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Chapter 663: Successor

 Chapter 663: Successor

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Inside the Lotus Command Hall, the air was frozen.

Everyone present seemed to be strangled by a pair of invisible hands and were unable to move. The intimidating and heavy power suffocated them as sweat rolled down their pale cheeks. It was so quiet inside that even a pin drop would clearly be heard.

Everyone looked frightened, especially Quan Weide. He did not know that the contents of his earlier report had angered the Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster was the god of the Jadeite Forest. His will was the will of the Jadeite Forest. Any anger from him was sufficient for blood to flow like a river. They hadn't seen the Grandmaster's wrath. To them he was like a god in the sky, overlooking all worldly affairs.

Quan Weide's thighs were trembling and his feet gave out, but he couldn't move because the surrounding pressure had confined him, causing him to remain in this position like a statue. He wanted to open his mouth to beg for mercy, but no voice came out.

Only Yu Mingqiu and Lu Chen understood why Dai Gang was this angry.

Yu Mingqiu's mind buzzed and blanked. He was stunned by this unexpected truth and found it hard to remain calm.

Ye Baiyi... Ye Baiyi was actually their senior?

Yu Mingqiu found it absolutely ridiculous.

That's right, preposterous!

Ye Baiyi had been the division leader of the Icy Flames Division for so many years, while Yu Mingqiu was the vice division leader of the Death Grass Division. While they weren't considered well acquainted, they had met quite a number of times. Ye Baiyi had never shown any signs at all. Furthermore, Icy Flame was a fire elemental combat division!

Teacher's first disciple was actually a fire elementalist? How illogical!

In the past Yu Mingqiu had felt that Ye Baiyi was extremely enigmatic. Ye Baiyi had a mysterious history and all Yu Mingqiu knew was that he was a new citizen who gradually became the representative of the new citizens. Ye Baiyi's journey of progress was rather legendary. He had started from the bottom and became famous through the Battle of The Dawn, eventually replacing Le Buleng as the division leader of the Icy Flames Division.

Nevertheless, no one would've thought that he would defect to the Holy Emperor and become the number one traitor in the Avalon of Five Elements. The Holy Emperor's reward for him shocked the world. Even before serving, Ye Baiyi had been granted the title of "War God" and was the overall commander of the army. The Holy Emperor had also specially constructed War God Palace for him, which only the third palace after the Beast Venom Temple and the Cold Palace.

Ye Baiyi did not let the Holy Emperor down as he reformed the military tactics of the blood elementalist combat division and established the six god divisions. From then on, between the God Nation and the Avalon of Five Elements, the former started gaining the upper hand and became increasingly dominant and superior over time.

If he wasn't aware that Ye Baiyi was his senior, Yu Mingqiu would feel that he was a mysterious and complex person who was difficult to read.

If Ye Baiyi was really his senior, all the things he had done would become even more illogical!

Teacher was on par with the Holy Emperor so, as a disciple, why would Ye Baiyi surrender to the latter?

Unless... unless it was a feigned surrender?

This idea popped up, snapping Yu Mingqiu out of his thoughts. Thinking about how Teacher had been so worried and concerned about Ye Baiyi, his idea seemed very possible. However, he quickly had his doubts. When Ye Baiyi was still in the Avalon of Five Elements, he had still hidden this relationship along with Teacher.

Why did they conceal their real relationship?

Yu Mingqiu felt his heart turn cold. His face was rather pale, and he dared not proceed down this train of thought.

Beside him, Lu Chen was deep in his own thoughts, his face similarly pale-looking.

Before they could sort out their thoughts, a gush of domineering and vast energy waves came through from overhead. It was so intense that even the heavily guarded hall felt like a hot desert as heat waves continued rolling in.

Yu Mingqiu and Lu Chen raised their heads at the same time and looked toward the dome. Their faces changed.

The same name leapt into their minds.

Le Buleng!


Heavy thunder sounded from the faraway horizon, yet the sky was clear and cloudless. Where was it coming from?

Outside the hall gate, the sunlight burned even more fiercely, causing the temperature to spike. Moisture evaporated as the trees dried up rapidly. The interior of the cold and quiet hall was like a different world from the outside, where a deathly pale and blazing sun hung in the sky.

A faint sigh broke the silence, and the invisible shackles vanished. The frozen air within the hall started circulating once again, as if time had just frozen for a brief moment.

Sweat stained everybody's garments and even the floor, proving that what happened wasn't an illusion.

Thump. A sudden sound startled them.

It turned out to be Quan Weide, who had gone weak in his limbs, lost his balance, and fallen onto the lotus leaf.

No one laughed at him, however, since they probably would've fared worse if they were in his position.

Dai Gang's expression returned to normal; the familiar smile and spring-like aura had returned. Still, having witnessed the bitingly wintry and bone-piercing aura, fear followed them like a shadow, and no one dared to relax or be careless.

They stood respectfully with their heads lowered, trembled in fear, and did not dare to make any sound. The blood within their bodies was flowing slowly, preventing them from quickly regaining their body heat.

Dai Gang smiled and spoke gently, "I need to address a matter first."

Everybody kneeled down immediately. "We await your orders!"

While trembling uncontrollably, Quan Weidie stumbled onto his knees.

As if narrating a story, Dai Gang started, "I've made a promise to Le Buleng. As long as he challenges me, I shall accept. Actually, it does not have that much to do with this battle, but there are certain things that I wish to arrange as soon as possible, and now's the chance, so I shall say my piece. I'm embarrassed to say that while everyone in the Jadeite Forest regards me as the leader, I've done very little. Instead, it is you all who have been working diligently while spilling blood, sweat, and tears. As they say, when a teacher is in trouble, his disciple will carry on his work. I'm not going to make it, so the affairs of the Jadeite Forest will be handed over to Mingqiu. Mingqiu is young and not as experienced, so please, everybody, spend more effort helping him like how you've helped me."

Everyone had long predicted that this assembly was for a big announcement. Nevertheless, this explosive news still left them dumbstruck.

Grandmaster was at his peak, which would predictably last for a few more decades, so why was he arranging for a successor so soon?

As for Le Buleng, no one paid too much attention. While he was known as the third strongest person in the world, it was obvious that his abilities were far behind those of the top two. Perhaps he could create some trouble for Dai Gang, but only the Holy Emperor could really challenge Dai Gang.

Furthermore, Dai Gang chose the second and not the first prince.

Lu Chen looked pleased, patting Yu Mingqiu's shoulder encouragingly and feeling happy for his junior. He was relieved. He had no interest in power. These trifling matters were no different from poison. However, as the senior disciple, the pressure was ultimately on him. Now that he could finally do what he liked, he was beyond happy.

The master of the Lu family, Lu Zhian, didn't look too good, however.

Dai Gang had no son, so logically speaking, as the senior, Lu Chen was more likely to become his successor. Unexpectedly, Grandmaster did not act according to convention and chose Yu Mingqiu instead.

Even though he, himself, knew that Chen'er was overly-simple and an unsuitable candidate, seeing the throne slip away just like that made him feel terrible.

Lu Zhian was a calm person after all. He stepped out and said, "Don't worry, Grandmaster. We will certainly assist the second lord as best as we can. We will do anything!"

The rest responded in the same manner, hurriedly declaring their devotion.

Yu Mingqiu was rather shocked, and his mind was in a mess. He had still been thinking about Senior Ye Baiyi's secrets when Teacher pointed him out. He was caught completely off guard.

When he finally processed what had just happened, he prepared to refuse.

As the vice leader of the Deathgrass Division, he had chosen to enter the Wilderness alone because he was unable to accept the Jadeite Forest's secession. Although he had returned, this issue continued to affect him. The Jadeite Forest's extravagant atmosphere was the complete opposite of the arduous and torturous years that he had spent in the Wilderness, and this truly made him feel bad.

Dai Gang smiled and did not let Yu Mingqiu speak. "I heard that Xiao Qiu's been interested in embroidery lately and running to Mingxiu's workshop every day. Xiao Qiu isn't young anymore, and his parents aren't around anymore. As his teacher, I've decided to propose marriage with the Lu family. Mingxiu and Xiao Qiu are childhood friends, and now that they're both Masters, it can be said that they're an ideal couple. What do you say, Master Lu?"

Yu Mingqiu's mind went blank.

He stopped listening at this point and threw whatever he had wanted to say to the back of his mind. Only endless joy filled his heart.

Lu Zhian hadn't expected Grandmaster to propose marriage either, but he quickly responded with a face full of joy. Yu Mingqiu was the future master of the Jadeite Forest, so this marriage would be extremely beneficial for the Lu family. Plus, as Grandmaster had mentioned, Mingqiu and Mingxiu had been friends since childhood and he had always been devoted to her. They were really a good match.

Moved, he answered, "Great, great, great! It's our family's honor. Xiao Qiu grew up under your watch and you regard him as your own son. This marriage is more than anything I can ever ask for!"

An enormous amount of pleasant surprise crashed and swallowed Yu Mingqiu up like a tsunami.

His yearning and adoration transformed into indescribable joy that filled every corner of his heart. He wanted to scream. He wanted to run over to the workshop. He wanted to confess!

He wanted to cut open his chest and let Mingxiu see that his heart was beating for her. He wanted to tell her that he was willing to do anything for her, be it treading on fire or climbing mountains made of knives.

He wished morning would come soon so he could see Mingxiu the moment she opened her eyes. He could look at her sleeping like a child and watch her face as it was lit up by a wisp of sunlight that shone through the windows. He couldn't wait to wake up beside her. He could tuck her locks of hair behind her ears and greet her when she woke up.

Ahhhhhh, he was too happy. What to do, what to do. Too, too, too happy!

Seeing a foolish grin taking over Yu Mingqiu's usually smart-looking and alert face made Dai Gang smile for a second.

He then raised his head, his abstruse and sharp gaze seemingly piercing through the domed roof made out of translucent jade and landing upon the boundless sky.

At that location, there was a tenacious looking figure.


Before his voice finished fading, the seat of honor was already empty.