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Chapter 636: To Hell

 Chapter 636: To Hell

Translator: Irene Editor: Lucas, TYZ

Helian Tianxiao was getting rather impatient. Had the Silverfrost Blood Division gotten into their attacking positions?

With his keen perception, he had sensed the changes occurring silently on the battlefield. Helian Tianxiao had climbed his way up from the bottom and possessed an exceptionally acute awareness toward battle situations. God Wolf was gradually getting used to the volleys of the Beehive Heavy Cannons, but their enemies too were getting used to their combat tactics. The Beehive Heavy Cannons' volleys were undergoing some changes, and the most direct result was the increase in the number of casualties. Even though the increase wasn't significant, Helian Tianxiao saw it as a very bad sign.

Duanmu Huanghun and the Sword of Lightning were as irritating as flies, appearing and disappearing unpredictably. These vile fleas were more crafty and sly than before, which also annoyed God Wolf increasingly. What was worse was that Duanmu Huanghun seemed to have started co-operating with the Sword of Lightning. If not for the fact that Helian Tianxiao had maintained vigilance, a team of his would've almost been separated by their coalition.

Much more than he had imagined, the enemy was extremely troublesome to deal with.

According to the time, the Silverfrost Blood Division should've arrived at the sides of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

Yet there weren't any movements.

Could there have been an accident? Or had the enemy prepared something?

Helian Tianxiao forced himself to calm down. Two of his generals, Xing Shan of the Ardent Flower Blood Division and Song Xiaoqian of the Silverfrost Blood Division, had completely opposing characters. Xing Shan was fiery and extremely invasive when it came to strategizing. Song Xiaoqian, on the other hand, was calm as ice and handled affairs orderly. Both had their unique traits, but when it came to trustworthiness, Helian Tianxiao had more confidence in the latter.

From day one, he had never seen her doing any ridiculous things. At times, when he was feeling emotionally overwhelmed, she had been the one to pull him out of it.

Song Xiaoqian was definitely aware of the urgency of the situation, so the fact that she hadn't made an attack meant that something must have happened.

Helian Tianxiao couldn't think of what the enemy could've possibly prepared, but it wasn't the time to ponder over this.

Before him were two choices: to continue waiting for Silverfrost to attack the enemy's camp from the side or to make a direct charge at the camp.

Both choices had their pros and cons.

The first plan meant that he would pin all hopes on Silverfrost, but what if they had not arrived at the sides of the campground?

He wasn't too sure about the second plan either. Even if he gained victory, it would be in exchange for a heavy loss. According to his estimation, it would be lucky if a third of his people stayed alive.

Facing these two difficult choices, Helian Tianxiao decided to wait for twenty breaths. If Silverfrost did not attack by then, he would lead his team to launch a determining attack.

Having made a decision, Helian Tianxiao stopped hesitating. After composing himself, he kept track of the time silently.

The camp of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance. Unstoppable.

Actual battles weren't comparable to training. After experiencing the initial panic, the pagado cannoneers were now unafraid and steady. They had killed extensively and were in a wild state. The alarming heatwaves emitted by the sturdy and boiling hot Beehive Heavy Cannon warped the air around it. Its temperature was even higher than that of the underground snow lava.

Sssst, ssst. Quite often the cannoneers would get scalded, but it was as if they couldn't feel anything.

The rumbling of the Beehive Heavy Cannons had become their favorite melody. Even the huge impact caused by the firing of cannons delighted them. Every one of them was completely reveling in these sensations, and their faces even looked distorted and sinister.

The members of the alliance were mostly elementalists from the front line who had been defeated but refused to leave. They wished to battle again. Their fighting spirit had never been lacking. They yearned for battle and many were happy to die an ambitious death.

It was difficult for bystanders to imagine how much of an encouragement Senior Xiaoshan's [Breeze of Surveillance] was for them.

Some muttered to themselves, waiting for Zu Yan's orders, whereas others kept silent, pressing their cheeks against the boiling hot cannon body but remaining as motionless as ice.

Fatty narrowed his pea-sized eyes, which had an ominous glint to them, as he constantly searched for the enemy's vulnerability like a crafty wild beast.

He was immersed in the battling state of mind.

He was no longer that weak and cowardly child that only knew how to flee. After becoming a Master, he had completely transformed into another person. It must be said that fate was amazing. Even he himself hadn't imagined that one day he could calmly command so many troops for battle.

To others, Fatty was very lazy. Only people who were familiar with him, like Ai Hui, knew that while he was indeed lazy, he was good at racking his brains, evident from how he used to apply his intelligence in order to skive.

The alliance's camp occupied the high ground, and Fatty had taken in the whole diversion of the Silverfrost Blood Division. Even Helian Tiaoxiao's plan he had managed to predict almost accurately.

But that direction...

Heh heh, Fatty smiled coldly.

Fatty had complete trust in Ai Hui, blind faith in fact. Even when the latter was injured or poisoned, Fatty never believed that anyone could get rid of him. If Ai Hui were to day one day, Fatty was convinced that the area around his grave would have a ghost-subduing effect.

If the opponent failed to receive any signal, he was sure to go all out.

And that was when either the fish dies or the net splits.

Bah! Grandpa Fatty was not ready to die.

Fatty realized that the enemy was becoming craftier, obviously attempting to stall for time. With his quick thinking, he arranged the Beehive Heavy Cannon volley while getting the cannoneers to start their duty roster in order to gain precious time for resting.

Fatty's arrangement was so careful that even Helian Tianxiao failed to notice that the number of pagoda cannon volleys had decreased significantly.

Fatty narrowed his pea-sized eyes, waiting for the opportune time to start the decisive battle.


Inside of the sword formation in the valley, the battle was extremely intense.

The narrowly packed sword formation was now in a scattered mess. Countless light swords danced in the air at lightning speed. They were so quick that the light scars dragging across the sky were like dancing light ribbons. Because there were too many of those entangling around Silverfrost, there would occasionally be one that pierced through the blood division.

Pff, pff, pff.

The sound of blood flower bursting was like a symphonic movement from hell where each note brought the fall of some soldiers.

Silverfrost had sunken into chaos. They had no time to care about their companions, as they were too busy preparing to block off the light swords that could approach from any direction. The defensive light rays that were able to block off the volleys of Beehive Heavy Cannons were as frail as paper in front of these fine light swords.

No defensive move was able to stop the light swords. They were like the grim reaper's sickle, ruthlessly slicing their throats. They had never felt so helpless.

How did things turn out this way?

Some quick-witted soldiers suddenly thought about how the aura they had sensed coming from the sword formation was somewhat similar to the blood spiritual force, and their faces immediately changed.

They could vaguely guess what was going on, and the fear within them intensified.

Song Xiaoqian shouted all of a sudden, "[Frost Fire]!"

The Silverfrost soldiers were stunned. [Frost Fire]...

Of course they knew what this command meant. Those soldiers with the Ability of God, especially, who preserved the perfected force. When the whole defense system was unable to function, personal ability was the thing that could help them better survive.

[Frost Fire]...

A soldier with the Ability of God bellowed. Voom! His whole body rose in transparent flames. Following the intensifying and subsiding flames, an alarming coldness erupted and spread.

The silverfrost wolf beneath him howled as its snow-white fur started bursting into ice-cold flames.

Just as danger was closing in, there was a light sword that stuck close to the ground without making a sound. Its target was the abdomen of the silverfrost wolf. Another one came from the back, aiming at the soldier's brain. Yet another one approached from an extremely artful angle that brushed across another soldier's body before arriving.

An evil grin emerged on the face of the soldier with the Ability of God.

Hu! The cold flames waxed and waned, spreading the chilliness.

Covered in a layer of frost, the light sword flying close to the ground dropped with a clang. It was like a struggling fish outside of water, squirming a little before becoming motionless. The other two light swords faced the same fate, getting covered in frost before losing their spirituality and dropping onto the ground.

The other soldiers with the Ability of God started to bellow, employing their [Frost Fire].

Frost Fire was Silverfrost Blood Division's killer move and only those with the Ability of God could employ it. The flames generated were extremely cold and could freeze all things. However, once engaged, the user would become their fuel.

Yet, before their combustion, they were ultimately powerful!

Covered in frost, a soldier with the Ability of God roared before rising into the sky, struggling free from the light web woven by countless light swords.

Behind him came four other soldiers with the Ability of God who also had broken free from the light web!

The five of them locked their gazes onto the figure in the heart of the sword formation. They made five arcs in the sky and, like blooming flowers, they dove toward the figure in the sword formation from different directions.

A loud sword chime broke the sky!

The closely packed light swords swiftly splitted into five light sword flows that chased after the five of them!

The other Silverfrost soldiers only felt a slight release of pressure as their surrounding field of vision returned to normal. They could finally see what was going on.

The light swords moved fast as lightning, quickly catching up with the five soldiers with the Ability of God. The swords wound around them tightly, their dazzling light scars circling and drowning their figures. They were like five light balls woven from light beams.

Light swords fell down like rain, crackling and rattling.

There was an endless launch of light swords that flew up from all around the sword formation, shooting toward the five light balls.

Why are there more and more light swords?

Song Xiaoqian was puzzled, blanking out upon catching a glimpse of the ground out of the corner of her eye. The bloody piles of corpses she had expected were absent. While the field was in a mess and there were broken swords everywhere, no bloodstains could be seen at all. Where had all the corpses gone?

Her face turned white as sheet.

Exactly what monster was breeding within the sword formation?

No, it's a devil! A flesh-consuming devil!

An unprecedented fear enveloped her heart and mind, as if there was an invisible palm squashing her heart and rendering her breathless.

The faintly discernible figure within that densely packed sword formation appeared very young.

There was only a highway before them. Was it leading to hell?