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Chapter 685: Unforeseen Circumstances

 Chapter 685: Unforeseen Circumstances

Translator: YH Editor: Lucas, TYZ

Up in the sky, Chi Tong watched the white slash ray with interest.

It left a trail of white lights as it flew, painting a beautiful, starry sky.

This white ray was something he had never seen before. It was pretty powerful and was as persistent as gangrene. The white ray followed him no matter how many times he changed positions. It reminded him of a hunting dog he once kept that relentlessly chased its prey.

The elemental energy that the white ray was made up of was extremely special. It was evident that the people in this era were continuously striving to attain greater power.

This was what piqued his interest.

"How amusing," Chi Tong said to himself.

He was getting more and more fascinated with this world. He had thought the end of the Cultivation Era would bring about an age of deterioration. However, meeting with "surprise" after "surprise" following his rebirth piqued his interest greatly.

Being reborn in a dull era was boring. He liked vitality and energy.

He had experienced the boundless, resplendent world of spiritual force. He knew of the intriguing intricacies of avedha-vasa, of its karmic cycle that even time could not disrupt. He also knew of the wild and vicious nature of blood refinement, how it was merely an extension of natural law.

The five elemental energies were pathetic in his eyes. He felt as if he was looking at ancient ape-men sharpening their stone axes.

The white ray's appearance led him to realise that this world was on the edge of a turning point.

The appearance, spread, and maturation of any energy system was something that could not be achieved by individuals alone. It required continuous development and inheritance to build. At a special point in time, all of these accumulated efforts would be ignited by a special individual. The resulting paradigm shift will lead to an explosion in power, lifting everyone up to a higher plane of strength.

That new elemental energy created by combining all five elements were proof of this.

Once they have stepped over this edge, the elementalists would find themselves in a much wider world, and they would create a whole new system. The power that this new system will bring left even Chi Tong in fear.

But all of this would only happen hundreds of years from now.

For now, this sapling was still too young to pose a threat to him even though he had yet to return to full power.

He was floating in mid air, still standing in the same posture. He stared intently at the incoming [Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] without any intention of evading it.

A soft sigh could be heard in the minds of those below. It was hushed, but it sent shivers down their spines.

The world spun before their eyes. The bloody glow that filled the sky transformed into streams of blood that spiralled their way towards Chi Tong. They merged to form a vortex of blood with Chi Tong at its core.

Just as she was about to attack the blood curtain, Fu Sisi felt her surroundings spin. Getting hit by a strong sensation of vertigo caused her to lose her footing and collapse on her knees. Kneeling down made her feel no better as she found herself suspended in the air with the ground above her head and an endless void beneath her feet.

Even though she knew it was an illusion, Fu Sisi shut her eyelids instinctively. Her heart was pounding in her chest.

An illusion? What a powerful illusion...

Fu Sisi dug her hand into the ground to make herself feel safe. Never did she think that an illusion would make her revere its power.

But an illusion will never be real, and the Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash will definitely...

Before she could finish her thought, she caught a glimpse of something that left her in deep shock. Her face had drained of all color and her mind was a blank.

This... Impossible!

[Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] was wobbling around like a drunken fish. Its movements were extremely sluggish, unlike the vigor it displayed before. [Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] slowed down considerably before grinding to a halt. The vortex's currents rushed the white ray around like a dead fish floating down a river.

[Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] began to shed wisps of white light as it became weaker. Soon, the white ray was all but gone.

Fu Sisi was as pale as a sheet. She did not think that [Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] would be able to defeat Ai Hui, but she believed that it could at least cause him enough trouble and buy them time to escape. To achieve this, the Sky Leaf Division had poured all of their heavenly elemental energy into it.


The endless spinning rendered Fu Sisi unable to control her body. Her brain felt heavy and her elemental energy was out of control, spinning along with the vortex.

Rapidly spinning figures floated about her vision like dead fish. They were indeed no different from dead fish. All she had to do was give a mental command and these figures would all blow up in a brilliant explosion.

The purest drop of blood within God's Blood was his key to strengthening his host's body post reincarnation. To think Ai Hui had used something so precious to forge these blood swords. The sheer number of blood swords was impressive, but they were completely useless to Chi Tong.

He had never practiced any sword moves and was thus unable to utilize the blood swords effectively. All he could do was use them as regular artifacts.

What's more, Ai Hui had used some sort of method to perfectly fuse these filthy swords with the God's Blood. Even Chi Tong was unable to extract the God's Blood from them. What a waste of precious resources!

It was bad enough that the drop of God's Blood was wasted, but Ai Hui even fed the blood elementalists' flesh and blood to these blood swords. Chi Tong had yet to gain control of Ai Hui's body at the time and as such could only watch in anxiety. This body would not be so weak if he had access to any of those.

Chi Tong was able to rule over the Wilderness with his peerless physical body and malevolent demonic consciousness. Without a peerless physical body, all he had left was his demonic consciousness.

[Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness] was his greatest creation. He had pored over countless tomes to create this technique.

Regular illusions were able to mix up fantasy and reality to confuse others. Powerful illusions were capable of sealing off an individual's senses and plunge them into a deep state of despair.

Chi Tong's [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness] had reached a whole new level.

Within the seal of his demonic consciousness there exists no true reality nor true illusion. The two were extensively intertwined, with no true cause or effect. Upon losing their senses, those with weaker dispositions would become unable to resist.

This was no mere illusory technique. Chi Tong was confident that his [Deathly Seeds of Demonic Consciousness] alone was enough of a climb for future generations.

He had only just reincarnated and had not regained his full strength, yet taking care of these fellows was as easy as ABC. It was not even worth a mention.


Chi Tong suddenly noticed that one of the floating figures had made a slight movement.

It was that peculiar middle-aged man.

Chi Tong was surprised that he could still move despite being stripped of his senses. Could he have somehow retained a shred of his consciousness?

This fellow's elemental energy seemed to be able to counter his blood spiritual force. Him being able to retain his consciousness within the demonic consciousness made Chi Tong even more amazed. These two things happening to the same person was too much of a coincidence. Chi Tong began to suspect that someone was waiting for his rebirth.


A dangerous glint flashed in his eyes. He decided to let the middle-aged man leave and use the rest as food for his Life Slicing Parasites.

He would soon be able to have full control over Ai Hui's body.

Thinking back about Ai Hui's mental episode, Chi Tong felt very satisfied. He looked at the middle-aged man from the assembly with a gentler gaze. "Perhaps that was your doing. As long as you do as I say, I'll spare you from excruciating agony."

Well-versed in the ways of blood refinement, Chi Tong knew all sorts of methods that could be used to extract information from others.

Suddenly, he heard a whistling noise.

Not good! An ambush!

Chi Tong's face grew ashen. To think he was so weak that he could not even detect someone nearby. This was something that had never happened to him.


The sound of fabric being sliced by a sharp edge came from behind him. The blood vortex was split into two by an extremely fine laceration.

Hiss, the sound could be heard again.

An equally fine cut appeared on Chi Tong's body, slicing him into two clean halves.

Chi Tong's two halves turned into a mass of blood with a woosh.

Once again, Chi Tong's figure re-appeared several yards away.

"Hehe, you're Chi Tong all right!"

Chi Tong's expression sunk when he failed to locate the coquettish voice. His earlier conjecture was now confirmed. The other party knew his name and should as such know all about his history as well.

The blood vortex lost its color and vanished in an instant.

The floating bodies fell back into the ravine with a loud thud.

Nothing had changed. The azure blue sky had returned and the ravine was back to its usual state.

Chi Tong looked toward his uninvited guest and realised that there were actually two!

He had only been able to detect one of them... Was he simply too careless, or did they have some kind of special technique?

Keeping his emotions in check, Chi Tong smiled. "What a shocker, you actually know my name. Seems like you guys are better prepared than I thought. May I know your names?"

Chi Tong sized up the two individuals as he spoke.

The man was cold and aloof. The large, black furcoat draped around his thin body made for a really cheerless image, while his exquisite features were even more delicate than a woman's. The other person was an incredibly alluring lady, with her perky bosom and pale thighs. Her face was, however, completely devoid of emotion.

Chi Tong's gaze landed on the clay doll and his eyes promptly lit up.