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Chapter 642: Chief’s Instructions

 Chapter 642: Chief's Instructions

Translator: Irene Editor: Lucas, TYZ

The sound was tiny, almost inaudible amid the clamorous battlefield.

Nevertheless, at this point, Helian Tianxiao possessed the sharpest senses, allowing him to detect an indescribably dangerous aura. He raised his head and looked toward the sky, a look of doubt appearing on his face.

Could it be that the enemy's reinforcements had arrived?

Shi Xueman's Spear of Heavy Cloud came to his mind first. Perhaps the beast battalion had already been taken down?

Wrong direction!

If that was the Spear of Cloud, they should've been coming from the direction of the wind curtain. Why are they approaching from overhead?

And this sound was so strange, as if it was separated by something...

Helian Tianxiao, who had abruptly stopped in his tracks and looked toward the sky, confused the other soldiers. They didn't know what their leader was doing. Was there something amiss in the sky? Some soldiers looked up with their eyes opened wide but couldn't see anything suspicious.

High above the battlefield, limpid and lofty.

In the daytime, this place was as clear as glass, and in the nighttime, the radiance of the stars overhead easily penetrate the sky. The violent metal wind filled every inch of this space, never stopping to rest. There were no clouds at all and hence no vapor. The violent metal wind would shred anything that invaded this region into pieces.

Only powerful organisms living on top of the food chain like the humpback cloud whale and world-hating powerful elementalists like Le Buleng could roam freely here.

Today, a group of uninvited guests arrived.

The violent metal wind hadn't hindered their journey.

The countless light swords were like an enormous shoal of glowing fishes that whizzed over along with a loud rumbling and blazing fire flow.

Beneath was the vast land and the faraway and curved horizon, wrapped up by the dark and star-filled sky. The field of vision from here was completely different. The intense battle became negligible. It was merely a light speck smaller than the point of a needle, its brightness waxing and waning.

The light swords pulled wisps of dazzling, pencil-straight light scars across the clean, gentle, and splendid star-filled sky, appearing like meteor showers.

The light scars looked exceptionally fine, but they remained intact no matter how the metal wind blew.

Amid the rumbling, the light swords began to accelerate.

The friction generated intensified the blazing flames, and they looked like pieces of scarlet silk ribbons that were raised up into the air. Tens of thousands of light swords, tens of thousands of red fire flows, tens of thousands quakes produced by the rumbling brought on this lonely sky region an unprecedented impact.


The light swords at the front penetrated the metal wind layer and above them the scarlet, satin-like fire flow was still surging amid the wind without dispersing.

The light swords pierced through the wind and appeared around it.

The heart-quivering rumble and dazzling flames remained amid the wind. They were like an invincible army toiling away for hours in silence, completing their final assembly.

Layer upon layer, the densely packed light rays continued circulating as the coldness dispersed noiselessly.


The swords chimed simultaneously, forcefully resonating throughout the earth.

Woosh, woosh, woosh!

The light swords transformed into light flows and shot downward.

The sky overhead lit up. It was so glaring that Helian Tianxiao's pupils shrank and his heart skipped a beat. What was that?

The next moment, a deep and resounding sword chime sounded overhead. His face changed.

"Be careful..."

Before he could warn the others, the dense sword consciousness pressed in on his head, causing his whole body to sweat and his hair to stand on end instantly.

Not daring to hesitate, he transformed into a ball of black mist and pounced forward.

Helian Tianxiao was very clear that the only way to live was to go forward!

As long as he entered the opponent's defensive line, he could blend in with the elementalists and dodge the descending attacks.

He still wasn't sure who was above, but that trepidation he felt had informed him how dangerous the situation was. His intuition, carved by years of battling, was like his body instincts that often sensed something even before his brain did.

Nevertheless, he halted after two steps. With a twitch of an eye, a doubtful expression emerged on his face.

Over ten swords had appeared before him unknowingly and yet he hadn't sensed their presence.

The ordinary-shaped swords emitted a dim, red glow, as if they'd just been taken out of the oven. They started to whirl and spin like a group of nimble fishes, chasing one another and forming a round sword screen.

The incomprehensible aura dispersed and the space around the sword screen became blurry.

[Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings]!

The sword screen with crisscrossing Yin and Yang was irregular. Compared to the [Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings] used to deal with Song Xiaoqian, the [Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings] before Helian Tianxiao was a few times bigger. If the former was a door, the latter would be a wall.

Helian Tianxiao wasn't actually shocked by the change in the sword screen. Instead, he felt a wisp of familiar aura from these seemingly heated light swords.

The aura of blood spiritual force.

Wrong! A force of a higher level...

His Majesty!

Helian Tianxiao quivered, the blood on his face draining away. He was white as sheet. It was in blood elementalists' blood to fear the Holy Emperor. Even Helian Tianxiao wouldn't be able to resist if His Majesty wanted his life. Other than craning his neck and waiting for death, he wouldn't be able to react any other way.

But Helian Tiaoxiao reacted very quickly. It couldn't be His Majesty, so there was only one possibility. Holy object!

Who had God's blood?

Why was God's blood in the hands of an elementalist?

Countless thoughts flashed across his mind like lightning. He forced himself to calm down. It wasn't the time to think about all these things. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a few cold, flashing lights. Once again, a sense of danger rose within his chest.

A few crescent moon-like sword rays shot across the sky in a crisscrossed manner. Their arcs were strangely complex and hard to grasp. It was Ai Hui's [Six Moons]!

Damn it!

Helian Tianxiao's gaze turned cold. With a clap of his palms, black mist enveloped them.

Just at the six sword rays intertwined, a gush of powerful force surged up violently, causing the rays to break.

Despite his successful attack, Helian Tianxiao's heart sank. He knew that his earlier worry had come true. The enemy must have gotten hold of the holy object! That six sword rays clearly had an inhibiting effect on his blood spiritual force.

Song Xiaoqian's Silverfrost Blood Division...

He had finally come to realize why Silverfrost had been hesitant to attack from the sides. A grieved expression appeared on his face. Perhaps Silverfrost had already been wiped out.

Separated by the sword screen, Qian Dai had already fallen face down and the remaining cannoneers were obviously panicking. The sudden assistance had caught them off guard and they had even forgotten to attack.

So close yet so far... so close yet so far!

Helian Tianxiao calmed down. When he first sensed the aura of God's blood on the light swords, he knew that there was no chance of success. The most powerful person in the Central Pine Faction was Ai Hui!

Was it Ai Hui? It must be. Who else could it be?

Helian Tianxiao had no idea where Ai Hui had gotten hold of God's blood, but he knew that with it, Ai Hui was no longer someone the six god divisions could contend against.

Only His Majesty or She Yu, who had possession of the force of God's blood, could deal with Ai Hui.

Helian Tianxiao felt regretful.

Light rained down from overhead, illuminating the field.

Helian Tianxiao sighed inwardly, feeling that Nature had made him a fool. He was this close... this close to success. A pity the enemy was a group of impressive opponents.

The sword rays descended like a waterfall, their sharp sword chimes piercing through souls. Like fragmented porcelain pieces, the irregular sword rays possessed a unique beauty.

He wasn't aware that this was Ai Hui's own invention - [Fragmented Sword].

But the [Fragmented Sword] today was substantially different. In the past, the sword rays were formed from the fragments, but today, it was a powerful, waterfall-like current that descended and engulfed a wide area.

There was nowhere to hide and flee.

Helian TIanxiao watched helplessly as the sword rays pierced through his soldiers' bodies, turning them into blood pillars that shot out. Anguished wailings rang incessantly as familiar figures fell down one by one. The bloodshed turned into a river that dyed his field of vision red.

All of a sudden, he raised his head and started laughing.

"Hahaha, Ai Hui, isn't the force of God's blood great? You elementalists are at the end of the road. God elementalists are the future! Yes or no? Yes or no?"

With his last "yes or no", his voice became hoarse and his face malevolent.

Sword rays came down like rain.

The black mist surged violently around Helian Tianxiao, howling and screeching while attempting to resist the sword rays. However, the sword rays were like heated metal swords that effortlessly pierced through blocks of frozen butter.

Pu pu pu. Blood flowers blossomed.

He did not flee even though he could. Throwing everyone aside and running away like a coward, struggling to preserve his last breath?

That was a pain worse than death!

He felt thoroughly remorseful for being too eager to claim credit and hence advancing prematurely, causing an army to get wiped out. He felt somewhat relieved, however, since they had all tried their best and victory was really in sight, except that Nature decided to play a trick on them.

Invading the enemy's camp but dying under the force of God's blood... How ironic.

Helian Tianxiao laughed maniacally. "God's blood... God's blood indeed! Such pure God's blood!"

He stood upright with bloody holes covering his whole body. Fresh blood gushed out unceasingly.

Corpses were everywhere. In the blink of an eye, there was no longer anyone standing alongside him. The cries of agony gradually died down and the twitching bodies gradually stopped moving. Countless light swords were inserted into the ground beside their bodies.

When he saw that the light swords were greedily absorbing fresh blood and flesh, Helian Tianxiao was stunned. Shortly after, he burst into laughter. "So you've already become a god elementalist, Ai Hui! You're the mediator! Great, great, great! God Nation will unify the world very soon!"

Absorbing flesh... Definitely a blood elementalist!

Even in God Nation, only the rare portion of blood elementalists who practiced the cruel and evil skills were required to absorb flesh.

So Ai Hui was a blood elementalist!

Helian Tianxiao laughed so much that his tears and snot were all flowing out. He found it ridiculous and funny.

Upon hearing Helian Tianxiao's manic laughter, Lou Lan, who had just rushed over, pitied him somehow. He felt a trace of compassion for this person who was about to perish...

Clap. While Helian Tianxiao's consciousness was becoming blurry, he was roused by that sudden sound. He gathered his final pool of energy to open his eyes.

Before him was a row of words written by sand.

"You guessed wrongly!"