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Chapter 654: North Sea Ruins

 Chapter 654: North Sea Ruins

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What Shi Xueman said wasn't exaggerated.

After the great victory over the God Wolf Division, the strength and morale of both sides had undergone major changes. The enemy forces were only left with a few beast battalion remnants. Shi Xueman led the Spear of Heavy Cloud Division, taking the initiative to attack and defeat the God Wolf Division's supporting beast battalions.

Soon after, the God Spirit Division, which was commanded by He Nanshan, came to reinforce the blood elementalists' assault on the defensive line. However, the morale of the elementalists was high, and their fear of the blood elementalists had long since disappeared. Both the Spear of Heavy Cloud and the Sword of Lightning constantly launched raids beyond the defensive line and sought to engage the enemy.

The Sword of Lightning's Pinwheel Sword, which was fast and flexible, acted as bait at the vanguard and lured the enemy into the Spear of Heavy Cloud's ambush. Duanmu Huanghun was responsible for ambushing any blood elementalists with an Ability of God.

After working together a few times, everyone had built a rapport with one another, and the result on the battlefield was remarkable.

However, the other party was not foolish and immediately changed their strategy after suffering several losses, withdrawing into a passive defense. Shi Xueman and her soldiers were bamboozled. They were like rats pulling at a turtle that had withdrawn into its shell and did not know what to do.

The God Spirit Division deliberately avoided the previous encampment of the God Wolf Division because there were still remnants of the beast battalion soldiers' bodies.

He Nanshan, who was within the heavily guarded central camp, stared dismally at the Sword of Lightning which was continuously cruising outside. Beside him, several blood elementalists that had an Ability of God looked wary and did not let their guards down.

He Nanchan involuntarily clenched his fist and felt very oppressed.

The Sword of Lightning flew around the camp and even rushed into the central camp's defenses to provoke them at times, but they left the central camp swifty before any counter attack.

Its speed was really too fast!

If it decided to flee, no one would be able to overtake it. He Nanshan and the rest had organized several pursuit teams previously, but fell into ambushes and lost quite a number of soldiers. Included among these soldiers were two blood elementalists with the Ability of God. These two men died in the same way. Both were trapped by Duanmu Huanghun, besieged, and then killed.

The casualties were not a big deal to the God Spirit Division, but it was nauseating!

He Nanshan felt really disgusted, even more disgusted than if he had swallowed a fly. In terms of overall capability, the God Spirit Division was more powerful. The only thing that could not be dealt with was the oddly rapid speed of the Sword of Lightning.

Undoubtedly, the other party only possessed this absolute advantage, which they made use of repeatedly.

Harassment, unceasing harassment. Provocation, continual provocation.

If he sent someone to drive them away, he would be afraid of getting ambushed. If he did not drive them away, however, it would be nauseating. This group of people was truly and extremely shameless. After He Nanshan's order to stop attacking, these rascals were getting more aggressive and taking advantage of them. Not only were they hovering around the camp all day long like flies searching for eggs, they even attacked the camp twice.

He Nanshan was awakened from his sleep and, as could be imagined, was in a terrible mood.

He swore he had never seen such a shameless combat division. How could anyone consider this to be a combat division? They were obviously just a group of hooligans and villains!

Initially, he was afraid of the consequences. The destruction of the God Wolf and the Silverfrost divisions was sufficient to show that the other party was a threat, so much so that they even defeated the God Spirit pursuit teams. After suffering a great loss to the Dread Division, he dared not underestimate the elementalist combat divisions anymore.

However, the shameless behavior of the other party almost made him lose his mind, and he was tempted several times to order a full decisive battle. Damn it! If it was not for the big mistake they had committed as well as the order from Her Highness She Yu that restricted them from fighting, if it was not for...

Restraint, restraint...

He took a deep breath and roared out an order, "Do not attack. Defend your position!"

After this order, his chest felt stiffer, and he turned away. He walked just two steps, stopped in his tracks, and slammed into a stake at the side without any warning. In the midst of the debris, the roar of He Nanshan sounded like an enraged, uncontrollable beast.

He Nanshan's chest was heaving violently, and he was breathing heavily. His eyes were blood red, possessing an extreme intent to kill.

Just wait! Your time will be up when the God Devil and the God Tiger divisions join forces with us! I will slaughter and hack you into many pieces.


Behind He Nanshan, a sharp sonic boom came from afar. His body stiffened. Even without seeing, he already knew that it was yet again another provocation from the Sword of Lightning!

The anger within him, which had just subsided a little, immediately started to rise again. In a flash, he flushed red.

Damn it! The God Devil and the God Tiger divisions, are you preparing to crawl over?

Even snails are faster than you guys!

He Nanshan cursed unconsciously and could not even register what he was saying. His features were distorted just like an angry rhinoceros as he charged into the central camp.


In the midst of the biting cold metal wind, three streams of light were like three arrows splitting the furious gale.

Three elementalists from the Sky Leaf Division were desperately fleeing for their lives. Their delicate and apathetic faces displayed panic and fear, which was rarely seen. All their fears originated from the vague and hazy blood shadow behind them.

No matter how fast they sped up, they could not break away from the bloody shadow. It was like gangrene attached to the bones.

"What should we do? What should we do?" one of the elementalists screamed with a piercing voice that contained a trace of trembling.

Despite the fear in his eyes, another one of the elementalists reluctantly maintained his composure. "I will block him while you guys run in separate directions! The message must be delivered to Fu Sisi by any means!"

Just as he finished his words, he unexpectedly roared and maneuvered strangely in midair. As he faced the bloody shadow, a five-colored light ring shot out from his hand.

The other two knew that the situation was critical and swiftly separated in two different directions.

The five-colored light ring was completely unaffected by the metal wind. It suddenly opened as the five elemental energy rings merged and formed an exquisite five-colored chain. The chain grew crazily, extending itself forward to become an astonishingly long snake in the blink of an eye. Its folded body covered a radius of more than 15 meters.

Like a big net, it covered the red shadow which was illusory like mist.

The distance between both parties was too close, and their speeds were also fast. The red silhouette inevitably plunged into the chain of five elements.


Suddenly, the chains in the sky tightened and turned into an airtight cage. A bright red color could be vaguely seen inside. Dazzling rays could also be seen within the layers of chains and between the different elemental energy rings. They were currently forming a completely new five elemental ring, just like a multi-colored glowing cocoon.

The elementalist could not help showing a trace of joy. Once the reorganization of the five elemental ring was completed, the glowing cocoon would become indestructible. Around each elemental energy ring, there were at least eight elemental energy rings, forming a staggering number of five elemental rings.

Each five elemental ring was like a lock.

As the number of five elemental rings increased, the cage became even sturdier.

Suddenly, an indistinct sigh sounded in his ear.

His pupils dilated, his body stiffened, and his mind went blank. The whole world sank into a dead silence.

Thump, thump, thump.

As if from a heavy drum, a deep and vigorous pulse full of rhythm sounded in his ears. Was it his own heartbeat?


All of a sudden, the radiant cocoon right before his eyes transmitted countless bloody glows. Just like dazzling bright red swords, they thrusted out from the glowing cocoon.

The next moment, he saw the so-called indestructible glowing cocoon melt like snow.

A bloody glow lashed out, and just like a scarlet silk cloth, it swiftly coiled around his body. The front of the bloody glow was like a soft, yet deadly, snake and did not enter the five elemental ring on the back of his palm.

His pupils lost their luster.

His sigh could not be heard in the rustling metal wind. Just like time, it continued flying forward.

After dozens of miles, the wind would see another pair of pupils that had lost their luster. Gui Hu's cheeks were close to the cold rock, and the vitality of his body was gone. His skin appeared strangely pale, but there was not a single blood stain on the rock.


On a little hillside, Wang Erdan looked around blankly.

The hillside was not high, only about six meters tall, but it had a panoramic view of the surroundings. The wind blew against his muddy and weather beaten face. His dry lips were like withered wood in the desert, revealing dead skin and cracked wounds.. In the lacerations, the dark brown blood stain looked like magma that was gradually cooled.

Wang Erdan looked like a savage who was shabbily dressed and riddled with scars.

Ironically, the Ye Baiyi in his hands was still spotlessly clean, white, and flawless. The captive looked ravishing, but the captor looked appalling.

The view was unfamiliar, so he completely lost his sense of direction.

Where was this place?

In his eyes, this was a remote and desolate place out in the Wilderness. There were big and tiny pits everywhere. The big ones were more than three meters wide, while the small ones were less than a meter across. They were stacked in layers, and the number of pits was astonishing.

Some of the deep pits were charred and barren inside. On the other hand, some of the deep pits with ash inside were already full of green glass. Other deep pits connected to the ground water and became ponds of different sizes.

The countless pits were reminiscent of a cruel and brutal war.

The vision of Wang Erdan was restored. As a member of the Dread Division, he was instinctively sensitive to war. Where had such an astonishing war occurred? There was a faint answer in his heart.

He dragged Ye Baiyi along and walked toward the nearest big pit.

Without the slightest pity for Ye Baiyi, Wang Erdan half dragged him by his feet and ploughed a deep mark on the ground. Ye Baiyi's head crashed into a bamboo basket sized rock with a bang. Surprisingly, the rock was shattered instantly, but Ye Baiyi was safe and sound.

Wang Erdan was accustomed to this reality. The fact that Ye Baiyi did not wake up was also good. At least he could be used as a weapon, a real humanoid weapon!

He walked to the nearest big pit. Wang Erdan crouched down and used his palm to touch the mud at the edge of the pit.

Aside from the wood elemental energy of the grass and the earth elemental energy of the earth, the almost intangible water elemental energy was rather different.

He confirmed the speculation in his heart.

The Wall of North Sea, he had arrived at the Wall of North Sea. There were only a handful of such terrifying battle sites. Apart from the current Windy Pearl Bridge defensive line, the only other place was probably the Wall of North Sea.

Yet, looking forward, there were only countless deep pits, and he could not find any cloud wall.

Well, it must just be ruins now.

Wang Erdan smiled bitterly. He actually reached the Wall of North Sea, but there was a huge problem. The Wall of North Sea had long since fallen into enemy hands and was now controlled by the blood elementalists. In other words, he was now behind enemy lines, and his destination was on the other side of the enemy's main army.

He still did not know about the destruction of the God Wolf Division, but, he knew he had to penetrate the enemy's main forces in order to reach the Windy Pearl Bridge defensive line.

It was an impossible task.

Soon, however, he did not have to think about it.

A figure slowly descended from the sky in front of him. The person's delicate face was expressionless and without any trace of emotion.

Wang Erdan was in despair.

We are finished.