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Chapter 664: Prey

 Chapter 664: Prey

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The soft red garment was like a rippling wave that fluttered slowly in the wind.

She Yu stopped in midair, her gaze sweeping across the ground. Her delicate and charming face was now beyond gloomy.

A rare trace of water vapor had appeared in the Wilderness, but the remnant water elemental energy waves had been so intense it was as if they were deeply imprinted onto the ground.

Shi Beihai!

The Wall of North Sea had been destroyed, but there was still no news about Shi Beihai's whereabouts. She wanted to see him, dead or alive, since he wasn't just an ordinary elementalist, but one of the most powerful fighters and also the division leader of the North Sea Division. She Yu hadn't fought with him before, but Ye Baiyi and Mister Dou had both confirmed his capability.

The remnant ripples in this region were the proof.

There was another reverberating gush that remained here. This unique five elemental energy undulation could only mean one thing-Sky Leaf Division! She Yu had killed tens of Sky Leaf Masters, so she was very familiar with the characteristics of this kind of elemental energy.

She could even determine that it was highly likely that the person who fought with Shi Bei Hai was the Sky Leaf Division's beautiful vice leader. It seemed that that woman had suffered a huge loss, which made She Yu shiver inwardly.

Fu Sisi was very strong, with abilities exceeding most of the elementalists from the Sky Leaf Division. In fact, she was probably on par with She Yu when She Yu had yet to completely recover from her injuries. Even though She Yu had benefited from her defeat and had grown significantly stronger, she did not have absolute confidence that she could defeat Fu Sisi.

Not only was Shi Beihai alive, he was much stronger than anybody had expected. This was undoubtedly terrible news.

Worse, Ye Baiyi could very possibly have landed in the hands of Shi Beihai!

She Yu's mood fluctuated. Shortly after her delicate face regained its usual leisure, her deep eyes gazed into the distance. She had planned to get rid of Fu Sisi with one blow since she knew the latter was severely injured. However, thinking about how Ye Baiyi could've fallen into Shi Beihai's hands, she could only sigh and watch as such a golden opportunity slipped away.

General Ye was her highest priority!

Dressed in her drifting red dress, she vanished into the air like a wisp of faint smoke.


The atmosphere was extremely tense in the meeting room of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

All the important figures from the defensive line were present, including Silver Soldier and Karakorum Polaris. Everyone, especially Shi Xueman, was excited, yet nervous. Although she tried to restrain herself and maintain her composure, everyone in the room was familiar with her character, so how could they not tell?

Gu Xuan was the one giving the report. He, too, knew that the situation was unusual. He presented an exceptionally meticulous account, fearing that he might miss some detail.

"... At that point, we were creating disturbances for the God Spirit Division, but it wasn't very effective, and the opponents did not withdraw. After some discussion, we felt that staying there was inefficient. As such, we decided to infiltrate from the rear and see if we could find any of the enemy's smaller units or replenishing teams to get something out of them. We advanced about 300 miles, but couldn't find anything. Just as we were about to turn back, we felt an intense surge of elemental energy ripples. Coincidentally, Master Huo was on board the Pinwheel Sword. His judgment in regard to elemental energy is much more accurate than ours."

Silence filled the meeting room as everyone was absorbed in his narration. They diverted their gazes toward Huo Da.

Huo Da really wanted to become a sword operator and was always involved in the operations of the Sword of Lightning.

Huo Da did not defer. As a Master, he was indeed more authoritative in this aspect.

In a deep voice he began talking, "Yes, the elemental energy ripples were very intense, probably due to an ongoing fierce battle between two strong fighters. One of the ripples was from water elemental energy. It had obvious properties belonging to that of the North Sea Division, so it should be from them. The other ripple was very strange. If I'm not wrong, it should be five elemental energy from the Sky Leaf Division.

Many of the listeners looked worried. The Sky Leaf Division had shaken the world with its power.

Shi Xueman was unexpectedly calm now.

Huo Da reported, "I believe that the water elemental energy was stronger and had the upper hand!"

Joy flashed across everybody's faces. A few of them almost cheered out loud, but stopped upon seeing Huo Da's grave expression. He wasn't done.

"However!" Huo Da added, causing their hearts to tense up all at once. After hesitating for a bit he continued, "The ripples of water elemental energy were simply too intense. If it really was Division Leader Shi, I'm afraid he possibly overdrew his strength. Of course, this is just my conjecture. I'm not familiar with his abilities after all."

Everyone then diverted their gaze toward Shi Xueman. As his daughter, she would have the answer.

She responded, "He might have already been injured."

Her tone was certain as a murderous spirit bubbled in her ice cold eyes. She emitted an intimidatingly mighty aura. Thinking about the Sky Leaf Division clashing with her father fed her already overwhelming blood thirst.

The atmosphere became stifling and furious. Shi Beihai led his division to resist the blood elementalists. They had not retreated at all, even as the whole army was practically being wiped out. The North Sea Division's sacrifice was still fresh in everybody's mind, yet the Sky Leaf Division was already planning to kill Shi Beihai?

The North Sea Division...

Silver Soldier couldn't help but reminisce about his good old friend and sigh. He knew he needed to say something. Everyone present was from the Central Pine Faction except for Karakorum Polaris and himself, who were Madam Ye's people. This issue had resulted in an unmendable crack between the Central Pine Faction and Skyheart City. The so called Great Elder position had become a joke.

He found it hard to understand why Madam Ye would make a move on Shi Beihai. Was it because of achievements?! How disappointing and disdainful was that?

He did not want to get involved in internal strife, but also didn't want the defensive line to collapse just like that. Everyone knew that the Blood of God's upcoming retaliation was going to be undeniably ferocious!

Karakorum Polaris looked somewhat embarrassed as well. Her cheeks were burning, and she couldn't bear to show her face. Having fought alongside them for such a long time, the simple-minded young lady had long regarded everyone as brothers, so she did not know how to explain this to them at this point.

Silver Soldier said in a low voice, "We need to go rescue Division Leader Shi immediately! The elemental energy fluctuations are too intense, and the blood elementalists will definitely sense them. They will not sit and watch Division Leader Shi escape. We must act now or he will be trapped. The Pinwheel Sword... let's use that. The stronger fighters should join the search!"

Knowing that time was of the essence and that this wasn't the time for conflict, everyone quickly started discussing this operation.

Huo Da volunteered himself. "While my sword operating skills aren't quite there yet, I can still steer it. This way we can send out another Pinwheel Sword to split the search."

"All right!" Shi Xueman agreed instantly before ordering, "Two Pinwheel Sword will travel north separately. Huanghun, follow Master Huo's Pinwheel sword and shield it if necessary."


"Qian Dai and myself will board the other Pinwheel Sword. Jiang Wei, Sang Zhijun, Silver Soldier, and Polaris will guard the defensive line. Be careful because the enemy might take this opportunity to attack. We shall search the rivers, lakes, and valleys along the way. Take the North Sea Division's signal bullets with you and put them into every river and lake. If there are none, drill them into the underground river."

"The enemy will definitely harass us, but let's try to cut down on skirmishes and throw them off with speed instead. Return to the defensive line as fast as possible after finding Division Leader Shi."

A series of orders was relayed in this manner. Shi Xueman wasn't the least bit hesitant.

Everyone answered simultaneously, "Yes!"

Just then, a familiar voice joined in like the wind. "Count me in."

Shi Xueman opened her eyes wide in joy, crying out, "Ai Hui!"

The meeting room door opened, and a slender youth greeted them with a slight smile.

Tears instantly filled the eyes of Shi Xueman, who had just been relaying orders with an unswerving and determined expression.


Above the mountain peak, the sounds of clothes fluttering in the wind could be heard. Facing the wind, Xiao Buguo stood loftily, his eyes overlooking the ground like electricity.

A silhouette appeared like lightning before him.

"Reporting! Traces of activity in the northwest!"

He did not move, but a smile appeared at his mouth. "Search again! Take note of the underground river! Those dregs of the North Sea Division escaped through the underground rivers previously! Dig three feet deep if you have to!"


The subordinates acknowledged and went to work.

According to the original plan, the God Tiger Division would rush to the defensive line to rendezvous with the He Nanshan led God Spirit Division. Meanwhile, a team would be left behind to rally the smaller units that were still en route. The sudden explosion of elemental energy waves, however, had disrupted this plan.

Such an alarming water elemental energy surge could only mean that Shi Beihai was still alive!

Shan Xiong immediately decided for Xiao Buyu to lead a unit of elites and six soldiers with the Ability of God and stay behind to hunt down Shi Beihai. Shan Xiong gave Xiao Buyu a kill order. He was to eliminate Shi Beihai no matter what!

Shan Xiong wasn't aware that Ye Baiyi was in Shi Beihai's hands, and he had his own considerations.

If Shi Beihai was still alive, it meant that their previous victory was just a joke. Their own general was missing, but the enemy's general was alive and kicking. What could it be but a joke?

Shi Beihai was one of the few powerful fighters that no one dared to underestimate. Now this ferocious beast of the North Sea was hiding behind their backs and cloaked in the darkness. The moment they were to expose their vulnerability, all that would be left for them was a fatal blow.

Shi Beihai's might had shaken the world. Xiao Buyu had witnessed his power and did not dare to overlook him at all. However, he had confidence because this time it was very likely that Shi Beihai was wounded.

The water elemental energy ripples from yesterday were unequaled, but within the mix was another gush of similarly powerful energy waves. This meant that Shi Beihai had met with an equally strong opponent. The second elemental energy wave was extremely peculiar, and it was difficult to determine which element it was, but Xiao Buyu guessed that it could be from the Sky Leaf Division.

The Sky Leaf Division's appearance had Shan Xiong worried as well, but he decided to hand this problem over to Her Highness, She Yu, to fret over.

Xiao Buyu didn't think too much. He rubbed his fists in excitement because he knew that this was the best time to kill Shi Beihai.

Yet, he didn't know that there were quite a few other teams, consisting of a large number of strong blood elementalists, that were searching toward the Wall of North Sea.

Those intense elemental energy waves were like the sun in the night sky, dazzling and exceptionally eye-catching.

The prey that was Shi Beihai could easily arouse the battle fervor of blood elementalists.

As if feeling the austerity of it all, the temperature fell drastically, and snow started falling.