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Chapter 668: Destroyed

 Chapter 668: Destroyed

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50 kilometers away from the defensive line, everyone in the temporary encampment of the God Spirit Division was indescribably excited.

Karakorum Polaris and Duanmu Huanghun's actions against the petals just now were instantly noticed by the attentive god priests.

"Sir, the [Smoke Flower Lock] is very effective!"

He Nanshan had been observing the effectiveness of the [Smoke Flower Lock]. He finally felt at ease, but he did not reveal any sign of happiness on his face. With a deep voice, he said, "Don't be too happy so soon. The enemy is merely feeling out our [Smoke Flower Lock]. We still don't know whether it can stop the Pinwheel Sword or not."

Filled with confidence, the god priest said, "The Pinwheel Sword definitely can't break through the [Smoke Flower Lock]!"

The [Smoke Flower Lock] covered the vast sky.

To deal with the Sword of Lightning's Pinwheel Swords, everyone in God Spirit had racked their brains to come up with different ideas. They had come up with more than 200 plans and the [Smoke Flower Lock] was the best plan among them all.

For example, it could withstand the power of lightning. Lightning was undoubtedly the bane of blood elementalists. He Nanshan and his counterparts couldn't completely resolve the threat of lightning, but the [Smoke Flower Lock] had a high resistance to lightning.

The morale of the entire God Spirit Division was greatly boosted. They couldn't wait to redeem themselves from the humiliation they had suffered.

They had been pestered by the Sword of Lightning beyond their endurance, but they couldn't do anything about it. Under the Sword of Lightning's constant harassment, they had suffered a lot. Being a turtle was a great humiliation for these proud and valiant warriors. As such, they had a lot of pent-up resentment.

A petal that flew past He Nanshan's eyes suddenly exploded and transformed into a puff of smoke.

He Nanshan's pupils dilated as he mumbled, "They are coming!"

The soldiers of the God Spirit Division cried out in unison. All of them were filled with expectation.

Just now, their enemy was merely probing the [Smoke Flower Lock]. Now was the time to see whether or not the [Smoke Flower Lock] would work against the Pinwheel Sword. After fighting against the elementalists for so long, no one in the God Spirit Division dared to underestimate their opponent any longer. The enemy's strength was definitely on par with them. Any slight underestimation would cost them the hefty price of being annihilated. The destroyed God Wolf Division was a great example.

Pop, pop, pop.

The sound of the petals exploding was very soft.

However, when the countless dancing petals that were everywhere exploded at the same time, the countless soft popping sounds converged and transformed into an extremely spectacular sound. The minds of the God Spirit Division's soldiers shuddered mysteriously. Their hair stood on end, appearing as though tiny streaks of electric current were flowing through their skin.

Countless wisps of red smoke exploded in the air, resembling countless blooming red flowers.

The air was silent and still, but the countless wisps of red smoke flew in unison toward the elementalists' defensive line, forming red diagonal lines in the sky.

These lines surged forward with a ferocious momentum, covering the sky above the wilderness as fast as a snap of the fingers.

Flying at such a rapid speed, the sky above the wilderness became bright and cleared up in the blink of an eye.

He Nanshan's eyes were tightly closed as he sensed everything that was happening within 50 kilometers of his location. He clearly knew that the Pinwheel Sword was a difficult problem which they had to solve. Otherwise, they would always be haunted by the Pinwheel Sword and trembling in fear under its earth-shattering sword chime. The worse thing was, if the Pinwheel Swords were widely promoted and used, the God Nation would be thrown into a defensive position.

Come at me, Pinwheel Sword!

He Nanshan yelled in his heart with a strong fighting spirit. Within him, a ball of flames was burning ardently. He had made enough mental preparations. The destruction brought by the Pinwheel Sword was definitely terrifying and the Sword of Lightning's retaliation would be utterly fierce. However, he believed that the [Smoke Flower Lock] could endure the Pinwheel Sword's impact and reduce its violent and astonishing power. He believed it could trap the Pinwheel Sword tightly like an huge, indestructible net.

The ultimate victory definitely belonged to the God Spirit Division... Yes!

Something doesn't seem right...

The Pinwheel Sword...

No! It is not the Pinwheel Sword!

He Nanshan opened his eyes abruptly. His usual calm and unfathomable eyes were filled with panic and helplessness at this point in time.

The blood-curdling scream of a god priest rang across his ears and broke the dead silence.

Bloody foam gushed out from the god priest's mouth and spilled all over his white and luxurious god priest robe. His usually elegant face distorted sinisterly.

The swarm of black swords surged into the wilderness, appearing like a school of black sharks barging into a bloody ocean.

There were numerous black swords, but their numbers still paled in comparison to the number of wisps of smoke in the sky. If one looked down from space, he or she would see a gigantic red monster slowly wiggling toward the position of the Pinwheel Sword.

The soldiers at the defensive line could see the blood-colored smoke becoming denser and denser. The blood-colored smoke glistened so much that it looked as though it was bleeding.

More and more wisps of red smoke gathered endlessly from all directions.

This scene was a hundred times more spectacular than what Karakorum Polaris and Duanmu Huanghun had seen before!

Just as everyone thought that the battle between the mass of blood-colored smoke and the black swords was about to begin, an astonishing sight occurred.

Drops of bright-red blood actually began to bleed out from the mass of glistening bloody smoke, resembling a thunderhead cloud.

More and more drops of blood fell from the mass of blood-colored smoke.


Blood-colored rain began to fall from the sky.

The rain of blood resembled an enormous curtain that covered the wildness. Soon after, the rain grew heavier. It looked as though there was a huge bloody gash in the sky, an incredibly weird phenomenon.

The weirder thing was that the black swords were floating motionlessly amid the torrential rain of blood with their tips pointing downward.

When the pea-sized drops of blood neared the black swords, they suddenly defied gravity and floated around the black swords like feathers. Following which, the drops of blood transformed into sparkling beads of blood that were of various sizes.

The number of blood beads increased at a terrifying rate. By the time the last drop of blood fell from the sky, the mass of blood-colored smoke had completely disappeared. The azure sky and the spacious wilderness appeared before everyone's eye once more.

There was a terrifying number of blood beads around the swarm of black swords. They were densely packed and stretched over a distance of three kilometers, resembling a long, starry trail of crimson in the night sky.


A sword chime sounded off from the swarm of black swords as they began to spin.

As though they were manipulated by an invisible force, the densely packed blood beads surrounding the black swords began to spin as well.

They looked just like the starry sky at night.

An indescribable and boundless aura spread across the wilderness like a wave. Fine ripples began to form on the surface of the pure and limpid blood beads, resembling the wrinkled surface of a lake when the wind blew across it.

Faint traces of black smoke began to emit from the surface of the blood beads.

The traces of black smoke behaved oddly. They disappeared within seconds after they rose from the blood beads. Given that there were so many blood beads, it was strange that the amount of black smoke produced wasn't enough to form a smoke screen. The scenario now was the complete opposite of the blood-colored smoke that covered the sky earlier.

The blood beads were shrinking at a visible rate. Some had completely transformed into black smoke that then vanished into thin air.

Some were reduced to faint silvery specks of light.

The faint silvery specks were as fine as sand. One couldn't even differentiate their sizes with the naked eye. The light specks were roughly the size of a rice grain and exuded a warm and gentle glow.

Compared to the astonishing blood-colored starry trail just now, these sparse and faint light specks could be considered underwhelming.

Its gentle and pure aura was vastly different from the previously sweet and bizzare aura.

A melodious sword chime sounded from the swarm of black swords.

Upon hearing the sword chime, the light specks surged toward the swarm of black swords, resembling soldiers that had heard a command.

Like a black hole that swallowed everything, the swarm of more than 10,000 swords rapidly devoured the variously sized light specks.

Everything happened too fast.

Before anyone could react, all of the smoke, blood beads, and light specks had disappeared. The hovering black swords were the only things that remained in the air.

The swarm of black swords trembled slightly, crumbled, and then transformed into a black dragon formed from the swords. The dragon spiralled through the air once before returning to the Pinwheel Sword.

Those who witnessed this sight felt that the black swords were like insatiable monsters that made sure there were no prey left before returning home.

Thud, thud, thud!

Like raindrops hitting a banana leaf, the black swords reinserted themselves into the sword pagodas. Every sword's position was exactly the same as before.

The surroundings were so quiet that even the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

Duanmu Huanghun's eyes opened so wide that they looked like they were about to pop out of his eye sockets at any moment. What was going on?

Karakorum Polaris was dumbstruck. What kind of swordsmanship was this? Why can't I understand it at all?

With an embarrassed look on his face, Ai Hui rubbed his nose. He had not expected this turn of events. Out of the corner of his eye, when he saw that Shi Xueman had covered her mouth to hide the shock and amazement written all over her face, he was secretly overjoyed. He coughed softly and prepared to say something awesome, "This is..."

A burst of clamor suddenly exploded through the air, giving Ai Hui a huge fright.

Thunderous cheers resounded throughout the defensive line.

A smile appeared on Ai Hui's face. Next, he gave Shi Zhiguang, whose face looked emotional, a hand signal to set off.

Pinwheel Sword, set off!

At this point in time, there was dead silence in the encampment of the God Spirit Division. Everyone looked dejected. A few god priests were lying in a pool of blood with their eyes wide open in horror. Most of them were already dead. There was one god priest who was still breathing.

In order to maintain control over the [Smoke Flower Lock], these god priests had imprinted their souls in it.

After the [Smoke Flower Lock] was destroyed, they received a backlash and were killed on the spot.

The face of the only surviving god priest turned pale with fear and bewilderment while his pupils had become disorganized.

"His Majesty, it's His Majesty..." he mumbled hysterically.

Amid the dead silence, his voice was so loud and clear that everyone in the encampment could hear it.

Fear spread throughout the encampment while a commotion began to break out. Every soldier's facial expression turned odd, doubtful, and fearful...


An armored boot stomped on the head of the god priest. His head exploded like a watermelon, and his hysterical voice came to an abrupt end.

He Nanshan's face was as calm as water. "Anyone who deludes the people with lies will be executed on the spot!"

His piercing gaze swept across the entire encampment, causing every soldier to lower their heads in shame.

"If His Majesty was here, he would definitely chop off your heads the moment he saw the look on your faces!" He Nanshan snorted.

Everyone's faces turned red as they felt even more shame.

He Nanshan's face relaxed as a glint flashed across his eyes. "The enemy is here. Prepare for battle!"

Everyone raised their heads as battle fervor surging through their bodies. The fear and doubt they had felt previously disappeared without a trace.