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Chapter 670: Charge

 Chapter 670: Charge

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Ai Hui suddenly said, "They have left."

Fatty was obviously relieved

At this moment, Shi Xueman and some people had returned to the top of the Pinwheel Sword. She saw everybody staring at them, shook her head, and indicated that there wasn't any response.

Ai Hui patted Shi Xueman on the shoulder to console her. "No detectable movement is also good news."

Shi Xueman's expression slightly brightened.

With the ability of her father, a fight to the death was inevitably earth-shattering. It would be impossible to quietly kill or capture him. Ever since the elemental energy storm, her father seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

On the contrary, this made Shi Xueman firmly believe that her father was still alive.

"We will continue to move forward," Ai Hui went on, "Go to the place where the elemental energy storm broke out and maybe we can discover something."

The Pinwheel Sword swept across the sky and left faint traces that were quickly dispersed by the wind.

The God Tiger Division was advancing towards the Windy Pearl Bridge's defensive line to merge with the He Nanshan's God Spirit Division. The Radiance Blood Division, which was originally accompanying them, was given orders to return and search for the whereabouts of the North Sea remnants.

The situation of the war was unpredictable; what was once an absolute advantage seemed to have disappeared overnight.

Not long ago, they were full of confidence and boasted that they could reach Sky Heart City in the time it took to snap a finger. Now, the Windy Pearl Bridge's defensive line had become like a natural moat that blocked their way.

The confidence they previously held had already disappeared and the war zone had become a stalemate and a tug of war.

When did it start?

He tried hard to recollect.

That's it, since the self-explosion of the Wall of North Sea and the God-subduing Peak, which caused General Ye to sustain serious injuries and fall into a coma. They were without a leader and their progress slowed down as a result. Then, both Dread and Judgement made the thousand mile sneak attack on them. The situation quickly deteriorated and the God Nation went into a passive state.

They were a group of people who were not afraid of death!

Shan Minxiong could not help admiring them, but he felt more despair. The elementalists' disadvantage were being reduced as these people did not fear death.

Pressure was gradually shifted to the God Nation, and this caused the God Wolf Division to launch continuous risky raids which led to the whole army being wiped out. The destruction of the God Wolf Division was due to many coincidences, but the ever increasing pressure made the God Nation war department gradually lose patience.

It did not matter whether you were the hunter or the prey, once you have lost your patience, the situation will become dangerous.

Shan Minxiong gazed at the army marching by and felt that they seemed to be less imposing than before. He shook his head as if to shake off the misconceptions in his head and managed to regain his train of thoughts.

The problem of Shi Beihai was to be settled by Her Highness, She Yu.

He was wondering how to break through the Windy Pearl Bridge's defensive line. In retrospect, this doubt had been revolving in his head and still could not be solved up till now.

Looking at how strong the defensive line of Windy Pearl Bridge was, to Shan Mingxiong, who had captured the Beihai Wall, the three God-subduing Peaks were nothing to him. The Infantry Division and the Sky Edge Division were new units. According to the frontline communique, the Infantry Division and the Sky Edge Division were not the main force, they displayed more of a supporting role.

The power of the Spear of Heavy Cloud should not be underestimated.

The Pagoda Cannon Alliance was a bit unusual. They were just a bunch of defeated soldiers, but how did they transform into brave and fierce soldiers under the guidance of the Central Pine Faction?

Was it possible that Ai Hui possessed supernatural powers?

Shan Mingxiong circled the three words 'Central Pine Faction' and started thinking deeply.

Looking back, he was dumbfounded by the rapid development of the Central Pine Faction. Shan Mingxiong clearly remembered the day that the Wall of North Sea fell. At that time, the intelligence unit's report that was sent to the desks of the various divisions about Beyond Avalon stated that Central Pine Faction was only a small force that had just risen.

Who would have thought that this small force could actually obstruct the big army of the God Nation from advancing south?

Shan Minxiong's curiosity was suddenly aroused. The Central Pine Faction was the leader of this campaign; did this small force have something mystical about them?

A shrill alarm abruptly interrupted Shan Minxiong's contemplations.

"The enemies are attacking!"

Shan Mingxiong did not panic at all and lifted his head to look at the distant sky. Whether it was the God Tiger Division or the Bluster Blood Division, they were all well trained and battle hardened elites, so they clearly knew what to do when encountering the enemies.

Very soon, a majority of the divisions regrouped and remained vigilant. Several blood elementalists with the Ability of God rode the god tigers and soared into the air to engage the incoming enemies.

A pinpoint black spot appeared in the distant sky.

Shan Minxiong's pupils shrank in response to the surprising speed.

They came in at the speed of sword rays, without any warning.

It was the first time Huo Da had operated the Pinwheel Sword to perform the task, so he was unusually excited. Although he kept reminding himself to keep calm as befitting of a master, he could not control himself from operating the Pinwheel Sword at the ultimate speed.

This was indeed the Pinwheel Sword, and this was the person to control the sword!

He was originally obsessed with the Pinwheel Sword because of its unparalleled speed. Only the lightning speed could awake the passion in him. The ultimate speed brought him the ultimate pleasure and the world seemed different!

Gu Xuan was in great trepidation. "Slow down, slow down, Master Huo, there is no need to go so fast!"

The rest of the soldiers echoed, "Yes, yes."


The poor soldiers were used to Shi Zhiguang's refined needle threading operation and were confused by the rough ways of Huo Da. Even a powerful master like Gu Xuan with such a tough cultivation was frightened until his face turned pale.

From a high position, Duanmu Huanghun glanced at the officers and soldiers of the Sword of Lightning, cleared his nose, shook his head, and did not hide the look of disapproval on his face at all.

A green vine cane that was as thick as a thumb had both ends tied between two sword pagodas. Duanmu Huanghun looked as if he was swinging on a swing and seemed composed.

Suddenly, he thought of something, turned his face, and gazed into the distance.

His sharp eyes and amazing eyesight immediately spotted a majority of the blood elementalists in front.

At this moment, Huo Da also discovered the enemies and shouted with excitement, "There are blood elementalists in front. What should we do?"

Gu Xuan had not opened his mouth yet when Duanmu Huanghun faint voice rang out. "Charge at them."

Huo Da was even more excited. As if injected with chicken blood, he loudly responded, "Good! Charge at them. I am going to start! Everybody hold on tightly!"

The soldiers of Sword of Lightning changed their expressions and firmly grabbed on to any fixed objects around one after another. A powerful force suddenly erupted from under their feet and the Pinwheel Sword crazily began to gather explosive speed!

The force brushed the ground, making Gu Xuan and company turn white with fright.


The Pinwheel Sword's glowing screen isolated the sound of the howling wind outside, but it was overcome by the wild cries of Huo Da. Because of his excessive excitement, Huo Da's face was glowing and amazing elemental energy fluctuations were released from his body.

Huo Da could not be compared to Shi Zhiguang in terms of controlling the sword, but the point largely in his favour was his cultivation of the master level.

As a master, he could withstand a greater impact and he could effortlessly manipulate the Pinwheel Sword to reach its peak power.

As the speed continued to increase, the glowing screen of the Pinwheel Sword also rapidly brightened.

On top of the green vines, Duanmu Huanghun got up. He was wearing an elegant, green gown which moved without the wind blowing and his eyes were bright as the stars. Ever since he came out from seclusion, he only wore a green gown with embroidered floral patterns on the left chest and the two words "Duanmu" in bold letterings.

He disliked the traditional Duanmu Family's emblem as it was unsightly. As such, he redesigned it. With his present achievements, he was entitled to modify the Duanmu Family emblem.

The glowing screen got increasingly brighter, illuminating the minute parts of the Pinwheel Sword. Duanmu Huanghun appeared normal, but he was feeling inspired deep inside.

He had worked with the Sword of Lightning many times, had sat on the Pinwheel Sword numerous times, and was very familiar with the Pinwheel Sword. But this was his first time finding out that under the control of an elemental master, the Pinwheel Sword could unleash such formidable power.

This speed...was really amazing!

That fellow...

The scouts on the God Tiger did not expect the Pinwheel Sword to accelerate suddenly, so their reaction was half a beat slower.

The Pinwheel Sword was like a comet as it streaked through between the two of them.

Amidst the blazing lights, the two green vines did not attract the attention of anyone. As the Pinwheel Sword passed by beside the two scouts on the God Tigers, the floating, green vines weightlessly and accurately hit their faces.


The two scouts seemed to be hit by heavy hammers and their heads burst open like watermelons.

The Pinwheel Sword flew very far away. The headless bodies of the scouts lost their balance and fell to the ground. The two God Tigers whimpered as they did not understand what had happened.

Huo Da lifted his head and looked admiringly at the image of the oscillating vines on the glowing screen. These two vines had just completed the mission of killing with one hit and then retracted within the glowing screen.

Huo Da could not understand how Duanmu Huanghun had done it. The glowing screen was amazingly thick, so how could the vines effortlessly penetrate it?

However, he was very clear that just based on this incident, it was sufficient to say that Duanmu Huanghun was much more powerful than him.

Charging past the scouts, the Pinwheel Sword charge towards the God Tiger Division, who was on high alert.

A blood-colored glowing screen rose from the God Tiger Division. Within the glowing screens, two small groups were completing their installations. The god tigers were well-trained, and although they were ambushed while marching in the wild, they could still complete their installations in such a short time.

Once they completed the installation, they would turn into a mean slaughter machine.

Shan Mingxiong looked with disinterest from the sidelines, did not utter a word, and stared at the Pinwheel Sword streaking across like a stunning meteorite.

Was this the Pinwheel Sword that He Nanshan and company had suffered much bitterness from?

The speed was really terrifying!

The courage of the opponents shocked him as he alone dared to charge at the troops. It could clearly be seen that he somewhat had an arrogant attitude.

Shan Minxiong was a little depressed. Initially, when the elementalist combat division met with the blood elementalists combat division, they would run away. Now they could single-handedly charge at the enemies. It was a big change which happened in a short time and reflected the reversal of the battlefield situation.

The Pinwheel Sword got nearer and nearer and the dazzling light began to cover the blood canopy. It was as if the sun was shooting out brilliant rays of light and the visual field suddenly became bright.


A blazing light of one hundred times the brightness of the previous burst caused a huge roar that shook the earth and almost shattered Shan Minxiong's eardrums. Scary shock waves erupted and hit him like a heavy hammer, causing half of his body to go numb.

Before his eyes was a vast expanse of white, but Shan Minxiong knew that the protective blood canopy was certainly shattered.

The charge of the Pinwheel Sword turned out to be so formidable and terrifying.

Struck dumb with amazement, Shan Minxiong found it hard to believe.

Right at this moment, an ominous feeling appeared.