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Chapter 648: Changes

 Chapter 648: Changes

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When Silver Soldier first saw the messenger from Skyheart City, a feeling of danger arose in his heart instantly. The messenger was very young and had a very handsome appearance, one that Silver Soldier had never seen before. His luxurious robe was spotlessly clean, making him looked as though he had just attended an aristocratic family banquet.

"Sir, nice to meet you. My name is He Yong, and I'm from the Sky Leaf Division."

He bowed slightly, but his face was indifferent. His completely emotionless tone sounded as though he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

Silver Soldier noticed that the messenger's body was surrounded by a layer of faint aura that was scant and hazy. His heart skipped a beat, but his movements did not reveal anything. He sat down and asked casually, "Sky Leaf Division? I don't remember there being a Sky Leaf Division among the Skyheart Divisions?"

"After the Master's Glory succeeded, Madam gave the order to set up the Sky Leaf Division," He Yong replied.

"Master's Glory has succeeded?" Silver Soldier was stunned.

"Yes," He Yong's indifferent tone contained a tinge of pride.

Silver Soldier could not maintain his composure. Raging waves seemed to rise in his heart. Master's Glory had succeeded? It actually succeeded!

Because of his junior, he was considered an important subordinate of Madam Ye's. As such, he knew more about Master's Glory than the outside world. When he was still a member of the internal department of Skyheart City, a lot of criticism and doubt were continuously directed toward Master's Glory. Almost no one could understand why Madam Ye recklessly promoted Master's Glory. At that time, Madam Ye was like an insane gambler who had lost her rationality and placed all her chips on Master's Glory.

It finally succeeded huh...

Silver Soldier tried his best to maintain his composure and shot a complicated look at He Yong. Silver Soldier had sharp eyesight and could tell that He Yong was a Master produced by Master's Glory. He was rather powerful. Even though Silver Soldier did not know He Yong's background, he instinctively knew that He Yong was not to be trifled with.

"How are the others' strengths compared to yours?" Silver Soldier asked, trying to get more information from He Yong.

"My strength is not worth mentioning in the Sky Leaf Division." He Yong knew Silver Soldier was sounding him out. He did not avoid the question because there was no need to do so. Very soon, everyone would know about the Sky Leaf Division's strength.

If they were able to form a combat division, that meant the number of Masters they produced had to be substantial...

A combat division that was entirely made up of Masters...

Terrifying offensive capabilities!

A cold shiver went down Silver Soldier's spine. In the history of the Avalon of Five Elements, there had never been a combat division that was entirely made up of Masters. Even the three central divisions were not entirely made up of Masters! Furthermore, these Masters were much more powerful than ordinary Masters!

Silver Soldier wasn't an ignorant newbie. When such a powerful force was born, the geography of the entire Beyond Avalon would undergo huge changes. Perhaps even the geography of the entire world would change because of the birth of the Sky Leaf Division.

Sky Leaf Division. One could sense how ambitious Madam Ye was from this name.

[The word for "Leaf" in Chinese is "Ye".]

He Yong managed to catch a glimpse of the fear in Silver Soldier's eyes. This wasn't the first time he saw fear and reverence in other people's eyes when he mentioned the Sky Leaf Division. He was like an almighty god who showed no mercy to his subjects at all. His ice-cold tone contained a tinge of cruelty.

"A few days earlier, the Sky Leaf Division made an inspection tour to various cities in Beyond Avalon. Newlight City refused to comply with our orders, so we took some necessary measures. Yuchi Ba and An Chouchou were executed, while Newlight City begged Madam Ye for mercy."

Silver Soldier could no longer maintain his composure and cried out in alarm, "Elder Yuchi! Ugly Idol! The New Citizens Faction..."

A mocking look flashed across He Yong's eyes. He replied coldly, "When we arrived at Palacefield City, the patriarch of the Gong Residence personally welcomed us and pledged his allegiance to Madam. He sent his daughter, Gong Peiyao, to Skyheart City to serve Madam."

Silver Soldier froze.

He definitely knew that "to serve Madam" was merely an excuse on the surface. In reality, Gong Peiyao was being taken hostage.

"Whichever city the banner of the Sky Leaf Division arrives in, that city will pledge its allegiance to Madam. Quickly, the hostility between every city will disappear."

He Yong glanced at the dumbstruck Silver Soldier and said purposefully, "An era is about to end, and a brand-new era about to begin. Sir, you have to think clearly which path you are going to take."

After a long while, the dazed Silver Soldier opened his mouth with difficulty. With a hoarse and dry voice, he asked, "What does Madam want me to do?"

He Yong smiled.


Wan Shenwei's mouth was agape with shock.

He felt a hint of moisture on his face, appearing as though raindrops were hitting his face. Was it raining? No, it was blood!

A Master swayed in the air and fell from the sky, resembling a kite with a broken string. However, at this moment, no one had the time to save him.


That Master's head collided heavily with a rock not far away from Wan Shenwei. His head exploded like a fragile watermelon, and he died on the spot. Deep down, Wan Shenwei felt relieved. Previously, when he fell from the mountain, he did not fall to his death because he used Ye Baiyi as a cushion.

The battle in the sky had exceeded two hours. Wan Shenwei had been counting the number of Masters who had fallen. More than 21 Masters had been killed. She Yu had paid a heavy price as well. Her left arm was dangling by her side. Her left forearm was distorted at an awkward angle, and her body was covered with numerous bruises.

Wan Shenwei had not expected the seemingly petite and cute She Yu to be so unyielding and brave!

She was like a wild beast that had gone insane.

Wan Shenwei, who had rich combat experience, had a clear grasp of the current situation. The scales of victory were tipped in the elemental Masters' favor. It might appear that She Yu was dealing heavy losses to the elemental Masters, but in reality, the elemental Masters were closing in around her.

Currently, She Yu was like a trapped beast and did not have much time left.

Fu Sisi wanted to capture She Yu regardless of the casualties they suffered, even if it meant that tens of their Masters had to die. The second round of Master's Glory had already begun, and their combat division would be replenished with new Masters very soon. However, the chance to capture She Yu, who had absorbed God's blood, was extremely hard to come by.

The value of God's blood was comparable to Ye Baiyi's.

God's blood was the Blood of God's supreme sacred artifact. Reportedly, the Holy Emperor became that powerful because he had absorbed the power of God's blood.

The Holy Emperor had never bestowed the God's blood on anyone before, so She Yu was the first person to receive it.

The invisible connection between the Heart of God in Ye Baiyi's body and the God's blood in She Yu's body appeared clearly in Fu Sisi's mind. This meant that they might have a chance to decode the darkest secret of the Blood of God!

The only thing that surprised her was that She Yu's strength was much more powerful than she had expected. The number of casualties they suffered was much higher than she had expected as well.

Everything would be worth it!

This was the best chance. A chance like this, where She Yu was isolated, would most likely never come by again.

After having two hours of rest, Wan Shenwei had regained some of his energy.

The daily arduous training sessions displayed their worth now. Wan Shenwei's regenerative ability was extraordinary.

After he fell to the ground, he became motionless. Initially, there were a few individuals observing him closely from the dark. At that time, he was completely exhausted, felt dizzy, and was unable to move at all. After he regained his strength gradually, he remained in his motionless state. Eventually, the eyes that were observing him disappeared.

Everyone had placed their attention on She Yu. At this point in time, She Yu seemed to know that she was on the brink of death. She was going all-out!

No one noticed Wan Shenwei.

Wan Shenwei, who had been waiting for the right opportunity, began to move. He picked up Ye Baiyi and slipped away silently.

Just as he started moving, Fu Sisi, who was in the sky, noticed him right away. However, She Yu was now in her most dangerous state and another three of Fu Sisi's comrades were killed. She clenched her teeth and yelled, "Capture the demonic girl first!"

No one raised any objections.

The withering Wan Shenwei posed zero threat to them. Even if they let him off now, how far could he possibly run?

When Wan Shenwei saw that Fu Sisi did not care about him, he broke into a run after picking up Ye Baiyi, not caring about his cover at all.

He laughed bitterly in his heart. He might be the most cowardly division leader in the history of the Dread Division. There had never been a Dread division leader who pathetically ran for his or her life like he was doing now.

Even when he ran, no one bothered to chase him.

He knew he did not have much time left. He did not dare to conserve any energy and ran with all his might.


A group of seven or eight people were flying through the untamed wilds.

"Are we going the right direction? So far we haven't discovered any traces."

"Sir flies, so how would he leave behind traces? This direction indeed leads to the Jadeite Forest!"

In order to avoid She Yu's tracking, the Dread Division broke up into many small units and escaped in different directions. Halfway through, someone in this unit suggested that they should find their division leader and help him.

Everyone in this unit was young. The youngest was Wan Erdan. He was the youngest warrior in the Dread Division, at the mere age of 16 years old.

They also knew that the chances of finding Wan Shenwei and helping him were very slim, but they just wanted to do something. They knew what they were doing was futile and irrational, but none of them cared! Sir was going to die, so what was there to be rational about!

After splitting up from the other units, they did not retreat, but rather, they headed in the direction of the Jadeite Forest at full speed.

Being the youngest, Wang Erdan was often teased by everyone. However, everyone knew that Sir liked Wang Erdan very much. Wang Erdan himself knew that as well.

Not many people in the Dread Division could get training pointers from Sir personally. Wang Erdan was one of the lucky few. Many people secretly discussed whether or not Sir wanted Wang Erdan to take over his position. It was obvious that he was nurturing Wang Erdan with great care.

Actually, everyone liked Wang Erdan a lot. He was honest, down-to-earth, and diligent. He was a nice fellow, but he did not seem like someone who could lead the Dread Division.

He was the one who suggested to find Sir and help him.

Wang Erdan never thought that their irrational action would allow them to avoid Fu Sisi and the Sky Leaf Division. While pursuing the Dread Division, Fu Sisi and her team from the Sky Leaf Division barged through the metal wind stratum, thereby missing Wang Erdan and his counterparts.

Everyone had ugly looks on their faces. After so many futile days, they were feeling extremely terrible.

Everyone's faces were gloomy. They were on the verge of blowing up.

Even though Wang Erdan had an anxious look on his face, his eyes kept on scanning his surroundings, looking for traces of Wan Shenwei.

"We still haven't found him yet! Are we on the right track?!"

Suddenly, Wang Erdan raised his hand and stopped everyone. "Stop!"

Uponing hearing this word, everyone's minds jolted as a look of joy appeared on their faces. However, when they saw Wang Erdan close his eyes as though he was sensing something, they quickly quieted down.

Wang Erdan opened his eyes and pointed to their right side. "There are people fighting there!"

There were people fighting there? Was Sir fighting with the demonic girl?

Everyone became excited and worried at the same time. Without any hesitation, they hurriedly flew in the direction that Wang Erdan was pointing.

Wan Shenwei was running forward mechanically. Right now, he was dragging Ye Baiyi on the ground as he moved forward step by step. His steadfast-looking face was covered with wounds, his widened eyes were cloudy, his lips were dry, and the wounds on his arms were turning into bloodstained scabs. His fingers had turned white from grasping Ye Baiyi's hair and dragging him.

The pathetic-looking Ye Baiyi looked like a ragged sack that was being dragged on the ground.

However, whether he passed through swamps, mud pools, or lands that were filled with sharp stones, his entire body still remained spotlessly clean and snow-white.

Suddenly, Wan Shenwei heard familiar, pleasantly surprised cheers.

"Sir! It's Sir!"

Ahhh, I'm having hallucinations now.

Wan Shenwei shook his head. Following which, darkness engulfed his vision, and he collapsed to the ground.