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Chapter 687: The Sudden Attack

 Chapter 687: The Sudden Attack

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She Yu's eyes were tightly closed. The black, worm-shaped seal on her forehead kept on wriggling. Her body was slightly trembling, looking as though she was experiencing extreme agony.

In a crevice in a distant valley, there was a grain-sized, black-colored beetle that was motionless.

"You can have everyone except for my people."

These cold and fuzzy words rang across She Yu's ears.

In the sky, Chi Tong snapped his fingers and shot a speckle of red light into a member of the Sky Leaf Division. That person's body turned transparent with a visible speed. One could clearly see his beating heart and hair-like blood vessels all over his body. Following which, his blood vessels exploded and traces of blood seeped out from his entire body. In the beginning, his body was covered in red spots. Subsequently, the red spots began to grow in size rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, his entire body was covered in blood. The blood kept on wriggling, resembling a hungry wild beast that was revealing an unrestrainable restlessness.

Chi Tong opened his mouth slowly. The wriggling mass of blood on the ground rose into the air and flew into his mouth.

A look of enjoyment and satisfaction appeared on Chi Tong.

She Yu knew Ai Hui extremely well. She always thought of ways to understand more about him.

She Yu planted the [Life and Death Sacrificial Art] on Ai Hui not because she thought highly of his strength, but because she was confident in her own strength. When the positions of master and slave in the [Life and Death Sacrificial Art] swapped, She Yu's fear actually originated from the collapse of her confidence.

The figure in the sky looked so familiar. However, the look of enjoyment on his face did not match She Yu's impression of Ai Hui at all. Ai Hui was an individual that had an extremely high level of self-control. Such a look of enjoyment definitely would not appear on his face.

Chi Tong... is revived!

She Yu came across this name only a few times in some ancient books back in God Nation. Even though this ancient entity had an extremely close relationship with Blood of God, she never thought she would encounter it one day.

Having been born as a blood elementalist, She Yu shouldn't be surprised by the scene of a blood elementalist devouring someone's blood and flesh as of right. However, for some reason, she felt terrified when she saw how Chi Tong transformed someone into a pool of blood and then devoured it.

Chi Tong's eyes were tightly closed. Satisfaction was written all over his face, looking as if he was eating a delicacy.

Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water were watching from the side. Hong Rongyan looked calm and collected. On the contrary, the clay doll on Autumn Water's shoulder had a disgusted look on its face. The Assembly of Patriarchs was the arch-enemy of Blood of God and therefore she naturally hated seeing blood elementalists doing this.

With her sharp eyesight, She Yu saw Autumn Water's facial expression and she made a mental note.

Today, she had reaped a lot of gains and she had to slowly digest them.

She wanted to deliver the news of Chi Tong's revival to the Holy Emperor as soon as possible. She felt instinctive fear towards Chi Tong. From a certain perspective, Blood of God was actually an extension of Chi Tong.

There was also another issue: the Assembly of Patriarchs.

The Assembly of Patriarchs had been Blood of God's arch-enemy for a very long time. However, She Yu knew that the Holy Emperor and Bei Shuisheng did not really care about the Assembly. When she saw the huge changes in Autumn Water and Hong Rongyan, she understood that the Assembly had achieved a crucial breakthrough in their cultivation.

The worse thing was that Chi Tong was going to join forces with the Assembly of Patriarchs!

Their target was definitely God Nation and His Majesty!

The only thing that consoled She Yu was the fact that both parties had only the appearance of unity. They were actually divided at heart.

Suddenly, a figure flew out across those unconscious people lying on the ground. Like an arrow that had been released, the figure stuck close to the ground and fled from the scene. It was Fu Sisi.

Fu Sisi's escape path was right below Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water. Just as Autumn Water was about to attack her, Hong Rongyan stopped her. The clay doll on Autumn Water's shoulder waved its hands angrily, appearing to be mumbling something.

Disturbed by Fu Sisi, Chi Tong opened his eyes and snorted, "Overestimating your capabilities!"

He waved his palm gently and shot a streak of bloody glow at Fu Sisi.

All of a sudden, countless streaks of bloody glow appeared around Fu Sisi and engulfed her.

Fu Sisi's body froze as the bloody glow had confined her. The streak of bloody glow shot out by Chi Tong then fused with the bloody glow that engulfed her body.

Chi Tong let out a chuckle and waved his palm gently. Fu Sisi's body began to rise into the air and fly towards him.

A bloodthirsty look flashed across Chi Tong's eyes. Out of everyone on the ground, Fu Sisi was the most powerful and hence her flesh and blood were the most nourishing.

The bloody glow around Fu Sisi's body intensified, resembling blood now.

At this moment, the grey-robed, middle-aged man regained his consciousness. He felt extremely nervous and his eyes were rolling rapidly. When he saw Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water in the sky, he was overjoyed and his facial expression relaxed.

Following which, he stood up slowly. When he saw that Chi Tong did not have any intention of attacking him, he felt completely at ease and quickly flew towards Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water.

When he saw Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water, his body trembled and a look of ecstasy flashed across his eyes. At the same time, a look of envy and expectation arose on his face.

Hong Rongyan nodded at him. The middle-aged man quickly gave a bow and hid behind Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water.

When he saw Fu Sisi turn into a mass of blood, he felt bitter, fearful, and relieved all at once. Fu Sisi's strength was a notch higher than his, but she was still helpless against Chi Tong. If it was him, he would have died by Chi Tong's hands. Fortunately, Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water had arrived in time to save his life.

Chi Tong opened his mouth and the mass of blood that engulfed Fu Sisi flew towards him.

Just as the mass of blood flew past Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water, it suddenly changed directions and flew towards them.

This turn of events was too sudden. Furthermore, it was very close to them.

The bloody glow that surrounded Fu Sisi dimmed abruptly, revealing her glimmering body,

Hong Rongyan's facial expression changed for the first time. His eyes lit up and a look of shock appeared on his delicate face.

Since Fu Sisi was the strongest among everyone on the ground, she was no doubt the fattest piece of meat to Chi Tong. Hong Rongyan never expected Chi Tong to give up such a good opportunity to nourish himself and attack them.

The bloody glow around Fu Sisi's body dimmed and her facial expression could be seen clearly.

Not good!

Hong Rongyan's heart was thumping. Fu Sisi had to do her utmost!

Fu Sisi indeed had to do her utmost. At the moment she regained her consciousness, she knew the probability of her surviving was basically zero. She looked as though she was going to flee, but she actually was seeking an opportunity to take someone down with her.

Initially, she was prepared to use her last attack on Chi Tong. However, she did expect that wily old fox to push her to Hong Rongyan and Autumn Water.

When did Chi Tong see through her trick?

Fu Sisi felt incredulous and fearful at the same time. Even though she knew she was going to die soon, she still could not help but feel fearful towards Chi Tong.

At this point in time, she no longer had any chance of dodging or changing her direction. Her entire body had become sparkling and transparent like a piece of colored glass.

When she saw the stunned look on Hong Rongyan's face, she felt somewhat happy. She hated people that treated her like an ant. The Assembly of Patriarchs betrayed Madam Ye and they were considered a hostile enemy to Skyheart City. Even if she couldn't hit Chi Tong with her last attack, she still could give it to the enemy of Madam Ye and Skyheart City. She did not sacrifice her life for nothing.

Suddenly, her vision went blurred. A beautiful and alluring body appeared in front of Hong Rongyan. It was Autumn Water!

Autumn Water's body lit up with brilliant lights and vibrant colors.

So similar...

Fu Sisi felt as though she was facing a member of the Sky Leaf Division. The Sky Leaf Division shared many similarities with the Assembly of Patriarchs. Could there be a relationship between these two?

This was her last thought.

A five-colored glow emitted from her body, looking as though she was pierced by countless colorful swords.

Autumn Water made a surprising move. Suddenly, she spread open her arms and hugged Fu Sisi.

Fu Sisi's eyes were completely devoid of life. Her face was almost touching the face of Autumn Water, whose eyes were devoid of life as well. At the same time, they looked exactly like each other, except for their looks.

Hugging Fu Sisi, Autumn Water tried to fly towards the ground.

However, before she could do so, Fu Sisi suddenly exploded in her arms with a loud boom.

Right after Chi Tong pushed Fu Sisi towards Hong Rongyan, he transformed into a streak of bloody glow and fled. After flying a few hundred feet away from the valley, a dazzling burst of light erupted behind his back. A brilliant, white light engulfed his vision and his shadow extended far away.

Terrifying energy waves that contained a kind of power that intimidated him struck him, causing his mind to shudder in fear.

The white light dimmed and he slowly regained his vision. It was as though the sky had darkened. Soon after, the sky turned brilliant and multi-colored, looking as though it was painted with various colors by God.

He did not turn his head around to see if they were chasing him or not. Instead, he increased his speed and fled with all his might.

Chi Tong realized this wasn't a world where he could do whatever he pleased.

This was a dangerous world.

He had a feeling that many people had anticipated his revival. They had prepared numerous baits, traps, and tortures for him.

They were more patient than all types of hunters.

Humans had been waiting for him for generations.

That was because they wanted to hunt a demonic god.

The thought of this made Chi Tong tremble with fear.

On a mountain ridge, there was an enormous and terrifying pit. This pit was so huge that it could fit seven to eight hills in it. The mountain peak had already been leveled. Black fumes were rising in spirals from the pit.

Expressionless, Hong Rongyan was hovering in the sky above the pit. He was holding a small, clay doll. Behind him, the grey-robed, middle-age man was trembling in fear. Everyone else had died.

The clay doll was dim and lifeless and it was dangling like a ragdoll.

Hong Rongyan landed in the pit and looked around. After a while, he found Autumn Water's body in a thick pile of ashes. Autumn Water's beautiful body had turned appalling. The right side of her head was gone, both of her arms had disappeared, and her right thigh had vanished.

"I'm so ugly..."

The clay doll howled in grief.

The middle-aged man suddenly searched through the debris. After a while, he found a severed palm that had the seal of the Sky Leaf Division on it. It was Fu Sisi's palm.

"Madam!" the middle-aged man immediately yelled.

"Bring her along." Hong Rongyan nodded his head at him.

After finishing his sentence, Hong Rongyan picked up Autumn Water's remnant body. A gentle and prudent look that was rarely seen appeared on his ice-cold face, looking as though he was picking up the most valuable treasure in this world.