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Chapter 641: Helian Tianxiao’s Trump Card

 Chapter 641: Helian Tianxiao's Trump Card

Translator: TYZ Editor: Lucas, TYZ

Under the dark night sky, the valley appeared serene and hidden.

Countless swords were inserted into the ground at the bottom of the valley, resembling a forest of swords. Mist was surging through the air silently. Every now and then, a burst of light would light up in the distance, illuminating the two sides of the valley and every single uneven damage in the sword formations. Even though explosions were resounding through the sky incessantly, the valley was dead silent.

The faces of those dead blood elementalists were still sinister-looking, but the flames in their eyes had been extinguished. The corpses of silverfrost wolves emitted wisps of cold air while blood flowed out from their wounds endlessly, resembling red-colored streams.

The sword formations were like an arid desert, greedily absorbing every trace of nutrients.

Both the blood elementalists' and silverfrost wolves' flesh melted and their blood seeped through the ground's surface. Their pale-white bones were revealed bit by bit, looking like a mountain ridge that revealed its original color after the snow on it had melted.

Many swords in the sword formations were covered with cracks. The silverfrost wolves' charge had a terrifyingly destructive impact on the sword formations. At this moment, the cracks on these swords were disappearing silently, looking like wounds that were healing.

Buzz. When the last crack disappeared, a buzz rang across the air as the sword formations vibrated.

The swords gave off a faint luster.

Buzz, buzz, buzz. The volume of the sword chime undulated while the light swords lit up one by one.

Beside a particular sword formation, the corpse of a silverfrost wolf dried up and revealed its white bones. Its empty eye sockets were dark and hidden in depth.

Flesh could not be seen in the sword formation. It was difficult for one to differentiate the human bones from the wolf bones, as they were all stacked upon each other, spreading over the entire sword formation.

Currently, they were nourishing the fertile soil beneath the forest of swords.

If one looked down from high above the sky, the sky seemed to have fallen into the deep valley, dazzling and magnificent.

The valley was filled with countless star-like specks of light.

Suddenly, a light sword broke free from the soil. Shiiiiiiiiiiing. Like a treasure sword that had been unsheathed, a clear and melodious sound echoed across the valley.

An ice cold and sharp streak of sword gleam shot through the air as a deafening sonic boom shot through the horizon. The sword gleam was perfectly straight and slim, magnificent and dazzling, illuminating the entire valley.

It resembled a bugle horn that was blown to tip off the start of a battle. At the same time, it also resembled the signal flares that marked the beginning of a decisive battle.

One by one, the rest of the light swords broke free from the ground. The soil on the ground exploded, flying in all directions. Numerous slim, silk-like sword gleams soared into the air, lighting up the spacious, tranquil, and cold valley.

The tone of the whizzing sound rapidly turned from sharp to vigorous and deep, resembling the rumbles of a wardrum being beaten.

The valley looked as though daytime had descended upon it.

The explosions and flames from the distant Beehive Heavy Cannons became insignificant at this point in time.

The light swords continued to rise through the air. They flew through the mist, past the mountain ridge, and finally through the layer of clouds in the sky. The valley beneath them became serene, cold, and pitch-black once again. If one was at their location right now, he or she could not even hear the explosions from the distant Beehive Heavy Cannons anymore. The light swords continued to soar through the air, looking as though they wanted to pierce through the night sky and hug with the distant stars.

The light swords entered the depths of the sky and flew through the violent metal winds.

They drew beautiful and elegant arcs that impeded the metal winds.

When the fearsome and violent metal winds rubbed against the sword gleams, scorching, bright-red flames were released. An ordinary elementalist would not be able to set foot on such a high altitude at all. This was a zone ordinary elementalists were forbidden to enter, as the violent metal winds possessed a terrifyingly destructive power.

Even so, the light swords began to increase their speed as they flew through the metal winds and scorching flames!

They split the metal winds apart, causing horrifying sonic booms to break out and drift along with the winds.

Like a school of bloodthirsty sharks, the light swords swam around the sky above the battlefield. The battlefield had become their hunting ground.

The tens of thousands of light swords suddenly swooped down.

Fatty's body was trembling and his fatty flesh was undulating like waves.

He initially thought that he had nothing to fear after becoming a Master. However, now that he saw Helian Tianxiao closing in on him with an unstoppable momentum, a wave of fear surged across his entire body.

Helian Tianxiao's face was as calm as still water. Every step he took left a footprint on the ground. Even though he wasn't advancing very fast, he looked as thought nothing in this world could stop him!

Fear and despair arose in Fatty's eyes. Now he really felt that he might not be able to stop Helian Tianxiao. Everytime the pagoda fire from his Beehive Heavy Cannon was about to hit Helian Tianxiao, Helian Tianxiao would swat and scatter it. Fatty had tried all the techniques he could come up with, but he still wasn't able to stop Helian Tianxiao for even a second.

Helian Tianxiao was like the Grim Reaper who had just arrived from hell. The closer he got to Fatty, the nearer Fatty was to his death.

Helian Tianxiao's eyes were cold and unfathomable, exuding a sinister aura of death.

Fatty's body trembled involuntarily and his face had turned pale-white.

The firing tempo of his Beehive Heavy Cannon began to turn chaotic. He was like a panicking beast that was on the point of its demise.

Was he going to die? Was he going to die?

Fatty's head was buzzing loudly. Two of his attacks could not even hit the slow-moving Helian Tianxiao. He had never committed such a low-level mistake before.

He began to have difficulty breathing. Fatty felt as though there was an invisible hand choking his throat and suffocating him.

Helian Tianxiao's figure turned fuzzy in his eyes.

Was he going to die soon...

A murmur echoed in his mind.

Helian Tianxiao's lips curled into a cruel smile. In front of him, Qian Dai's attacks were becoming chaotic. Clearly, he was panicking now. Pagoda fires from the other Beehive Heavy Cannons flew over from all directions. The other pagoda cannoneers knew that something was wrong, so they hurriedly came forward and provided reinforcement.

It was a pity...

Helian Tianxiao shook his head. Even though the pagoda fires were coming at him in torrents, they were utterly messy. They were no longer as powerful as they were just now when they were synchronized.

Qian Dai was the linchpin of the pagoda cannoneers. If the linchpin was panicky and fearful, how big of an impact could the rest of the pagoda cannoneers possibly have?

After warding off another three rounds of pagoda fires, Helian Tianxiao advanced another 20 meters.

At this point in time, everyone on the battlefield had directed their gazes to Helian Tianxiao. The pagoda fires and explosions that filled the sky had become his background music. The elementalists opposite him were filled with fear and despair, while the blood elementalists behind him were filled with ecstasy and adoration.

All of them could not help but hold their breaths.

However, one side was waiting for the judgement of Death while the other was waiting to break out into cheers of victory.

Suddenly, Helian Tianxiao froze in his tracks. He raised his head abruptly and the red glow in his eyes intensified.

Mysteriously, faint clusters of flames rose up from the body of Qian Dai, who was almost almost within his reach. The white-colored flames were very faint, looking as though they were weak and delicate. However, for some unknown reason, Helian Tianxiao suddenly felt something grip his heart tightly.


Helian Tianxiao noticed Qian Dai's eyes.

His eyes were hollow without any emotions, making him look like a soulless zombie.

At this point in time, those emotionless, hollow eyes were staring at him.

A tinge of chilliness suddenly arose in Helian Tianxiao's heart.

He looked blankly at Fatty. Suddenly, Fatty leaned forward with his left knee slightly bent. He muttered something to himself as he fixated his gaze on Helian Tianxiao.

"Survive... survive..."

Helian Tianxiao's hearing was extremely sharp. He was very close to Fatty and hence he could clearly hear what Fatty was saying.


Helian Tianxiao was stunned. The next moment, his pupils dilated abruptly.

Suddenly, the Beehive Heavy Cannon opposite him shot out a dazzling streak of blaze.

An intense feeling of danger engulfed Helian Tianxiao's body abruptly. The blaze from Fatty's Beehive Heavy Cannon wasn't bright red in color, but rather, deathly white.

Helian Tianxiao let out a sharp screech. His eyes emitted a demonic red glow and his body gave off a layer of black mist. The black mist on his right palm was the most dense. The black mist was extremely concentrated, making it darker than ink. It also had a revolting, fishy smell. Indistinctly, one could see a bloody glow surging within it.

The flesh on Helian Tianxiao's right palm began to melt, revealing pale-white bones. His facial expression looked very weird. It was a mixture of agony, pleasure, and insanity.

This was his real trump card!

The God Wolf soldiers widened their eyes with surprise. They could not believe what they were looking at right now!

Blood demon! God shaman!

Division Leader Helian Tianxiao was actually a god shaman!

The God Wolf Division was a god-guard-type combat division; who would have expected its division leader to be a god shaman?

Helian Tianxiao's black-mist-covered palm collided heavily with the deathly white pagoda fire. Both of them contained a demonic aura.

The earth-shattering explosion that everyone anticipated did not happen. Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. Instead, the sizzling sound of a piece of bloody meat being placed on a burning-red, metal grill rang across the air.

The next moment, a mournful screech suddenly broke out.

In the black mist, countless shadows were struggling and churning. If one took a closer look, he or she would realize that these shadows were actually distorted faces. They were like trapped souls that kept on giving off mournful wails.

Even though the wails weren't deafening, when one heard them, he or she would feel that an awl was being hammered into his or her head.

Everyone covered their ears subconsciously, but it was useless.

In the sky, Duanmu Huanghun's facial expression changed drastically. The green light beneath his feet ruptured and released countless green flowers and branches that formed a gigantic, green-colored vine ball around him, protecting him securely.

The Sword of Lightning had slightly better luck. Previously, they were to land an attack successfully from afar. Even so, they nearly lost control of the Pinwheel Sword.

The rest were in a worse condition. Almost all the Beehive Heavy Cannons had stopped firing.

The God Wolf soldiers behind Helian Tianxiao weren't any better off. Many of them had blood seeping out of their mouths, noses, and ears.

When the brain-piercing, demonic sound disappeared, almost half of the black mist around Helian Tianxiao's body had disappeared. Helian Tianxiao was in a daze. He couldn't believe what he had just seen.

Pop. The vine ball in the sky exploded into a rain of light. Duanmu Huanghun's face turned pale-white and his eyes revealed deep fear. However, at the same time, he was filled with anger as well. He roared, "How dare you use the blood trees' ghost-faced tree lumps to nurture a blood demon!"

Those who had returned to their senses were overwhelmed with horror.

When the blood catastrophe just broke out, numerous forests were infected with the blood poison. The trees in these forests transformed into blood trees. These blood trees fed on the blood and flesh of elementalists and transformed their souls into tree lumps. These tree lumps resembled human faces. They kept on distorting, looking like they were wailing in agony.

Eventually, God Nation purposely sent a huge number of god shamans to various blood forests to carry out rituals to pacify the souls inside these ghost-faced tree lumps.

Even the inner department of God Nation felt that the use of the ghost-faced tree lumps was overly cruel.

God Nation's action was highly commended by many people. This was also seen as an act of God Nation's generosity.

No one had expected Helian Tianxiao to use the ghost-faced tree lumps to nurture his blood demon!


A deep and low boom blasted through the air, capturing everyone's attention.

Fatty, who had lost his consciousness, collapsed onto the ground facing upward. His face was white like paper. His weighty Beehive Heavy Cannon dropped on the ground, sending dust and dirt into the air.

Helian Tianxiao gave a smirk. His smile was oddly terrifying. At this moment, his body looked utterly dehydrated and fine lines and wrinkles appeared on his face. The red glow in his eyes became increasingly demonic. The flesh and skin on his right arm had completely melted, leaving only pale-white bones.

He did not care about his body at all. At this point in time, the ghost-faced tree lumps were merely a minutiae.

The most threatening enemy had fallen. Who else could stop them now?


Helian Tianxiao's voice sounded dry and hoarse, but it was actually filled with insanity and bloodlust.

The God Wolf soldiers looked as though that they had just woken up from a dream. They cheered loudly and charged towards the enemy encampment like a tidal wave.


Helian Tianxiao's ears twitched and a look of doubt flashed across his face.

Eh? What was that sound?