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Chapter 645: Chase

 Chapter 645: Chase

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Wan Shenwei was hiding in a thicket and stared at the red figure hovering in the sky. He didn't even dare to blink until She Yu finally flew away and disappeared. After that, he spitted out the mud in his mouth and flopped down on the ground.

He let out his bated breath with a little gasp, and his eyes were firm.

The new wound beside his neck was stained with mud, and the flesh was exposed to the air. As his chest moved up and down, his rock-like face was as cold as usual. Only half of the keels of his azure wings were left, resembling a broken spear.

His azure wings had been destroyed by She Yu with only one strike.

Wan Shenwei hadn't expected that She Yu could take a shortcut by traversing the metal winds from the upper atmosphere. This made him realize that the strength of the demonic girl was far beyond his imagination. As a result, Wan Shenwei made a sudden decision-he suddenly fell sharply and rushed into the jungle.

From that moment, Wan Shenwei's rich experience began to play an important role. He got rid of She Yu by making use of the complicated terrain. Although She Yu would soon catch up afterward, Wan Shenwei had already spotted her weakness in this aspect and had escaped again and again in this manner. Later, he also realized that She Yu could only detect the general location of Ye Baiyi's aura, so he set some traps, which worked well.

The blood on his ragged armor and clothes was dry, his hair was messy with some stray stalks of withered grass, but his eyes were still bright.

He smoothed his clothes and armor unhurriedly as usual. He knew it wouldn't take long before She Yu found him again.

Wan Shewei had always been strict with others and himself in abiding by the conduct and discipline of the combat divisions, and he hated undisciplined people very much. However ragged his armor was, he would always take care of it.

He glanced at the unconscious Ye Baiyi and smiled bitterly. No matter how they rolled around in the mud and among the forests these days, Ye Baiyi's clothes were still clean and as white as snow.

"Brother, we have been escaping for such a long time and went through many hardships together. Unfortunately, I cannot keep your company any longer. Well, maybe you don't need me at all. Haha," Wan Shenwei murmured to himself, and he couldn't help laughing out loud.

Then, he shut up and looked up at the sky in a trance.

She Yu had become more and more difficult to deal with. She was making progress every day. Plus, Wan Shenwei was not so naive that he believed that he could totally get rid of her only with these simple methods. After all, her qualification to be granted God's blood had already demonstrated her excellence.

Wan Shenwei knew a lot about the Blood of God. They regarded talent as key. They were far more cruel than elementalists in qualification trials.

A black spot appeared in the sky.

Wan Shenwei came back to his senses. He knew his trap would no longer work.

However, he didn't want to surrender without putting up a fight.

He took a long breath and grabbed Ye Baiyi in his hands. With a burst energy, he rushed out like a leopard.

Hearing the shrill howls behind his back, Wan Shenwei turned his hand that held Ye Baiyi.

Ye Baiyi was like a shield that Wan Shenwei used to cover his back.

The red rays from the sky hit the unconscious Ye Baiyi.

There seemed to be an invisible defense around Ye Baiyi, and the red rays were annihilated when they touched him.


Growls were heard from inside Ye Baiyi like the roar of some kind of beast, which was extremely thrilling.

Wan Shenwei felt the person on his back suddenly become heavy and push him hard, making him lose his balance while running. Fortunately, he was already preparedfor this. He twisted his body and tapped the ground with the tips of his toes to adjust his direction and continue to rush forward.

Seeing that Ye Baiyi was still unscathed, She Yu sighed with relief, but she also felt extremely enraged. Wan Shenwei had made Ye Baiyi his best shield. This had happened several times, and She Yu had to slow down her attacks out of fear of hurting General Ye.

She Yu's eyes focused on Wan Shenwei, who kept moving in a zigzag route, and her expression was complicated.

Previously, the three central divisions were just a joke in her eyes, but now she began to appreciate and respect this leader of the Dread Division. During their confrontations these days, Wan Shenwei was in a disadvantageous situation, but he managed to escape using any method at hand until today. Of course, part of the reason was his rich experience, but the essential thing that supported him all this time was the strong will within his heavily-injured body.

No matter how much she admired him, however, She Yu would not show any mercy.

The Holy Emperor had granted the God's blood to her for this task. How could she face him if she failed to complete it? Since she had been hunting down the Judgement and Dread divisions for days, but never saw Nangong Wulian, she was pretty sure the Beast Venom Temple would have to change its leader now.

She could not save Nangong Wulian. As a result, Ye Baiyi would be her only life-saving straw.

No matter what happened, she had to get Ye Baiyi back safe and sound.

She looked around and knew it was time to end everything. The intent to kill flashed across her charming eyes.

It was time to pull in her net.

She Yu suddenly dived like a goshawk hunting its prey.

Wan Shenwei was sprinting with Ye Baiyi on his shoulder. He didn't hear the sound of the wind at all. There was a steep ridge coming up. Wan Shenwei bent forward in an angle that was almost parallel with the angle of the ridge.

His throat and chest were burning, and his legs felt like they were filled with lead.

His face used to be cold like it was carved out of a rock, but now, the lines of his face were twisted like taut steel wires that were about to snap at any time.

He kept changing his position and avoided She Yu's attacks with Ye Baiyi as his shield. The only thing he needed to be concerned about was preventing She Yu from snatching away Ye Baiyi.

Wan Shenwei dashed along the ridge like an agile antelope.

Light flickered in She Yu's eyes as she found that Wan Shenwei's speed had slowed down. It seemed as if he was exhausted like a spent arrow. She kept adjusting her position to attack him from different angles as if chasing her prey.

Wan Shenwei was already worn out and only held on until now because of his strong will. He was dodging almost by instinct as She Yu came closer.

In her heat, She Yu admired that even in such a predicament, he could still manage to dodge.

He was an awesome fighter!

Wan Shenwei's sight and mind became blurred, and the path became steeper. The jagged rocks along the way were like monsters that were about to devour him at any time.

Still, there was no fear in his heart.

An unknown amount of time passed before his blurred vision suddenly became open and clear, and the blue sky could be seen.

Feeling the cool breeze, Wan Shenwei shivered and sobered up.

He looked around.

It was the mountain peak, and there was no way forward.

It was an area about several meters across.

The sunshine was glaring, and the breeze gently touched his face.

She Yu gradually descended from the sky to Wan Shenwei's altitude.

She didn't want to humiliate such a tenacious enemy.

The isolated peak was towering and steep like a sword inserted into the earth. On the summit stood a desperate man, bruises covering every inch of his body. He carried Ye Baiyi on one shoulder, and his chest was moving up and down to the rhythm of his breath. His clothes and armor were covered with sweat, blood, and mud. Not a single area was clean.

About several meters in front of him was a girl in red clothing. She looked graceful, but illusory like fog and mist.

Under the sharp contrast, the scene became more dismal.

After seconds of silence, She Yu said, "Surrender. You are competent and talented. His majesty will entrust you with an important post. As you can see now, the God Nation is thriving while the Elders Guild is near its end. What was it all for?"

Wan Shenwei twitched. He wanted to laugh, but his lips were dry, and his throat was raw.

She Yu couldn't help asking again, "What was it all for?"

Wan Shenwei gradually recovered with heavy breathes. He simply smiled without saying a word.

She Yu knew her words were only nonsense to Wang Shenwei, whose will was as firm as iron. Instead, she restrained her pity on him and said lightly, "It's said that the Dread Division has a killing move to deal with Grandmasters. Why don't you use it?"

Wan Shenwei chuckled and said, "You are strong, but still far from a Grandmaster."

She Yu could feel the scorn in his tone. What he meant was that he didn't think She Yu was strong enough for the Dread Division to use this killing move. She wasn't angry, thinking deeply instead about the implications of his words.

So this was not just a rumor.

Wan Shenwei would rather die than use this move...

That meant the move had many restrictions. Most likely, it could only be used once.

Wan Shenwei would rather fight to the death.

She Yu felt more respect for him.

Theoretically, She Yu could be killed as long as they paid a high enough cost, but a Grandmaster couldn't. It was a wise choice to keep the killing move that could only be used once.

However, he could still make such a choice when his life was in danger and when the Dread might be totally destroyed

She Yu shook her head, "Division Leader Wan really has a heart of nether stone. You can sacrifice your own life, but you are heartless to put the life of your comrades at stake too."

Wan Shenwei said indifferently, "Since we joined the Dread Division, our personal safety has already been out of our consideration. Instead, you had better watch out for your Holy Emperor."

She Yu smiled, "You really have a big heart, Division Leader Wan, to worry about His Majesty in such a disadvantageous situation. Now, our armies are bearing down in force, and you are making one retreat after another. It won't take long before we sweep through Beyond Avalon. His Majesty doesn't even need to come in person. As for your division, I won't let a single member escape. You can rest in peace."

She had resolved to kill all the remaining members of Dread after she saved Ye Baiyi.

Suddenly, an indifferent voice came from above their heads.

"That sounds arrogant. You won't let a single member escape?"

They couldn't tell whether the voice was just next to their ears or came from afar.

She Yu's expression changed while a light of hope flashed across Wan Shenwei's eyes. Both of them moved simultaneously.

She Yu moved like a streak of red fog and tried to grab Ye Baiyi from Wan Shenwei's shoulder, but Wan Shenwei was even faster. Almost just as they heard the voice, he stepped hard onto the ground with the last of his strength and rushed to the cliff edge.

He immediately jumped down without hesitation.

She Yu knew things would not go well when her strike failed. She was about to chase them when she felt the movement from above her head, forcing her to stop.

More than100 people flew through the metal wind layer. They were surrounded by glaring rays and dived down accompanied by thundering roars.

Even the sky was quivering.

They were all Masters! More than 100 Masters!

She Yu was shocked. Meanwhile, two words appeared in her head.

Master's Glory!

The whistling wind under the cliff conveyed Wan Shenwei's unscrupulous laughter.