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Chapter 660: God Tiger

 Chapter 660: God Tiger

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What was this?

Fu Sisi was frightened by the violent, compressed water walls approaching from all directions, which made them impossible to dodge. The gigantic water walls rumbled loudly and moved quickly, containing a majestic and boundless might.

She felt an intense suffocation, as if her body had been placed in a meat grinder.

Death was close. She was going to be crushed in the next moment!

Her hands and feet were ice cold. She was panicked and at a loss. Thoughts flooded her brain. How... how could this be? How did Shi Beihai have such terrifying power?

He was merely the North Sea Division's leader!

Why was he so powerful?

There seemed to be a voice screaming inside her head. The intense trembling due to the fear of death made her hair stand on end. Her eyes lost their focus as her survival instinct kicked in.

She shrieked uncontrollably. Her scream was like an awl that pierced through the rain and the sea.

She jerked and closed her five fingers that were spread open, as if she was pulling back a net.

The blazing light pillar that was about to strike Shi Beihai swiftly collapsed and transformed into five differently colored ropes of light. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth... these five elemental energy light ropes rolled backward like five enormous pythons and swiftly coiled around Fu Sisi.

At the last moment she chose to defend herself!

This was not some electrically fancy technique, only a most primitive survival instinct. At the final moment of this full force death battle, she cowered.

Time seemed to freeze. The moment when their gazes intertwined, she saw her opponent.

Shi Beihei's armor was half shattered. He stood in the water with both hands clasping the broken spear, and his eyes were fixed onto her. He was expressionless. There was no anger or contempt. His gaze was as deep as the water.

This quick glimpse was unforgettable.

Unfathomable Shi Beihai!

The whistling sea drowned her field of view as the mountainous impact pounced onto her.

With a stifled groan, her mind went blank briefly.

Within a 50 mile range, the deluge surged violently like a tsunami. The waves were like giant palms slamming down heavily, and the raging water splashed high up into the sky. This absolutely terrifying force caused the ground to shake.

Only Shi Beihai stood unaffected amid these currents.

He kept his gaze on the magnificent scene and was somewhat absent-minded. The even more spectacular Wall of North Sea had long disappeared. Human strength was ultimately insignificant.

Suddenly, amid the angry waves, a light ray shot up into the sky and vanished into the horizon.

Qi Xiuyuan had thought that victory was near, but who knew that the cooked duck would actually fly away. He shouted urgently, "Boss!"

Shi Beihai shook his head. "No need to chase. There's no point."

Qi Xiuyuan felt indignant. "She actually fled! She must have great luck."

Shi Beiyi fixed his eyes on Fu Sisi, who was now distant. "Not luck, but ability. The Ye clan put their all into Master's Glory. Before, I was still uncertain, but now, it is clear how powerful Master's Glory actually is."

Qi Xiuyuan smirked. "Still not your match."

Shi Beihai shook his head again. "She's not weaker than I am. She just lacks experience and will power. She was only slightly injured."

Qi Xiuyuan did not retort. Smiling, he said, "I know you won anyway."

Shi Beihai ignored him and said with a grave expression, "If all the Masters of Master's Glory have this sort of ability... No, even if they're slightly weaker than her, they would still be very terrifying."

Qi Xiuyuan was stunned, and his face turned ugly. He finally understood what Boss was worried about.

The deluge that lost its target was no longer as violent. It calmed down quickly.

"Someone come help me. Bring the lad from the Dread Division, and we'll leave immediately," Shi Beihai ordered promptly, knowing that they had to leave because the enemy's reinforcements would arrive shortly, and they wouldn't be able to escape then.

His earlier move had consumed all of his energy. He even had to pay an additional small price for it. He was really spent.

Though, in order not to let Fu Sisi see through him, he had been enduring.

Qi Xiuyuan finally realized how horrible Boss's condition was. His face changed, and he quickly rushed over to support Shi Beihai.

The Sky Leaf Division's elementalists arrived shortly. They searched everywhere, but couldn't find any remaining members of the North Sea Division.

The North Sea Division had gone underwater, like fish.


A bonfire was lit in the wild as the faraway sun had already fallen behind the horizon. Darkness and cold had started to seep in.

An army troop was pitching their tents. Even though the troop wasn't small, everything was done orderly. Many powerful tigers were sprawled around the camping ground, lazing around like a group of big cats. Their physiques were intimidatingly majestic, with statures over four meters. They were like blocks of moving mountains. It could be seen from their fur color that there were three species of them.

Radiant tigers from the Radiance Blood Division had bright red fur with beautiful golden flower patterns. They had amber eyes, sharp ears, lean bodies, and were known for their speed.

Bluster mysterious tigers from the Bluster Blood Division were entirely different. They had a pair of scarlet eyes and enormous bodies. Their limbs were powerful, and they had a fierce temperament. The Beast Venom Palace had attached the remnant souls of mysterious tortoises on their bodies, producing black segments of mysterious tortoise shells that provided outstanding protection. As such, they were coined as ferocious war beasts.

However, the remnant mysterious tortoise souls were unceasingly absorbing the vitality of the black tigers, causing them to have short life spans. They rarely exceeded 10 years old and only had five prime combat years.

Using the bluster mysterious tigers came with many restrictions. For example, they weren't suitable for long distance traveling and needed special equipment for transporting goods. The Bluster Blood Division had a specialized battalion that followed behind. Plus, these tigers had an extreme appetite. The amount of jade fruits they consumed was five times more than the amount needed by radiant tigers.

Even though there were many restrictions, the bluster mysterious tigers' combat abilities were extremely alarming. Once they became engrossed in a fight, they became unstoppable and could instantly alter the course of a battle.

God tigers were the most beautiful. They had a pair of crystalline eyes, and their fur was white and spotless. During combat, rings of complicated blood traces would emerge. They had peculiar skills such as walking on air as if was the ground as well as striding and running on the sea of clouds.

There was a very small number of god tigers since it wasn't easy to nurture them.

Right now, most of the troops of the God Tiger Division, the Radiance Blood Division, and the Bluster Blood Division were pitching camp. Due to their greater endurance, a small portion of radiance tigers were patrolling, whereas the majority of them were resting. The bluster mysterious tigers were sleeping soundly. Energetic god tigers were playing in the sky, diving into the clouds at times and dashing out at times.

On a stone mountain not far away from the camp, the God Tiger's division leader, Shan Minxiong, was gazing into the distance.

Shan Minxiong was sturdy, powerful, and his arms were intimidatingly thick. He had dark skin, a flushed face, and looked like a blacksmith who worked long term in front of a forge. His eyes were clear, a sign that he was bold, but not scheming.

Beside him, the Radiance's division leader, Xiao Buyu, was giving his report. He was a lean and large fellow.

"Boss, 30 percent of the soldiers have yet to gather thus far."

Another big and fierce-looking fellow, who had a face full of beard, spoke, "10 percent of the Bluster Blood Division's soldiers have yet to gather."

He was the Bluster Blood division leader, Tu Shengxian.

Shan Minxiong crinkled his brows. Before, when chasing and attacking the Dread and Judgment divisions, they had to disperse and form small search teams. It was easy to split up, but difficult to reunite. Even if an assembling order had long been issued, many soldiers couldn't reconvene on schedule.

Due to of the Radiance Blood Division's outstanding endurance, soldiers had prioritized their mission despite the huge dispersal. As a result, this division had the most number of missing soldiers.

Shan Minxiong sighed, but quickly made a decision. "Someone will stay here and assemble the returning soldiers. Tomorrow, the rest will charge for the defensive line at full speed."

Both answered in unison, "Yes!"

Shan Minxiong smiled. "He Nanshan has already started expressing his discontent. He has been pestered beyond his tolerance by the enemy and even lost a few powerful experts with the Ability of God."

Tu Shengxian snorted. "The God Spirit Division is trash. If not for them, would General Ye and Palace Master Nangong have been captured?

He Nanshan's God Spirit Division had been guarding the rear camp, but was raided by the Dread and Judgement divisions. Ye Baiyi and Nangong Wulian were then kidnapped. To Tu Shengxian and others, the God Spirit Division shouldered the biggest blame.

They had not heard the news about Nangong Wulian.

Shan Minxiong waved his hand. "It has already happened, so there's no point complaining. Since His Majesty has sent Her Highness out, we will just listen to her orders."

Tu Shengxian snorted, but said nothing else.

Xiao Buyu said suddenly, "Her Highness's received the holy artifact. Such grace... has something like this ever happened?"

Shan Minxiong muttered, "Never. If Mister Bei could endure the holy artifact, I'm sure His Majesty would do the same for him. A pity he was born weak and can only take charge of the overall situation from within the palace. Otherwise, with his abilities, wouldn't taking over the world just be a piece a cake?"

Without commenting, Xiao Buyu continued, "With this development, is His Majesty planning to nurture Her Highness as his successor?

Shan Minxiong added, "His Majesty is in his prime. It's too early to talk about this."

Xiao Buyu pointed to the sky. "I heard that His Majesty wishes to go even further, conquering the world without sharing the glory. His Majesty's lofty aspirations are like those of rare heroes. This journey is dangerous and unfathomable. His Majesty must have his arrangements."

Shan Minxiong was frightened and shocked. Suddenly he thought, "If His Majesty left the God Nation..."

He quivered and dared not continue thinking. He berated, "Speak cautiously! How dare we speculate on His Majesty's thoughts? He has unmatchable talent. I've been faithfully serving him for many years. Being able to tame the power of the holy artifact was a fortunate thing for the God Nation..."

Just then, the horizon ended as a wind curtain that was visible to the naked eye emerged.

The wind wasn't huge, and it swept through gently. However, it contained abundant water elemental energy and indescribable elemental energy wave undulations.

The three of them were shocked.

It was as if their hearts were being prodded by an invisible hand.

Tu Shengxian asked, "Who?"

Xiao Buyu trembled. "Toward the Wall of North Sea!"

The Wall of North Sea...

Three of them looked at one another in dismay. A silhouette emerged in their minds simultaneously.

"Shi Beihai! Shi Beihai is still alive!"