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Chapter 659: The Sea

 Chapter 659: The Sea

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Thunder and lightning pierced the sky, making it appear like twilight. This could not illuminate the storm sufficiently to enable visibility as the rain, water sprays, and mist blurred the world.

The falling rain turned into streams and flowed into the pits. The different sized pits became different sized lakes in just a short time. If you stood above the dark clouds, you would see a spectacular view. Clouds in all directions were converging at this place at an alarming speed. The clouds, which spanned hundreds of miles, did not get thin due to the storm, but grew thicker like a rising mountain range.

Atop the cloud-covered mountains, a thick and strong lightning bolt that looked like a crazy silver python as the explosive thunder boomed louder and louder. It was as if a half naked giant that was 1,000 feet tall and had angry eyes was hiding within the continuous clouds and desperately beating on drums.

Fu Sisi finally noticed the unusual nature of the rain.

Falling from the sky were not raindrops, but rather rivulets of water, and they were thickening at an alarming rate.

Even if she had less experience, it was clear that the rain at this time was absolutely abnormal.

The water filled the pits, overflowed, and spread across the underbrush. It continuously and frantically rose up to knee level. The back country had turned into a vast ocean.

Wong Erdan stared dumbfounded as it felt like the end of the world.

A cold shiver went down his spine.

The temperature was dropping sharply, and exhaled air had become a visible white mist. He had already been drenched by the rain earlier and shivered due the sudden drop in temperature.

Shi Beihai... This was Shi Beihai!

Wang Erdan somewhat understand why Shi Beihai was so respected by his division leader.

Since Wan Shenwei was fond of him, Wang Erdan typically concurred with Wan Shenwei on every topic. The three central divisions were superior among the Thirteen Divisions. They looked at the rest of the divisions with inevitable condescension. Sir did not show any contempt for these division leaders, but only Shi Beihai seemed to be... regarded with respect?

Wang Erdan remembered clearly what Sir said because he had been extremely chatty at that time.

Please forgive him for using the word "chatty," it absolutely wasn't disrespect toward Sir. Wang Erdan was accustomed to the silence of Sir, and this was the first time he encountered Sir saying so much. The impression was too profound.

"Shi Beihai is as vast as the sea."

After that, Sir was his back to his usual self. His speech was short, yet powerful.

"Sir, what do you mean by the sea? Or is he as scheming as the sea?

The curious response of Wang Erdan triggered the interest of Sir.

"Ha, you have seen the sea before. When it is tranquil and calm, with no waves, no edges, and no corners, it becomes boring and monotonous over time. If you look at his life, it has exactly this meaning. Everything is visible, so it's so dull and uninteresting."

Wang Erdan felt that Sir's words were quite apt. Wasn't Shi Beihai such a dull and boring person? His life was mediocre, his military exploits were minimal, he had no temper, and also did not challenge anybody. His existence among the division leaders also did not matter.

"It seems like the life of Shi Beihai was rather boring."

Afterward, Sir's reaction caused Wang Erdan to be stunned.

"Shi Beihai is probably the only person who is more boring than me. Look at Le Buleng. Although he did not do a good job as a division leader, his ambition to challenge Dai Gang has not extinguished. As for Ye Baiyi, his countless accomplishments have attained a widespread reputation. Other division leaders also have their own achievements. Look at Shi Beihai. What has he done all these years? Oh, he made a spear for his daughter."

"It seems like that..." Wang Erdan carefully responded.

After Sir said, "Oh, he made a spear for his daughter," Wang Erdan would never forget his unpleasant and extremely angry look. How could such an expression appear on Sir's cold and stern face?

"Oh, he has really put in a lot of effort on this spear and came out with the idea of Firmament Iron. He even specifically went to kill a humpback cloud whale and nonsensically claimed that it clashed against the camp and the city. Is it possible that the head of a humpback cloud whale was caught in the door and recklessly attacked from so high above? Well, not more than two days later, the Elders Guild was hoping he could take over the Great Elder's position as well. Yet, he claimed to be too busy with his North Sea Division's military affairs. Oh, oh, too busy!"

Next, Sir said with sarcasm, "Such a boring guy. When he was young, he was actually a bum wanderer. Scary right?"

Wang Erdan was frightened, but still mustered up the courage and asked, "Sir, you seem to have great admiration for Sir Beihai? "

Wan Shenwei simply nodded. "Yes, among these division leaders, the last person I want to be an enemy with is Shi Beihai. Even though this chap likes to pretend to be dead, acts deaf, and feigns like everything does not matter to him."

"Ah! Why is that so?"

"Because the sea is not always calm and peaceful."

In this short dialogue, Wang Erdan saw many varied expressions on Sir's face, a face that had been shaped and sculpted by multiple killings. Wang Erdan dared to swear that before this incident, he had thought that this icy face had lost the ability to change expressions.

Now, Wang Erdan had a high opinion of Sir's foresight. Wasn't it the sea out here?

Everything around him was really turning into a sea, and the water level was up to his waist. He was exhausted, could not stand up, and did not even had the strength to swim.

He lamented in his heart that this couldn't be. He would not die at the hands of the Demonic Girl or at the hands of the Demonic Girl of the Sky Leaf Division, but would drown in the waters of the North Sea?

Aye, Ye Baiyi was actually... floating on the water!

Wang Erdan was stunned and overjoyed. He pulled at the hair of Ye Baiyi and found his buoyancy to be incredibly good!

In no time, the water level flooded up to his chest.

With reckless abandon, Wang Erdan used his last residual energy to climb up on top of Ye Baiyi using both his hands and feet.

Fortunately, Ye Baiyi was still floating on the water and did not sink much.

Wang Erdan heaved a sigh of relief after realizing he would not drown in the water of his own people.

Wang Erdan, who was lying on top of Ye Baiyi, suddenly found Ye Baiyi's face very close to him. It made him feel a little weird and gave him goosebumps.

On second thought, Wang Erdan struggled to get up and turned Ye Baiyi to submerge his face in the water. He lay flat on top of Ye Baiyi's back and conveniently grasped his hair.

Wang Erdan felt more relaxed by not seeing Ye Baiyi's face.

He could not deny it. Ye Baiyi, this captive, was really omnipotent. You could use him as a shield or as a raft.

Not having to worry about drowning, Wang Erdan was soon attracted by the intense battle ahead.

Fu Sisi knew she had fallen into the trap of Shi Beihai. She calmed down and admitted that Shi Beihai was one step ahead of her. However, that did not imply that she would give up.

On the contrary, she launched a more violent attack.

Her figure swiftly disappeared in midair and reappeared at the left side of Shi Beihai like a specter. The light rays from the five types of elemental energy on her five fingers lit up once again.

She deliberately selected the left side because Shi Beihai's spear had shattered.

However, the area in front of Fu Sisi darkened, and she lost sight of Shi Beihai.

The sky above Shi Beihai was raining rivulets of water, all of which were uniformly slanted. The rivulets were each as thick as an arm, looking like hundred of stout whips mercilessly lashing at Fu Sisi. They powerfully shot across the air, emitting a low and soulful scream.

Qi Xiuyuan, who was behind Shi Beihai, showed his admiration. Both of his hands in the water moved in an opposing circular trajectory.

The others had not recovered yet. Only he, as the vice division leader, had the energy left to do so.

In the water, Qi Xiuyuan's confidence rose. They were people from North Sea!


The rivulets burst in the sky as numerous water droplets splashed in all directions. They were so fast that they turned into mist within nine meters after violently colliding with the air.

No one could see what was happening inside the thick mist.

Qi Xiuyan knew he did not have the ability to hurt Fu Sisi, but he wanted to cause some trouble for the opposite party.

He stared at the ball of mist as if facing a formidable enemy. The mist was surging, but did not disperse.

Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed a shadow. His heart suddenly skipped a beat as he realized the bad news!

Out of nowhere, Fu Sisi appeared above Shi Beihai's head!

Fu Sisi's murderous eyes filled the atmosphere, and she pointed her palm directly at Shi Beihai. On her sparkling and translucent arm, the nine sections of the five elemental energy lit up one by one from her wrist to her shoulder.

The five element ring closest to her shoulder revolved in the opposite direction. Moving forward, it merged with the five element energy ring in front of it. Then, it rotated one-fifth and merged with the next elemental energy ring after that.

Pop, pop, pop.

The intense sonic boom sounded like fried beans exploding.

In the blink of an eye, nine total five element energy rings merged into one, and her fingers appeared.

A blazing beam of light shot out from the elemental energy ring at Fu Sisi's fingers like a radiant sword cutting through the world as it flew at Shi Beihai. The moment the beam of light shot out, time seemed to freeze, and the heavy rain unexpectedly stopped.

Countless water droplets were suspended in the air, as if in a strange dreamland.

Qi Xiuyuan was overwhelmed with shock. Elemental energy... the surrounding elemental energy could not be controlled!

Shi Beihai's eyes drooped as both hands held the broken spear as it submerged in the water.

From the time that Qi Xiuyuan struck out, he had also started moving. After years of working together arm-in-arm, they had a good rapport with one another.

With both hands clenching the spear, he slowly raised it up. His movements were so slow that they looked almost motionless in the water. The spear without a spearhead appeared to weigh thousands of pounds.

However, it really weighed 30,000 pounds.

Fu Sisi broke through the mist, appeared above his head, and lit up the lights on her arm. The spear pole began to rise up more quickly.

With the spear upright, the water in front of him started rising.

The water level was rising not only within a distance of three meters, but also 30 meters and even 300 meters away. In front of him, whether his vision could reach it or not, the water level was rising as the broken spear rose.

Within a radius of 100 miles, the water of the sea was stirred by Shi Beihai with the spear in his hand.

Shi Beihai's feet appeared rooted. His expression did not show his mood while he stirred the sea very slowly, bit by bit.

The stirring speed of the spear accelerated, and the vast sea became turbulent, devouring the floating water droplets in the sky.

Fu Sisi only felt the sudden darkness. A wall of water so high and wide that its ends could hardly be seen pressed toward her with insurmountable force.

The sea was not always calm and peaceful.