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Chapter 630: Confrontation

 Chapter 630: Confrontation

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The deep and vast night sky descended upon the battlefield.

The battlefield was extremely quiet. One could only hear a light and gentle breeze blowing through the night air, resembling an inaudible, millennium-old whisper.

The elementalists were staring at the enormous wind curtain that gave off a lustre with shock. Its base was five kilometers wide and its body was wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, resembling a glowing hill. The deep and tranquil night sky was like a pair of esoteric, black eyes that stared at the wind curtain silently.

The glow of the wind curtain wasn't dazzling; it merely gave off a faint lustre that looked like a visible flowing breeze.

The wind curtain did not contain any terrorizing elemental energy undulations. It was completely merged with the Nature, perfectly harmonious. It looked like a hill that had been there all along. Other than being huge in size, it looked exceptionally unremarkable.

However, all the elemental masters present were utterly appalled by it.

Including Duanmu Huanghun.

He was hovering in the air while staring at the huge, glowing wind curtain. His eyes were wide open and his mind was unsettled.

After the simplification and consolidation of the multitudinous variations of [Viridescent Flower] during his seclusion, he finally created the mighty [Viridescent Flower, Twining Branches]. He was already standing at the apex of the Duanmu family's history. [Viridescent Flower, Twining Branches] no longer consisted only of wood elemental energy. It was a five elemental ring that used wood elemental energy as the starting point. [Viridescent Flower] had stepped onto a new realm that was formed from emptiness.

After exiting his seclusion, Duanmu Huanghun was extremely confident. The door to the next higher realm had been opened and he could see the magical world behind the door.

However, the wind curtain before his eyes now made him realize that knowledge was infinite.

The elemental energy undulations from it might've been weak, but they synchronized perfectly with the Nature. The elemental energies of the Nature were mixed and chaotic, while the glowing wind curtain was pure and clear. Even though they had completely different natures, Duanmu Huanghun had the misperception that they were from the same source.

Very soon, Duanmu Huanghun realized that this wasn't an illusion.

The Nature's elemental energies entered the wind curtain endlessly, appearing as if there was something inside attracting them. The glow of the wind curtain did not intensify or dim; it remained silent and no changes occurred to it.

Duanmu Huanghun exclaimed in admiration in his heart. How did they do it? If he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, he definitely wouldn't believe it.

If the Nature was a painting, then these members from the Surveillance Division would be the consummate painters of this painting. Even though the things they added to the painting should not belong there, they fitted flawlessly as though they were meant to be there eventually. Painters who were able to achieve this feat were exceptional. The Nature was alive and constantly changing, hence one could imagine the difficulty of this feat.

The tinge of pride that formed in Duanmu Huanghun not too long ago vanished in an instant.

No one could destroy this wind-made hill. Perhaps a Grandmaster could? Duanmu Huanghun was unsure even though his master was a Grandmaster. As long as the Nature's elemental energies were not destroyed, the breeze-made hill would stand tall here forever.

The seniors from the Surveillance Division had sacrificed their lives to leave an imperishable masterpiece in this world.

This place would definitely become a tourist attraction or a research site in the future after a thousand years had passed.

Verdant grass would cover this wilderness and flowers would bloom everywhere. Endless streams of tourists would arrive here from all over the world and the whispering breeze would carry laughter as it blew.

This was the first time Duanmu Huanghun had witnessed something that was immortal.


He suddenly noticed that the top of the glowing wind curtain wasn't completely sealed off.

His facial expression changed drastically.

Zu Yan was flying with Fatty in his arms, and both of them were staring blankly at the breeze-made hill. Fatty flew too slow, so Zu Yan decided to just carry him and fly. They flew past the Windy Pearl Bridge and headed for the encampment of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance.

On the way, they happened to see Xiao Shan and his counterparts execut [Breeze of Surveillance].

Compared to Duanmu Huanghun's shock and amazement, both of them were feeling complicated. Even though Xiao Shan and his counterparts came from the unlikeable Surveillance Division, Fatty and Zu Yan had long treated them as their own people. Xiao Shan and his counterparts never cowered during battles, and they even provided necessary assistance during critical moments.

Now that Fatty and Zu Yan had watched them courageously sacrifice their lives to deliver a fatal blow to the enemy forces, both of them felt sad and emotional at the same time.

At this moment, Zu Yan's pupils suddenly dilated and he yelled, "Not good!"

A man and a wolf were standing at the peak of the glowing, breeze-made hill with a lofty air. The man was sitting on the back of the wolf. He looked around with an austere look on his face. His eyes revealed a bone-piercing, ice-cold killing intent.

Helian Tianxiao!

Fatty suddenly grinned, "It's good that not all of them died yet. They have to save some for us to kill."

His smile was very cheerful, but it was filled with a sinister aura of death.

Zu Yan's facial expression returned to normal and he acknowledged Fatty. All of sudden, his flying speed increased slightly.

Fatty was very familiar with the encampment of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance as he had been there several times before to teach Ke Ning and the rest. He swept his gaze across the encampment and looked for Ke Ning. "He's there!"

Zu Yan cast a glance at the direction Fatty was pointing at and spread open the azure wings behind his back abruptly. With a long trail of flames behind his azure wings and Fatty in his arms, he descended from the sky like a meteor and landed in the middle of the encampment.

Ke Ning only noticed Fatty and Zu Yan at this point of time. A look of joy appeared in his eyes as he hurriedly went forward to receive them. Before he could say anything, Fatty asked, "Are the pagoda cannoneers in their positions?"

"Yes, they have already taken up their respective positions," Ke Ning quickly replied.

"I will take command of them, you go and find yourself a pagoda cannon position to take up," Fatty said rudely.

Ke Ning quickly let Fatty have his pagoda cannon position. An excited look appeared on his face as he asked, "Master Fatty, how should we fight this battle?"

Fatty's arrival allowed Ke Ning to heave a sigh of relief. The enemy main forces broke through the wind canopy and launched a surprise night attack upon them. It wasn't easy for Ke Ning to lead everyone and stop them from crumbling. Previously, after [Breeze of Surveillance] was executed, he thought that the enemy forces were done for. He did not expect the enemy forces to be able to escape from the breeze-made hill. When he saw Helian Tianxiao appear on the peak of the breeze-made hill, he felt despair.

The ones that arrived were the enemy main forces, the Silverfrost Blood Division and the God Wolf Division. How could a bunch of rookies like them withstand these elite forces?

He did not escape and held fast to his position as he knew there was nowhere to run too. He wanted to do his best, submit himself to fate, and take a bite off the enemy before he died.

However, the arrival of Fatty and Zu Yan gave Ke Ning a glimpse of hope.

In the field of pagoda cannons, Qian Dai was no doubt peerless. Every victory that involved pagoda cannons basically came from Fatty's hands. Ke Ning had personally experienced how utterly different a pagoda cannon was when it was in his hands and when it was in Fatty's hands.

Fatty cast a glance at the enemy soldiers that were coming out from [Breeze of Surveillance] endlessly.

He could tell that even though the enemy forces had suffered losses, the losses were very limited.

"Master Fatty, they are assembling." Ke Ning was slightly anxious.

It was a sign that the enemy forces were preparing to launch a charge. Previously, the terrifying might of God Wolf's and Silverfrost's charge had left a hard-to-erase imprint in Ke Ning's mind. He felt that God Wolf and Silverfrost could not be stopped once they started their charge again.

"It's better that they assemble." Fatty seemed to be smiling.

Mysteriously, when Ke Ning saw Fatty's smile, a cold shiver went down his spine.

Fatty did not care about Ke Ning's doubt. He turned around and told Zu Yan, "Let's give them a huge firecracker."

"Alright." Zu Yan nodded his head.

Ke Ning looked at both of them and felt baffled. Shouldn't they attack the enemy forces before they finished reassembling? At this point in time, the two sides were very close to each other, and the enemy forces had already entered the firing range of the Beehive Heavy Cannons.

Zu Yan walked out of his pagoda cannon position and stopped 10 meters away from Fatty.

Fatty took in a deep breath of air and roared, "All pagoda cannoneers, get ready."

On the opposite side, Helian Tianxiao seemed to have heard Fatty's command and turned around to look at him. Both of their eyes met. Helian Tianxiao's facial expression was ice-cold as usual, and his gaze towards Fatty was filled with disdain.

Fatty grinned at Helian Tianxiao, appearing as if the latter was harmless.

Suddenly, a mass of flames appeared on the ground beneath Zu Yan's feet. Following which, a few fiery lines shot out from the mass of flames. With Zu Yan in the centre, they shot out in all directions like slithering, flaming snakes.

Helian Tianxiao was still waiting for his soldiers to finish assembling. He cast a glance in the distant sky and sensed that the deep night scene was hiding something deadly dangerous. The scene of the Pinwheel Sword piercing through his encampment that time appeared in his mind. His opponent was hiding in the dark now. As long as he revealed a single weakness, his opponent would deal him a fatal blow.

Ever since they broke through the wind canopy, Helian Tianxiao had been worrying about the incisive and powerful Pinwheel Sword.

However... Helian Tianxiao could also sense that the Pinwheel Sword that was hiding in the dark was not as dangerous as last time.

Was it possible Ai Hui wasn't present?

This conjecture arose subconsciously in his mind. However, in the blink of an eye, he threw this idea to the back of his head.

Now that they had lost their speed, they were in a very dangerous situation. The enemy forces did not show any sign of collapsing. Helian Tianxiao kept on reminding himself that it was not a bunch of rookies standing opposite him, but rather, a group of elite soldiers.

The enemy forces' courage and willpower were as good as theirs. The elementalists from Surveillance Division had already proven this.

Helian Tianxiao did not dare to be careless. Even though they had lost their speed and the might of their charge was greatly reduced, out of prudence, he still decided to regroup his forces. By gathering everyone's power, their defense would become stronger.

They were very close to the pagoda cannon formation opposite of them.

Helian Tianxiao could even see the hasty arrival of Pagoda Cannon Master Qian Dai clearly.

The enemy did not take any actions, looking as if they were preparing for a killer move. However, this was simply to Helian Tianxiao's liking. After all, he needed more time. For this kind of offensive battle, it was best not to engage the enemy in short skirmishes. The right way to fight this battle was to gather all his forces and smash the enemy's defensive line to smithereens like a heavy hammer.

The opposing pagoda cannon formation seemed to be lit up with a blaze, but Helian Tianxiao did not really care about it.

Every spot in the pagoda cannon formation was filled with blaze. Every now and then, scorching flames would shoot out from the fire reservoirs that were filled with snow lava, illuminating the night sky.

The fiery lines zigzagged through the ground of the encampment. They were extremely fast and nimble.


One of the fiery lines passed through a Beehive Heavy Cannon. The pagoda cannoneer was stunned as a weird feeling arose in his heart. He quickly raised his head and looked in the direction of Fatty.

Fatty nodded his head at him and gave him a hand gesture that signalled him to get ready for the battle. A look of ecstasy appeared on the pagoda cannoneer's face.

The fiery lines kept on meandering through the Beehive Heavy Cannons. If one looked down from the sky, he or she would discover that the fiery lines were intertwining, forming an enormous flaming spider web.

Zu Yan's renowned technique, [Hellfire Spider Web]!

The bright-red Beehive Heavy Cannons were positioned directly on the nodes of the [Hellfire Spider Web].

At the center of the [Hellfire Spider Web], Zu Yan was like a seasoned hellfire spider that was waiting patiently for its prey to arrive.

10 meters away, Fatty was carrying the heavy Beehive Heavy Cannon on his shoulder. He chuckled and closed his eyes, looking as if he had fallen asleep.

The encampment of the Pagoda Cannon Alliance quieted down.