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Chapter 657: The Survivors of North Sea

 Chapter 657: The Survivors of North Sea

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"Sir, what is the use of us suffering here?"

"Wait, wait for an opportunity."

"Sir, what opportunity could there be?"

"Blood elementalists would certainly never imagine that we are hiding here. We are the sword that can ambush them from behind. Well, perhaps we are just a thorn, but even as just a thorn, that's enough."

"Sir... will we be able to endure?"

"Maybe, maybe not."


Suddenly, a loud voice was heard. Fu Sisi's pupils abruptly shrank as she felt an anxious urge to withdraw and only managed to halt after retreating more than three meters away.

She had not even noticed that someone was approaching!

This display of skill already showed that the strength of the opponent was not weak.

She glanced in the direction of the voice.

A man armed with a spear stood on top of the hill. Since he was standing with the sun behind him, the glare made it difficult to see his face. Yet, this man was tall, sturdy, and possessed a deep, breathtaking, and imposing stature.

Fu Sisi jerked her slender body and exclaimed aloud, "Shi... Shi Beihai?"

The newcomer was broad shouldered, resolute looking, and nonchalant, sharing some likeness with Shi Xueman's features. A thick and rough beard covered almost half of his face, and it was evident that it had not been taken care of for a long time. He wore broken armor which revealed a blue robe underneath. His armor was covered with cracks and dark brown blood stains. The North Sea Division's crest was clearly visible and impressive on the chest piece of the armor.

The North Sea Division's division leader, Shi Beihai!

The Fu family was also a prominent clan, so how could Fu Sisi not know Shi Beihai? Although his beard was as bushy as a savage's, Fu Sisi was certain that this savage man was the world famous Shi Beihai.

But... Wasn't Shi Beihai already dead? Wasn't the North Sea Division already annihilated?

Fu Sisi was extremely horrified. If the living Shi Beihai was not standing in front of her and someone told her that Shi Beihai was still alive, she certainly would have regarded it as a joke.

How could Shi Beihai still be alive?

Regardless, Shi Bei Hai was still alive, so the North Sea Division surely had not been destroyed to the last, but why? Why did Shi Bei Hai pretend to perish? Even when Shi Xueman encountered danger, he still did not show up. What was he plotting? What were they plotting?

Fu Sisi was exceptionally intelligent and numerous thoughts instantly flashed through her mind.

According to seniority, she needed to call Shi Beihai "senior" respectfully.

Shi Beihai carried a long spear and slowly walked down the slope.

Thump, thump,thump.

His steps were firm like a mountain, and the ground trembled like a heavy hammer beating a drum where his steps landed. He looked awe-inspiring. His slightly squinted eyes did not reveal his expression, but his body was as straight as a spear. He did not move a single muscle, exhaling his breath like thunder with every word he spoke and every step he took.

"You killed Old Wan and Ximen?"

Every word coming out from Shi Bei Hai was like a heavy hammer knocking on Fu Sisi's heart. The blood in her body started to surge violently and made her fidgety.

The bright sunshine disappeared as the sky darkened. Above Shi Beihai's head, countless clouds gathered from all directions. The sunny weather immediately became overcast and clouds ominously covered the sky.

With the clouds gathering nonstop, the snow white clouds quickly turned gray, then black. The sky quickly darkened as day swiftly turned into night.

Fu Sisi's expression changed as her mood became somber. Ever since Shi Beihai showed up, she seemed to be under his control!

This was Shi Beihai...

Aside the three central divisions, he was once looked upon as the strongest division leader among the top 10 divisions. He was a pillar of the Avalon of Five Elements and was once regarded as the most suitable Great Elder candidate! He built the Wall of North Sea with his own resources to obstruct the elite blood elementalists.

This was indeed Shi Beihai!

Repressing his anger, revolving the elemental energy, and synergizing his pace, articulation, and breath together allowed his presence climb at an alarming rate.

This was Shi Beihai, the perfect combination of strength and experience.

Fu Sisi calmed down and could not help but admire him. Although these old fogeys were outdated, they still had many admirable aspects.

It was a pity...

What was outdated was outdated and destined to be swept into the trash, old chap!

Fu Sisi smiled gently. "That's right, both Wan Shenwei and Ximen Caijue are dead. Now, it is your turn, senior. With senior as company, the two division leaders would not feel lonely in the netherworld."

No matter what was in Shi Beihai's mind, the fact that he hid and did not return to Sky Heart City clearly indicated his attitude.

He did not believe in Madam!

A lightning bolt flashed among the thick clouds, illuminating the dark sky and shone on Shi Beihai's expressionless face. However, his eyes revealed deep and unfathomable sadness.

Fu Sisi's pupils shrank once again as another person appeared at the top of the hill behind Shi Beihai. This person had thin a physique, like a defenceless scholar. His face was full of grief and indignation with his lips tightly pursed.

She did not know that this person was the North Sea Division's vice division leader, Qi Xiuyuan.

However, her gaze did not linger on Qi Xiuyuan because there were other people continually appearing on the hillside.

These people looked like savages with broken armor and vaguely appeared as a unified group.

The surviving members of the North Sea Division!

There were unexpectedly still so many surviving members of the North Sea Division!

However, when the last North Sea soldiers came out, Fu Sisi heaved a sigh of relief and smiled with a hint of disdain. It was a false alarm because there were only 19 of them left!

If these 19 people all were Masters, they could be a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, there was only one Sky Leaf Division in the world!

Fu Sisi felt pride in her heart. With a new era coming, these old and useless things should just be reduced back to ashes and dust. What was a mere 19 people if even cities shuddered under the might of the Sky Leaf Division?! It was just a mere Shi Beihai. Having executed Wan Shenwei and Ximen Caijue, what was one more Shi Beihai?

With her initial fear abated, Fu Sisi felt a little ashamed at her lack of experience as she had lost her cool over such a small matter.

A murderous look appeared in her eyes. She raised her arm, and the five element ring imprint on the back of her hand brightened like the brightly colored eyes of a ghost. The gorgeous five element light started to circulate, and in the blink of an eye, her arms, which were as white as a lotus root, became multi-colored, sparkling, and translucent, just like extremely beautiful stained glass.

She oriented her elbow and palm together like a knife.

Fu Sisi's figure suddenly disappeared.

Driven by an aura, Shi Beihai's half closed eyes opened wide and brightened intensely. His right foot stomped out half a step. This half-step was firm, powerful, and as fast as lightning, but landed without a sound. His straight and upright body leaned forward. With his spear in hand, he thrust out sharply without any fancy movements.

A gleaming colorful crystal and a ghostly palm overflowing with light streamers collided against the spear tip.

Aghast, Wang Erdan dove to the ground and positioned Ye Baiyi to protect his head.

Visible ripples panned out from the palm and spear tip, quietly spreading into the surroundings. The translucent ripples expanded to a radius of about two meters before becoming cloudy. An eerie, netherworldly shriek sprang forth as the ripples grew, culminating in a crescendo that resounded in all directions.The ripples expanded in a similar manner, exploding with the force of a storm.

A crackling and rattling cacophony ensued!

On the ground, grass and soil were flying furiously in the raging storm.

Fu Sisi, who was in front of the spear tip, turned into a faint shadow and disappeared. In no time, she returned to her previous position.

Fu Sisi found it hard to believe. How could this be? How could Shi Beihai manage to block this strike?

She had not held back when she delivered that blow...

Even Wan Shenwei was not her equal, so how could Shi Beihai be? Was Shi Bei Hai even stronger than Wan Shenwei?

When her vision fell across the ground around Shi Beihai, her pupils contracted again. The ground around Shi Beihai was turned over as if countless plows had gone through it, but from his feet to the North Sea soldiers' feet behind him, the ground was completely intact. It was a striking contrast!

This was a... battle formation?

That was it!

Shi Bei Hai's arm was sore and swollen. The ghostly attack from Fu Sisi contained extremely terrifying power. Shi Beihai had never met with such ghostly and overbearing power before. If not for his solid spearmanship, he certainly would have suffered heavily from it.

For others who encountered such a strange and mighty enemy, they might not necessary feel fear, but certainly would be cautious.

Shi Beihai did not even cower. His chiseled, rock-like face was grave and stern as usual. His mind did not even quiver because he was immersed in unspeakable sadness and anger.

He had known both Wan Shenwei and Ximen Caijue for decades. Whatever their differences, they were all members of combat divisions of the Avalon of Five Elements. They had not died at the hands of blood elementalists, but at their own people's hands. Shi Beihai was inconsolable!

He suddenly took another step and thrusted out the spear once again. With his angry eyes wide open, his mouth violently shouted, "Kill!"


The North Sea soldiers behind him shouted in unison, took a step forward together, and waved the weapons in their hands. They had followed Shi Beihai for so many years and had never seen him so disheartened and sad.


There was also a burning flame in their chests.

In order to block the blood elementalists, the North Sea Division fought until they were left with only 19 survivors. They did not know about the magnificent contributions of the Dread and the Judgement divisions, but they knew that both Dread and Judgement went to the front line and that the two division leaders died under the brutal force of elementalists.

They sympathized with each other because they had a common enemy.

Another bolt of lightning pierced the sky, illuminating the earth as well as each and every one of these fierce and angry smoke-stained faces.

19 sources of elemental energy surged around the surrounding area and, with the help of the aura of war, combined into a faint blue spear light.

The howling of the whole sky suddenly disappeared, and the faint blue spear light flew toward Fu Sisi like a falling star.

Enveloped and locked on by the aura, Fu Sisi knew that no matter which direction she dodged, the spear light would follow relentlessly.

However, did she need to evade?

Her beautiful eyes suddenly turned cold, her face was covered densely by frost, and her gorgeous, ghostly palm raised up. Loops of the radiant five element ring lit up along her arms like multi-colored poisonous snakes raising their heads. As each five element ring lit up, there was a terrifying influx of force into her arm, and her arm became more transparent.

When the last loop of the five element ring lit up in between her slender fingers, her colorful glass arms became as transparent as crystal.

The transparent engraved crystal arms were perfect masterpieces in this world and lacked any flaws.

They inexplicably attracted all the light in this universe. The air around the arms seemed to be deeply attracted to this stunning beauty and paused.

The transparent crystal fingers gently grasped the blue stars, and the blue stars fell between the fingers.