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Chapter 688: Kill Me

 Chapter 688: Kill Me

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After fleeing for a few days straight and making sure he was safe, Chi Tong finally felt at ease. At this point in time, his face no longer possessed the look of insufferable arrogance. The escape he made was a humiliation to his proud self. But so what? It was natural for someone to flee when he or she encountered danger, be it a demon, a god, or a human. Pride had no place in a matter of life and death.

Chi Tong was filled with vigilance against the mysterious Assembly of Patriarchs.

He had a premonition that the Assembly of Patriarchs had some kind of method to restrain him. He did not believe Hong Rongyan's words on the collaboration. To Chi Tong, Hong Rongyan's "collaboration" was merely an excuse to entice him. Chi Tong even came up with many possible "reasons" to support this idea. For example, the Assembly of Patriarchs's unique methods could only be executed when they were close to him.

He thought of various methods and every one of them was extremely cruel and excruciating. He definitely did not want to experience any one of them.

Whether or not his conjecture was right, Chi Tong felt that the Assembly of Patriarchs was a mysterious and dangerous organization. He did not want to have anything to do with them.

It was a pity he did not devour that girl though.

He smacked his lips. Devouring her blood and flesh would've been a rare enjoyment for him. When he thought of the sudden attack he made, he couldn't help but snigger.

It's indeed a rare enjoyment.

Those fellows from the Assembly of Patriarchs would definitely agree with him on this.

Chi Tong reduced his flying speed as his tense mind relaxed. He felt slightly tired. Initially, when he just took over Ai Hui's body, he thought that he would have a pleasant trip ahead of him and he believed he could stay calm and unruffled in the midst of chaos and complete the trip.

However, what happened so far was completely different from what he expected.

He was like the king of the grassland, a lion, that barged into a prehistoric, dense, and unknown forest. The towering trees concealed the sky and sunlight, making the forest dark and gloomy. Countless vines hung and intertwined across the huge trees. The trees were covered with moist moss and the air was pervaded with a decomposing smell. The thick layer of rotten leaves on the ground wasn't as firm as the grass on the grassland. He also had to be careful of the dried-up bones buried under the rotten leaves. Their shapes were completely different from the bones of the wild beasts living on the grassland.

Chi Tong hated this feeling, as he liked to have everything under his control.

Given his current situation, he had to be extremely careful. A slight error could lead to a huge mistake.

Fortunately, he had discovered Ai Hui's weakness and had taken over his body.

The combination of the Banner of God and the sword embryo had caused Chi Tong a huge headache. Luckily, he was able to use words alone to waver Ai Hui's mind and seize the opportunity to take over his body.

Chi Tong was adept in reading and manipulating human minds.

A human mind was complicated yet centralized at the same time. It was a world... a complete, diverse world that was beyond mankind's understanding.

It could emit light and warmth like the sun, giving warmth to the souls surrounding it. However, it could also pile up shadows that were darker than the night in a secluded corner.

It could be impregnable, enduring the cruelest torture and the deepest agony in the world. It could also be soft like an air bubble that could be shattered easily with a gentle poke from a crisp toothpick.

Nobility and malevolence could be buried in the same tomb while courage and cowardice were like two vines that entwined each other. It was extremely difficult to make sense of them and tell them apart.

The change in the sword embryo could explain everything.

Previously, the sword embryo was indescribably sturdy, so much so that he did not know how to destroy it. Now, however, he saw a crack on it.

This was a good sign.

Self-doubt and self-denial caused the most harm to one's mind.

The former was an invisible dagger that was sharp and unpredictable. It caused hair-like wounds that couldn't be seen. Every crevice on a soul was caused by it.

The latter was a heavy axe. Every strike it produced was penetrative. Even the thickest tree trunk would break with a loud bang under it.

Chi Tong had a deep understanding of human minds. He had seen more exceptional geniuses die due to losing themselves than by their enemies' hands.

He licked his lips and chuckled while his scarlet eyes exuded chilliness.

All of a sudden, his body trembled violently, becoming a blur. Ai Hui was struggling, appearing to have known Chi Tong's intention. To Chi Tong, this kind of struggle gave an indescribable feeling of pleasure. What's more entertaining than killing such a resolute individual?

"Hmm, who should I start with?"

Chi Tong's voice was intermittent. However, he did not mind it at all and he was still smiling.

Suddenly, a voice rang across his ears.

"I'll start with you then."

Chi Tong turned his head and a red-dressed girl entered his line of sight. That girl was wearing a red dress, resembling a rose in full bloom. She was staring at Chi Tong coldly, not concealing the killing intent in her eyes at all.

Staring at Chi Tong, She Yu unknowingly felt a strong killing intent arising in her heart. That's right, she was shocked when she realized this. She had never felt such a strong desire to kill someone before. This was a first for her. At the same time, she was feeling uneasy. It seemed that if she couldn't kill Chi Tong, she herself would die.

Was it some kind of premonition?

She Yu forced herself to stay calm.

She wasn't an impetuous individual. The fact that Chi Tong fled from the Assembly of God made her realize that this demonic god was strong in appearance but weak in reality. If she wanted to kill him, this would be the best opportunity for her to do so. A wily old fox like Chi Tong could regain his full strength even when he was gasping for air.

She carefully landed behind Chi Tong. The look of panic on his face had confirmed her conjecture.

Even though her decision was a risky one, she still decided to do it.

It's a girl again! A trace of haze streaked across Chi Tong's mind. He hated women. This red-dress girl reminded him of that girl from the Assembly of Patriarchs. Her ice-cold body made him instinctively loath her.

Suddenly, he relaxed his eyebrows. "Oh, so it's just a little bug. It must be you that's been spying on me, right? I was on my way to find you, and I certainly did not expect you to deliver yourself to me."

She Yu remained emotionless. After all, Chi Tong could be considered the primogenitor of blood elementalists. Therefore, how could she hide it from him? Chi Tong's reactions further reinforced her conjecture, proving that his escape from the Assembly of Patriarchs wasn't a facade.

Chi Tong let out a gasp of surprise. Suddenly, his eyes lit up brightly. Raising his head, he chortled and said, "I can't believe I have searched high and low for it when it's so easy to be found! You actually have the God's Blood!"

The moment She Yu appeared, Ai Hui, who had been struggling in the sword embryo, calmed down immediately.

The thought that Chi Tong had just now struck fear in Ai Hui. That's right, it's fear, pure fear... His body turned cold and he was panting heavily. Chi Tong wanted to kill Shi Xueman, Lou Lan, Fatty, Duanmu Huanghun, Jiang Wei, etc...

At that moment, Ai Hui was mentally prepared to kill himself and Chi Tong together. He would rather die with Chi Tong in the blood swords' hands than having his hands covered in the blood of his friends.

It was also the first time that he felt delighted seeing the demonic girl. He somewhat felt thankful that she appeared.

Even if he died in the demonic girl's hands, he wouldn't blame or hate her. Of course, he was afraid of death. However, if death could lead to certain favorable outcomes, he could accept it with open arms.

After all, he had already experienced death once.

Fate is a funny thing.

At Central Pine City, when he was at his wit's end, this girl planted the [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Flower] on him and allowed him to complete his last attack. His redemption was not completed, but he was still grateful to her.

Today, he was at his wit's end again and this girl appeared once more. Even though she was about to take his life, he was still thankful to her.

Ai Hui could clearly sense the ice-cold, intense killing intent in She Yu, appearing as though it was something that he could touch. At this moment, he was unusually calm. They seemed to be looking at each other right now.

"Kill me."

The sword embryo operated with a whizz. A soft mumble resounded through the air.

"Kill me."

She Yu seemed to hear someone speaking to her.

Her mind jolted as she quickly look around to see who was talking to her. Who was it?

Her surroundings were empty and there was no one. Was it possible that she heard wrongly?

Even though Chi Tong appeared arrogant and aggressive, deep down he was on the lookout. This girl had been chasing him for days and nights. She must have something up her sleeves if she dared to appear in front of him at this moment.

Chi Tong hated women. Even though this girl possessed the God's Blood and wasn't as cold as the girl from the Assembly of Patriarchs, she still exuded an aura that he hated.

She Yu was staring at him as though he was her prey, a prey that she must kill...

When Chi Tong saw She Yu getting distracted for a split second, he launched an attack without any hesitation.

A bloody glow exploded in the air. The blood swords beneath Chi Tong flew towards She Yu like an enormous, blood-colored python.

When She Yu realized that she was distracted, she silently cried out in alarm. At this moment, she felt regretful. Why did she commit such a low-level mistake? When facing a high-level opponent like Chi Tong, a moment of carelessness would consign her to eternal damnation.

The torrential current of whizzing blood swords surged towards She Yu with a terrifying might.

There was a multitude of blood swords, and all of them were shrouded in a dazzling bloody glow. The bloody glow exploded and blinded her in an instant, causing her to feel suffocated.

Damn it!

She Yu was about to dodge the blood swords when she realized that a faint, red glow had appeared around her out of nowhere. She couldn't break free from the red glow; it was like she was stuck in a pool of quicksand.

Her facial expression changed drastically!

She did not expect herself to be thrown into such a dire situation the moment she showed up. At this moment, she did not have time to think about whether or not she was too optimistic and underestimated Chi Tong previously.

The impending death caused her mind to go blank while her body reacted instinctively.

All the blood in her body gushed into her heart in an instant.

A boom resounded in her head, appearing as though something had exploded. She also heard a crackling sound in her head, sounding as if something was cracking. Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

Her eyes widened while her pupils lost focus.

Just as the gigantic blood-sword-formed python was about to hit her, it suddenly changed direction and plunged into the ground.

Boom, boom, boom!

The earth shook and the mountains trembled while soil flew in all directions. The blood-sword-formed python had disappeared.

The sudden turn of events caused Chi Tong's facial expression to change. Exasperated, he squeezed out two words through his clenched teeth. "Ai Hui!"

The next moment, he sensed something. He raised his head abruptly and looked at She Yu.