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Chapter 637: [Sword Chime]!

 Chapter 637: [Sword Chime]!

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Even if the path ahead led to hell, they could only continue charging forward now. It was too late for them to regret it.

Song Xiaoqian suppressed the fear in her mind. She took the lead and charged towards the figure nearest to her. The light from the [Frost Fire] above her head shot towards the light ball that was surrounded by the light swords. The deafening sword chime became louder and clearer and the distant booms from the Beehive Heavy Cannons were striking fear into everyone's hearts.

The dazzling, flickering light shone on Song Xiaoqian's face.

"It's only a few hundred meters, I will reach there in a blink of an eye," she told herself in her mind.

One by one, the sword formations in front of her lit up. The devil lying among the sword formations seemed to sense danger.

So the devil could be scared too!

A tinge of courage arose in Song Xiaoqian's heart all of a sudden. She nudged her saddle silverfrost wolf to charge forward at its top speed. Pointing her spear towards her front, she roared, "Kill!"

The soldiers following tightly behind her roared in unison, "Kill!"

The sound of the wolf paws storming on the ground resembled a concentrated drumbeat. The bodies of the Silverfrost soldiers lit up with a silvery glow once more. Like streaks of silvery lightning bolts, they charged forward!

A sword formation that had a beam of light swirling around it was blocking their path.

However, Song Xiaoqian had no intention of reducing her speed or changing her direction. Without any hesitation, she charged towards the sword formation head-on. Bang. The glowing sword formation shattered to smithereens with a loud bang. Sword fragments shot towards all directions.

Without the light swords, the sword formation on its own was useless against the Silverfrost Division.

The Silverfrost soldiers, who had yet to lose their momentum, continued to charge towards the second sword formation. The sword formation shattered once again!

At this point of time, the five balls of Frost Fire bellowed in the air. The freezing glow emitted by the Frost Fire suddenly intensified and bound the surrounding light swords tightly.

Live or die, success or failure, it all depended on this moment!

Inside the fantasyland of the blood eye, the penetrative and omnipresent golden mist had disappeared without a trace.

Using the flesh and corpses that were filled with an abundance of blood spiritual force as a medium, the God's blood, which previously could not be expelled, was entering the sword formations now. More and more swords were shattering because they couldn't endure the blood spiritual force. Even so, the number of light swords continued to increase rapidly.

The scorching sun in the sky had dimmed significantly and the opaque golden pillar had became translucent now.

The sword embryo was operating frantically like an enraged beast.

The densely-packed sword chimes sounded like beans being fried. Just their sound alone made one's blood boil and filled him or her with battle fervor.

However, Ai Hui's blood wasn't boiling. At this point in time, he was unusually calm. When the Silverfrost Division broke into the valley of sword formations, he could sense every single movement they made. He had been locked onto by the enemy and the murderous aura that engulfed him intensified.

Danger was approaching him!

What should he do?

He was still stuck in the fantasyland, unable to escape. Ever since the sword embryo became stronger, it could no longer be controlled by Ai Hui, resembling a monster that was trying to break free from its chains.

The sword embryo that Ai Hui nurtured was inherently weak. Now that it had absorbed the God's blood, it transformed completely. Many times, Ai Hui felt that the sword embryo was a living entity that had its own consciousness. This wasn't his misperception. The word "embryo" signified life. It also referred to the sword embryo's unique ability to grow by itself.

For the past few days, Ai Hui had witnessed for himself how the sword embryo independently became stronger bit by bit. The number of swords within the sword embryo kept on increasing. Every sword exuded a new type of sword consciousness, and there were many that Ai Hui never had seen before.

As a spectator, Ai Hui had benefited a lot and his horizons were broadened.

However, he was feeling very puzzled as well. The sword embryo was no doubt powerful, and its ability to grow independently was astonishing as well. However, no matter how powerful it was, if it could not be controlled, what was the point of having it?

Was it possible that the ancient swordsmen did not realize this? Ai Hui didn't think so.

So how did the ancient swordsmen solve this problem? Ai Hui had pondered over this question for a very long time, but he still could not find the answer. The journal he had on the topic of sword embryos was a remnant record, and most of its contents had been lost. Even Ai Hui was unsure whether or not the sword embryo that he nurtured was the same as the one mentioned in the journal.

Previously, Ai Hui wasn't anxious over solving this issue at all. He felt that he would come up with a solution sooner or later.

However, he did not expect that danger would be approaching so soon!

The enemy forces were less than 250 meters away from him!

The terrifying white-colored flood was powerful enough to crush him to a pulp.

The worst thing was Ai Hui discovered that many enemy soldiers were taking off the bows on their backs.

Ai Hui, who was usually calm and composed, could not help but shiver in fear now. Was his body going to be pierced with arrows first and then crushed into pulp?

Ai Hui could see the hatred and fear on the soldiers' faces.

Bows were being drawn one by one.

"Damn it!"

Ai Hui cursed loudly. He didn't expect himself to die in such a pathetic manner in the end! His motionless body was going to get countless holes from the piercing arrows and then crushed into pulp by the countless wolf paws... This might be the most pathetic way to die in the world....

Before he could finish what he was thinking, darkness engulfed his vision...

Was he dead? This thought arose subconsciously in Ai Hui's mind.

However, the next moment, he reacted strongly. Something wasn't right!

Previously, Ai Hui's attention was captured by the charging Silverfrost Division in the outside world, so he did not notice that the frantically operating sword embryo had suddenly dispersed. The intertwining Yin and Yang sword masses had transformed into two powerful currents that surged towards him.

The blood-colored light pillar that had engulfed Ai Hui all this time did not stop the powerful currents. The sword embryo originated from Ai Hui's cultivation of essence-breath-spirit and it was part of Ai Hui's body. Ai Hui's essence-breath-spirit was the soil that the sword embryo grew on and the God's blood was the nourishment. Ai Hui and the sword embryo were simply inseparable.

The sword masses came too fast and there were too many swords. In an instant, they covered Ai Hui's vision completely and this was why he saw nothing but darkness.

The countless swords were a gigantic school of fishes that surrounded Ai Hui, forming a perfect sphere. Amazingly, the line that divided the Yin and Yang on the sword-made sphere was extremely distinct. They were still twined around each other and revolving continuously.

Inside the sword-made ball, Ai Hui could sense a mysterious rhythm.

Something was beating... It resembled a heartbeat...

Was this... the sword embryo?

For some unknown reason, this beat felt unusually familiar to Ai Hui, as though he was inseparably related to it. Suddenly, a realization dawned upon Ai Hui. The unsolvable questions that he used to have suddenly cleared up at this moment.

I see!

He focused his concentration on the sword embryo.

Thump, thump, thump.

Almost effortlessly, his mind synchronized with the pulsating rhythm of the sword embryo, as though he was born with this ability.

The sword-made sphere that surrounded him stopped moving all of a sudden.

The next moment, the tens of thousands of swords chimed in unison.

Ai Hui's entire body trembled. The invisible barrier between him and the sword embryo disappeared. Countless thoughts engulfed his mind like a flash flood.

He reached out his hand and a small sword appeared in his palm.

The silverfrost wolves charged forward at their top speeds. One by one, the sword formations were destroyed, smashed to smithereens.

The soldiers on the silverfrost wolves' backs drew their bows as their arrows flickered with a cold glint. Their movements were perfectly synchronized. This was the last volley of arrows that they were going to fire. One could tell how well-trained the Silverfrost Blood Division was from their ability to release a volley of arrows while charging forward.

Beside Song Xiaoqian was the vice division leader of the Silverfrost Blood Division, Hua Yunfeng. Other than Song Xiaoqian, he was the only expert that possessed the Ability of God in the combat division now. He wasn't in the range of the Frost Fire so that he could provide leadership for the combat division if the division leader died.

Hua Yunfeng's handsome face exuded a bone-piercing hatred.


More than one-third of the Silverfrost soldiers had died, and almost all the blood elementalists that possessed the Ability of God were killed. The Silverfrost Blood Division had never suffered such devastating losses before. Because of the losses, Hua Yunfeng was filled with anger and hatred. Even if the other party was the devil, he had to kill him!



With hatred in his heart, Hua Yunfeng roared, "Fire!"

The bowstrings vibrated in perfect unison, producing exactly one sound.

A rain of arrows that suddenly appeared whizzed towards the centre of the valley of sword formations.

The arrows could cover the distance of 250 meters in a blink of an eye. The arrow gleams lit up the figure in the centre of the sword formations as the rain of arrows approached it. It was a skinny young man.

His eyes were tightly closed, appearing to be in a coma.

Song Xiaoqian's pupils suddenly dilated. Ai Hui!

No one in the Silverfrost Division would forget the humiliation that Ai Hui had given them when he led the Pinwheel Sword and pierced through the God Wolf Division's encampment in an invincible manner.

It was actually Ai Hui!

Song Xiaoqian was feeling vexed. She should have thought of it earlier! All this time, she never saw Ai Hui despite the ongoing battle being so intense. This wasn't normal at all. No wonder Shi Xueman and her counterparts were willing to spend so much manpower and resources in this valley. If they did so for Ai Hui, then everything made sense now.

However, everything was going to end soon!

Song Xiaoqian's sharp eyesight could clearly see Ai Hui!

30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters...

Ai Hui did not show any signs of waking up. Song Xiaoqian's tightly pursed lips curled into an arc.


Suddenly, a sword chime resounded through the air.

This sword chime was unlike the sword chimes in the past. It wasn't impassioned, but rather low and deep like a drumbeat.

Song Xiaoqian's vision suddenly shook violently. The silverfrost wolf beneath her swayed all of a sudden, causing her to almost fall off from it.

What was going on?

The entire valley was swaying.

Every sword in every sword formation in the valley was trembling. The deep and low sword chime was produced by nearly a million swords chiming together at the same time.

The rain of arrows that almost reached Ai Hui suddenly turned into ashes. The arrow tips melted and reduced to ashes. The arrow shafts melted and reduced to ashes.

Like mist, the shattered arrow gleams disappeared along with the wind.

The whizzing, piercing rain of arrows disappeared without a trace just like this.

Song Xiaoqian almost fell off her silverfrost wolf. The rest of the Silverfrost soldiers could not believe what they had just seen. The blood in their bodies raced and they lost control of their blood spiritual force. Following which, an intense numbness engulfed all of their bodies. Beneath them, the limbs of the silverfrost wolves turned soft. Those slightly weak silverfrost wolves lost their balance and collapsed to the ground.

Song Xiaoqian was overwhelmed with horror.

What was this...

The surging mist that swirled in the air above the valley was sword mist. It was produced by the sword formations in the valley. Compared to the silver mist at Silver Mist Sea, the sword mist was sharper and its corrosive effect was much more terrifying.

The valley seemed to be covered with an enormous, transparent copper bell. The sword chime caused the mist to undulate, which caused the copper bell's interior to churn violently.

On the other side of the mountain, Lou Lan, who couldn't rush to Ai Hui's rescue, had his eyes flickering with a bloody glow. At this point in time, he appeared to be in a daze. He muttered involuntarily, "[Sword Chime]..."

That's right, it was [Sword Chime]!

It was just that this sword chime was formed by nearly a million swords.

The confined and narrow terrain of the valley increased the might of [Sword Chime] by several times.

In the past, when Ai Hui created [Sword Chime], he did not think that this move could produce such earth-shaking might and dazzling brilliance.