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Chapter 631: The Resonance of Pagoda Cannons

 Chapter 631: The Resonance of Pagoda Cannons

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Helian Tianxiao sensed an aura of danger. The experience from going through countless battles had given him an extraordinary instinct to sense danger.

However, he did not panic or hesitate.

Past experiences had told him that valor and decisiveness were exceptionally important to a life-or-death battle. In a chaotic and desperate situation, playing absolutely safe would only let a great opportunity slip. Going all-out would put more pressure on the enemy forces than playing it safe.

Currently, his forces were reassembling. The atmosphere was silent and austere.

Soon after, they completed reassembling and the enemy forces had finished preparing. Both sides seemed to have returned to the starting point once more. However, Helian Tianxiao firmly believed that they held an advantage over their enemy.

Compared to the defensive line formed by the three God-subduing Peaks and guarded by te Spear of Heavy Cloud, the defensive line formed hastily by the Pagoda Cannon Alliance was weak and delicate like paper, and loopholes could be found everywhere on it.

The sharp claws of God Wolf were already pressing on the enemy's soft and tender belly. All it needed to do was to swipe its claws gently and its prey's entrails would burst out of his belly.

Perhaps it would get bitten by the enemy before killing it, but the pain was nothing compared to the fruit of victory.

Helian Tianxiao raised his right hand with a cold look on his face. "Get ready."

And at the same time, directly opposite Helian Tianxiao, Fatty opened his eyes. His pea-like eyes squinted as he stared at the enemy forces in front of him. He spat out a mouthful of saliva and readjusted the Beehive Heavy Cannon on his shoulder. With a deep and low voice, he yelled, "Get ready."

10 meters away from Fatty, Zu Yan shut his eyes as his long air drifted in the air even though there was no wind. Whoosh. Red flames suddenly extended along his long hair, making his hair look like long, fiery tongues. His breathing was slow and steady. Every time he breathed in and out, the hellfire spider web that covered the ground of the encampment would light up and dim accordingly.

The pagoda cannoneers looked slightly nervous. They had practised this move before.

However, they had only practised it twice.

Fortunately, the contents of the training weren't complicated. All they needed to do was to keep up with the tempo.

Zu Yan's breathing rhythm was transmitted to every pagoda cannon through his hellfire spider web. His calm and steady breathing rhythm seemed to contain a type of infectious ability. Those panicky pagoda cannoneers were gradually calming down now.


The earth shook.

Everyone's minds shook. One could tell that some pagoda cannoneers were panicking from their breathing rhythms. Even though they had participated in defending the defensive line before, this was actually the first time they were facing a head-on charge from the enemy forces.

The breathing rhythm of the hellfire spider did not change at all. It was still slow and steady like before.

Boom, boom.

The earth shook even more violently than just now. The earth was shaking and the mountains were trembling.

The pagoda cannoneers were dry, feeling slightly nervous. The enemy soldiers in front of them were like a tidal wave that surged towards them. The might of the enemy soldiers was like a flying mountain that could crush everything in its path.

"Close your eyes and follow the rhythm," Fatty's deep and low voice rang across the air timely.

Many pagoda cannoneers forcibly closed their eyes and began to adjust their breathing rhythms. Eventually, the booms in their ears seemed to become fuzzy. Their long and slow breaths were like an enormous monster that slowly emerged from the water's surface, grasping onto their minds tightly.

Their minds were still in a blank, with fear, nervousness, and panic all mixed together. However, their bodies had already begun to enter a familiar state.

They experienced this state every time during their daily training sessions. The devil-like training intensity always made them lose their thinking ability. The repetitive, mechanical training sessions had forged every movement into becoming their instincts.

So what's an instinct? Instinct was an intuitive way of acting when one was fearful, desperate, or anxious.

It was like they were drowning, and the slow and steady, rhythmic breathing that rang across their ears were like their lifebuoys.

The formation of God Wolf and Silverfrost was tight and concentrated. An intense, bloody glow engulfed the entire army formation. Those blood elementalists that possessed the Ability of God roared angrily and summoned their Abilities. Some of their appearances even underwent terrifying transformations as auras of ancient dire beasts began to pervade the air. Some even had dazzling and complicated blood traces appearing on their bodies. These blood traces quickly blended into the bloody glow, resembling red-colored water plants that were drifting in a raging sea.

At this moment, they did not hold back anymore. Other than [Black Turtle Blood Traces] and [Scarlet Serpent Blood Scale Traces], which increased defensive power, they also executed the useless[God Eagle Eyes Blood Traces]. Basically, they unleashed every type of blood traces that they had.

A life-or-death battle!

Blood elementalists that possessed the Ability of God were the core members of god divisions and blood divisions. All the battle tactics were designed according to them. Those who were individually powerful would make the best vanguards. They would be able to rip apart enemy defensive lines and break through. Meanwhile, those who weren't individually powerful usually possessed outstanding supporting blood traces that gave tremendous upgrades to the entire army.

Even though a compressed formation would increase their susceptibility to damages, it would intensify the bloody glow that engulfed them. With the support from the various types of blood traces, their defensive capabilities would rise significantly.

Usually, Helian Tianxiao would break up his army into several smaller units. Even if some units had small amounts of people, they still possessed powerful offensive power like sharp knives. However, after they had lost their speed and momentum, the offensive power of those smaller units would decrease sharply. Therefore, Helian Tianxiao wasn't sure whether or not could they still deal any damage to the enemy's defensive line.

Boom, boom.

In full strength, the God Wolf Division had 10,000 men and the Silverfrost Blood Division had 5,000 men. Even after the losses they had suffered, they still had around 12,000 men total.

In the middle of the formation, the God Wolf Division was like a heavy, blood-colored broadsword. On the two sides of the formation, the Silverfrost Blood Division was like the edges of the blood-colored broadsword, glimmering with a cold gleam.

The members of the God Wolf Division were howling every now and then. Veins were popping out of their necks and their muscles were twitching in excitement. The blood spiritual force in their bodies were resonating with the bloody glow that engulfed the entire formation. They could not hear their own howls as they were drowned out by the explosions and roars in their surroundings. The blood in their bodies was burning intensely.

They were unstoppable!

They got closer and closer to the enemy's defensive line, so much so that they could even see the pagoda cannoneers' closed eyes clearly.

The blood elementalists looked as though they had been injected with steroids as they grinned sinisterly.

A bunch of weaklings!

They had never seen enemies that were so afraid that they closed their eyes. Did these weaklings really think that they could stop them?

Wishful thinking!

Eh? What was that?

Fiery lines streaked across the ground beneath the enemy formation. These fiery lines intertwined and formed an enormous flaming spider web.

A thin, frail, and pale-faced youngster was standing in the center of the flaming spider web. The flickering flames beneath his feet devoured the lower part of his body, resembling a gorgeous, dazzling robe.

That was... Zu Yan!

The total collapse of the Ardent Flower Blood Division had shocked everyone in God Wolf Division. It was also since then that they took notice of Zu Yan, despite the fact that he was more renowned for his status as the disciple of Le Buleng.

Zu Yan suddenly opened his eyes and raised his right arm.

The hellfire spider web that covered the ground beneath the entire formation suddenly vibrated, appearing as though Zu Yan had strummed the string of a zither.

Mysteriously, even Helian Tianxiao's mind vibrated involuntarily.

At almost the same time, all of the Beehive Heavy Cannons fired with a loud rumble.

A glaring, blazing burst of light caused their eyes to turn white for a moment. The deafening booms drowned out all other sounds. The soldiers that were standing at the frontmost positions felt their bodies tremble, appearing as though they had knocked into a huge wall. Before they could react, they had already lost their consciousness.

In the sky, Duanmu Huanghun witnessed this dazzling, magnificent scene.

Densely-packed light beams combed the night sky like a neat and even fence of light. They also resembled a wall that collided head-on with a blood-colored tidal wave. Duanmu Huanghun could clearly see that the surging, blood-colored tidal wave froze momentarily, looking as though it had knocked into a solid reef.

Instantly, the bloody glow that came into direct contact with the burst of light melted like ice and snow. The nearby 10 plus blood elementalists were vaporized before they could even howl in pain.

Following which, the blazing burst of light exploded. The night sky turned bright like daytime as though the sun had appeared.

Duanmu Huanghun could not help but squint his eyes. He was overwhelmed with shock.

Were these... pagoda cannons?

He almost couldn't believe what he had just seen. The pagoda cannons had already been improved to such a formidable state? Duanmu Huanghun encountered the night attack from God Wolf and Silverfrost the moment he came out of his seclusion. As such, he was focused on dealing with blood elementalists and he did not have the time to take a close look at the pagoda cannons.

The gorgeous yet terrifying pagoda cannon shots had overturned his understanding of pagoda cannons.

He had merely gone into seclusion.... How come he felt like the entire world had changed?

The one that was controlling the pulsating rhythm of the hellfire spider web was Zu Yan? Had he become a Master? The familiar-looking Fatty... had also become a Master? Duanmu Huanghun was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out.

Wait... The pagoda cannon shots... The neat and orderly pagoda cannon fires...

Duanmu Huanghun widened his eyes abruptly. The pagoda cannon shots were actually resonating!

Even though only half of the pagoda cannon shots resonated.... But.... could pagoda cannons resonate too?

To hell with it!

Duanmu Huanghun almost cursed out loud. Why did everything in front of him look so unfamiliar? He was shocked by the might of the enemy combat division. Since when had they become so powerful? He was also baffled by the fact that the members of the Surveillance Division had sacrificed their lives to stop God Wolf and Silverfrost. Wasn't the Surveillance Division under Madam Ye? Pagoda cannons had become thicker and larger... Fatty had become a Master...

Duanmu Huanghun suddenly felt a mild panic. Was it possible that his seclusion had lasted for several years?

When the burst of light dissipated, Duanmu Huanghun regained his vision. The time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

The surging, flood-like bloody glow that engulfed God Wolf and Silverfrost dimmed significantly. Within the bloody glow, the blood elementalists were in a daze. Some of soldiers had blood seeping out of the corner of their mouths. The bloody glow that engulfed them could protect them, and it distributed the damage done by enemy attacks among every one of them as well. This used to be their huge advantage over the elementalists in the past, enabling them to disregard their enemies' attacks.

However, this time around, the pagoda cannon barrage hit them and stopped their charge like a powerful heavy hammer. They did not expect the enemy forces to be able to unleash such a powerful attack. This did not make sense at all.

The most terrifying thing was that the frontmost section of the their formation had a uniform, comb-shaped gap now.

A glint flashed across Duanmu Huanghun's eyes. He understood what was going on.

Resonance! The resonance of pagoda cannons!

The hellfire spider web was used to control the firing rhythm and cause the pagoda cannons to resonate. Such a brilliant idea! Zu Yan could not be underestimated!

Suddenly, Duanmu Huanghun raised his head and looked at the night sky. His pupils dilated abruptly.

A faint glow flashed across the night sky.

Following which, the sky looked as though it was being split in half by a gigantic sword as a streak of cold gleam descended from it!