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Chapter 646: Girl in Red vs. Sky Leaf Division

 Chapter 646: Girl in Red vs. Sky Leaf Division

Translator: Cynthiia Editor: X, TYZ

The blood eye seemed tranquil.

When the blazing sun overhead disappeared, the power of the God's blood was all absorbed. The vexing golden blood also disappeared. After the numerous blood and flesh were devoured, the non-absorbable parts of the God's blood were finally channeled into the light swords.

The huge blood eye in the sky was still staring at the earth silently, but the red beams had disappeared.

Under the blood eye, the sword embryo gave out an astonishing power. 18,000 swords of different shapes and auras constituted a huge ball. They were swimming slowly like a giant school of fish. Amazingly, no matter how they flowed, the dividing line between Yin and Yang didn't move a bit.

Ai Hui was suspended in the center of the sword embryo. He stretched his arms and closed his eyes tightly.

To the various swords flowing around him, he was like a magnet that attracted them, but none of the swords could touch him.

He was modifying the swords.

The sword embryo, having absorbed the power of God's blood, had become far more powerful than before. The sword embryo was internally connected with Ai Hui and was the origin of his essence, breath, and spirit. It was not difficult to control something that had the same root as him.

What was troublesome now were the 18,000 swords that contained the power of God's blood and had absorbed countless blood and flesh. The light swords contained the power of God's blood that Ai Hui couldn't absorb, but after devouring the blood and flesh, the situation changed.

They were like blood thirsty cruel monsters. Even if they were just inserted in the ground, their frightening intent to kill could scare anyone who came close. Within 30 meters of the sword formation, the killing intent was almost stifling.

A cracking sound came from the sword formation.

The shape of a light sword was changing quietly. The flat blade was bent over like a willow leaf while the thickness became attenuated. At the very beginning, when the sword formation plan was made, to produce enough long swords within a limited period of time, the long swords were made in the most ordinary and common size.

There seemed to be an invisible hand modifying its shape.

When finished, the light of the sword slowly faded and finally disappeared, like a piece of red-hot iron cooling down after being taken out of the forge.

A black sword was inserted into the mud. Its hilt was straight, and its cloud-shaped sword edge was covered with delicate patterns. Its blade was paper thin and long with a subtle arc, exuding a dangerous aura. In contrast, the body of the sword was as white and silvery as snow. The light crimson along the edge of the blade seemed like blood left on the white teeth of beasts that had just torn apart their prey.

Another light sword dimmed. It was a heavy and straight sword with only one sharp edge. The wavy maroon serrations looked extremely ferocious and blood-thirsty.

The sword embryo contained 18,000 streaks off sword consciousness, and light swords was also numbered 18,000. Ai Hui didn't believe it was only a coincidence.

All the consumable parts of the God's blood had been absorbed, and the non-absorbable part was channeled into the sword formation, but why he was he still unable to break away from the blood eye? Ai Hui had tried many times, but nothing happened until he realized the identical number of sword consciousnesses and light swords.

As a result, Ai Hui began to modify the swords.

He modified them according to the shape of each sword consciousness. Then, he realized that he could change the shapes of light swords freely. The rays of the modified light swords were restraining, and the change was subtle and could hardly be described.

Ai Hui called the new black and red sword a "God Sword."

Of course they were far inferior to the ancient God-grade swords, but the quality of the new black sword was extraordinary and had surpassed that of ordinary Heaven-grade weapons.

The new sword was more closely connected to the sword embryo. Ai Hui could control them effortlessly through the embryo and execute extremely complicated moves.

18,000 was an intimidating number. To Ai Hui, however, it was extremely exciting because he knew that once he finished, the weapon would be unprecedented.


In the gorge at the foot of the mountain, Wan Shenwei looked up at the fierce fight in the sky and was struck dumb with amazement.

He had been through many battles, but none were comparable to the one he was watching. He felt lucky that he drew She Yu away or else the remaining Judgement and Dread members would have been unable to escape

The red figure moved fast like an untraceable wisp of fog. Each strike was deadly.

The sky kept changing, sometimes as dark as night, sometimes thundering and flashing lightning, sometimes sunny and tranquil, and sometimes crimson.

It was reported before that She Yu practiced the [Star Divine Hallucination] and the [Phantom Smoke Dance] The [Star Divine Hallucination] technique could confuse one's mind with illusions, making enemies unable to tell falsehood from reality. It was one of the most obscure and profound spells from the Blood of God. So far, only two people had mastered it. One was She Yu, and the other was the Holy Emperor.

This was why she was in the Holy Emperor's good graces. He believed she was talented.

With the [Star Divine Hallucination] and the [Phantom Smoke Dance], She Yu could come and go freely among the Masters.

The strength of the Masters shocked Wan Shenwei. Some of them were by no means inferior to him. After all, even during the heyday of the Avalon of Five Elements, only a few elementalists were on par with him, and all of them were well known heroes.

Now, he encountered several at once!

Moreover, the other Masters were only slightly inferior to him and had already surpassed ordinary Masters. Any of them could be the leader of a combat division.

However, they were only ordinary members here.

Master's Glory!

So this was the true Master's Glory!

Wan Shenwei somehow felt scared. Previously, he had not understood why Madam Ye bet all her hope and all she had on Master's Glory.

Currently, he understood as he witnessed the intimidating strength of the members.

No one could stop Madam Ye!

He couldn't help shivering. Madam Ye had shown her toughness from the very beginning. Wan Shenwei was clearly aware of her cruelty, and she possessed the sharpest blade now. Wan Shenwei could even imagine that all obstacles in front of her would be crushed.

He could see that Madam Ye turn her head back and smile softly while standing on the blood stained ground.

A gloomy chill traversed his heart.

Regardless, he was dying. Why did he have to think so much?

Wan Shenwei laughed at himself and calmed down. Maybe this valley was where he would be buried. Why bother to worry about what would happen in the future. No matter what the world would become, it had nothing to do with a dead man.

Having shrugged off the burdens, he began to enjoy watching the battle in the sky.

She Yu was not as calm as she appeared to be. The news that the Master's Glory had succeeded greatly impacted her, and she was not prepared at all to fight against these Masters.

Initially, she had lost control over her mind and body, but after the first clash, she calmed down, and her heart began to sink.

The Masters trained by Master's Glory were far stronger than ordinary Masters!

Their moves were astonishingly powerful. After several rounds, She Yu noticed something different. It was their elemental energy. Their elemental energy was different from ordinary elementalists. At first, she couldn't even tell what attribute their elemental energy belonged to.

Only after more than 100 moves did she realize that their elemental energy consisted of all five attributes.

This reminded She Yu of the fusion elemental energy from the Assembly of Patriarchs, which was the mortal enemy of the Blood of God. The hatred between the two sides could be traced back to hundreds of years ago. She Yu clearly knew about fusion elemental energy.

Initially, she didn't realize the elemental energy consisted of five attributes, so she didn't associate them with the Assembly of Patriarchs. Now, she knew this new kind of elemental energy had to be closely tied to fusion elemental energy.

In the rumors, Madam Ye had close connections with the Assembly of Patriarchs, but they later fell out with each other.

In an instant, many ideas occurred to She Yu, but she soon left them behind because her absent minded state caused her to incur another wound.

Blood had woken up her intent to kill. Her pretty eyes looked cold.

As one of the first batch of the Blood of God's top seeds, she survived countless life-or-death battles. No matter what the cost, she had to bring Ye Baiyi back!

She moved like a wisp of red smoke, appearing in front of a Master like a ghost before pointing at him with one finger powerlessly.

It seemed like this move was not threatening at all, but in her enemy's eyes, this was not the case.

His surroundings suddenly became pitch black. More frighteningly, all his perceptions were sealed. Suddenly, he caught sight of a spot of light that was swiftly approaching him, and immediately chopped toward it with all his elemental energy.

He succeeded!

He was relieved when he felt his sword hit something. As long as he could withstand this move, his companions would come to assist him.

The spot of light suddenly exploded and released glaring rays. Without warning, he could not see anything because his vision was filled with endless whiteness.


He didn't have time to react before his body froze. In the next instant, his throat was pierced, leaving a finger sized bleeding hole.

With this method, She Yu killed five Masters while only suffering three wounds. This shocked everyone present.

They all looked gloomy.

Fu Sisi's face was ghastly pale. Since the establishment of the Sky Leaf Division, they had been invincible and had not even met a competent rival no matter where they went, let alone a loss of five Masters. Moreover, the team was led by her.

Xiaobao had conquered so many cities without a scratch so far.

How could She Yu be so strong!

She Yu looked composed with an easy gracefulness. A thin trickle of blood appeared at the corner of her mouth, making her pretty face even more seductively charming. She licked the wound with her tongue and smiled sweetly.

Killing intent flashed across her gorgeous eyes. The blossom-like red clothes fluttered in the air and made flapping sounds.

She breathed out and said in a voice that was as tender as water, "None of you will leave alive."