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Chapter 661: Assembly

 Chapter 661: Assembly

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Yu Mingqiu was spinning silk in Mingxiu's embroidery workshop. He was sweating all over, vapor was rising from his whole body, and he did not blink at all.

"When it comes to spinning silk, you're still the best. Far better than I am."

Mingxiu's praise back then came unexpectedly and had caused Yu Mingqiu's ears to turn red. To be honest, Yu Mingqiu admired Ai Hui very much and knew that Ai Hui and Mingxiu were like siblings instead of lovers. Even then, he couldn't handle the daily compliments she showered Ai Hui with.

Jealousy. Rising jealousy! There was an idiom saying that jealousy is the root of all evil.

Jealousy breaks his elemental energy down!

Jealousy makes him turn ugly!

Jealousy clogs his five elements!

Jealousy makes him forget to string his bow!

Jealousy makes him recite his poetry like sh*t!

(Pun between poetry and shit. Poetry - (shi1), Shit - (shi3))

Yu Mingqiu's eyes were bloodshot. Unacceptable! Spinning silk, was that right? Come, let me show you the kind of man that I am, able to recite countless verses and spin endless silk!

Damn, it broke!

Yu Mingqiu looked at the broken silk thread in his hand as his face twitched.

"Brother Mingqiu's progressed a lot."

Mingxiu's voice relaxed his distorted expression immediately as all anger vanished in a puff of smoke. He coughed softly, acting aloof. "I gotta work harder. As they say, if you don't work hard when you're single, there's only grief after marriage!"

Mingxiu smiled as the other embroidery ladies chuckled while covering their mouths.

Yu MIngqiu looked at the time and knew it was time to leave. Upset, he bade, "I'm going now. See you tomorrow, Mingxiu. See you ladies tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Brother Xiaoqiu!"

Time flew by whenever he was in the workshop. How he wished it would slow down.

Yu Mingqiu walked out of the workshop. A few steps later, his sweat disappeared, and his usual expression returned.

Suddenly, the scenery within his field of view turned white at a visible speed as a fearful elemental energy wave motion traveled from overhead. In that instant, the whole Jadeite Forest fell into a dead silence.

Yu Mingqiu's face changed slightly. He jerked his head up toward the sky.

The smaller sun had shrunk into the size of a needle tip. It appeared like a star, but the light it emitted was so intense that even the bigger sun seemed dim and was overshadowed.

A reveal after all?

Worry flashed across Yu Mingqiu's heart, but he quickly composed himself. He had absolute confidence in his teacher. Even if Le Buleng were to become a Grandmaster, he still wouldn't be Teacher's match.

Teacher has been a Grandmaster for many years, so how could he have remained stagnant all this time?

Quickly, Yu Mingqiu noticed many figures shooting out from all directions. They were Teacher's guards.

He instantly knew that something big had happened.

Upon seeing Yu Mingqiu, one of the guards hurriedly called out, "Lord Mingqiu, Grandmaster has ordered everybody to assemble in the palace to discuss important matters. Please go there quickly. I'll inform the others."

Yu Mingqiu nodded. "Got it."

He glanced up at the blazing light speck before retracting his gaze and flying toward the Palace of Origin.

High in the sky, the island-like fireball had already compressed into a sphere with a radius of less than 30 meters. Its originally golden color had turned white as well.

Amid the blazing fireball, a pitch black figure could clearly be seen.

It was so dazzling that even the sun had lost its luminosity. The darkness was so profound that it seemed as though it could swallow all light. The stark contrast created a devilish image. It had an indescribable strangeness and beauty, but was unexplainably alluring and captivating.

The terrifying wave motion formed rings of invisible ripples that spread outward.

When the elemental energy wave motion swept past, a mighty aura emerged, as if to announce the arrival of the gods.

The Palace of Origin was usually very quiet because Dai Gang did not appreciate disturbances and ordinary affairs. He led a reclusive life.

Only Lu Chen, Yu Mingqiu, and a few others had the right to enter and exit.

Upon arriving, Yu Mingqiu noticed that the palace gates, which were closed at all times, were now open.

People entered in an endless stream. The entrance was bustling with noise.

Important figures flew toward the Palace of Origin one after another, landing a few blocks away before walking over. They were well acquainted, whispering to one another upon meeting. With a suspicious expression on their faces, they discussed the possible reasons for this assembly. That terrifying wave motion from earlier made its way into their conjectures. It was a bad omen.

The atmosphere was grave and stifling.

The visitors fell silent upon catching sight of the vine and flower-filled palace walls from ad distance. Veneration washed over their faces as they lightened their footsteps in fear of disrupting the peace.

Inside, the palace hall was quiet and serene, but a little solemn.

A slightly chilly gust welcomed them as they strode across the threshold. It was indescribably comforting. The wood elemental energy within the Palace of Origin was much thicker than the outside. It was also strangely gentle and smooth. Regardless of the inherited skills they practiced, all of them felt an unexplainable sense of comfort.

For many, this was their first time entering the Palace of Origin, so they couldn't help but look around in curiosity. However, they were quickly disappointed because the palace was simple and plain. The greenery was lush and there were all kinds of rare flowers and plants, but they weren't considered magnificent.

Rumor had it that the Holy Emperor's palace was so grand and majestic that being inside made visitors feel small. In terms of luxury, the Palace of Origin couldn't even compare to their own residences.

However, wood elementalists with profound abilities had grave looks on their faces. They could feel the difference between this wood elemental energy and the energy they had been in touch with previously. The palace's every grass, tree, mountain, and rock appeared simple, but were in fact abstruse. Between the circulation of elemental energy hid an indescribable wonder.

These visitors trembled inwardly. The wood elemental energy in the Palace of Origin was just as thick as before, but it used to surge violently like an angry wave. Now, it was like spring wind and rain, moist and silent.

Everybody acted very respectful, as if they were disciples about to pay a formal visit to their teacher.

Qing Hai smiled, standing before the hallway. "Grandmaster Dai is waiting This way please."

He was dressed in a simple, navy robe with his hair worn in a bun and fastened by a wooden floral hairpin. He smiled amiably and appeared like an ordinary servant.

Nevertheless, facing one of the Jadeite Forest's leading figure, no one dared to slow down. They hurriedly moved forward to make their salutations. Qing Hai had been serving Grandmaster Dai for a few decades and had gained his complete trust. This was something no one could compete with.

The main hall of the Palace of Origin was called the Lotus Command Hall, and this was the first time it was being used.

Compared to the Holy Emperor's impressive palace hall, the Lotus Command Hall was simple, yet elegant, just like a pretty daughter from a humble family. In the center of the main hall was a huge, square pond. It extended deeply into the hall and had table-sized king lotuses floating neatly on both sides of the square pond. On top of each king lotus leaf was a white prayer mat.

The lotus flower at the center of the pond bloomed, emitting a delicate fragrance.

Water trickled down around the pond like snow.

The domed roof of the palace hall was a piece of intact jadeite. It was sparkling, translucent, and glistening. The waves of the pond were reflected by the clear domed roof, producing a gleam that was absolutely beautiful.

Behind the water curtain that surrounded the pond, a figure who sat upright could vaguely be seen.

Grandmaster Dai!

Everybody quickly restrained themselves and sped up toward the pond. The water curtain opened up as if there was a pair of invisible hands pulling it apart. The visitors stepped onto the king lotus leaves and took a seat.

Yu Mingqiu walked to the second praying mat before Grandmaster Dai and bowed. "Teacher!"

Grandmaster Dai smiled slightly. "Take a seat. Your senior is coming too."

Yu Mingqiu nodded calmly, but was actually left speechless. It seemed like there was really something big. Teacher had even called for Senior. Lu Chen was a simple man who had no interest in ordinary affairs and wouldn't bother with unnecessary things.

Indeed, Lu Chen arrived shortly after and took a seat beside Yu Mingqiu. They made eye contact and saw the doubt in each other's faces. It seemed to them that even if Le Buleng had become a Grandmaster, there was no need to create such a big fanfare.

Quickly, the hall was filled and many had to stand before the water curtain or along the corridor.

Everybody had serious looks on their faces. Some were even deeply worried since it was very rare for all of the important figures to be called over. Yu Mingqiu's presence wasn't a surprise, but the appearance of the usually disinterested Lu Chen was indeed shocking. In fact, the patriarchs of the renowned aristocratic families were all here: the Lu family, Duanmu family, Quan family, and so on.

Such a huge assembly had never been seen in the Jadeite Forest.

Did something major happen?

As everyone was guessing to themselves, restlessness and apprehensiveness started taking over them.

The water curtain above them slowly opened up, revealing Grandmaster Dai's silhouette.

Everybody stood up and greeted, "Grandmaster!"

Grandmaster Dai returned with a slight bow. "All's here and well."

After everyone had taken their seats, he smiled and spoke up again, "I've not seen all of you in a long time. Everyone looks great and happy. I've called you over without prior notice, so please forgive me for disrupting your regular schedules."

Grandmaster Dai's voice was warm and kind, making people feel as though spring had washed over them.

They quickly responded simultaneously, "Not at all."

Grandmaster Dai continued, "I've called all of you over to explain a few matters. Also, the front line battle report has arrived, and there are many important pieces of news. Although the Jadeite Forest is not directly involved in the battle between Beyond Avalon and the Blood of God, it is inevitable for us to become implicated."

He sighed softly. "Ever since our independence, there has only been peace and quiet. I can see from your complexions that all of you have been living decent lives. How can our peace last amid this chaotic world? I do not wish to dampen your spirits, but the circumstances and times have. Life will be different from now on, so please bear with me."

Everybody listened in silence and apprehension. They straightened their backs and sat upright.

With a calm expression, Grandmaster Dai said, "President Quan, please deliver the report of current events."

Everybody's gaze fell simultaneously onto Quan Weide. Quan Weide was the president of the Deep Sea Enterprise and had many channels for obtaining information. Everyone was curious about the purpose of this assembly. Did something big happen?

The battle at the Windy Pearl Bridge defensive line circulated rather widely within the Jadeite Forest. It was a topic discussed fervently over tea and meals. However, their discussions were either without many details, made with bits of information, or filled with contradictions, making it difficult to piece the whole story together.

Knowing this, President Quan Weide would definitely explain the detailed truth.