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Chapter 650: What Kind Of Swordsmanship Is This?

 Chapter 650: What Kind Of Swordsmanship Is This?

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A group of people was sitting on the ground. The atmosphere was tense, and no one was talking. The fact that they ended up empty-handed after suffering such heavy losses dealt a huge blow to these prideful and arrogant "new Masters."

Fu Sisi was sitting on a boulder that was of half a man's height. Similarly, her facial expression did not look too good.

At this point in time, they were engulfed an intense sense of failure. Their heads were hanging down dispiritedly. Only at this moment did they realize they were just a bunch of ten to twenty year old youngsters.

Master's Glory boosted their strength and allowed them to become Masters, but it couldn't increase their maturity or wisdom. When they won, they easily became arrogant. Similarly, when they lost, they easily felt dejected.

"We will split into two groups now. Gui Hu, bring 20 men with you. Your mission is to search for She Yu. The demonic girl is severely injured and definitely can't run far. Right now, she is most probably hiding somewhere. If you find her, try your best to capture her alive. If you can't capture her alive, kill her. We definitely can't let her survive."

Fu Sisi raised her head as her tone became firm. After witnessing the sacrifice of her father and the great changes that happened to her family, she became much more mature than the others. Due to this intrinsic quality, Madam Ye appointed her as the vice division leader of the Sky Leaf Division.

Fu Sisi knew that she had to raise everyone's morale now. Failure wasn't that scary at all. It wasn't too late for them to bounce back now. After realizing the mistakes that she had made, Fu Sisi reorganized her train of thought very soon.

"The rest will follow me. Hmph, Wan Shenwei is just a spent force now, and he still dares to escape? Ye Baiyi is very important to us, so we can't afford to lose him!"

Everyone became re-energized and stood up one by one.


Gong Peiyao looked at the distant Skyheart City as a tinge of sadness flashed across her eyes. Beside her, Han Lu was able to sense her gloominess. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He did not know how to console her.

The image of indifferent faces and the spreading pool of blood beneath their feet appeared in his mind.

Sky Leaf Division!

A tinge of fear streaked across the depths of his pupils. His palm that grasped his sword hilt tightened subconsciously, causing his fingers to turn white.

They were a group of cold-blooded killing machines. In their eyes, human lives were no different from weeds.

Soon, Han Li regained his composure. After becoming a Master, his mental state became more and more cultivated with each passing day. He was no longer as rash as he was in the past. Furthermore, he knew Peiyao would be safe in Skyheart City even though she was a hostage. From his understanding of Madam Ye, he knew she would take good care of Peiyao and try her best to win Peiyao over. Madam Ye was someone who was willing to pay any price to gain talents.

If someone tried to harm Peiyao, they would have to step over his dead body first.

Han Li was absorbed in swordsmanship. He had no interest in politics, and all he wanted was to live a simple life. As long as Peiyao was safe, he would be at ease. Peiyao probably wouldn't be happy though. Fortunately, Peiyao always understood the big picture and had extremely strong adaptability. With regards to this aspect, Han Li might even lose out to her.

He smiled and shifted his gaze back to the distant Skyheart City. He did not know whether or not it was because he had not returned for a very long time, but he found the previously desolate and ruined Skyheart City to be prosperous now.

Gong Peiyao thought of the news that she had just received, and her spirits rose significantly. "The elementalists obtained a great victory at the front line. The God Wolf and Silver Frost Divisions were slain to the last man, and Helian Tianxiao was executed. Such an unprecedented triumph. Ai Hui and Sister Xueman are really formidable."

"That's really a great victory!" Han Li was emotionally moved.

With the destruction of the God Wolf Division, the Silver Frost Blood Division, and the Ardent Flower Blood Division, this implied that one-sixth of the Blood of God's elites were annihilated. Even with the Blood of God's massive military strength, this was still considered a heavy loss for them.

"Their impressive performance is... not something good in Madam Ye's eyes." Gong Peiyao looked slightly worried now.

Han Li remained silent.

Suddenly, Gong Peiyao asked curiously, "Let me ask you, between Ai Hui's group and the Sky Leaf Division, who do you think is more powerful?"

After thinking for a while, Han Li replied, "Sky Leaf Division."

"Why the Sky Leaf Division?" Gong Peiyao wasn't satisfied with Han Li's answer.

"In the history of the Avalon of Five Elements, there has never been a combat division that was entirely made up of Masters. Any single member of the Sky Leaf Division is more powerful than an ordinary Master. I can't think of anyone that can defeat the Sky Leaf Division," Han Li muttered.

Gong Peiyao gave a childish snort and continued, "In any case, I believe in Ai Hui and Sister Xueman."

Ai Hui...

When Han Li thought of Ai Hui, a trace of longing flashed across his eyes. For some reason, the battle fervor within his body began to stir. His loss to Ai Hui was precisely what allowed him to pry into the profundity of swordsmanship and become a Master.

He knew he would be extremely delighted if he had another chance to fight with that fellow again!

Han Li could not help but grip the hilt of his sword tightly. After a while, he heaved a breath of air. This breath of white air was shaped like a sword and refused to dissipate. His facial expression loosened up gradually.

It was a pity there that were no swordsmanship experts in Skyheart City.

After he became a Master, a brand-new world of swordsmanship appeared before him. There were countless unknowns waiting for him to explore. Right now, he hoped that he could encounter other master swordsmen and exchange pointers with them.

Previously, he still hoped that his swordsmanship could improve with each passing day. Now, he no longer counted on it.

The success of Master's Glory had paved a bright path for all young elementalists. This was a path allowed them to obtain power, strength, status, wealth, and glory rapidly.

As a traditional elementalist, Han Li instinctively loathed Master's Glory. From his perspective, Master's Glory was no different from the Beast Venom Temple's blood refinement.

Before they reached the city gate, there was already an elementalist waiting for them.

Han Li did not know who this elementalist was and found him to be extremely unfamiliar. However, Han Li knew that he was from the Sky Leaf Division by the energy undulations around his body.

The elementalist had an indifferent look on his face. He bowed slightly and spoke with a polite tone, "Miss Peiyao and Master Han, welcome to Skyheart City. Madam knew that both of you would arrive today, and she is very happy. She even personally involved herself in finding a residence for you. If you have any requests, feel free to tell me. Madam has prepared a welcoming banquet for both of you, and various family heads are invited to it. Your luggage will be sent to your residence by the butler. Please follow me to the banquet now."

A wide smile appeared on Gong Peiyao's face as she bowed and replied gently, "Sir, thank you for leading the way."

"You're welcome."

The elementalist's face was still indifferent as usual. He turned around and led the way.

As they entered Skyheart City, Gong Peiyao and Han Li looked at each other. They could see the shock in each other's eyes. Both of them had come to Skyheart City before, so they knew what it looked like in the past. The current Skyheart City looked as though it had been reborn. There was a huge number of shops, and the streets were bustling with people and activity.

Was this... the economic climate of a free market nation?

Gong Peiyao's feelings were complicated.

The banquet was very grand. Those who attended it were all important figures. The seniority of many of them actually required the Gong Residence's family head to receive them. By custom, a junior like Gong Peiyao was only fit to serve them. From the atmosphere of the banquet, one would definitely not be able to tell that this banquet was prepared for a hostage.

Madam Ye was cordial and warm, making one felt as though he or she was at home. She drank and laughed with everyone. Both the host and the guests were enjoying their time at the banquet.

Gong Peiyao knew this was Madam Ye's way of bragging about her accomplishments by displaying her benevolence and amiability.

When Gong Peiyao returned to her residence, she was already worn out and quickly fell into a deep sleep.

Han Li looked at Gong Peiyao's cherubic sleeping appearance and sighed in his heart. Sensing that someone was outside, he stood up and walked toward the door silently. When he opened the door, he saw the Sky Leaf Division elementalist who had received them earlier.

"Madam wants to see you."

The meeting place was at a desolate, unremarkable house.

Madam Ye's appearance had not changed at all. It appeared that time did not leave any traces on her. Han Li could sense faint energy undulations coming from the shadow in a corner not far away.

He remained calm and stayed at his position like a statue.

"Han Li, have I ever mistreated you?"

Madam Ye's voice was plain and calm.

"No, never," Han Li replied.

"Do you have anything to explain to me then?" Madam Ye snorted.

"No." Han Li shook his head.

Madam Ye did not seem to expect that Han Li would be so stubborn, and her face darkened. A faint killing intent extended from the shadow in the corner, and the temperature of the room kept on decreasing, appearing as though it could sense Madam Ye's anger.

Han Li acted as if he couldn't sense this.

Suddenly, Madam Ye chuckled softly. "You indeed have the air of a Master now. Even your character has changed.

Han Li sighed in his heart. He knew his relationship with Madam Ye was completely broken. Han Li's entry into the Karakorum Sword League was personally arranged by Madam Ye. From what she said just now, she was actually giving him a chance to redeem himself. As long as he was willing to lower his head and take orders from Madam Ye, she would let bygones be bygones.

However, he still rejected her even though that path led to glory and magnificence.

The faint killing intent that lingered in the room disappeared, appearing as though it was Han Li's hallucination.

"You're already a master swordsman now, and you should have deep understanding of swordsmanship. It just so happens that I have a mirage clip here that I want to show you." Madam Ye smiled.

Han Li felt slightly puzzled, but he did not say anything.

A ball of light suddenly blossomed in the room. Han Li's attention was immediately captured by the image before him. It was a battlefield!

He could tell that the person who recorded this clip used an extremely high-grade mirage bean pod. The image was extremely clear with many details in high definition.

Han Li's eyes looked as though they were about to pop out. His mouth subconsciously opened, and it did not close for a long period of time.

When Madam Ye saw his facial expression, she did not ridicule him. She still remembered how appalled she was when she first saw this image.

The sword gleams that descended from the sky were like a beautiful rain of light. Even the splendor of the synchronized pagoda cannon shots paled in comparison to it. In the face of the light swords, the powerful blood elementalists were weak and delicate like pieces of paper and were unable to withstand a single blow.

Rivers of blood and corpses were everywhere.

What is this sword? Why are the sword gleams so unique?

How many swords are there? How come he can't keep track of the number of swords?

Why is every sword shaped differently?

How does one control such a terrifying number of light swords?

Why are they so powerful?

What... what kind of swordsmanship is this?

Countless questions swirled in Han Li's head. He felt as though there were raging waves surging through his mind. His understanding of swordsmanship was overturned in an instant. The confidence he obtained from becoming a Master collapsed with a loud rumble at this moment.

He did not notice Madam Ye's pupils faintly dilate when Helian Tianxiao yelled in the clip, "Ai Hui, you're a blood elementalist!"

Han Li, who was immersed in the recording, suddenly realized what was going on. This clip depicted the entire process of the destruction of the God Wolf Division!

The dazzling and gorgeous rain of swords...

All of a sudden, a name involuntarily appeared in Han Li's mind.

-- Ai Hui!

Han Li couldn't believe what he had just seen.

When the clip ended, the room became silent once more. Han Li's heavy panting could be clearly heard. His eyes were in a daze, his face was pale-white, and his clothes were drenched in sweat.

Madam Ye stayed silent for a while before asking, "From your perspective, do you think swordsmanship alone can be so powerful?"