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Chapter 643: Sky Leaf Division

 Chapter 643: Sky Leaf Division

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A group of people were walking through the wild jungle. They were clothed in rags, and their face were covered with dust, which made them look really shabby. Most of them had dark blood stains on their clothes. They found an opening among the trees and sat down to have a rest.

Several days ago, they had been on edge all the time and kept a vigilant eye for She Yu, who might attack them at anytime. However, for the past three days, they didn't encounter any attacks at all. Yet, no one felt relieved since they knew that it was because Wan Shenwei drew She Yu away.

They were worried about Wan Shenwei.

She Yu's level was beyond Wan Shenwei now. The only thing that could hold her back from taking action was that Wan Shenwei had the unconscious Ye Baiyi with him.

To be cautious, the Judgement and Dread divisions split into more than 10 groups and withdrew from different directions. This team consisted of only 15 people, but their strength was high because Ximen Caijue was in this team.

Now they found grassy clearing and sat down in all directions.

No one was in the mood to talk. They were exhausted after being vigilant for days. They needed time to recover both their physical and elemental energy. Even so, they still had two people on guard to prevent a possible attack.

Time flew by silently. After a few hours, they woke up one by one.

Those who had had enough rest replaced the teammates on guard. Now, the morale of the team was more or less boosted, and the silent group gradually became vigorous. They hadn't had a good rest like this in a long time. To accelerate the retreat, they didn't sleep at all for three days.

After all, every members was an elites before. Thus, having recovered from exhaustion, they were no longer upset.

They sat in a circle in groups of three to five and chatted in low voices while eating and drinking.

"We haven't seen the demonic girl for days. It seems we have totally gotten rid of her."

"What did she eat? How can she be so strong now?"

"Yes, it's so weird. So many people together still could not withstand her."

"All she dares to do is sneak attack. If she was so capable, why not fight aboveboard..."

"Come on," someone sneered, "she is alone, but made us flee like rats. It's already a shame for us even though it was a sneak attack. Stop finding excuses."

The rest fell silent. The smoke-like red figure was their nightmare. More than half of the team members were wounded because of her. They didn't know how horrifying She Yu was until they had fought with her hand to hand.

"Is it the God's blood? She must have absorbed the God's blood, or else how can she be so strong?"

"Weird. This is weird. There are so many things that are weird about the Blood of God. Fortunately, we have killed Nangong Wulian. They say that the Beast Venom Temple has more weird things."

"I'm worried about Division Leader Wan now."

The group became silent again. These days they were trying to avoid talking about this. They felt worried, ashamed, and upset, but there was nothing they could do. This complex feeling was cutting their hearts like a rusty blunt knife.

They even didn't dare to think about it.

Someone murmured, "It will be fine. Division Leader Wan is so strong..."

He stopped, as he remembered the injury inflicted on Wan Shenwei was caused by She Yu, but what he said lit up the others' hopes.

"Even if he cannot defeat her, he has azure wings. At least he can run away."

"Yes, yes! Azure wings! He has azure wings! At least he flies faster than She Yu."

"And if he flies to the Jadeite Forest, She Yu must observe decorum because Grandmaster Dai is there. However strong She Yu is now, she is no match for Grandmaster Dai."

Their discussion was heated.

Feeling distracted, Ximen Caijue scolded, "Shut up!"

Everyone became silent at once.

More wrinkles appeared on her face. Her complexion tarnished, she now looked like an old woman. She sealed Ye Baiyi at great cost, then got injured by She Yu's sneak attack, which made the situation much worse.

As she glared at them, her stateliness as a division leader was revealed through her mental aura.

She had a fiery temper and had never suffered such a defeat before. Now in such a physical state, she couldn't bear the anger and spit out a mouthful of blood. This scared the other team members, and they all rushed forward.


She waved her hand to stop them from coming closer.

Trying to calm down, she looked around at the team members and felt sad. Ever since their establishment, the Judgement and Dread divisions had been invincible, and their enemies would become terror-stricken even when hearing their names. Never once were they so miserable.

Maybe the Judgement Division would come to an end under her command.

Suddenly, the soldiers on guard signaled an alert that someone were approaching!

Ximen Caijue tensed upon hearing the alert. Was it She Yu? Somehow she felt relaxed, and she smiled. If She Yu was here, then that meant Wan Shenwei could survive. She knew she was a burned out lamp and would die soon anyway. She didn't have the power to save the Judgement and Dread divisions, but Wan Shenwei was more powerful and more steadfast than her. It was better to leave this difficult task to him.

Wan Shenwei's life was more valuable.

Her smile froze when she saw the newcomers. Far away in the sky, a group of people were flying toward them at an incredibly fast speed.

They arrived in almost an instant. A few seconds ago, they were just black spots in her eyes, but now they were standing in front of her.

It was not She Yu!

Instead it was a group of elementalists.

The flow of elemental energy revealed their excellent strength. They were at least Masters. Wait! So many Masters... About 100 elemental masters appeared in front of her. More incredibly, the flow of elemental energy around them showed that they were all Masters.

She had never seen so many masters.

She stiffened and could only think of one possibility.

Master's Glory!

High above the clouds, some people were flying at a fast speed. Their azure wings left long traces of mist and passed across the sky like a comb.

The group consisted of over 100 handsome men and pretty women, but they all looked cold.

The woman leading the group had a gorgeous face, delicate eyebrows, and indifferent eyes, as if nothing in the world could raise her interest.

If Ai Hui saw her, he would recognize her. She was Fu Sisi, whom he once had some interactions with before.

The Fu family once suffered from a great calamity and was almost destroyed, but at the critical moment, they went to seek refuge with Madam Ye. Later, to protect Xiaobao and Madam Ye, they suffered great losses. Madam Ye remembered their help with gratitude and gave them a big reward. Now, the Fu Family was one of the most prestigious families with great power in Skyheart City.

To shoulder the main responsibility of the family, Fu Sisi decided to participate in the Master's Glory plan.

When she became a Master, she soon won recognition from Madam Ye, and was entrusted with important tasks. Her position in the Sky Leaf Division was inferior only to Xiaobao.

There was no more immaturity on her face. She was confident because of her strong power and looked indifferent, but stately.

"Ye Baiyi is still alive? Wan Shenwen doesn't look like a soft hearted man. It's hard to imagine that Ye Baiyi could survive for so long in his hands."

"Nian Tingfeng's news should be trustable."

"How's Xiaobao's progress?"

"Smooth. Palacefield City has surrendered as well. The massacre in Newlight City worked well; otherwise, it wouldn't be so smooth later. Those guys are just jacka**es. We need to show them our strength."

"I feel pity for An Chouchou. He was a talent."

"Pity? Why? Madam Ye will soon take down all the cities. Then, she can find whatever talents she wants."

"That makes sense."

Hearing their discussion, Fu Sisi didn't speak at all, but in her heart, she also agreed that the reason why elementalists were weak was because Beyond Avalon was in chaos and the cities were separated by their personal armies. Only Madam Ye could unify the cities, unite Beyond Avalon again, and fight against the blood elementalists in a joint effort.

Plus, the Sky Leaf Division was the sharpest blade of Madam Ye.

Suddenly, she noticed something and looked down on the ground below them.

"Someone's down there! It's the Judgement Division!"

A member beside her recognized them by their clothes.

Fu Sisi said lightly, "Let's go down."

Then, she descended like a goshawk that had found its prey. The others immediately followed her.


Fu Sisi suddenly disappeared. In the next instant, she appeared 10 meters above the remnant team from the Judgement Division.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Figures constantly appeared beside her.

Hundreds of Masters appeared above the Judgement members all at once, creating great pressure to them. Next, when all these masters released their momentum, the pressure was so enormous that it felt like mountains pressing on their heads and almost stifled the generals and soldiers of Judgement.

Everyone's faces were pale except for Ximen Caijue. After the shock at the beginning, she had calmed down.

Fu Sisi's eyes gradually swept across them and finally fixed on Ximen Caijue. "Are you Division Leader Ximen?"

Ximen Caijue snorted. "Yes. You are the Fu family's girl?"

Fu Sisi gestured slightly and said, "Yes, I'm Fu Sisi. I'm honored to be the vice division leader of the Sky Leaf Division."

Ximen Caijue said neutrally, "I don't remember such a division."

Fu Sisi said casually, "There wasn't such a division before, but then Madam Ye needed one, and now there is one. How did you run into such a miserable situation? Where's Ye Baiyi?"

Ximen Caijue suddenly understood their intention, "You are here for Ye Baiyi!"

Fu Sisi admitted directly, "Yes! Now tell me your experience these days in details."

Her face turning gloomy, Ximen Caijue said angrily, "How can you be so rude in front of me!"


The head of a soldier from Judgement suddenly exploded without any warning.

Ximen Caijue's pupils contracted. The intention to kill flashed across her eyes.

Fu Sisi said lightly, "A wise man submits to fate. Division Leader Ximen, you'd better cooperate with me. Plus, giving Ye Baiyi to us is better than giving him to the Blood of God or Dai Gang."


Half an hour later.

Fu Sisi murmured, "She Yu, God's blood, the Heart of God..."

She seemed to have caught an invisible clue, but when she thought further, the clue led nowhere. She came back to her senses and left the questions behind. What she needed to do now was finish her tasks.

She turned and left without looking at the bloody corpse on the ground.

Ximen Caijue's eyes were still open. She died with a grievance. The other generals and soldiers were all killed too.

"Go to the Jadeite Forest."