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Chapter 665: Mutual Understanding

 Chapter 665: Mutual Understanding

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On board a God-subduing Peak with tight security.

The Infantry Division's soldiers were sorting out their armor in an unhurried and careful manner, typical of veterans. They were no longer newbies whom people looked down on. Multiple battles had gradually carved them into mature warriors.

Karakorum Polaris followed behind Silver Soldier, a veil covering her face. Her star-like eyes exposed the worries on her mind.

She wasn't someone who could conceal her emotions after all. Furthermore, she was facing the senior whom she had the most trust in, so she couldn't help but ask, "What is Aunt Ye thinking? How could she make a move on Division Leader Shi? How could she?"

After a while she hesitantly muttered to herself, "Perhaps the Sky Leaf Division did it without permission? That's right! It must be! Why would Aunt Ye attack Shi Beihai? Her people must have acted against her orders!"

Karakorum Polaris, who was usually calm and habitually silent, was actually talking this much. It could be seen that this matter had impacted her greatly.

Silver Soldier kept quiet, his deep gaze penetrating his iron mask and sweeping across the armor in the soldiers' hands.

The armor that belonged to the Infantry Division soldiers were completely different from those issued previously. This was a new batch of battle armor specially forged by the camp at the rear after the master weaponsmiths from the Pagoda Cannon Alliance gathered new information from the recent battles.

The brand new armor was integrated with a huge number of the Central Pine Faction's exclusive elemental traces, such as those of the five elemental ring on the Pinwheel Swords. When it came to the understanding and usage of elemental traces, the Central Pine Faction was unique and unmatched.

The armor sent by Skyheart City were old models that had been forged five or six years ago. It was said that they were found in a warehouse.

The 13 divisions of the former Avalon of Five Elements had their own equipment division that consisted of their own master weaponsmiths, who would research and produce new gear.

Currently, the division remained, but the master weaponsmiths had long vanished. More importantly, who still cared about this?

The Infantry and Sky Edge divisions were no longer the elite, but two completely new combat divisions. They had finally attained some hard-earned results, yet the Sky Leaf Division had to appear and shake things up.

No soldier was willing to use the older models, soall of the older equipment was kept in the warehouse. Later on, Silver Soldier simply removed equipment off the replenishment list and asked for training necessities, medicine, and supplies.

Silver Soldier withdrew his thoughts and saw that no one was around. In a low voice he said, "The Sky Leaf Division came to find me."

Karakorum Polaris was about to cry out, but stopped herself by pursing her lips. The eyes beneath her veil were wide open.

Silver Soldier continued nonchalantly, "I did not agree or disagree. Initially I thought this would buy some time, and we could talk after this war, but who knows... sigh..."

His deep sigh sounded from behind his mask as an indescribable weariness took over his body.

Shock emerged on Karakorum Polaris's face, but gradually dissipated shortly after.

The two of them entered the tent in silence. It was empty inside.

Silver Soldier did not speak. He was waiting for his junior to process this matter.

Shortly, Karakorum Polaris raised her head. "I've figured things out, Senior."

"Have you?"

"Yeah." The voice behind the veil was resolute, and the limpid eyes behind the veil were bitingly bright. "It's clear now."

Silver Soldier listened quietly. He knew that while Junior appeared indifferent, she was in fact extremely firm and had her own views.

"Aunt Ye is at fault!" Karakorum Polaris stated. "Be it toward Ai Hui and his gang or Shi Beihai, she shouldn't be like this. We're fighting alongside Ai Hui and his people. We bleed and sacrifice together. It's disgraceful to do this behind their backs. I'm on their side this time."

Hearing the child-like words "on their side" made Silver Soldier laugh, but he quickly commented in a stern manner, "Then your aunt will be very disappointed. She sees you as her own daughter. You spent so much time playing in her residence when you were young, and the sword moves you learned were from the Ye residence's manuals."


"Without Aunt Ye's support, the Karakorum Sword League will shut down, and the sword manual you're hoping to compile will go down the drain too."

"I'll do it myself."

"Then we'll have to resign from the combat divisions. Yeah, it will good enough if she doesn't condemn us. The best outcome is that we enjoy life in retirement."

"Retirement... so be it."

His smile widened behind his mask. Like an emerging ripple, he laughed cheerily, "Hahaha, all right! Retirement it shall be!"

The eyes behind the veil narrowed as their blade-like, sharp glint disappeared. Karakorum Polaris became an ordinary girl-next-door whose smile was warm and bashful.

After his laughter subsided, Silver Soldier said in a deep voice, "All right, let's finish this war off properly!'

The dog eat dog squabbling and plotting were exhausting. He yearned to fight the blood elementalists without getting swept into the whirlpool of political strife. He was disappointed by Skyheart City's recent behavior.

Karakorum Polaris nodded her head forcefully. "Yeah!"


It was a cloudy day in Jadeite City. There was no blazing sunlight, so it was exceptionally cool and refreshing. Yet, the citizens were unable to enjoy the weather since security was tight and the atmosphere within the city was grave. There wasn't a soul in sight on the streets.

High up in the atmosphere, two figures were facing each other.

The wild metal wind immediately turned tamed and quiet upon entering within a radius of 300 meters of these two. It was like stepping into a whole different world.

Dai Gang sized Le Buleng up and laughed. "Yeah, you look significantly younger. Strange."

People who weren't familiar with Le Buleng would be shocked by his current appearance. The originally withered and wrinkled Le Buleng was like an old laborer who worked on the fields. Now, he was like a 34 year old man whose wrinkles had all disappeared. He also stood tall and straight. Only the stubbornness and paranoia between his brows remained. He looked ordinary when he was younger, but his unmatchable sensitivity gave him a kind of unique and indescribable charm.

He was wrapped by a slighter bigger and transparent air bubble.

Le Buleng also felt somewhat uneasy. He looked around his surroundings, then at his own palm, and mumbled, "I've actually recovered my youthful vigor..."

Shortly after, he regained his senses and shook his head, "It is not a big deal, just mortal flesh. This force..."

Radiance filled his eyes.

Rather interested, Dai Gang asked, "What? Is there anything special about it? Come, tell me about your training situation."

Without declining, Le Buleng answered candidly, "Great!"

"After leaving Skyheart City, I decided to look for you. On the way, I suddenly understood that with my current condition, I definitely wasn't your match, so I decided to take a gamble. I felt that [Grandmaster Obliteration Flames] was decent and could be a threat to you, so I wanted to continue down this path. Unfortunately, with the condition that I was in, all my flesh and bones were already extremely tempered. How was I to improve if I were to advance down this path?"

Dai Gang's tone carried admiration. "Have you figured it out?"

In this aspect, he was rather impressed by Le Buleng. This fellow was insane and absolutely intelligent. He could do all sorts of crazy and wild things!

Le Buleng did not conceal his satisfaction. "At that time, I passed by a small brook and could clearly see the ground at the bottom. The water was sweet, clear, and very beautiful. A question popped up in my head: Such sweet water... was it pure water? Definitely not. Then it clicked. What about Golden Crow Fire? The strongest fire? Then, I thought about how my body had been tempered by the sun's fire and how Golden Crow Fire is unable to affect me. Could I temper it instead?"

Even Grandmaster Dai Gang couldn't help but feel moved. "Golden Crow Fire is extremely strong and matchlessly potent, yet you thought about tempering it?"

Le Buleng was pleased with Dai Gang's reaction. He raised his eyelids and snorted, "So what? Why not? When has anything ever had a limit and boundary? The sun has existed forever, yet life is so short and negligible. Hmph, so what? It's a venerable path, so why fear it? I'll do it if I want to!"

He spoke resolutely and heroically.

After some thought, he added, "Of course it is not easy, but I'll just have think of solutions."

Dai Gang burst into laughter and felt inexplicably carefree, complimenting afterward, "You're number one when it comes to ambition!"

He felt rather regretful. "A pity there is no wine to seal these words!"

Le Buleng smiled. "Your capacity for alcohol is horrendous."

Without getting angry, Dai Gang asked, "Tell me how did you temper the Golden Crow Fire?"


Le Buleng retracted his smile and turned serious. He was very clear about his strengths and weaknesses. He was bold, crazy, and wild enough, but when it came to training and theories he was far behind Dai Gang.

He had many unresolved doubts and hoped that Dai Gang could enlighten him.

"My idea is very simple. Since I want to temper Golden Crow Fire, I would first have to have a sufficient amount. So, I started absorbing more and more of it and quickly reached my limit. My first idea was to compress all of it within my body. This concept was truly aggressive, and I've tried many methods, but to no avail. Since it did not work, I thought of another solution. I started operating the Golden Crow Fire within my body, letting it form a whirlpool. This method was very effective, and I quickly gathered a huge volume. Still, I noticed that I was unable to absorb any more of it shortly after. Later on, I realized..."

Le Buleng spoke very carefully and did not conceal any details or thoughts.

Dai Gang listened closely and would interject occasionally to question him.

They became increasingly excited and deep in thought. They gestured enthusiastically with their arms and legs, clapping and laughing from time to time.

They were like close brothers or good friends who had known each other for years. No one could tell that they were mortal enemies who were fated to fight against each other for their whole lives.

Since they fought with their lives, they had a mutual understanding.