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Chapter 647: Wind Columns and Mourning

 Chapter 647: Wind Columns and Mourning

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He Nanshan could hardly believe his eyes. In front of him stood the remnant soldiers of the beast battalion. Their morale was depressed and expressions panicky. He Nanshan had never seen anything like this in any of the God Nation's armies.

They were extremely frightened.

The camp was all quiet except for the sobs of the officers.

Helian Tianxiao attracted the attention of the enemies with the beast battalions, but actually planned to pierce the wind curtain and sneak attack them from behind. Theoretically, there was no problem with the plan. Even He Nanshan would agree with him on this plan.

Yet astonishingly, both the God Wolf and the Silver Frost Divisions were destroyed with no survivors. The beast battalions waged a grueling attack, but couldn't break through, so they had to retreat back to their campsite. The Infantry and the Sky Edge Divisions took the opportunity to counterattack them, causing heavy casualties to the beast battalions. Under the pursuit of the Infantry and the Sky Edge Divisions, the officers and soldiers of the beast battalions retreated separately. As a result, only slightly more than 100 managed to escape.

He Nanshan fell into silence, but in his heart, he was greatly shocked and could hardly calm down.

How was this possible?

Due to an ambush? Even so, with their capacity, the God Wolf and Silver Frost were unlikely to be totally destroyed. Did their enemies have a backup plan?

That had to be it!

However, what kind of backup plan could completely destroy the God Wolf and Silver Frost?

The God Nation had been fighting against Beyond Avalon for such a long time that they were aware of the status quo. The elementalists' continuous retreats had already revealed their weakness. He was surprised by the destruction of the Ardent Flower Blood Division, but could accept it.

However, the God Wolf was one of the six god divisions, and Helian Tianxiao was not at all weaker than He Nanshan.

Plus, they were not defeated, but destroyed. As strong and experienced as the God Wolf and Silver Frost were, even if they fell into a tough spot, they would find an opportunity to break through an encirclement. They were likely to suffer great losses, but how could they be destroyed?

He Nanshan felt both scared and angry. He had sent a messenger to inform Helian Tianxiao to wait for the support of the God Spirit Division, but unexpectedly, Helian Tianxiao directly initiated an attack instead of waiting for them.

All the plans were disrupted by Helian Tianxiao's decision. Their power was largely reduced.

What could they do in the face of such a defeat?

Ai Hui hadn't come out, but they noticed the change of the light swords, which they believed was a good signal. The battle at the defensive line achieved an unprecedented victory, during which the God Wolf, one of the six god divisions, was obliterated. This section of their armed forces had completely disappeared.

This was undoubtedly the most glorious fight in the years of fighting between the God Nation and the Elders Guild.

This unprecedented victory boosted the morale of the elementalists.

All previous despair was gone.

The legend that the six god divisions were invincible was broken. As they realized that blood elementalists from the god divisions were also mortal human beings, they gradually became confident and overcame their inner fear toward the god divisions. In their hearts, the god divisions might be stronger, but they, themselves, were not easy to deal with either.

With boosted morale, they went back to reinforce their defenses more actively.

They had discovered all the spots in the wind curtain that were previously pierced by the God Wolf Division. To prevent the recurrence of similar situations, they decided to broaden the canyon under Shi Xueman's guidance so as to reinforce the wind curtain.

This was not an easy task. The canyon had been eroded by the wind curtain for years. The more fragile rocks had already been weathered and broken, while the remaining stone had become very hard under the quenching of the metal wind curtain for years,.

Even though they had Wang Xiaoshan, it would still be an arduous task. Fortunately, they only needed to broaden some key positions.

Wang Xiaoshan was now the busiest.

Shi Xueman, Silver Soldier, Jiang Wei, and Sang Zhijun discussed the arrangement of the defenses, while Karakorum Polaris never participated in such tasks because she was not interested. Wang Xiaoshan sat in front of a sand table where the layout of the defensive line and the surrounding terrain was clearly and vividly displayed.

Wang Xiaoshan listened carefully to their discussion and adjusted the sand table accordingly.

The sand table kept immediately changing according to their proposals, even before the sounds of their voices faded away. The four stood around the sand table, either contemplating or discussing heatedly.

Wang Xiaoshan hardly joined their discussion. He would only change the sand table when they had a conclusion.

Wang Xiaoshan had almost no fighting capacity, but his value was reflected in defense. In Silver Soldier's words, Wang Xiaoshan's defensive role was more significant than ten warfare masters.

They knew the Blood of God would not let them go easily, and the battles in the future would only be more fierce and cruel. Still, they were confident.

After a heated discussion, they finally came to a conclusion. Then, they left everything to Wang Xiaoshan, with Sang Zhijun as the coordinator.

Silver Soldier went back to the campsite of the Infantry Division in a good mood. Although it was a painstaking period, he felt fulfilled. Back then, he jumped out to take over the Infantry Division and became the division leader despite the questions from all the skeptics. On one hand, he wanted to combat the blood elementalists, and on the other hand, he could hardly bear to see the Infantry Division vanish.

The Infantry Division existed in name only when he took over, as the members were all incompetent and inexperienced new recruits. Having endured through several battles, they had now become much resolute and steadfast, and their young faces became more mature. They were no longer panicky when going to the front line compared to before. Nowadays, they were well trained and mentally strong. After a few more battles, they would be a new batch of elites.

Silver Soldier was delighted with a sense of accomplishment after seeing the improvement of his combat division.

Although the main forces of the recent battles were either the Spear of Heavy Cloud or the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, with the Infantry and Sky Edge providing support most of the time, Silver Soldier was sufficiently satisfied. He was confident that as the two divisions grew stronger, they would be able to play more important roles in the future.

He asked the vice division leader, "Is Lady Karakorum back?"

"Not yet." The deputy leader shook his head.

Karakorum Polaris had been indulging in the sword formations in the valley these days. She had always wanted to compile a swordplay manual. Therefore, the changing light swords were of great attraction to her.

She sat on the slope beside the valley every day and stared at every change of the light swords.

She was fascinated with the birth of every new sword.

Not only her, but all the sword elementalists of the Sky Edge Division also came and stayed near the sword formations to explore the sword consciousnesses. It was like a constantly changing swordplay manual in front of them, and any understanding from it would be greatly beneficial to them.

The Sword of Lightning, on the other hand, didn't have any feeling toward it. They took another path.

Silver Soldier shook his head and sighed. He was clearly aware of his junior's indulgence in swordplay, but he didn't know her fellow sword elementalists were the same as her. The God-subduing Peak where the Sky Edge Division should be stationed was empty, causing Silver Soldier to have to deploy soldiers of the Infantry Division to guard it. If the God-subduing Peak crashed and hurt their companions due to unattended operation, it would be the worst joke.

His junior was an outstanding swordsman, but not a qualified division leader.

Silver Soldier knew that if it had not been for him, she wouldn't have come to the front line. All she thought about swordplay, and she had no interest in combat divisions at all. As a result, he didn't have the heart to scold her.

Suddenly, he noticed that the vice division leader wanted to say something, but stopped after a second thought, so he asked, "Did anything happen?"

The vice division leader looked around. Seeing that nobody was here, he said in a low voice, "A messenger from Skyheart City asked to see you."

Skyheart City?

Silver Soldier felt that something was weird, but he didn't show any emotional fluctuation except that his eyes became gloomy.

The vice division leader looked worried and said in a low voice, "He came in secret, so I didn't dare to let others know."

Why did they send a messenger at this time?

Currently, the commander-in-chief here was Shi Xueman. Why did they come directly to him instead of visiting Shi Xueman first? Silver Soldier sensed something ominous.

"Where is he?"

"Waiting in your tent."

Duanmu Huanghun finished drinking the elemental soup with satisfaction and came to the spot where he would typically sit quietly. Actually, the elemental soup didn't have much effect on him now, but he insisted on drinking it during each meal and sometimes even competed with others to get another bowl.

This was because the soup cooked by Lou Lan was the most delicious thing in the world. Not only Duanmu Huanghun, but Fatty was also addicted to it. Sometimes, they would even put up a fight for the leftovers.

The others could only watch them enviously. That was a war between big shots!

Duanmu Huanghun was in a good mood today because he won and received an extra half bowl of soup. Seeing Fatty's furious expression made him happy.

Duanmu Huanghun had been out of sorts regarding the fact that Fatty had become a Master.

How can a genius be called a genius if he was no different from ordinary people?

Thus, he decided to continue to improve the power of the [Viridescent Flower Green Vines] to let fools like Fatty know what a real genius was.

Theoretically, the [Viridescent Flower Green Vines] he had just comprehended was his apex. It would be incredibly hard to advance, but there was an excellent example for him to follow.

People he met along the way kept saluting him.

"Sir Duanmu!"

"Master Duanmu!"

He returned the salutes politely. After all, he was born in an aristocratic family, so his demeanor was perfect.

Afterward, he frowned slightly when he realized that there were so many people here today.

Previously, he would come across a few people when he came here, but never so many. Looking ahead, he could see an endless stream of people coming in. If Duanmu Huanghun was not familiar with this location, he would have thought that he had stepped into a scenic spot during a holiday.

He also noticed that many of the people had a bamboo basket on their arm.

Yet, none of the basket contained anything.

There were more and more people as he continued to walk forward.

The unhappiness in Duanmu Huanghun's heart had already gone. Instead, he was wondering what these people were doing here.

There was a high slope in front of him, behind which was the place where he tried to gain further comprehension. Duanmu Huanghun had a keen ear. He heard human voices from behind the high slope.

He couldn't resist his curiosity and walked past the high slope. When he saw what happened, he was stunned.

The wind columns not far from him were shining with a hint of soft light. People there were either kowtowing or taking offerings out of their baskets and placing them in order before the wind columns.

There were various offerings, such as wild beasts that had just been killed, fresh wild fruit, and grain rations of the combat divisions.

Twigs and grass torches were ignited and inserted in front of the offerings. The whole place was wrapped by smog and fragance.

They looked small in front of the towering wind columns.

They were mumbling some words while raising wine jars up and spattering the wine on the offerings and into the air.

"Today is the seventh day after your death. Predecessors, please come and feel free to eat and drink."

"We cannot find any food of better quality on the battlefield. Hopefully, you won't detest it."

"Do eat more please."

"Please rest in peace. Leave the battle to us."

The mumbling lingered in the wind among the former members of the Surveillance Division.