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Chapter 675: The Odd Transformation of The Sword Embryo

 Chapter 675: The Odd Transformation of The Sword Embryo

Translator: TYZ Editor: Lucas, TYZ

The light and shadow at the distant horizon churned and fluctuated irregularly, resembling the aurora in the night sky of extremely cold places. That was a spectacular phenomenon formed by surging elemental energy.

Even though it was very far away, everyone was dazed by its vast and surging elemental energy waves. The elementalists that were setting up the North Sea buoys could not help but stop what they were doing and shift their gazes in the direction of Jadeite Forest. Those who were chatting idly with each other also stopped talking and looked at Jadeite Forest. Everywhere became unusually quiet.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment. One could only hear the sound of wind blowing.

Suddenly, a tinge of extremely weak and fine sound echoed in the wind.

Initially, no one noticed it. Gradually, this sound became increasingly sharp. It was buzzing violently and loudly, overwhelming the sound of the wind blowing.

Shi Xueman had a sharp sense of hearing. She subconsciously tilted her head and immediately found the source of the sound. It was coming from the seven sword pagodas on the Pinwheel Sword. The swords sticking out of the sword pagodas were vibrating violently at the same time. They were exceptionally agitated.

Ai Hui...

Before she could turn her head around, she heard Lou Lan crying out in alarm, "Ai Hui!"

Shi Xueman turned her head abruptly and looked in the direction of Ai Hui. She saw Ai Hui sitting upright on the ground with agony written all over his face.

She stomped her foot on the ground and the azure wings on her back spread open. In a flash, she appeared beside Ai Hui.

Ai Hui raised his head and forced out a smile with great difficulty. His facial appearance was distorted in pain. Following which, he let out a deep growl through his clenched teeth. "Disperse!"

Shi Xueman's mind jolted. Without any hesitation, she grabbed Lou Lan and flew away from Ai Hui.

Upon hearing Ai Hui's command, everyone else woke up and immediately dispersed. However, they did not forget their duty, which was to maintain vigilance. Even though they did not know what was wrong with Ai Hui, they understood that the most important thing for them to do now was to prevent anyone from launching a sneak attack on them.

Shi Xueman stopped a few hundred feet away from Ai Hui. Looking at Ai Hui, she bit her lower lip and her eyes froze. Following which, she withdrew her gaze and clenched her Cirrus tightly and released a dangerous aura.

Ai Hui's body began to tremble involuntarily. His face was as pale as a piece of paper. Pea-sized beads of sweat slowly flowed down his forehead.

Things did not seem to go well for Ai Hui.

The red glow in Lou Lan's eyes were flickering rapidly. With an urgent voice, he said, "The elemental energy in Ai Hui's body is in chaos and his mind is injured."

By now, Ai Hui could no longer talk.

His perceptive awareness far surpassed everyone else's, so h e was the first one to sense the elemental energy waves from Jadeite Forest. At that time, he felt as though there was an invisible string in his mind that was suddenly plucked.

His sword embryo, which was originally roving along the Yin Yang dividing line, suddenly stopped moving. The next moment, 18,000 streaks of sword consciousness rose from Ai Hui's body at the same time. Following which, they pointed in the direction of Jadeite Forest like venomous snakes that had encountered danger.

Then, they shot up into the air!

The elemental energy waves were becoming more and more powerful.

To everyone else, even though the elemental energy waves were terrifying, they couldn't harm them. However, to Ai Hui, it could put him in a dire situation. His sword embryo was reacting strongly to the elemental energy waves.

The 18,000 streaks of sword consciousness were trembling and rumbling at the same time, resembling a pack of wolves that were howling. They were responding to the elemental energy waves from the two Grandmasters!

The sword embryo behaved as though it had encountered its natural enemy. It was emitting an extremely powerful aura of battle fervor.

Ordinary elementalists might find it very hard to detect changes in elemental energy waves, but Ai Hui could do so easily.

The speed at which the elemental energy waves were becoming more powerful was terrifying.

The sword embryo was not willing to concede to the two Grandmasters. Its operating speed was becoming faster and faster.

Ai Hui tried to pacify the sword embryo but failed.

Very soon, the operating speed of the sword embryo overwhelmed Ai Hui. He was scared witless as the sword embryo's operating speed had gone out of his control completely.

The sword embryo did not show any sign of slowing down, and its operating speed kept on increasing.

Breaking the critical point of the sword embryo was an extremely terrifying elemental energy wave. Out of all the elemental energy waves, this was the most powerful one! What Ai Hui feared the most was that this elemental energy wave contained the aura of death and destruction.

What Ai Hui did not know was that this elemental energy wave given off by Le Buleng's activation of [Yin Furnace].

The elemental energy waves were like sea waves and this elemental energy wave was like a tsunami, breaking the critical point of the sword embryo.

The 18,000 streaks of sword consciousness suddenly crumbled and flew in all directions, appearing as though they had been struck with a huge blow.

This dealt an enormous impact on Ai Hui's mind and caused him to suffer an injury.

Ai Hui's head buzzed as he blacked out.

Soon after, he returned to his senses and let off a bitter laugh in his heart. He reckoned that he was the first person to get injured by the elemental energy waves. However, he did not really care about it. Even though he was injured, it wasn't a severe injury. He could recover from it in a few days' time.

The sword embryo was formed by essence, breath, and spirit. It was incorporeal, magical, and unique and it was exceptionally sensitive to elemental energy waves and psychic attacks. Everything had its pros and cons. Because of the sword embryo, Ai Hui had a powerful perceptive awareness. However, at the same time, he was injured because of the sword embryo as well.

If this was the only impact on Ai Hui, he would only experience the might of Grandmasters.

However, he had underestimated the sword embryo and overlooked other things.

When the 18,000 dispersed streaks of sword consciousness gathered and went into a roving mode once again, Ai Hui sensed a gush of frustration from the sword embryo.

Ai Hui was stunned.


The sword embryo had always been very mysterious. From the day he developed the sword embryo, it had always been very calm. It had never behaved like this before. Even if the sword embryo was provoked, it would remain in a state of calmness and would not feel frustrated at all.

But why would he sense a gush of frustration from the sword embryo?

Ai Hui felt slightly incredulous.

Before he could react, a mysterious gush of frustration suddenly hit him and engulfed his body.

He felt there was something in his body that was restless and kept on strengthening. He also felt as though a dormant volcano in his body had woken up and it was about to erupt.

The sword embryo was telepathically connected to him. Just like how the sword embryo's "absolute coldness" affected him in the past, its frustration was affecting him now.

Ai Hui tried to keep himself calm. Before he found out what was going on, he had already sensed the danger.

He focused his attention on the sword embryo and realized that it looked no different than before.

However, when Ai Hui saw the streaks of sword consciousness flying in front of him, he shuddered in fear.

That is...

He had personally shaped and modified every streak of sword consciousness into such a fine and mature form according to his understanding of swordsmanship. Therefore, he was extremely familiar with every single streak of sword consciousness.

Every streak of sword consciousness had a black-colored blade as its body. There should be a hair-like red line on the edge of each blade. However, now the red lines had thickened at least ten times more than before in size. Furthermore, there were countless blood-colored cracks spreading all over the streaks of sword consciousness, resembling a blood-colored spider web.

A faint bloody mist began to emit from the blood-colored cracks on the blades.

When the bloody mist made contact with Ai Hui's mind, an intense feeling of frustration and blood lust erupted in the depths of his mind.

Subconsciously, Ai Hui tried to reach for the black sword in front of him. However, just as he reached with his hand, a tinge of clarity flashed across his eyes. His hand changed direction and reached for the railing enclosing the deck of the Pinwheel Sword.

Boom. A hole appeared on the sturdy deck of the Pinwheel Sword and countless pieces of broken wood flew in all directions.

Damn it!

More and more blood-colored cracks appeared on the streaks of sword consciousness in the sword embryo. As a result, more and more bloody mist was released.

The concentrated bloody mist coagulated into beads of blood on the streaks of sword consciousness and dripped down from their bodies.

Drip, drip.

Very soon, a puddle of blood appeared below the sword embryo. As the bloody mist became more concentrated, the puddle of blood kept on increasing in size. The weird thing was that the puddle of blood wasn't undulating. Its surface was as sleek as a mirror, reflecting the image of the sword embryo above it. The sword embryo was becoming scarlet in color.

Distorted faces began to appear on the mirror-like puddle of blood. At the same time, angusihed wailings and blood-curdling screeches resounded through the air, causing one's hair to stand on end.

Eventually, there were tens of thousands of faces swimming in the puddle of blood. Following which, they gathered and formed a huge face. The face was delicate, gentle, and beautiful and it was neither smiling nor frowning.

When Ai Hui took a closer look at the huge face, he was dumbfounded.

Lou Lan, whose eyes were flickering with a red glow, suddenly cried in alarm, "Not good! Something is corroding Ai Hui's elemental energy!"

"Look at the sword pagodas!" An elementalist realized something was not right.

Shi Xueman shifted her gaze in the direction of the sword pagodas and her facial expression changed involuntarily. The black swords sticking out of the sword pagodas had turned blood-red in color. Glistening blood was seeping out from the black swords.

The scene was unusually creepy, causing everyone's blood to run cold.

Suddenly, a sword chime resounded through the air and the 18,000 blood swords shot out of the sword pagodas. The sword pagodas turned sparkling clean in an instant, not having a single trace of blood on them at all.

The 18,000 blood swords hovered above Ai Hui's head, resembling a bloody cloud.

And at this moment, Ai Hui stood up slowly. When everyone saw Ai Hui's face, all of them were stunned.

They did not know whether or not their eyes were playing trick on them, but the contours on Ai Hui's face seemed to have become gentle. He was neither smiling nor frowning, appearing indescribably creepy. His limpid and black pupils had become scarlet in color, resembling two spiralling bloody vortexes that could devour anyone.

Suddenly, Ai Hui leapt into the air.

The hovering blood swords flew towards him and engulfed him like a mass of bloody cloud.

The scene looked exceptionally weird. The blood-sword-formed spherical object kept on wiggling in the air.

Clink, clink, clink!

Incessant sword chimes erupted from the spherical object like a tsunami.

When the last sword chime finished echoing through the air, a towering, scarlet watchtower that was made up of blood swords appeared in the sky.

A scarlet trail shot out from the watchtower and flashed across the sky as a terrifying aura surged in all directions like a huge wave. The bloody glow from the watchtower covered half the sky and caused the sun to dim. A sword chime that resembled the sound of a bell chiming in an ancient temple located deep within a mountain rang through the air.

Ai Hui appeared at the top of the watchtower. However, he seemed so familiar yet distant to everyone.

Ai Hui stared at them with a tinge of killing intent in his eyes. His face undulated like the surface of water, becoming slightly blurry. However, it started to stabilize after a while.

Ai Hui withdrew his gaze and the corners of his mouth curled into a faint smile. Then he mumbled to himself, "Why are you resisting me so fiercely? Such a profound relationship, huh."

Ai Hui's face turned blurry once again. A look of agony appeared on his face. Following which, it was replaced by a ruthless and evil look. At this moment, he let out a groan and his body bended.

Clenching his teeth, he blurted out, "Go!"

The blood-sword-made watchtower streaked across the air into the distance.