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Chapter 639: Brand-new Sword Moves

 Chapter 639: Brand-new Sword Moves

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The mass of Frost Fire surrounded by the light swords suddenly exploded and an enormous burst of fireworks erupted in the sky. The light swords tangled up with streaks of ice-cold flames as they scattered in all directions in the sky.

With a sound that resembled the pitter-patter of rain, the light swords pierced through the surging mist in the valley and plunged straight into the soil on the ground.

Song Xiaoqian's facial expression changed.

When a mass of Frost Fire exploded, it meant an expert with the Ability of God had died. Song Xiaoqian wasn't sad because of the death of that blood elementalist. When a blood elementalist executed [Frost Fire], he or she was bound to die. However, before that happened, he or she could buy enough time for the combat division.

But now...

The sword chime continued to ring to across the air, causing the Silverfrost soldiers' blood to race and their faces to turn pale-white. The surging sword mist was like tidal waves that had the teeth of a saw, eating away at the combat division's defense ceaselessly. If one was accidentally drawn into the sword mist, his or her skin would corrode and melt like snow.

The sword chime caused the mist in the entire valley to stir.

Song Xiaoqian's ears were buzzing loudly. At this point in time, she wasn't feeling fearful anymore. Like a wolf that was driven to desperation, she was struggling for her life.

Without saying a word, she bit her lips and gave the silverfrost wolf beneath her a squeeze with her thighs.

The silverfrost wolf beneath her was high-spirited and arrogant. Its body was white like snow, spotlessly clean. It possessed an extremely beautiful pair of ghostly blue pupils. It was the leader of the silverfrost wolves in the Silverfrost Blood Division and it was telepathically connected to Song Xiaoqian.

It bent its front limbs slightly and then dashed out from the Silverfrost's ranks with Song Xiaoqian on its back, charging towards Ai Hui, who was lying in the middle of the sword formations.

A white-colored, lightning-like streak ripped through the mist.

On the back of the silverfrost wolf, Song Xiaoqian's spear lit up with a luster.

At this point in time, Ai Hui was feeling splendid!

Countless sword rings surrounded his body. His eyes were tightly shut and every detail of the valley was under his control. The sword-formation-filled valley became his best home field.

His immersion in the sword embryo and his indescribable telepathic connection with the light swords made him forget that he was in a battlefield.

All the shackles that bound him had disappeared. He was finally free. With a jolt of his mind, the light swords suddenly moved. The elemental energy circulation and the five residences and eight palaces within his body had completely disappeared

Was this the true might of the sword embryo?

Ai Hui was amazed and happy at the same. He looked a child that had just gotten a new toy, exploring this new and unknown world.

The light swords that plunged deeply into the ground trembled lightly. Suddenly, they broke free from the ground and shot towards the sky.

Dazzling and fine light beams shot out from the ground. They were unusually nimble and they drew magnificent traces of light in the sky. They were like alerted swifts that were filled with dangerous spikes, dazzling everyone.

The traces of light intertwined with each other. They were so beautiful that one could not appreciate them all at once.

Most of the light swords flew towards the other four balls of Frost Fire. The remaining light swords submerged into the mist like sharks.

Ai Hui noticed the incoming Song Xiaoqian and left the Frost Fires in the sky to his sword embryo.

Previously, the sword embryo had been fighting on its own. It only went back to Ai Hui when it discovered that it could not handle the enemies. His sword embryo wasn't a harmless sheep, but rather a ferocious dire beast. If it weren't for the fact that the sword embryo was created from his god consciousness, he felt that he wouldn't be able to control it.

Just now, he had already demonstrated how to destroy the Frost Fire. All the sword embryo needed to do was to imitate him. The sword embryo was proficient in all of Ai Hui's sword moves. It was even more proficient than Ai Hui himself. If Ai Hui's sword consciousness was the soil, then his sword moves would be the seeds.

Ai Hui did not expect the seemingly small and weak seeds to grow into such exuberant fruits with such a terrifying speed.

The sword embryo was indeed a ferocious beast. However, now it was still in its adolescent stage. It was a small beast that possessed a terrifyingly gigantic arsenal which it did not know how to use.

And Ai Hui was an expert in combat tactics.

Ai Hui had demonstrated how to combine [Big Dipper] and [Misty Strike] to destroy the Frost Fire, and the sword embryo could execute it better than him.

Now Ai Hui could place all his attention on the Song Xiaoqian, who was the biggest threat to him.

He did not dare to underestimate the other party. Being the division leader and the strongest member of Silverfrost Blood Division, how could she be weak?

A glint flashed across Ai Hui's eyes. His palm was grasping nothing but air, looking as though he was holding an invisible sword.

He was very excited.

The joy of breaking free from his shackles and the contentment he felt afterwards was an experience that he never had before ever since he started out on the path of swordsmanship.

The sword formations that filled the valley produced dense sword mist. In a place where the aura of sword was in abundance, he felt just like a fish in the water.

Within the sword embryo, the figure moved like a wisp of smoke.

On the back of the charging silverfrost wolf, Song Xiaoqian's eyes flickered with a glint. Her body was motionless, but the tip of her spear suddenly lit up with a glow.

The mist in front of her suddenly split open and everything became clear to her at once.

A circular screen of swords suddenly appeared in front of her line of sight.

On the sword screen, the light swords swam like fishes, forming perfect circles. An aura of Yin and Yang radiated from it, causing the surrounding space to turn fuzzy. The circular sword screen was like a door that led to another world.

[Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings]!

This [Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings] was several times more powerful and larger than the original version.

The aura of Yin and Yang was cryptic and unfathomable. Song Xiaoqian, however, wasn't surprised by what she saw. Right now, she had already confirmed that Ai Hui was trying to become a Grandmaster!

How would the approaches of an expert that was capable of becoming a Grandmaster be seen through so easily?

However, this fact did not waver her determination. She stooped down as the glow from her spear tip emitted a bone-piercing chilliness. Every time the paws of her silverfrost wolf landed on the ground, snowflakes would fly in all directions.

Along with her spear and silverfrost wolf, she crashed heavily into the Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings.


A clear and crisp sound of ice breaking resounded through the air. Fragments of the sword rings and dim light swords flew in all directions.

The light swords that flew out were covered with frost, exuding chilliness that made them seem as though they were taken out from an iceberg.

Song Xiaoqian's field of view became clear once more, but her pupils dilated.

Another [Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings]'s circular sword screen appeared in front of her mysteriously.

She understood that there were many more sword screens behind this one waiting for her. Instead of feeling disappointed, she felt a sense of pride. She whipped her silverfrost wolf to go faster and pointed her spear towards her front. Come on!

A streak of white-colored, frosty lightning crashed through the sword screens one by one.

Clink, clink, clink!

The sound of ice breaking echoed across the air continuously, crisp and loud.

Within a distance of 70 meters, there were 13 [Three Yin Three Yang Huge Sword Rings]!

She no longer cared about the outcome of the battle and the matter of life and death. Without any distracting thoughts, she only cared about one thing and that was to charge forward!

She threw off the lingering sword chime and the surging mist behind her. The explosion of the Frost Fires above her head rang across her ears. The cold gleam from the explosions lit up her figure, the path in front of her, and Ai Hui's figure in the center of the sword formations.

When she crashed through the last sword screen, her eyes lit up. Ai Hui was less than 60 meters away from her!

Song Xiaoqian's body was drenched in blood and her haughty silverfrost wolf was covered with cuts and bruises. Both of them were ice-cold as frost.

Greeting them were six silent crescent moons.

Ai Hui admired Song Xiaoqian's bravery and decisiveness. She was comparable to men in terms of courage and ability. However, Ai Hui was not going to take it easy on her.

The number of light swords he could use kept on increasing.

The dim light swords that fell to the ground gave off a buzzing sound. The silvery frost on their surfaces were being corroded, revealing more and more dazzling light spots. The light swords contained the power of God's blood, which was several times more powerful than the frost's blood spiritual forces. They were breaking free from the restraint of the frost.

Six light swords formed a crescent moon and there were six crescent moons drawing mysterious and unpredictable traces in the sky. They were moving silently with biting cold killing intent.

Probably because Ai Hui had been in a delicate and weak state for a very long time, he now disliked those flashy killing moves. He preferred his killing moves to be inconspicuous.

[Six Moons]!

Compared to the old version of [Six Moons], the current version had undergone a complete transformation.

The six crescent moons gave off a cold luster, resembling an illusion.

Sitting with a haughty posture on the silverfrost wolf's back, Song Xiaoqian suddenly laughed. Transparent flames then began to rise from her body. The silverfrost wolf beneath her raised its head tall and proud. Similarly, transparent flames rose from its blood-covered, snow-white fur.

[Frost Fire]!

The Frost Fires in the sky had been completely extinguished. Under the night sky, the only source of light in the sword-formation-covered valley was this mass of cold flames.

The Frost Fire extended along her spear. Eventually, the entire spear was burning.

Song Xiaoqian raised her head and gave her silverfrost wolf a squeeze with her legs. Following which, her silverfrost wolf jumped towards the six crescent moons while Song Xiaoqian thrusted her spear forward!

A melodious wolf howl resounded through the air.

The Silverfrost soldiers, who had not broken free from the sword chime all this time, finally woke up. Then they saw a heart-wrenching scene.

Song Xiaoqian and her silverfrost wolf, along with the cold flames around them, leapt into the air and collided head-on with the six crescent moons.


The heart-ripping screams of the Silverfrost soldiers echoed through the valley.


Frost Fire flew in all directions and the cold crescent moons shattered.

The figures of a woman and a wolf still stood upright in the sky. Her Frost Fire had dimmed significantly and her spear was half broken.

Before the Silverfrost soldiers could heave a sigh of relief, a mysterious red muslin that covered the entire sky landed on Song Xiaoqian's shoulders. It was as though someone had placed a cascading red muslin over her shoulders, incredibly beautiful.

That was...

Boundless fear was displayed in the Silverfrost soldiers' widened eyes.

A wisp of red flames rose into the sky. It was mixed with a trace of cold, transparent flames, forming a demonic yet enchanting sight.

[Soaring Flames, Cascading Muslin]!

Unlike the old version of [Soaring Flames, Cascading Muslin], this version wasn't filled with aggressiveness. It was gentle and effortless, revealing an unreal beauty. The light swords contained the power of God's blood and the flames they produced were of incredibly high temperature.

The red flames engulfed the woman and the wolf, looking like a sea of flames that devoured an iceberg.

The iceberg slowly melted and the figures of the woman and the wolf became increasingly faint until they disappeared completely.

Muslin-like flames rained down from the sky. Indistinctly, one could hear a sorrowful sigh echo through the air.

The Silverfrost soldiers' cheeks were streaming with tears.

More and more light swords gathered in the sky above the valley. They were like a strictly disciplined army, arranging themselves silently and orderly.

Ai Hui did not sigh. He would not pity his enemies, but rather respect them.

Following which, the light swords rained down from the sky!

A waterfall of fragmented light poured down from the sky, looking as though it was poured from highest of the heavens. The hiss it produced turned from sharp to deafening.

[Fragmented Sword]!

Angry roars and curses gathered into a clamor that sounded as if it was going to topple the valley.

The clamor softened.

Sporadic sounds could be heard.

Silence descended upon the valley.