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Chapter 679: The Blood Eye

 Chapter 679: The Blood Eye

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In the sky above the valley, Ai Hui's body was fuzzy from time to time. The watchtower beneath his feet was like surging river water that was formed by melted ice chunks, pouring downwards. Countless blood-colored swords descended from the sky while a torrential, deep, and low sword chime echoed across the air like the roars of numerous wild beasts.

The sound rang through the air without any warning. Both the Sky Leaf Division and the Assembly of Patriarchs were caught unprepared by it. They saw a demonic and violent red light descending from the sky, appearing as though their eyes were smashed by an iron hammer.

The blood-colored current formed by countless blood swords smashed into the colorful mist that pervaded the valley. Following which, the mist churned violently. The five light pillars that had just disappeared appeared once more. Immediately after, the colorful mist surged towards the five light pillars.

A colorful, glass-like, pentagonal pavilion enveloped the valley.

[Five Elemental Pavilion Lock]

It was a secret art that the Assembly of Patriarchs developed with a tremendous amount of effort. Even though it was very demanding of its user's strength, it was extremely mighty.

In the blink of an eye, the cage-like [Five Elemental Pavilion Lock] had become a protective screen for both sides.

The glow from the [Five Elemental Pavilion Lock] was flickering. Like a giant mouth that was sucking in air abruptly, it sapped all the elemental energy in the air above the valley.

It was [Zero Elemental Zone], a zone where no elemental energy was present!

The descending cascade of blood swords barged into the colorless and shapeless [Zero Elemental Zone] and froze.

When the grey-robed, middle-aged man from the Assembly of Patriarchs saw who the newcomer was, his mind shuddered in shock. The turn of events wasn't good for them. Why were they so unlucky to provoke such a behemoth? Those who were slightly capable were guessing that Ai Hui was the one responsible for the world-shocking sword chime and bloody glow that appeared everywhere two days ago.

Even though nobody knew how Ai Hui had become a Grandmaster, they understood that he wasn't inferior to the other Grandmasters in any aspect. Everyone realized that a new Grandmaster had been born.

Furthermore, it was the first ever Grandmaster Swordsman in the history of the Avalon of Five Elements.

No one dared to provoke a Grandmaster.

The grey-robed, middle-aged man suddenly yelled at the top of his voice, "Grandmaster Ai, don't attack us! The Assembly of Patriarchs is your ally, not your enemy! We have nothing against you!"

The figure in the sky above the valley turned a deaf ear to the grey-robed man's words. He wasn't discouraged just because his powerful current of blood swords was facing an obstruction. Instead, his savagery was provoked.

A snort resounded through the air, then the cascade of blood swords suddenly began to rotate and split into half, forming two terrifying, gigantic pythons that twined around each other. Every blood sword was buzzing and vibrating. The red glow emitting from them intensified significantly, resembling the color of blood.

Within the red glow, images were growing and multiplying endlessly. Soft, anguished wailings seemed to echo across everyone's minds.

Everyone on the valley felt as though there was a hole in the sea of blood in the sky. The torrential bloody glow looked as if it was about to devour them. Subsequently, the thought of not being able to escape anywhere arose in their minds. The anguished wailings caused their minds to waver, making it very difficult for them to stay calm.

The grey-robed man turned pale with fright.

The Assembly of Patriarchs was established to deal with the Blood of God, and they had done a lot of research on blood elementalists. He had never seen such a concentrated and pure bloody glow before. This implied that Ai Hui possessed an unprecedented type of powerful and pure blood spiritual force.

From his knowledge, he did not know of any blood elementalist that possessed such terrifying blood spiritual force, not even the Holy Emperor.

How could it be?

At first, when he saw the bloody glow, he reckoned that Ai Hui might have absorbed God's Blood. However, now he had overturned his conjecture. Such pure and powerful blood spiritual force... It appeared as though the demonic god was reborn!

One could imagine the fear and panic the grey-robed man felt. However, Ai Hui completely ignored him. Other than resisting him until the end, there was nothing much he could do.

Clenching his teeth, he turned around abruptly and yelled to Fu Sisi, "Join forces?"

Fu Sisi also understood the severity of the situation. Even though both parties previously wanted each other dead, they did not mind joining forces now. After all, they were facing a Grandmaster, so they had no choice but to do so.

Without any hesitation, she nodded her head. "Alright!"

While the two of them were conversing, the bloody current of blood swords shredded the [Zero Elemental Zone] to smithereens and collided with the [Five Elemental Pavilion Lock].


A thunderous boom resounded through the air, causing everyone's ears to buzz.

The [Five Elemental Pavilion Lock] looked as though it was struck by an enormous hammer, as it trembled violently.

The grey-robed man was horrified. "Quick! Channel your elemental energy!"

The Assembly of Patriarchs' members quickly channeled their elemental energy into the [Five Elemental Pavilion Lock], stabilizing it before it was destroyed.

After seeing that his attack was blocked, the demonic god turned incensed.

With great difficulty, he finally found an excellent cauldron for his body. He seized the moment when the other party's mind was broken and took over it as its host, preparing for its rebirth in this world.

However, what happened afterwards wasn't really pleasant.

The artifact that he forged with great difficulty had become a protective shield for his cauldron, preventing him from devouring the cauldron's consciousness. Hence, he was thrown into this awkward situation whereby he did not have complete control over this body.

Along the way here, he was tortured by this goddamn cauldron.

Fortunately, he had encountered some prey. As long as he could devour this prey, he could strengthen himself and obliterate this goddamn cauldron.

Unfortunately, he did not expect this prey to be able to stop his attacks in succession. Even though he had just woken up and his strength was far from its peak, as a demonic god, he was used to treating everyone like ants. He only revered those ancient cultivators.

To his surprise, these ants were able to stop him. Therefore, how would he not be angry?

He raised his head and let out a blood-curdling, demonic screech. The red glow from the blood swords looked as though it had come alive, swaying indeterminately. Meanwhile, the blood swords were like red-colored eyes.

They flew back up into the sky and hovered erratically, resembling a wriggling piece of blood-colored cloud.

Thump, thump, thump.

Suddenly, a rhythmic sound echoed across the air. It resembled the heartbeat of a beast.

Fu Sisi felt as if something was staring at her, causing her hair to stand on end. An intense feeling of danger arose in her head. Immediately, she yelled, "[Heavenly Elemental Shield!"

She suddenly raised her right arm in front of her and spread open her fingers. Following which, she roared, "Open!"

The seal on her right palm lit up. Then it shot a five elemental energy ring towards the bottom of the [Five Elemental Pavilion Lock]. The spinning five elemental energy ring rapidly increased in size, resembling a glowing shield that was floating on top of everyone's heads.

The remaining members of the Sky Leaf Division also knew that it was not the time to conserve their energy. All of them raised up their right arms and shot out beams of five elemental energy from the seals on their palms, strengthening the floating glowing shield.

"[Heavenly Elemental Shield]!"

On the surface of the shield, the metal, earth, fire, water, and wood elements began to light up together and release beautiful ring-shaped light. The five elemental energy flowed and grew endlessly. The surface of the shield gave off a brilliance, appearing as if it was made up of solid matter.

The [Heavenly Elemental Shield] gave Fu Sisi a sense of security.

The five elements in the [Heavenly Elemental Shield] engendered each other and therefore it had no weaknesses. Even if it was damaged, it could repair itself. The five core nodes of the [Heavenly Elemental Shield] laid in the five elemental energy in the members' seals.

The five elemental rings in the bodies of the Sky Leaf Division's members could absorb various types of elemental energy from their surroundings. This was why they were so powerful. The elemental energies that they absorbed would become extremely pure five elemental energy after filtering through their bodies. Following which, the five elemental energy would gather at the seals on their palms.

They called this kind of elemental energy "heavenly elemental energy", implying it was above all types of elemental energy.

Heavenly elemental energy was extremely precious, so no one was willing to use it unless they were in a dire situation.

The defense of the Heavenly Elemental Shield was extremely powerful, almost impregnable. During a sturdibility test done on the Heavenly Elemental Shield by the interior of the Sky Leaf Division, no one could destroy it single-handedly.

Gathering everyone's heavenly elemental energy to form a Heavenly Elemental Shield was a move prepared by them for enemies that were much more powerful than them.

The only people that were more powerful than them were Grandmasters.

Fu Sisi and her counterparts had never expected they would use this move one day.

The bee-like swarm of swords in the sky kept on changing its shape.

Everyone on the valley looked as though they were preparing for the arrival of a monstrous enemy. Fu Sisi was so anxious that her palms began to sweat.

Wait... that shape... it looks like an enormous eye that was tightly shut!

Before Fu Sisi could confirm her conjecture, the enormous eye in the sky suddenly opened up.

At that instant, the sky darkened and the sun dimmed. The limpid, blood-colored eye captured everyone's attention.

In the center of the blood-red pupil of the eye, there was nothing but darkness.

An odd, numbing sensation spread across Fu Sisi's body like a poison.

Immediately, she bit her tongue. The intense pain and the smell of blood woke her up. With an angry voice, she roared, "Don't look at the blood eye!"

A strong sense of fear devoured her body. What kind of beast were they facing?

The members of the Sky Leaf Division looked as though they had just woken up from a dream, as an apprehensive look appeared on their faces.

On average, the members of the Assembly of Patriarchs were much weaker than the Sky Leaf Division's members. A weird smile appeared on many of their faces. Following which, traces of blood seeped out from out their bodies. Soon after, the blood flowed out of their bodies like a river. Within seconds, their entire bodies, except for their faces, were covered in thick and viscous blood. On their faces, there was no look of agony, but rather a look of joy and pleasure, causing one's hair to stand on end.


One of the members that was covered in fresh blood exploded all of a sudden, spurting blood everywhere.

The sound of explosion resounded through the air incessantly. Even though everyone had seen all kinds of devastating scenes before, they were still frightened by this scene.

The grey-robed, middle-aged man yelled and reminded everyone, "Be careful not to come into contact with the blood!"

Before he finished his sentence, the blood on the ground suddenly floated up into the air.

As the blood floated into the air, each drop became perfectly round and limpid, like beads. These beads of blood contained zero impurities, resembling rubies that were perfectly refined.

Pff, pff, pff. Beads of blood kept on gathering in the air.

Fu Sisi's mouth was dry and her heart was beating fast.

What is this thing?

When the grey-robed man saw the mass of blood in the air increasing in size, his facial expression changed drastically. "Quick, burn it!"

When Fu Sisi, who was already very anxious, heard the grey-robed man's words, her heart contracted rapidly. Even though she did not know what was going on, she could sense fear and panic in the grey-robed man's voice.

Fu Sisi yelled, "Stabilize the Heavenly Elemental Shield!"

She withdrew her palm. Facing the wriggling, powerful mass of blood in the air, she felt that her heart was beating extremely fast.

The enormous blood eye in the sky revolved slowly, seemingly revealing a cold sneer. It looked as though it was mocking the innocence of those people down there.