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Chapter 669: Discussion

 Chapter 669: Discussion

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"I see."

"Now you get it."

Le Buleng and Dai Gang's mumbling resounded through the air at the same time. Both of them were stunned. However, they then gave each other a smile, not at all covering up the admiration they had for each other.

The sound of wind blew loudly in their ears. They were witnessing a legendary scene take place.

After three days and three nights of discussion, both of them seemed to have become good friends. They did not hold back their knowledge from each other and answered the other's questions with complete honesty. Both of them had benefited greatly from this discourse.

A look of pity flashed across Dai Gang's eyes. "Brother Buleng, your technique is odd, but it's unique. Forming the raging inferno and treating your body like a piece of firewood naturally caused many defects in your body. Your body will not be able to recover within a short period of time. I'm afraid you don't have much time left. Sigh, it's such a pity."

Le Buleng already knew of this. The three days and three nights of discussion had cleared up many areas that he was unsure of.

"What's there to feel pity about? I have no regrets!" Lu Buleng chuckled.

A look of adoration appeared upon Dai Gang's face. With a relaxed tone, he said, "Today, I have no choice but to admit that Brother Buleng is indeed qualified to be my opponent and a good one at that."

"Do I look like I need your approval? And it seems you're mistaken about something. I have no interest in being your opponent, I'm only interested in destroying you." Le Buleng sneered.

Le Buleng's words were vulgar and unfriendly, but Dai Gang wasn't angry at all. He merely smiled and whispered, "It seems like I have to disappoint Brother Le. Who in this world can destroy me?! Only the Heavens can destroy me! The Holy Emperor can't destroy me and neither can you."

Dai Gang spoke such arrogant words with ease, sounding as though they meant nothing to him at all.

Le Buleng squinted his eyes, not hiding his killing intent at all. He smirked and said, "Oh? Is that so? But I feel that I have a high chance of destroying you this time around. Your mind is injured. Perhaps a dear relative of yours has died? Tsk tsk, I never expected a hypocrite with a heart of stone like you to feel sad one day. Whoa, you have suddenly become more likeable now. Do you need my condolences?"

Dai Gang was not infuriated by Le Buleng's words. He smiled and replied, "Life is so long, so wouldn't it be boring if there were not one or two sad occasions? The joys and sorrows of life are merely feelings. Whether I'm happy or sad, it's my choice. Brother Buleng, you're so anxious to fight me because you know you're going to die soon. Unfulfilled wishes will only cause you to have regrets while walking down the path to hell."

Le Buleng could tell that Dai Gang was emotionally affected and was not as completely integrated as before. The minds of powerful entities like them had been tempered countless times to become pure and steel-like. A minor injury to their minds was definitely caused by something unimaginable.

Dai Gang could also tell that Le Buleng's lifespan had been significantly reduced. His cultivation method was too extreme, so much so that it exceeded his physical limit. Temporarily stabilizing the berserk powers in his body without letting his body crumble could already be considered a Herculean feat.

Both of them were crossing verbal swords since it was best to engage in psychological warfare at the moment.

The intimate and harmonious atmosphere from before had completely vanished. Now, both of them treated each other like arch-enemies.

Le Buleng burst out laughing. "If I really die, then so be it. I came into the world naked, and I shall leave this life naked! Furthermore, I won't be lonely when I'm walking down the path to hell because you will be accompanying me."

"Brother Buleng's carefreeness is truly admirable. Let me personally send you off. As for my life, I'm afraid you can't take it away." Dai Gang sighed with emotions.

An impatient look flashed upon Le Buleng's face. "We have been talking so much for the past three days that my saliva is running out. Let's begin!"

With a solemn look on his face, Dai Gang bowed to Le Buleng. "Goodbye Brother Buleng. I'm ready to send you off to death!"


Killing intent filled the air.

He Nanshan watched on blankly as the Pinwheel Sword vanished into thin air. He was feeling indignant and resentful.

The enemy had no intention of continuing the fight. The Pinwheel Sword avoided his meticulously planned defensive line and disappeared behind it. If the Pinwheel Sword did not wish to fight, no one could force it to do so.

He Nanshan shook his head as he felt that he had been too naive. The Sword of Lightning had never been a rash or stupid combat division.

Now, the situation had become more and more dire. He Nanshan couldn't believe it when he saw two Pinwheel Swords!

In the past, when he was worried about the Sword of Lightning, he could console himself by telling himself that the construction process of the Pinwheel Sword was extremely difficult, just like the God-subduing Peaks. This prevented the elementalists from mass-producing Pinwheel Swords. However, now that he saw two Pinwheel Swords, the consolation he had felt was completely shattered.

The God Nation would face a larger Sword of Lightning and many more Pinwheel Swords in the near future.

When both the image of a multitude of Pinwheel Swords that covered the sky as well as the thought of his combat division suffering under the hands of the Sword of Lightning appeared in his head, he felt a severe headache.

The Pinwheel Swords caused He Nanshan's head to throb, while the [Smoke Flower Lock] caused him to feel extreme fear. The gibberish that those god priests had babbled before they died kept on resounding through his head.

His Majesty...

He Nanshan's mind shuddered in fear before he returned to his senses. It couldn't be His Majesty, but...

The power hierarchy of god elementalists was clear-cut. The powers of a high-level god elementalist had complete dominance over the powers of a low-level one. The entire process with which the [Smoke Flower Lock] was wiped out had happened in the blink of an eye. The process contained a trace of an aura that He Nanshan was extremely familiar with.

It was His Majesty's aura!

He Nanshan thought of the holy treasure, God's blood. Previously, he heard that His Majesty had bestowed a drop of God's blood to She Yu. Was it possible that the enemy had a drop of God's blood as well? However, He Nanshan couldn't sense any trace of blood spiritual force coming from that aura.

It doesn't make sense at all!

More and more questions surged through He Nanshan's head. The situation was becoming increasingly puzzling and mysterious.

He Nanshan composed himself and squeezed out three words from his clenched teeth, "Return to camp!"

Once the Sword of Lightning broke through their trap, they had no way of catching up to them.

After breaking through the [Smoke Flower Lock], the two Pinwheel Swords parted ways and carried out the search in different directions.

The Pinwheel Sword that Ai Hui was on hovered above a lake. Shi Xueman and a few elementalists threw a light-blue, rhombus-shaped crystal into the river.

The rhombus-shaped crystal was a North Sea signal buoy that was created in a rush before the North Sea Division headed for the front line. This buoy could release a unique type of elemental energy wave that spread through lakes, rivers, and underground water systems. It was extremely useful equipment for North Sea Division.

There were also hovering signal buoys that could transmit signals through water vapor in the air. However, the enemy clearly knew of these hovering signal buoys. Along the way, Shi Xueman and her counterparts could not see any clouds in the sky. This implied that Shi Beihai and his counterparts could only be hiding in the underground water system.

The elementalists who accompanied Shi Xueman in laying the signal buoys were ex-members of the North Sea Division, so they knew how to contact their old comrades.

However, until now, they had not received any return signal.

There was a limit to how far the elemental energy waves could be spread. To establish an effective connection, they needed to place a new signal buoy after a certain amount of distance.

Ai Hui was sitting cross-legged on the deck examining a black sword. He was actually very surprised that the black swords could devour the [Smoke Flower Lock].

On Ai Hui's right side, Lou Lan was holding a black sword in his hands and examining it as well. Even his manner of doing so was exactly the same as Ai Hui's. Ai Hui held up the black sword and scanned its blade. Lou Lan also held up the black sword and scanned its blade. Ai Hui straightened the black sword and brushed his fingers across the blade. Lou Lan also straightened the black sword and brushed his fingers across the blade. Ai Hui put down the black sword. Lou Lan also put down the black sword.

Ai Hui turned his head to his right. Lou Lan turned his head to his left.

A man and a sand puppet were staring into each other's eyes.

Ai Hui had a solemn look on his face. "Lou Lan, did you find out anything?"

"No, Ai Hui." Lou Lan's tone was solemn as well.

A momentary silence swept across the deck.

Ai Hui threw the black sword aside, spread open his arms, fell backward, and laid on the floor of the deck.

The black sword hovered in the air for a few seconds before plunging itself onto the sword pagoda like a bird returning to its nest.

The azure sky was cloudless. Warm and cozy sunlight shone upon Ai Hui's body, making him feel an indescribable sense of comfort.

Lou Lan also threw the black sword in his hands aside and copied Ai Hui by spreading his arms and lying on the floor of the deck. Compared to Ai Hui, Lou Lan interpreted the concept of "lying down" even more radically. His body had melted into the shape of a round flat cake. Only his head remained intact, with his eyes curling into the shapes of crescent moons.

After a while, Ai Hui heard a popping sound coming from his right side. He turned around to see what it was.

Bubbles made of sand were rising from Lou Lan's round, flat-cake body. Pop, pop, pop. The sand bubbles popped and transformed into a line of words: "Lou Lan is really happy!"

The sand-made words were undulating, looking as though they were being blown by the wind.

Ai Hui burst out laughing.

Suddenly, he felt a warmth rising in his heart.

"Lou Lan, what do you want to do after the war?"

"Lou Lan will do whatever Ai Hui does."

"Alright, I will open a shop for you that sells elemental energy soup."

"Yayyyy! Lou Lan loves it!"

"Iron Lady will be in charge of collecting money. I'm sure no one will dare to eat without paying."

On the other side, Fatty shot a disdainful look at Ai Hui. If he wasn't intimidated by Ai Hui, he would definitely mock him.

Open a shop that sells elemental energy soup? What a waste! All of us are Masters now, and we have so many brothers under us!

Let Iron Lady be in charge of collecting money? Whoa, you're so stupid that you have given me a headache!

Wouldn't it be better to collect protection fees instead?! Iron Lady would be perfect for the job of collecting protection fees. Who would dare to not pay her? We can occupy a few streets and make a living off protection fees. This kind of life would be carefree and unfettered!

Suddenly, Ai Hui sat up straight and stood up. The lazy and relaxed look on his face had disappeared. He looked at a distant hill with a sharp, sword-like gaze.

Fatty reacted quickly and returned to his senses from his fantasy of collecting protection fees. "What's the matter?"

His eyes followed Ai Hui's gaze, but he couldn't see anything.

Lou Lan reverted to his original form and stood up. Widening his eyes, he also failed to discover anything.

Ai Hui had a solemn look on his face as a tinge of doubt flashed across his eyes. "I sense an extremely odd aura, but it's very far away from us."

"Blood elementalists?" Fatty's mind jolted.

"No, it's elemental energy."

"Then it shouldn't blood elementalists... Who could it be? The Sky Leaf Division?"

"It's not them." Ai Hui shook his head.

At the time when Shi Beihai's elemental energy erupted, Ai Hui could sense a unique type of elemental energy undulation. From this type of elemental energy undulation, he knew that the Sky Leaf Division was conflicting with the North Sea Division.

The Sky Leaf Division's elemental energy undulations were very unique, making them easily identifiable.

However, the elemental energy undulations that he sensed now were extremely different from the Sky Leaf Divison's.

"Which type of elementalist is it?" Fatty asked again.

"I don't know." Ai Hui shook his head.

Fatty was stunned. "You can't even tell which type of elementalist it is?"

"That's right. It's a strange type of elemental energy undulation. I have never encountered this type of elemental energy before."

Fatty's facial expression turned solemn.