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Chapter 640: The Charge

 Chapter 640: The Charge

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The synchronized volley of pagoda cannon fire ripped through the black night sky, illuminating crowds of frantic-looking figures. They were densely packed, resembling flocks of blood-thirsty locusts that surged towards the pagoda cannon defensive line like a tidal wave.

In front of the pagoda cannon defensive line, rivers of blood and corpses were strewn everywhere.

The God Wolf Division could no longer maintain their formation. They were thoroughly broken up in several groups.

Viridescent flowers and twining branches grew all over the place, trapping the Silverfrost soldiers every now and then. The Pinwheel Sword was like the scythe of death that left decapitated body parts and blood everywhere it flew by, creating bloody trails everywhere.

Helian Tianxiao could no longer bother himself with the series of onslaughts from Duanmu Huanghun and the Sword of Lightning.

The sword chime crushed Helian Tianxiao's last trace of hope. The Silverfrost Blood Division had little hope of surviving.

If he hadn't been greedy for merits in the first place and had waited for reinforcements to arrive, he would not be in this despaired state...

This thought flashed across his mind and a tinge of agony and distress arose in his heart. However, soon after, a proud and ruthless look flashed across his eyes.

As long as they could break into the enemy encampment... yes... as long as they could break into the enemy encampment, those goddamn pagoda cannoneers would collapse and flee in panic!


There was no other option for him.

Ruthlessness arose in Helian Tianxiao. With a pair of bloodshot eyes and a sinister look on his face, he led the charge. Two blood elementalists with the Ability of God were guarding his flanks. The three of them formed a sharp arrowhead formation that was unstoppable!

They warded off three rounds of the Beehive Heavy Cannons' attacks in a row, sharply raising the morale of the God Wolf soldiers!

The booms from the synchronized shooting of the Beehive Heavy Cannons caused the blood elementalists' ears to buzz. They could not hear anything at all. A smoky smell and a choking blood smell pervaded the scorching air. There were soldiers falling into their own pools of blood constantly. Roars and groans were coming out of their mouths involuntarily. They were in a state of insanity, resembling wolves that were driven to the edge. They only had one thought in their minds: charge forward! Charge forward!

Similarly, the pagoda cannoneers were fighting for their lives as well.

Now that the enemy soldiers were scattered, their synchronized attacks did not work very well. Fatty made a prompt decision by stopping the synchronized offense and allowed the pagoda cannoneers to shoot freely.

The enemy soldiers surged closer and closer to them like violent tidal waves.

The elementalists could even clearly see the twisted faces of the enemy soldiers. They were like a mob of monsters.

The pressure on the Pagoda Cannon Alliance was increasing rapidly!

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle. The scorching red pagoda cannons kept on leaving burn marks on the pagoda cannoneers' hands, shoulders, and faces. They appeared as though they could not feel anything as they continued to shoot out torrents of pagoda fires. This was the only thing they could do as death approached them. They had to bombard the enemy soldiers frantically.

Previously, Fatty allowed the pagoda cannoneers take turns to rest and conserve their precious energy. At this critical junction, this move had displayed its apt usefulness.

If just now they were too aggressive with their offense to bait the enemy soldiers, at least half of the Beehive Heavy Cannons would be expended now.

Fatty's target was Helian Tianxiao.

He was very calm. The inner chamber of his Beehive Heavy Cannon revolved rapidly while the red glow at cannon muzzle turned bright swiftly. Boom. A deep and low explosion resounded through the air as a dazzling beam of red light shot out from the cannon muzzle. The weighty Beehive Heavy Cannon abruptly recoiled backward, but Fatty's body remained stationary.

On the left side of Helian Tianxiao, Luo Wei raised the large shield on his left hand. When the attack from the Beehive Heavy Cannon landed on the shield, Luo Wei's body shook and blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. His thick, solid, and rhinoceros-like skin began to crack and traces of blood seeped out from those cracks. In a blink of an eye, his body turned completely bloody.

After Luo Wei forcibly blocked the attack from the Beehive Heavy Cannon, his facial expression turned dazed. Eventually, his pupils regained their focus. All of a sudden, he raised his head and roared angrily at the sky, resembling an angered beast.

He was indeed a beast.

His veins were popping out and his muscles were tense. His legs were thick and muscular like pillars, while his skin was rock-hard. His Ability of God was [Northern Desolate Elephant], which granted him boundless strength. He was one of Helian Tianxiao's most valiant generals.

Using Luo Wei's cover, Helian Tianxiao and the other blood elementalist, Den Zixiong, charged 30 meters forward.


The explosion from Fatty's Beehive Heavy Cannon was slightly different from the other Beehive Heavy Cannons'. It lasted for a shorter period of time and it sounded deeper and lower. Its power was much higher as well.

Deng Zixiong was charging in front of Helian Tianxiao. He was holding a heavy axe that was taller than a man. He had an imposing look on his face and his eyes were exuding absolute confidence and arrogance. With a snort, his hands suddenly lit up with a dazzling red glow. Following which, he raised his heavy axe high in the air, exhaled, and swung it downward.

A 10-meter-tall, red-colored axe gleam shot out from his axe.

The next moment, Deng Zixiong's facial expression changed drastically.

Just as the axe gleam was about to collide with the pagoda shot, the latter suddenly exploded like a fireworks display. A burst of red light erupted in front of him like a red umbrella opening up.

Traces of red light went round Deng Zixiong, converged, and blasted towards Helian Tianxiao.

Deng Zixiong's forceful axe attack had missed its target!

As the first ever Pagoda Cannon Master that founded the brand-new profession of pagoda cannoneer, Fatty's proficiency in using a pagoda cannon was no doubt number one in this world today. Even Ai Hui was inferior to him in this aspect.

A surprise look flashed across Helian Tianxiao's eyes.

He had seen Fatty operate a pagoda cannon before, but he did not expect Fatty to be so formidable.

However, as the division leader of the God Wolf Division, how could his be strength be underestimated? Without saying anything, he opened up his palm and extended his hand towards the converging traces of red light.


A muffled boom echoed through the air.

The converging traces of red light suddenly exploded and released a powerful shock wave. Helian Tianxiao's palm turned numb. A cold shiver went down his spine while his facial expression turned solemn. Initially, he thought the pagoda cannon was a weapon that relied on brute force. He did not expect it to perform such a versatile maneuver in Fatty's hands.

Deng Zixiong, who had missed his target, felt his qi and blood churning. The worst thing was he felt angry that he was fooled by Fatty.

Damn it!

Deng Zixiong's face turned bright red. He did not know whether was it because his qi and blood were going in the reverse direction or because he was angry.

He saw blaze shooting out from a pagoda cannon opposite him.

Deng Zixiong roared and squeezed the god wolf beneath him with his thighs. He raised the heavy axe in his hands and swung it down heavily!

A red-colored light screen appeared in front of him. Surging power gushed out from his heavy axe and formed transparent ripples on the light screen. The ripples were actually formed when the air was being compressed by the terrifying power from his axe.


The attack from the Beehive Heavy Cannon collided against the light screen.

Deng Zixiong and the god wolf beneath him looked as though they were struck heavily by a whip. Their bodies trembled and blood seeped out from their noses and mouths. His facial expression was in a daze. Apparently, the power of this attack far exceeded his expectations. The immense power had somewhat stunned him.

Before he could return to his senses, the image of a ball of flames was expanding rapidly in his pupils.

Helian Tianxiao's eyelid twitched and he quickly appeared beside Deng Zixiong. He flipped his palm and directed it at the ball of blaze descending from the sky.


The ball of blaze exploded in the air. Countless stones, along with streaks of flames, flew in all directions.

It wasn't a Beehive Heavy Cannon!

Helian Tianxiao's palm turned charred black. He squinted his eyes and stared at the sky. Balls of blaze kept on rising into the air above the distant hovering peak named Fish Bone.

Venerable Volcano!

An angry roar sounded behind Luo Wei. Helian Tianxiao's face changed slightly. Not good!

His real target was Luo Wei!

Green branches wrapped around Luo Wei and his god wolf. Both of them struggled to break free, but those seemingly soft, green branches were unusually tough and durable. Luo Wei, whose body was drenched in blood, was a trapped beast, letting out despaired roars.


A sound of cloth ripping apart resounded through the air. Seven long and narrow, willow-leaf-like daggers suddenly shot out from the ground.

Seven dagger gleams interweaved and enveloped Luo Wei and his god wolf like a glowing cage.

Luo Wei and his god wolf looked as though a freezing spell had been cast on them.

The next moment, blood spurted out from their bodies like a fountain.

In the distance, a girl was in the night sky silently. The pagoda fires that streaked across the sky every now and then would illuminate her figure. Like birds that were returning to their nest, the daggers returned to her and entered her towering hair.

In the dim light of the night, her slender and elegant figure looked cold and dangerous.

She gently spread the azure wings on her back and disappeared into the night sky, searching for her next prey.

A tall and sturdy figure was standing in front of Deng Zixiong. His copper mask lit up occasionally. Tong Kui stared coldly at Deng Zixiong, completely fearless. Fatty was commanding the pagoda cannoneers and hence he and Yu Jin could charge into the enemy ranks. As the only two Masters in the Pagoda Cannon Alliance, their targets were blood elementalists that possessed the Ability of God.

After returning to his senses, Deng Zixiong charged towards Tong Kui without any hesitation.

Helian Tianxiao seized the opportunity to push forward. He did not care about Tong Kui at all. At this point in time, time was very precious to him. He did not want to waste his time on an ordinary elemental master now.

Tong Kui did not want to stop him either. He knew his own limitations, and he couldn't contend against someone like Helian Tianxiao.

Fatty faced Helian Tianxiao directly. Excitement arose within him as the Beehive Heavy Cannon on his shoulder seemingly became light and easy to use.

Boom, boom, boom!

Three streaks of pagoda fires were shot out in a row and locked onto Helian Tianxiaoz

Helian Tianxiao opened up his palm and struck it forward.

Boom, boom, boom. The three streaks of pagoda fires exploded. Helian Tianxiao was unharmed.

Even though his speed had decreased drastically, every step he took was stable and left a footprint on the ground, unstoppable. Every now and then, Venerable Volcano would launch a sneak attack on him and the green flowers and branches on the ground would harass him, but his advance still couldn't be stopped.

Helian Tianxiao's face was as calm as still water. He was sitting tall and mighty on the back of his god wolf.

The distance between him and Fatty was closing up.

The attention of the entire battlefield was captured by this showdown. Helian Tianxiao suddenly advanced by a great distance, appearing unusually eye-striking in the midst of flying pagoda fires.

Ke Ning's gaze was directed on Helian Tianxiao. He was slightly nervous, thinking whether or not should he help Master Fatty. However, very soon, he did not need to think about this question anymore. The flood-like enemy soldiers forced him to concentrate on the battle.

Whether it was Helian Tianxiao or the other blood elementalists that broke through the defensive, the result for the encampment would be the same.

If it weren't for Duanmu Huanghun's and the Sword of Lightning's reinforcement, Ke Ning felt that he would definitely not have been able to hold off the blood elementalists.

Phew, phew, phew. Zu Yan was panting heavily and his pale-white face was flushing right now. His body was drenched in sweat, looking as though he had just come out from a pool of water. He was utterly exhausted. Using the [Hellfire Spider Web] to control so many pagoda cannons expended a terrifyingly huge amount of his elemental energy. He clenched his teeth to last until now.

However, all his attention was placed on Fatty.

The explosions from the Beehive Heavy Cannons continued to be rhythmic, exactly just like before. However, Zu Yan, who was very close to Fatty, knew that the latter was beginning to feel nervous.

As the distance between Fatty and Helian Tianxiao closed up, the bombardment from the Beehive Heavy Cannons still could not impede the latter. The scale of victory was tipped in Helian Tianxiao's favor.

Fatty's body began to tremble.