its petals were moving.

A faint, black smoke hovered around her body.

Her long eyelashes quivered slightly as she slowly opened her eyes. Her dull, golden pupils looked exceptionally striking under the bright sunlight.

The air around her stopped pulsating, and her sonorous heartbeats became much fainter. The air began to move once again. This young lady hovered in the air with her red robes flapping in the wind and faint, black fog that was reminiscent of night enveloped her body.

Everything looked peaceful and serene, yet Chi Tong sensed danger.

He did not panic.

As a demonic god, he viewed humans the way they viewed insects. He was surprised that people had been continuously researching his past, and he anticipated that his future would be fraught with danger. But so what? He was a demonic god.

A little demonic god that was born on a hill in the far reaches of the Wilderness.

And on that small hill he once witnessed the ocean engulf the sky, seen sword rays that pierced the heavens, and experienced the afterglow at the end of the Cultivation Era. He had spent those long days constantly finding ways to strengthen himself.

He still had many moves up his sleeve.

Chi Tong's expression was becoming increasingly serene. There was no joy or sadness on his face and his blood red eyes were exceptionally limpid.

The red glow that filled the sky was gradually fading away.

She Yu was a little bit dazed.

A strange feeling washed over her entire body, wrapping her tightly from within. Was this really her own body? She found it hard to believe so. Her flesh was full of vigor and seemed to contain an infinite amount of power. She Yu felt like she could snap off a mountain peak. It was as if a vast ocean was hiding beneath her petite frame.

That was not all.

She was picking up the sounds of nature both near and far. She could hear the grass swaying in the wind, the insects crawling through the ground, as well as a myriad of other sounds. She could detect the threads of water elemental energy that were rising up to the sky. Moving along with the wind, droplets of water condensed to form fluffy, white clouds.

Nature was an elegant painter, and she was its latest critic.

She felt as though she had been transported to a different world.

Filled with wonder, she looked down at her chest. Her skin had become much more exquisite and even exuded an alluring luster. She Yu herself found it hard to look away.

She placed a hand on her bosom.

Her powerful heartbeats could easily be felt through her flesh and bones. She Yu's mind was filled with questions.

Her talent far surpassed other individuals. [Star Divine Hallucination] was considered the most profound and cryptic technique the God Palace had ever seen, and she was the only other person besides the Holy Emperor to have successfully learned it. [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art] was another unconventional skill that she successfully attained. These experiences were excellent examples of her unfettered ambition.

She had never been a clueless little white rabbit.

Her heart was definitely not ordinary.

The first thing she thought of was the [Heart of God] that Mister Bei had told her about.


Why would she possess [Heart of God]? The Beast Venom Palace only had one of those, and it was in Commander Ye's body. If the thing in her chest was truly a [Heart of God], where was it from?

It most likely wasn't [Heart of God], but what was it then? She could not find anything similar in her memories.

Could it be her ancestral mark's innate disposition?

Countless ideas and questions flit across her mind. She calmed her mind down and fixed her eyes on Chi Tong.

Now was not the time to think about such things, she needed to settle things with Chi Tong first.

The red glow that filled the sky had vanished. Not a single trace of it was left.

The sunlight was bright and beautiful, and the wind blew gently.

Ai Hui quietly watched from the "sidelines".

He had regained his composure.

The waves that She Yu's heartbeats created were so strong and violent that Ai Hui could feel it from deep within the sword embryo. For some reason, however, Ai Hui felt a strong sense of deja vu.

Where had he seen this before?

Ai Hui suddenly realised where his feeling of deja vu was from. It was... It was kind of like Lou Lan's sand core...

He shook his head, unable to fathom why he would make such an illogical connection. Lou Lan's [Midnight] was Master Shao's creation, and it was known to be peerlessly elaborate. However, it definitely did not possess such a violent flavor.

Lou Lan was such a cutie.

Thinking about Lou Lan made Ai Hui smile. Everyone must be very worried about me right now...

But now was not the time to feel sad. He turned his attention to his, or rather, Chi Tong's body.

The ancient demonic god were indeed extraordinary!

Chi Tong may seem reckless and arrogant, but he was actually really cunning and composed. He possessed a large number of killstrokes and his moves were highly unpredictable. Ai Hui may have lost control of his physical body, but at least he was now unfettered by physical constraints.

All of the minute details in the world before him were laid bare without distraction.

The elemental energy in his surroundings looked no different than before, but Ai Hui could feel something different. He could detect minor differences, but he found it hard to describe the experience.

This made him very uncomfortable, but he could not identify where exactly this discomfort was coming from.

However, he knew that this minute change was very dangerous.

She Yu did not waste any saliva talking. She did not think that there were any words that could shake a demonic god's resolve.

Her body flickered as she overcame the binding force of the elemental energy in the environment with ease. She had never felt this free before.

Whether it was thin, dense, water, metal, or others, elemental energy was omnipresent.

They were everywhere, like a vast body of water.

Elemental energy was like the ocean, and people were like fish. Elemental energy was the source of all power, but was also an omnipresent restrictive force.

She Yu easily broke free of the fetters of elemental energy, and her body vanished.

Chi Tong turned his body sideways and lightly flicked his wrist behind his back. His movements were nimble as smoke.

A crisp popping sound rang out.

Chi Tong picked up something. Before he could even react, a powerful force rammed into him like a tidal wave, sending him flying down into the ground like a shooting star.

Out of nowhere, a red figure appeared beside him.

Wisps of black fog scattered, revealing a delicate, snow-white palm that was lodged in his abdomen. Red robes fluttered in the wind like a rose in full bloom.


Sensing that something was amiss, she quickly retracted her palm.

The Chi Tong before her eyes turned into a multi-colored crystalline figure.

She Yu suddenly recalled the spontaneous detonation of the Sky Leaf Division members in the ravine. In a moment of desperation, she spread her fingers and pressed downwards. A dangerous scent pervaded the air around her, and the air began to pulsate again.


The crystalline body exploded, unleashing a rapidly expanding ball of light that was as radiant as the sun.

The expanding ball was about to reach the snow white palm but suddenly stopped dead in its tracks. It was as if it had run into an invisible wall.

The ball of light's white hot boundary was only inches away from She Yu's hand, but it could not get any closer despite its raw power. All it could do was announce its anger to the other party from behind a barrier. The ball of light continued to expand downwards, turning from a circle into an oval before spitting out flares from its bottom.

Sparks and flares shot out from the bottom of the ball of light. It was a beautiful sight, much like fireworks in the dead of night.

She Yu's wildly thumping heart finally quietened down. Her wrist was trembling to the point where it felt numb, and she was panting hard. The next moment, however, she was on guard again.

Was that the end of Chi Tong? Impossible!

The ground below was filled with holes of all sizes. These pits were the result of the explosion that just occurred. The largest pit was slightly over twenty feet wide, while the small ones were at least three to four feet wide. The ground was terribly scorched, and spirals of smoke could be seen rising out of the pits.

Chi Tong was nowhere to be seen.

She Yu was boggled by the explosion. That self-detonation technique was clearly the Sky Leaf Division's means of mutual destruction. Why would Chi Tong be able to use it? Did he copy it that fast?

Clap, clap, clap.

Someone was clapping behind She Yu's back.

She Yu's figure disappeared with a flash. She re-appeared a few hundred feet away out of thin air and turned to face Chi Tong.

"Amazing stuff!" Chi Tong said as he licked his lips. He looked at She Yu with a piercing hot gaze, as if he had just discovered some unique treasure. He muttered to himself, "Such vitality, this must have been prepared to handle the God's Blood. It's such a pity that none of you will ever be able to utilize its full potential. It's better if I hold on to it first. Only I am worthy of such a powerful heart!"

She Yu's figure flickered again, dissipating like a puff of smoke..

A palm pierced its way out of Chi Tong's chest, causing blood to splatter everywhere.

Chi Tong did not reveal any signs of anguish. Instead, he cackled, "Keke, it's no use."

The fresh blood meandered down his clothes while an eerie smile appeared on his face.

Chi Tong's body rapidly became insubstantial.

Bad news! It's another fake!

She Yu was about to retreat when Chi Tong's limbs contorted backwards and wrapped tightly around her.

Chi Tong's skull twisted three hundred and sixty degrees with a crack. He grinned widely at her.

With She Yu bound by his boneless limbs, Chi Tong's body once again became translucent.

Like a wild beast being cornered, She Yu's heart tensed up in the face of impending danger.

The next moment, her heart abruptly released all tension.

Her head was ringing and her vision blurred.

Chi Tong's exploding body suddenly started to break apart. Deep cracks widened his malevolent smile and continued to spread throughout his body.

Spirals of black fog wafted out of Chi Tong's gaping mouth.

Chi Tong's body rapidly shriveled up like a plant being drained of water.

The black fog grew denser, churning in the air around them before returning to She Yu's body.

She Yu's eyes regained their focus when the last wisp of black fog returned to her body.

She turned around and saw that Chi Tong remained completely unscathed.