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Chapter 638: Sword Embryo and Avedha-vasa

 Chapter 638: Sword Embryo and Avedha-vasa

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Helian Tianxiao failed to wait for the news of the Silverfrost Blood Division attacking the enemy forces' flank to arrive.

He knew he could not wait any longer.

It was most likely that Silverfrost had encountered trouble. He did not know what trouble it was and it did not matter at all at this point in time. He needed to launch an attack immediately without any hesitation.

Just as Helian Tianxiao was about to pass down an order to launch an offensive, a deep and low sword chime suddenly rang across the air from the location of the Silverfrost Blood Division.

His mind trembled and he almost lost control of the blood spiritual force in his body.

Helian Tianxiao raised his head abruptly and looked in the direction of the valley.

A gigantic transparent copper bell was placed over the valley and the mist inside it was surging ceaselessly. The deep and terrorizing sword chime was coming from the gigantic transparent copper bell.

The facial expressions of every soldier beside him changed drastically. Those powerful blood elementalists with the Ability of God felt their chests become stuffy, while the ordinary blood elementalists had their faces turned pale-white and felt nauseous.

Helian Tianxiao's heart sank. He knew that the Silverfrost Blood Division had encountered a huge problem!

He threw this distracting thought to the back of his head and his facial expression returned to normal. With an ice-cold look in his eyes, he ordered with a deep voice, "Every unit, prepare to attack!"

Until the last moment came, who knew what the outcome of the battle would be?

Similarly, the low and trembling sword chime alerted the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

Everyone looked at the valley with doubt. Wasn't that place Ai Hui's valley of sword formations?

Fatty's fat cheeks wobbled and his pea-sized eyes widened abruptly. The undulations on his face resembled tidal waves, completely filled with joy. He cackled with laughter. "Hahaha, [Sword Chime]! It's Ah Hui's [Sword Chime]! Ah Hui is awake! Ah Hui is awake!"

When the battle was at such a critical junction, any small increment in power would make the

The morale of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance was greatly boosted!

Fatty cleared his throat and yelled, "Wake up! Don't throw my face in front of that Ai fellow! I will kick the ass of whoever screws up!"

Laughter broke out among the members of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance and the tense atmosphere loosened up slightly.

Everyone knew that Master Fatty feared Ai Hui as though he was tiger.

"Master Fatty, you better be careful of your own ass!"

"Aye, why my ass? I seem to think of something..."


Everyone burst out in laughter, but Fatty merely chuckled along with them, not feeling angry at all. Following which, he cast a glance at the valley. No one could tell that there was a tinge of worry deep within his pea-sized eyes. He definitely knew that was [Sword Chime], but it was different from how it was in the past. Its might far surpassed Ai Hui's actual strength. If Ai Hui wasn't becoming a Grandmaster, that meant he was struggling for his life. After all, Fatty hadn't seen Ai Hui yet.

In Fatty's heart, Ai Hui was invincible. Even so, Fatty felt that the probability of Ai Hui becoming a Grandmaster was almost zero.

Was he struggling for his life then?

Fatty's mind could not help but tremble in fear.

Out of the corner of Fatty's eyes, he saw a ray of light flash across the opposite side. His meaty face immediately turned solemn. He yelled with a low voice, "The enemy is going to fight with all its might. Every pagoda cannon, get ready!"

A burst of red glow lit up behind Fatty. Without even turning his head, he knew it was Zu Yan's hellfire spider web.

Fatty picked up the weighty Beehive Heavy Cannon with one hand and placed it on his shoulder.

His gaze was deep and his body remained stationary. He had gotten rid of his distracting thoughts. In his eyes, he could only see the impending battle.

He was no longer the Fatty that acted on impulse and did not care about anything.

That was because his shoulder carried not only the pagoda cannon but more responsibilities as well.

He squinted his eyes and looked at the enemy soldiers as they began to charge.

Behind him, the red glow was getting brighter. Without any hesitation, the Beehive Heavy Cannon on his shoulder let off an angry boom.

The scorching blaze that shot out from his Beehive Heavy Cannon lit up the night sky. It illuminated Fatty's solemn and focused face and his burly figure.

Under the deep night sky, Duanmu Huanghun was standing in the wind. He looked bewilderedly at the enormous transparent bell above the valley.

He was too familiar with this aura. Ai Hui!

But... how come his aura was so powerful?

Violent elemental energy undulations were being suppressed firmly within the transparent bell. Duanmu Huanghun could even see the formless energy waves surging continuously in the transparent bell. He did not even need to think too deeply to know that the Silverfrost Blood Division was suffering inside the transparent bell.

He knew that the Silverfrost Blood Division held the desire to kill when they attacked the valley, but he could not think of any good solutions.

The elementalists' military strength was limited. If they faced the Silverfrost Blood Division head-on, they would need to put in all their manpower and resources to barely contend against them.

He didn't expect...

Until now, he still did not know what was going on.

How powerful must one be to produce such terrifying might? Was it possible that Ai Hui had become a Grandmaster?

The pitiful Duanmu Huanghun felt like his whole world had been toppled after coming out from his seclusion. His understanding of the world had been overturned. Initially, he still felt proud of himself for creating [Viridescent Flower, Twining Branches] and becoming the most powerful genius in the history of the Duanmu family.


[Breeze of Surveillance] had curbed his arrogance significantly. However, since he had heard that it was a legendary killer move, he could still accept it. But what about Fatty, that lazy bum? He actually had become a Master? And why was that cannon-like thing so powerful? The hellfire spider web could actually synchronize the attacks of Beehive Heavy Cannons?

And now he saw a [Sword Chime] that looked as if it was executed by a Grandmaster!

To hell with it!

Duanmu Huanghun, who usually possessed a cultivated demeanor due to his aristocratic family background, could not help but curse.

Alright, he had never seen a Grandmaster-level attack before, this was a good chance for him to do so. Duanmu Huanghun consoled himself like this.

When Duanmu Huanghun found out that Ai Hui was still full of life, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he realized what he had just done, he felt as though he had swallowed a fly. He actually felt happy for this fellow becoming stronger? How could it be? How could the genius from the Duanmu family lose to this bastard?

A dangerous-looking glint flashed across Duanmu Huanghun's eyes. With killing intent surging through his eyes, he stared at the God Wolf soldiers that were beginning to charge forward.

He gave of faint snort of disdain.

The viridescent flower on his palm began to light up.


At this moment, Ai Hui, who was being wrapped up by the sword embryo, was immersed in a weird state.

He had used many powerful artifacts and skills. The most powerful one was no doubt the demonic god armor. The absolute calmness and control it had given him were extremely formidable. Even so, all these powerful artifacts and skills could not be compared to the sword embryo. He felt that the sword embryo was like a part of his body.

The sword embryo was indeed a part of his body.

Ancient records from the Cultivation Era stated that human bodies and spiritual force had their limits, but a person's essence-breath-spirit had limitless potential. If one kept on strengthening his or her essence-breath-spirit, he or she would nurture a sword embryo.

The so-called essence-breath-spirit was known as god consciousness.

In the past, the sword embryo was incomplete. Now that it had absorbed the power of God's blood, it was reborn and finally became a real sword embryo.

Ai Hui felt that if the swordsman that first created "sword embryo" saw his sword embryo now, he would be overwhelmed with shock. The Cultivation Era was the era of spiritual force, and not many people knew about the existence of the demonic god.

The demonic god was formed by generations of offerings from tribes, and it had gathered countless men's god consciousness and avedha-vasa. The most famous individual that practised avedha-vasa was Zong Ru, who was a Dhyana practitioner

The demonic god's blood contained the purest forms of god consciousness and avedha-vasa.

The concept of avedha-vasa was much more complicated than essence-breath-spirit's. It involved everlastingness and karma.

After the sword embryo devoured the god consciousness from the God's blood, its avedha-vasa was released. This was why it needed to use flesh and blood as a medium. Avedha-vasa naturally engendered blood and flesh. They fused with each other, entered the body of a sword, and transformed it into a light sword. However, the approaches of the demonic god and an ancient swordsman were completely different. The sword embryo nurtured by an ancient swordsman was pure in nature. Ai Hui's sword embryo wasn't that pure in nature, but rather wild and unruly.

If the sword embryo of an ancient swordsman was an ice-cold killing machine, Ai Hui's sword embryo was a violent, bloodthirsty, and fearsome beast.

Ai Hui could sense the "fearsomeness" of his sword embryo.

His sensory perception was unusually sharp. Even though the sword embryo listened to his commands and it was like a part of his body, he knew that he would lose control of it if he exceeded certain boundaries. After absorbing the power from the God's blood, the sword embryo became much more powerful than he expected.

He did not dare to be careless. The current situation did not allow him to be careless either.

The might of [Sword Chime] far exceeded his expectations.

The sword embryo was formed by his god consciousness and then it grew by itself. However, its growth still ultimately depended on Ai Hui's understanding towards swordsmanship. Therefore, the sword embryo was largely responsible for the sword moves that Ai Hui created.

The [Sword Chime] that was improved by the sword embryo was close to perfect. Not only was its shape flexible, but its power was increased by several times as well.

Seeing that his move was executed smoothly and flawlessly, Ai Hui proceeded to act without any hesitation. Taking advantage of others' plight had always been his motto. In the past battles, [Sword Chime] usually disrupted the enemies' offensive first and then killed them afterwards.

[Sword Chime] not only affected Song Xiaoqian and her counterparts on the ground, it also affected the five blood elementalists that were burning with Frost Fire in the sky.

Their Frost Fires froze abruptly and their freezing power decreased sharply.

Ai Hui seized the opportunity and used his light swords to get rid of the Frost Fires.

His [Sword Chime] was so powerful because it was strengthened by the enormous number of swords, sword formations, and the beneficial terrain of the valley. However, the sword formations were built using ordinary swords and more than half of them were destroyed. Using such ordinary swords was not enough to deal with the Silverfrost Blood Division.

The light swords contained the avedha-vasa of the God's blood, making them extremely powerful. Furthermore, they were the bane of blood spiritual force.

Ai Hui's facial expression was focused. Even though there were countless traces of sword consciousness in the sword embryo, Ai Hui was still more familiar with his own moves. Even after the sword embryo was enhanced, he could still wield it with ease.

He chose one of the five blood elementalists with the Ability of God.

The Frost Fire was extremely powerful. While [Sword Chime] disrupted the Frost Fire, Ai Hui seized the opportunity and managed to snatch back only seven light swords.

Once a blood elementalist with the Ability of God decided to fight till his death, his powers would become extremely formidable.

Seven light swords were enough.

After breaking free, the seven light swords did not fly away. Instead, they appeared 30 meters away from a ball of Frost Fire.

The seven light swords were positioned in the sky in an irregular manner, resembling the shape of a ladle. Those who had common sense could straightaway tell that it was Big Dipper!

It was a more powerful version of the [Big Dipper] that he often used in the past!

The seven light swords suddenly transformed into seven wisps of smoke and disappeared.

It was [Misty Strike]!

The next moment, seven light spots shot towards the Frost Fire. The longer they flew, the closer they drew to each other. Eventually, they merged together as one in the sky.

The light spots were far more resplendent than the brightest star in the night sky. They carried an aura of death as they pierced through the ball of Frost Fire and came out from its other end.


The sound was extremely soft, but it sounded like a thunderclap to the Silverfrost soldiers even though they were in a valley where a sword chime was resounding incessantly across the air.

The Frost Fire froze.