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Chapter 653: Second Sun

 Chapter 653: Second Sun

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At the Jadeite Forest's border, a caravan advanced through the vast grassland. The caravan wasn't small. It was a team consisting of over 150 load basin beasts that stretched across several miles. Melodious copper bells echoed along with the sound of the breeze.

This was the divide between the grassland and the forest. A verdant and lush forest could be seen about 50 miles down the road.

Abandoned, the Silver Mist Sea and Palette Cloud Village's elemental energy had withered and their five elemental cycles had been broken. The Jadeite Forest's elemental energy had also become much more sparse. The grasslands at the border constantly expanded as the tree line retreated. On the other side of the grasslands, there were even signs of desertification and increasing desolation.

The growth of the vegetation did not affect people's pursuit of profit. Caravans came in an endless stream. They set off from the Jadeite Forest, traversed through Palette Cloud Village and the Silver Mist Sea, and entered Beyond Avalon. This was currently the most bustling trade route.

The battle between the Blood of God and Beyond Avalon had severed the trade route. Many resources from the Blood of God had to go around the Jadeite Forest and through the merchants of the Jadeite Forest in order to enter Beyond Avalon.

The elemental energy in the Silver Mist Sea and Palette Cloud Village had withered, hence these places weren't suitable long term residences for elementalists. All kinds of wild beasts bred freely, but the good thing was that they wouldn't turn into dire beasts. Other than the fact that the journey was a little far, there wasn't much lurking danger. The lack of elemental energy replenishment wasn't a problem since load basin beasts were extremely durable, hard working, and made for long distance transportation. Their only flaw was that they moved too slowly, but even then, it wasn't a big problem these days.

Old Tu had already traveled along this route many times, so he was very experienced.

Upon entering the Jadeite Forest's border, everyone in the caravan heaved a sigh of relief. With Grandmaster Dai watching over the Jadeite Forest, no one would dare cause trouble. Ever since the Grass Bandits were attacked by Ai Hui and trapped and annihilated by the Lu family and Duanmu family's alliance, their operation had completely halted since the main ringleaders had been caught.

The Jadeite Forest was now a happy land of peace and joy.

The battle between the Blood of God and Beyond Avalon was a topic that the people of the Jadeite Forest discussed over tea. Some talked idly about it, some were filled with worry, while others dismissed it with a laugh. Generally, though, everyone considered it distant. They were more interested in what Master Mingxiu was creating nowadays and in the mistakes that Yu Mingqiu made when reciting poetry.

Old Tu hummed a folk song. This journey had taken about six months, but had been pretty beneficial. Thinking about how he could return to his familiar home in a few days' time lit his heart up like the sun.

Speaking about the sun, he suddenly felt that the sun before his eyes seemed to be unusually glaring compared to when he first started this journey.

"How hot. Why does it feel like summer?"

"Yeah, why is it getting so hot so early this year? Strange!"

"Don't talk so much. Let's hurry. It'll be cooler in the forest."


Hearing their discussion made Old Tu crinkle his brows. The climate this year had been abnormal indeed. Summer came three months earlier than usual. Could it be that the broken five elemental cycle had destroyed the equilibrium?

Worry flashed through his heart.

Suddenly a convoy member cried out, "Look up, quick. What's that? Oh my god! Two suns!"

Two suns?

Old Tu found it too ridiculous. How could there possibly be two suns? Nevertheless he raised his head and looked skyward. The next moment his whole body turned rigid like a statue. His mind buzzed and blanked out, preventing him from even hearing the clamor around him.

"Oh my god, what is happening? Why are there two suns?"

"Two suns? I have a bad feeling..."

Everyone was frightened by what they had just seen. Their faces were pale, and some timid fellows started trembling.

There were clearly two suns of different sizes in the sky. They emitted dazzling and piercing rays of light that illuminated the field.

Old Tu regained his senses. He forced himself to stay composed, but his hands shook uncontrollably, revealing his inner fear. The prairie before him had seemingly become much more eye-catching, its whiteness somewhat terrifying. He squatted down to touch the grass and realized that the leaves were very dehydrated with the tips starting to wither.

As a well-travelled person, Old Tu could immediately tell that this condition had appeared not too long ago.

He stood up promptly and called for a guard who was skilled at flying. "Report this to Jadeite City as soon as possible."

Not daring to be sluggish, the guard rose into the sky and flew toward the Jadeite Forest.

Yu Mingqiu was heading toward Mingxiu's embroidery workshop as usual. He'd been obsessing over embroidery recently and wanted to work in the workshop every day. Being able to greet Mingxiu and learn from her was like a dream come true. Although he was clumsy and not too bright, he had already conferred the title of top male embroiderer to himself.

Whenever he appeared to be pleased with himself, Mingxiu would always cover her mouth and laugh gently.

How great!

Everyday for him was filled with joy and satisfaction. His biggest wish was to live this kind of life.

He quickened his pace, walking along the familiar path while shaking his head and mumbling to himself.

"The journey is long and endless. I shall learn embroidery to the best of my abilities."

"Mingxiu's thread, Mingqiu's garment."

"The past has passed, and the future is unknown. The present remembers the heaven and earth, watching Mingxiu and then Mingqiu."

Inspired, he clicked his tongue, his face full of joy and infatuation. The weather was great, the sun was bright and beautiful...

His quick footsteps stopped abruptly.

Hmm, the sun seems a little too bright...

Yu Mingqiu looked up at the sky, and his pupils shrank. There were two suns, one big and one small!

He quickly regained composure and used his palm to shade his eyes. He muttered, "Abnormality is devilish..."

He lowered his head with a grave expression on his face. He extended his arm and spread his palm open. The intense sunlight contained exceptionally domineering fire elemental energy. He could even feel a slight burning sensation.

He narrowed his eyes. A bright light flashed past and a frivolous, but cold, smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He looked at the sky once again and mumbled, "Let me see what divine presence you are!"

Before he finished his sentence he vanished.

More and more people started sensing the anomaly in the sky and stopped to look, fear evident in their eyes. People kept coming out of their houses, and the streets started to fill up. Alarmed cries and even shrieks could be heard, but gradually everybody started lowering their voices. Panic spread across the entire Jadeite Forest like a potent poison. This unprecedented phenomenon seemed to foreshadow an upcoming disaster.

Fear was like an big invisible web, enveloping everybody's hearts. As if afraid that noise would trigger a catastrophe in the sky, they kept their voices down.


Windy Pearl Bridge defensive line.

The encampment of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance was buzzing with activity. To a new army, a difficult victory was sufficient to boost their confidence and transform them. Even without Fatty's supervision, every single soldier would train diligently. Even Tong Gui and Yu Jin were learning how to shoot pagoda cannons. According to them, they would quickly be obsolete if they did not learn the necessary skills.

Inside a tent.

Duanmu Huanghun was rather interested in the news related to Ai Hui's promotion into the Elders Guild's as a Great Elder candidate. He laughed cooly, "What an old trick that has been used for so many years. Can't they change it up a little?"

With a clap, he shut off the recording. With a flick of his fingers, the mirage bean pod soared in a parabola through the air before landing straight into the bin.

He supported the back of his head with his hands and leaned back slightly, lounging in his chair.

Sang Zhijun mumbled, "Might as well gift something more realistic like eight or 10 God-subduing Peaks..."

No one responded.

Each God-subduing Peak was like a monster that swallowed a lot of resources. If all of Skyheart City's resources were to be placed in the new cycle of Master's Glory, where were they going to gather any materials to create God-subduing Peaks? Eight or 10 was impossible, and even just one or two was already decent.

Seeing that no one was responding, Sang Zhijun felt indignant. "Why don't you guys think it's possible? If they don't have God-subduing Peaks they could at least provide more resources for us to forge one. Didn't you all hear? Combat divisions have been entering Skyheart City to pay tribute. There were all kinds of countless resources that blocked up the roads."

Duanmu Huanghun's lazy voice followed after, "Everyone is expressing their loyalty to the Holy Phoenix. Our resources will come or the higher ups won't be able to explain themselves. As for the quantity... don't be too hopeful."

The rest agreed with Bangwan's judgment.

Stroking his fleshy chin Fatty continued, "Does that old witch not have sufficient confidence in the Sky Leaf Division or is it that we're too powerful?"

Fatty looked pleased.

"You overestimate yourself." Jiang Wei attacked verbally, "It's obvious that Ai Hui is too powerful. We're just tagging along."

Upon hearing this, Fatty's pea-sized eyes opened wide. "Ai Hui wouldn't be that great without our Pagoda Cannon salvos! Hmph, the Alliance's credit must not be forgotten. We're poor. Look at us, we're a bunch of newbies and have lost a lot. We need to replenish..."

His last line gave it all away, causing everyone to erupt into laughter.

With an indifferent expression, Shi Xueman knocked on the table. "All right, let's put this aside and talk about the upcoming battle."

With regards to the so-called Great Elder of Elders Guild, she lacked the least bit of interest. Just like she knew that if Ai Hui were here, he, too, would have nothing but disdain for it. All along, they had never had the intention of fighting for that position.

Big Sister's words shut all of them up.

Even Bangwan, who was lounging in his chair, sat up straight with a serious expression on his face.

Although Ai Hui was the boss, everyone still dared to crack jokes with him, though the possibility of his treacherous retribution kept them on their toes. However, no one dared to joke with Shi Xueman. She had always been one to talk with her fists. Oh, and with Cirrus.

As such, only silence filled the tent as everyone sat upright, waiting for her to speak.

"Recent operations haven't been too good. Many of the enemy forces have chickened out, and no one was willing to battle. Pretending not to fight back to lure the enemy doesn't work either. Any other ideas?" Shi Xueman wrinkled her brows as she relayed the situation in frustration.