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Chapter 684: Opportunity

 Chapter 684: Opportunity

Translator: YH Editor: Lucas, TYZ

Fu Sisi understood what the middle-aged man was trying to do. She stared intently at Ai Hui.

Everyone knew how Wang Shouchuan and Han Yuqin had died.

She had no doubts that his words would anger Ai Hui. The issue at hand was how Ai Hui would react. Would an enraged Ai Hui reveal some weakness or destroy them all in a frenzy? This was an extremely risky gamble, but present circumstances did not leave them with much choice.

Ai Hui was no longer the person he used to be. With a presence comparable to a Grandmaster's, he was one in level if not in name.

The power and aura he had unleashed since the start of the fight left nothing to the imagination.

All kinds of tactics were fair game in a fight against such a terrifying opponent.

The sky was deathly still and the winds had stopped altogether. A stifling pressure enveloped the entire ravine. Fu Sisi's entire body was tensed up. Her hands were balled into fists and her palms were drenched with sweat.

Ai Hui suddenly laughed madly towards the sky.

"Hahahaha, hear that? Do you hear that? Ai Hui! Hahahaha! You're a blood elementalist now, do you remember how you buried them? Ai Hui, you betrayed them! You betrayed them! That's true, you killed them with your own hands. You betrayed your own friends, and you'll eventually kill them all as well. You betrayed Shi Xueman, you'll put a sword right through her heart. You betrayed yourself, so you'll kill yourself. Hahaha, Ai Hui, you can't go back! You can't go back! Hahaha..."

The hysterical laughter was like the world's most vicious curse.

Ai Hui's body shook violently, like the surface of boiling water. His figure was blurry and looked as though it was on the verge of collapse. Ai Hui's remaining blood swords buzzed with activity, and an air of madness flowed throughout the entire area in powerful waves. The swords were like enraged wild beasts, ready to break free from their chains at any moment.

The people in the valley felt their scalps tingling with fear. They had a premonition that Ai Hui was going to descend and massacre all of them in an instant.

Fu Sisi had difficulty swallowing her saliva.

The Ai Hui they saw today was completely different from the one she had heard of. Although, a change in personality resulting from intense training was not something odd. She was a prime example herself, having changed completely after Master's Glory. She had almost no memories of her past self.

What truly shook her was the fact that Ai Hui had become a blood elementalist.

How is this possible...

The circumstances surrounding Wang Shouchuan's death by Ai Hui's hands were extremely heart-wrenching. Even though there were some who could not accept Ai Hui's actions, most people could sympathise with him and respected him for what he did.

Ai Hui saw blood elementalists as his archenemies and was at the front line in the battle against them. In a time of despair, Ai Hui practically relied on his own power to repel the armies of blood elementalists. He won the adulation of the people and became a hero in the eyes of the public. He was an idol to many youths and an inspiration to the resistance.

His reputation was so great that even Skyheart City did not dare to smear it at a whim. Fu Sisi treated him as an enemy only because they belonged to two different camps. In her heart, however, she admired him a little. It was not just her, most members of the Sky Leaf Division felt the same way too.

How did someone like that end up walking down the path of a blood elementalist?

Fu Sisi found it hard to believe even though the truth was in plain sight. Her gaze unintentionally landed upon the middle-aged man's face. Hmm? Fu Sisi stared hard.

The middle-aged man's eyes were wide open and a strange expression was apparent on his face. It looked as if he had discovered an exotic treasure but was slightly afraid of it.

The fanatical laughter suddenly stopped. An abnormally gentle voice could be heard from the fuzzy figure.

"Forget it, Ai Hui. Forget everything. All those things are useless in the face of power. As long as you are strong enough, everything in this world will belong to you. Everything. You can have all the women you want, all the friends you want. If you miss your teachers, you can bring them back to life to accompany you. Look, nothing is impossible if you're powerful enough."

Ai Hui's silhouette became even blurrier. Even the voice started to cut off from time to time.

"Stop resisting... Ai Hui... This is futile, this is your fate. You're destined to..."

Just what was happening? Why did it seem as though two people were fighting?

Fu Sisi's brain kicked into overdrive. She suspected that the middle-aged fellow from the Assembly of Patriarchs knew what was happening. A split personality? Ai Hui was clearly in an abnormal state right now. Perhaps this was her chance.

She was not sure, but she decided to seize the opportunity anyway. They would not have any more chances once Ai Hui returned to normal.

She quietly signalled her teammates and received their affirmation.

The middle-aged man from the Assembly of Patriarchs never took his eyes off Ai Hui. As such, he did not notice the Sky Leaf Division's quiet movements. Everyone recognised the Sky Leaf Division's power because they knew that all of its members were the product of Master's Glory. What most people didn't know about, however, was the subtle chemistry that they shared with each other.

Silently, the Sky Leaf Division got into position.

Fu Sisi knew that this was their only shot at overcoming Ai Hui. She activated every last bit of heavenly elemental energy in her body in preparation for the offensive maneuver.

The rest of the Sky Leaf Division closed their eyes and suppressed their presence. They too knew that an opponent of such a high level would not leave another opening.

"What's the difference between blood elementalists and regular elementalists? When you become the ruler of this world... There won't be any difference! You like those people... It's fine, just turn them all into blood elementalists. They'll be able to live even longer... and keep you company for even longer. Doesn't it all sound amazing?"

Like a spring being compressed, Fu Sisi bent her knees slightly.

The other members did the same.

The middle-aged man noticed something odd from the corner of his eye, but he was too enthralled by the demonic voice in the sky.

"Do you want everlasting life? You'll be immortal as long as we merge! What an amazing thing, you'll be able to do whatever you want, nothing is impossible. You can..."

Fu Sisi's mind quivered. Whatever was within Ai Hui was not human!

At this point, the heavenly elemental energy within her body was surging ceaselessly. With no room left for hesitation, she steeled her resolve and launched herself off the ground with an unfeeling cry. "Kill!"

The other members of the Sky Leaf Division took to the skies, following closely behind Fu Sisi.

A chorus of war cries rang out. "Kill!"

Fu Sisi felt an abundance of heavenly elemental energy surging up from below. The muscles in her body let out a joyous and excited ring. She felt as light as a feather, capable of floating without using any energy.

The pressure imposed upon her by Ai Hui's presence was lightened.

Her mind was rid of all distracting thoughts as she arched her back and raised her arms high up above her head. With a resolute glint in her eyes, she was like an unsheathed blade.

The surging heavenly elemental energy rushed to her palms, producing a faint, white glow.

The glow was so faint that it was hard to see, but its sharpness could be felt by all.

It was only now that Ai Hui looked down from above, his figure still a blur. Despite that, Fu Sisi made out a hint of mockery in his eyes.

He twiddled his fingers and pointed gently at Fu Sisi

"Look at these fools overestimating themselves..."

The bloody glow that filled the sky concentrated directly in front of Fu Sisi.

Fu Sisi was chosen to be the Sky Leaf Division's leader because Madam Ye saw an unyielding determination in her, even in the face of difficulty.

The bloody glow continued to converge, blocking out Ai Hui's figure from her line of sight. An increasingly strong resistance pushed back against her, making it feel as if she was wading through a swamp.

Retreat was the furthest thing away from her mind. With all of her might, Fu Sisi brought her sealed palms down from above her head in an arc, slicing towards the heavens!

The faint, white glow became momentarily blinding.

A white crescent flew out of her palms and headed directly for Ai Hui.

[Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash]!

The dense, bloody glow was sliced like a hot knife through butter. The white rays of the slash attack flew directly at Ai Hui.

Chi Tong stopped his soliloquy and stared at the white ray in surprise. The special elemental energy they were using had a restraining effect on his blood spiritual force. This attack seemed to amplify its effects greatly!

The white slash ray hit Chi Tong's chest in the blink of an eye.

Cries of joy could be heard from the ravine below.

Chi Tong's body slowly disappeared. As it vanished, the laughter below grew softer.

Chi Tong's silhouette reappeared nearby. His look of contempt disappeared as he looked at the slow-moving white ray. The white ray drew an arc in the air and flew towards him again.

It was not particularly fast at first, but it quickly picked up speed and dissolved into a streak of light.

Chi Tong stopped bothering with Ai Hui. He raised his hand and swatted in the direction of the white ray.


A loud rumbling sound filled the air as the bloody glow surrounding the white ray collapsed inwards and drowned out the white ray in an instant.

The bloody glow surged angrily.

Out of nowhere, the white ray burst out of the bloody glow and continued on its path towards Chi Tong.

Chi Tong was taken aback slightly. He vanished again with a cold sneer.

[Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] was a skill that made use of the chemistry between the members of the Sky Leaf Division. It worked by accumulating all of the members' heavenly elemental energy into one murderous strike. When enough heavenly elemental energy has been accrued, some of its special characteristics are revealed.

Heavenly elemental energy was qualitatively different from single types of elemental energy.

Upon release, [Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] chases its target relentlessly until it runs out of energy or strikes its target down.

Fu Sisi heaved a sigh of relief. [Sky Leaf Amoghavajra Slash] was effective!

Without hesitation, the Sky Leaf Division took the chance to leave the ravine.

This was Fu Sisi's true intention!

The so-called final attack was only meant to create a diversion.

From the moment Ai Hui arrived, she never believed that they could defeat him.

They moved so fast that the Assembly of Patriarchs had no time to respond.

The scenery around them changed rapidly as they sped out of the ravine and they soon saw a curtain of blood. Fu Sisi could clearly see the uneven, smoky edge of the curtain.

Her spirits were lifted. She saw hope.