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Chapter 652: A Piece of Unexpected News

 Chapter 652: A Piece of Unexpected News

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Deep in a lush forest on a mountain range, there were two people flying at high speed under the forest canopy like two huge birds. They looked very anxious, but they were extremely careful in their movements. They were absolutely silent as they advanced.

Wang Erdan carried the unconscious Wan Shenwei on his back while his comrade, Deng Rong, carried Ye Baiyi. Both of their faces and necks were covered with white residue. This white residue was actually layers of salt left behind after their sweat had evaporated. Both of their lips were dry and cracked, while their throats were parched and scorched. They were completely exhausted, but they continued to clench their teeth and advance with all their might.

This was their only thought.

Every minute and every second was utterly precious and drenched in their comrades' blood.

Their comrades had sacrificed themselves as bait to allow them to make an escape. Only Wang Erdan and Deng Rong remained. In the face of those terrifying killing machines from the Sky Leaf Division, their chances of survival was almost zero.

Wang Erdan and Deng Rong did not bawl their eyes out. At this point in the war, everyone had already disregarded life and death.

The dead would rest in peace, while the living would live in hatred and seek vengeance.

Suddenly, a weak groan came from behind Wang Erdan. A cold shiver went down Wang Erdan's body. Even though he was worn out, his dazed eyes still lit up with vigor.


He quickly stopped in his tracks, but his body did not listen to him. As he landed on the ground, he staggered and almost fell down. Fortunately, he had a fast reaction time as he used his left hand to prop himself up from the ground and stabilize himself.

Deng Rong's reaction time was slightly slower. He flew for tens of meters before returning to his senses and almost crashed into a huge tree. Luckily, he used Ye Baiyi as a shield in front of him.


Like an adamantine pad, he crashed into the tree trunk and caused wood shavings to fly in all directions. Deng Rong used the inertia to stabilize himself. Following which, he carried Ye Baiyi and ran over to Wang Erdan in a hurry. With a pleasantly surprised look on his face, he asked anxiously, "Is Sir awake?"

Wang Erdan carefully laid Wan Shenwei straight on the grass.

Wan Shenwei's face was pale like a piece of paper and completely devoid of blood. His eyelids twitched and opened up slowly.

For some reason, Wang Erdan burst out crying. "Sir, you're awake, you're finally awake!"

Deng Rong's eyes were slightly red.

When Wan Shenwei saw the faces in front of him clearly, his empty eyes lit up with a glint. His lips curled as he tried to force a smile. Even a small action like this pulled at the wounds within his chest cavity. Following which, a sharp pain swept across his body. A shade of darkness flashed across Wan Shenwei's vision as he almost lost consciousness again.

After a long while, he returned to his senses. He knew he did not have much time left.

"After I die..."

Wang Erdan's lips trembled involuntarily. He clenched his teeth and did not say anything. He knew Sir must have something important to remind him about. Tears streamed down his cheeks uncontrollably like floodwater.

Deng Rong kneeled on the ground while sobbing silently.

Speaking a few words seemed to drain Wan Shenwei completely. He froze for a long while before regaining a bit of strength to speak, "Send Ye Baiyi to Ai Hui."

Wang Erdan nodded his head furiously and let his tears flow down his cheeks torrentially. He did not dare to say anything because he was scared that he might bawl his eyes out if he opened his mouth.

Even though Wan Shenwei was severely injured at this point in time, his state of mind was still unusually clear. Ever since he saw the Sky Leaf Division and knew that Master's Glory had succeeded, he understood that the current situation of the world was undergoing a complete change. From this moment onward, Beyond Avalon would be in Madam Ye's hands entirely.

How could a mountain hold two tigers? The Central Pine Faction's fate had already been decided at this moment. Either they pledged their allegiance to Madam Ye, had their strength slowly diminished by the war against the blood elementalists, or became a rebel army that would be be suppressed by Skyheart City.

Actually, Wan Shenwei did not mind Madam Ye unifying Beyond Avalon. Similarly, he believed that Beyond Avalon had to be united for it to defeat the Blood of God.


The emotionless eyes of the Sky Leaf Division's elementalists suddenly appeared in his mind. They had the same mannerisms and same elemental energy auras. If one disregarded their outer appearances, they were just like sand puppet clones.

A mysterious sense of fear arose in Wan Shenwei's mind. He suddenly thought of something bad.

Sky Leaf Division's elementalists were like...

The Dread Division was the leader of the three central divisions, the most important combat division of the Avalon of Five Elements. Having being the division leader of the Dread Division, Wan Shenwei had come into contact with countless insider stories. Like a tidal wave, fear gushed into his mind from all directions, rendering him unable to escape. This was the first time that the usually fearless Wan Shenwei felt scared. His usually firm and stable palms were trembling involuntarily at this moment.

No matter what, Beyond Avalon could not fall into the hands of the Ye family!

The look in Wan Shenwei's eyes intensified, and a tinge of red rose upon his pale-white cheeks. He sat up abruptly, grabbed Wang Erdan's clothes, widened his eyes, and said, "Do you still remember the place that I brought you to? Go! Bring Ai Hui and his companions there!"

Wang Erdan's face was covered with tears. Sir's words put him in a daze. The place that Sir had brought him to?

"Quickly go!"

Wan Shenwei roared as his eyes widened in anger. After he finished his sentence, his face froze like a statue, and he collapsed heavily onto the ground. Wang Erdan and Deng Rong turned pale with fright. No matter how hard they screamed at or hit Wan Shenwei, the latter would not react to them at all.

Wan Shenwei was dead, completely devoid of life.

A hero who died with a remaining grievance.

Both of them wept loudly over the body of Wan Shenwei with tears frantically flowing down their faces. Suddenly, Deng Rong wiped off the tears on his face as a glint streaked across his reddened eyes. He had regained his composure. He picked up Wan Shenwei's body and tied it to his back. Then, he said, "Have you remembered Sir's words?"

Wang Erdan knew what Deng Rong was going to do and shifted his gaze to him. Deng Rong's face was covered with dirt and residual tears. His eyes were now so swollen that the glint had disappeared. They contained nothing but unwavering determination.

Wang Erdan could not help but cry again.

He was the youngest member of the Dread Division, so everyone usually took good care of him. In his heart, Wan Shenwei was like his father, while his comrades were like his elder brothers.

Why... why he was the only one left now...

Wang Erdan stood there isolated and helpless. Deng Rong looked at his tear-stricken, young, and tender face and sighed. He was still a kid after all.

Deng Rong hardened his heart and said, "Don't let us die for nothing, Dan Dan."

After finishing his sentence, Deng Rong took Wan Shenwei's body, rose up in the air, and flew off in another direction. She Yu or the Sky Leaf Division shouldn't be able to see through his diversionary tactic. He hoped he could delay them for a while. Indeed, even if it was just for a while.

In the past, Wang Erdan hated being called "Dan Dan" by the people in the Dread Division. Every time someone called him that, he would fly into a rage out of humiliation and fight with that person. However, this time around, why was he not angry? Why was he crying even harder?

A surge of strength from an unknown source filled his body. Not caring about the tears on his face, he picked up Ye Baiyi and flew off in another direction with all his might.

Deng Rong was right, he could not let everyone die in vain.


"It's God's Blood! It's definitely God's blood."

Ma Shiji was so agitated that his voice became slightly high pitched and sharp. He looked at the clip with his eyes wide open while muttering, "It's magnificent, it's indeed magnificent! Look at the swords sticking in the ground, they are devouring the blood and flesh of the blood elementalists! This is the proof! In an extreme situation, a high-level blood elementalist can devour a low-level blood elementalist to replenish his or her strength. Even though there are not many such cases, it's enough to show the key issue here."

Madam Ye was very calm instead of shocked or surprised. Next, she asked, "Where did he get the God's blood from?"

Ma Shiji returned to his senses, shook his head, and replied, "It's very hard to know where he got it from because there are too many possibilities."

"Why did he not become a blood elementalist then?" Madam Ye continued to ask.

When Ma Shiji heard this question, his eyes lit up. Clearly, the question had struck a nerve in him. With excitement, he replied, "Even though there are many things that I am unsure of, I can roughly conjecture what happened. It's an extremely brilliant idea!"

Ma Shiji did not beat around the bush and continued, "The Assembly of Patriarchs has researched the blood of blood elementalists for many years, and many results have been produced. The power of a blood elementalist originates from his or her blood. The higher the base level of a blood elementalist's blood, the more powerful he or she will be. However, the blood of a blood elementalist is a type of poison to an elementalist. The higher the blood's base level is, the more poisonous it is. Ai Hui seems to know a lot about the God's blood and the toxicity of it. The method he used is ingenious. He directed the power that he couldn't absorb from the God's blood into the swords. An ordinary sword can't tolerate such mighty power, therefore he compensated this weakness with a huge number of swords. That's why we can see there are countless light swords in the clip. The more terrifying thing is that these light swords are no longer ordinary weapons after absorbing the blood and flesh of the blood elementalists."

"What do you mean?" Madam Ye's facial expression did not look good.

"In ancient times, there were differents names for such an attribute. While some called it spiritual nature, others called it demonic nature. Oh my god, it's really a miracle! It's incredibly hard to forge a Heaven-grade weapon with a spiritual nature, yet he possesses so many of them!"

"Did you say that Ai Hui knows a lot about the God's blood just now?" Madam Ye asked.

"He couldn't have come up with such an ingenious idea if he did not know a lot about the God's blood."

A look of doubt flashed across Madam Ye's eyes. She closed her eyes, looking as though she was thinking of something.

After a long period of time, she opened her eyes and asked, "If Xiaobao and Ai Hui fight, who would win?"

Ma Shiji hesitated for a while before answering, "It's hard to say who would win. We will know after they actually fight. There's something that I am unsure of. How does Ai Hui control such an enormous number of swords?"

"In the Cultivation Era, there was a swordsman sect that used essence, breath, and spirit to form embryos that control swords. They called them sword embryos. It's most likely that Ai Hui has nurtured a sword embryo. I didn't actually expect someone in this world to be able to nurture a sword embryo successfully."

A look of realization dawned upon Ma Shiji. He believed Madam Ye's conjecture without any doubt. After all, Madam Ye's ancestor was the last swordsman. The Ye family had a huge number of ancient books on swordsmanship as well as a vast amount of knowledge on this subject.

"If this is the case, Xiaobao has a very low chance of defeating him. The entire Sky Leaf Division should be able to contend against him," Ma Shiji muttered.

Madam Ye's facial expression turned ugly. She already had a taste of supreme power. Now that someone who could threaten her authority suddenly appeared, she felt uneasy.

"Numbers can't be compared to strength. Is there any solution?" she asked.

After a slight hesitation, Ma Shiji replied, "We can let Xiaobao enter the second round of Master's Glory."

"Will Xiaobao be in danger?"

"It's not really dangerous, but the success rate will decrease."

"Do it then."


The next day, a piece of news broke out and created a sensation in Beyond Avalon.

"Every combat division at the front line united as one and fought bravely against the blood elementalists, obtaining a great victory as a result. After convening, the Elders Guild has made several decisions. Regardless of rank, all soldiers will be promoted by one rank. The rewards are as follows... Swordsman Ai Hui has achieved an extraordinary meritorious service by executing Helian Tianxiao, standing out among his peers. We hereby promote him to the position of Elder in the Elders Guild. He will command all combat divisions at the front line and become a candidate for the next Great Elder. The Elders Guild will choose a date later to discuss the election of the next Great Elder..."